10 best amusement parks in Moscow

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Still not sure how to spend the day off and where to go on vacation? Then you need to go to the capital’s amusement Park. After studying the opinions of visitors, we have compiled a rating of the best entertainment places in Moscow.

When analyzing the review, certain parameters were taken into account:

  1. price range;
  2. safe operation;
  3. number of devices;
  4. exhibitions, master classes;
  5. convenient location and availability of Parking;
  6. the presence of a cafe.

The following attractions are ideal for spending time with young children::

  1. trampolines;
  2. dry pools;
  3. obstacle courses;
  4. inflatable complexes;
  5. carousels.

Teenagers and adults alike will love quests, roller coasters, and a Ferris wheel. If it’s winter outside, you can go to the ice rink with the whole family. Skis and skates are usually rented in the Park. Come for a vivid and unforgettable experience, but first pay attention to the selection of the best amusement parks.

Rating of the best amusement parks in Moscow

Category place product name rating
Rating of the best amusement parks in Moscow 1 SKAZKA 4.9
3 Attractions in Sokolniki Park 4.8
4 Attractions in Kolomenskoye 4.7
5 Attractions in the Park named after him. Gorky Park in Moscow 4.6
6 Intrapark in Izmailovo 4.5
7 Carousel 4.5
8 Kosmostar amusement Park in Kuzminki 4.5
9 The amusement Park “Dive» 4.4
10 Amusement Park in Lianozovsky Park 4.3


10 best amusement parks in Moscow

The first place in the rating of the best amusement parks in Moscow belongs to the largest Park on the Krylatsky hills called “fairy Tale”. Its original feature is a 35-meter-high Ferris wheel. It was built with all safety techniques in mind. A full rotation takes seven minutes. There are chain carousels, rope roads, a maze, trains and inflatable boats on the site. While children play on the rides, adults can relax in comfortable chairs. There is a 360-degree swing and a huge slide with a height of more than 25 meters. In the fresh air, a dinosaur Park has been built, where lizards with a height of nine meters are located. Their length reaches twenty meters.

Contests and master classes are held in the Park every day. You can participate in various sweepstakes. There is an on-site shop with drinks, food and cotton candy. The average ticket price is 250 rubles.

HAPPYLON Pirates Park

10 best amusement parks in Moscow

Next in the ranking is a two-level indoor complex in the Vegas shopping center. HAPPYLON Pirates Park is a unique center with an original design. It is completely made in the pirate style. A rope road, carousels, a leaning tower, and a Ferris wheel are available for guests. There are about two hundred slot machines and stimulants. There is a restaurant with a decent selection of food and drinks. The trampoline complex will appeal to visitors of any age segment. Children will be able to jump and frolic to their heart’s content. The Moscow ring road is 24 km away by bus from metro stations. This is very convenient for those who do not have a personal car.

Judging by the reviews on the Internet, children are satisfied with visiting the complex and ask to go there again. HAPPYLON Pirates Park is the perfect place to celebrate your name day. The cost of a one – time ride starts from one hundred rubles.

Attractions in Sokolniki Park

10 best amusement parks in Moscow

The next participant in the rating is distinguished by the presence of 20 structures of the Italian manufacturer. They fully comply with quality standards and are absolutely safe. We are pleased with the affordable prices. Guests start at 11: 00, and the site closes at seven in the evening. There are children’s carousels and a mountaineering slide, a horror room and a Wild dance attraction. There is a Panda Park here, which consists of suspended rope trails. They are attached to trees at a height of no more than six meters.

According to the decision of the owners of extreme and high-profile structures have been removed. A menagerie and a tennis field are planned to open soon. Visitors enjoy the cozy atmosphere. They note that on a normal day there are not many people here. The cost of one ticket is up to four hundred rubles.

Attractions in Kolomenskoye

10 best amusement parks in Moscow

Kolomenskoye Park is called “the Miracle-Hailstones”. It is open from 11 am to 9 PM. There are entertainment facilities from the 18th and 19th centuries. This is one of the best places to have fun. Guests can take a ride on steep swings and slides, go on a game tour, and remember Russian-folk amusements. Children’s parties can be organized by personal request.

Luna Park offers attractions for all ages. There is also a swimming pool with boats and a trampoline with a spar. Among the advantages, it is worth noting affordable prices, bright surroundings, friendly employees. The only drawback is the remote location. Although visitors say that there are almost no traffic jams on the way.

Attractions in the Park named after him. Gorky Park in Moscow

10 best amusement parks in Moscow

Not so long ago, this Park was the most popular place for entertainment. At the moment, the number of attractions has significantly decreased. A small train, cars, a carousel on a chain, an extreme trampoline work. There is a virtual reality platform that simulates a flight. You can visit this place from 11 PM to 7 PM. The advantages of the Park include a 50% discount on admission on Tuesdays, the presence of a contact zoo, and the “Happy hours”campaign.

However, most users find the prices too high. The price of a single ticket starts from 250 rubles. In winter, there is an ice rink where you can rent skates.

Intrapark in Izmailovo

10 best amusement parks in Moscow

Izmailovsky Park welcomes guests from 11 am to 7 PM. There is a huge complex of facilities with a race track, train and flying planes and elephants, there are two observation wheels. There is entertainment for babies up to two years old. Children like the Playground with a small carousel, a toy chain, chocolate bowls and a railway. You can visit the 5D cinema, designed for 19 people. In winter, a roomy ice rink is filled in. Intrapark is famous for its high roller coaster, which reaches the height of 18 meters. They have a dead loop. In prize rides, you can win a large soft toy in the form of an animal. Despite the relatively small territory, there are a sufficient number of ticket offices located here.

The disadvantage of the site is outdated rides. The fact is that some booths simply do not work. Reconstruction is planned in the near future. The ticket price starts from 80 rubles.


10 best amusement parks in Moscow

“Carousel” is located in the friendship Park near the River station of Moscow. This place is often visited on weekends to have a great time. Children are delighted with inflatable trampolines, swings, and a small train. There are extreme rides for teenagers in the Park – steep slides, a large trampoline, a race track and a space tower. Recently, the site underwent reconstruction. Today there are cafes with drinks and snacks. In winter you can rent skates or skis in the car. In the evening, on Thursdays and Tuesdays, there is a half-price discount on tickets.

Among the advantages of the Park are the picturesque territory, the opportunity to feed ducks. The price of rides varies from one hundred to three hundred rubles.

Kosmostar amusement Park in Kuzminki

10 best amusement parks in Moscow

Kosmostar Park is open until nine o’clock in the evening. On Saturday and Sunday, it accepts visitors until 22 hours. You can find it near the metro stations “Volzhskaya”and ” Kuzminki”. The whole family goes here, there is entertainment for absolutely everyone. Kosmostar uses a single payment technique – funds are deposited to a special account and paid with this card every time. Any Deposit allows you to get points that you can use next time. Guests can save bonuses for further visits by riding roller coasters, UFO rides, and Calypso rides.

Kids are excited about bumper cars, they are happy to compete in speed and reaction. Young visitors can play in the fairytale town in the open air, swing on small animals, ride on the carousel. Reviews of the Park are mostly positive.

The amusement Park “Dive»

10 best amusement parks in Moscow

The next participant in the ranking is a Park with dynamic games, puzzles and riddles. There are both intellectual and sports activities for every taste and for all ages. People come here with their children and friends to turn their vacation into a real adventure. A great option for organizing a corporate party or birthday party will be a quest or action game “Immersion”. There are on-site cafes serving American, European and vegetarian cuisine. Nearby there is a convenient Parking lot, free Internet is available.

Visitors Express their gratitude to the Park staff for their assistance in organizing events and friendly attitude. All photos from quests are posted in the official social network group.

Amusement Park in Lianozovsky Park

10 best amusement parks in Moscow

It is impossible not to include Lianozovsky Park of culture and recreation, located on Uglichskaya street, in the rating. Admission is free. Working hours are from 7 am to 11 PM. Both children and adults ride on carousels. The prices for them are pleasantly pleasing to visitors. Discounted tickets are provided. Large families get a 30% discount, disabled people – 100 %.

The Park has an official website with a user-friendly interface, where you can find out about planned events, prices and entertainment. Sports and creative classes are regularly held here. Visitors go to movies, photo exhibitions, and lectures. This is the best place for mental and physical development.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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