10 best brake cylinder companies

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Many car owners are familiar with the problem when the brake cylinder is leaking and an urgent replacement is needed. Moreover, the rear (drum) ones fail more often than the front ones. Inevitably, the question arises which manufacturer to give preference to, because there is a huge range of different companies on the market – there are a wide variety of products both in price and quality.

In our review we have tried to collect the best brands that produce the brake cylinders for different brands of cars. The rating position takes into account the company’s reputation, its popularity in the market, and product characteristics. Important for us were the reviews of the owners, who were familiar with the cylinders of these brands from personal experience.

TOP 10 best brake cylinder companies

10 Febi

10 best brake cylinder companies

This packer and manufacturer of spare parts from Germany offers more than 1000 units of various car parts in the assortment, the quality of each one is confirmed by the corresponding DIN ISO 9002 certificate. The product group is widely represented-electrics, suspension elements, Pneumatics, cooling radiators, all kinds of fluids, fasteners, brake systems and cylinders.

The main part of the brand’s products is located in the middle and low price segment, so it is quite affordable for the average car enthusiast. With a satisfactory quality of spare parts, they have decent characteristics. Elements of the Febi brake system take quite a long time to heal, comparable to the original products. The bulk of the company’s products go to the secondary market in Europe, as well as to some automakers operating in the Asian market.

9 Ferodo

The main activity of this brand is the production of elite brake pads, accessories and systems for cars. A world-famous company from the UK today produces a wide range of spare parts, and products can be found both on the primary and secondary market of components in different countries. The range also includes high-quality friction materials. Factory conveyors are supplied not only to European countries, but also to Asian car manufacturers.

Most customers in the reviews Express complete satisfaction with the quality, while brake cylinders and systems are particularly popular. Car owners can choose one of the series suitable for the price and characteristics – DS Performance is suitable for fans of fast driving, Target offers budget rear and front brakes with a high safety margin, and Ferodo Racing is designed specifically for urban conditions.

8 Trialli

10 best brake cylinder companies

The products of several independent companies from Italy are produced under a single brand. Founded in 1998, the company has representative offices in 21 countries, including Russia. The packer’s products are so high-quality that they are delivered to Volkswagen, Fiat and other conveyors. At the same time, the products are available in 2 variants-the middle class at a lower cost, and the premium line.

The range includes steering mechanisms, transmission and brake system parts (cylinders, repair kits), as well as bearings, lubricants, and rubber components. The main production facilities are located in China, as well as in the Czech Republic, Belgium and Germany. According to reviews of motorists, the products have an average build quality, but it is quite consistent with its affordable price. Many people say that sometimes the manufacturer comes across a defect in retail, and the worst performance is different from the rear and front brakes made in China.

7 Delfi

10 best brake cylinder companies

The American manufacturer makes spare parts for cars at 33 factories in different countries of the world. The range includes about 14,000 different types of parts, including brake systems and cylinders, shock absorbers, sensors, pumps, suspension elements and ignition blocks. The main advantage of the company’s products is the affordable price for different categories of motorists and medium-high quality of manufacture. Some of the best in this price category are shock absorbers, levers and ball bearings, which are most in demand.

Almost a century of history of the brand is a guarantee of high quality of Assembly and a guarantee of durability of manufactured parts for the car. The main sales are focused on the European market. According to reviews of car owners, the best characteristics are spare parts manufactured in factories in America and Europe. Due to its widespread use, the company’s products are often forged.

In the assortment of this company from Germany, you can find different products, but the main emphasis of the manufacturer is on the manufacture of brake systems. All products of the company have a long service life and can be safely used during repairs. NK is also supplied to automakers in Europe. It differs from its analogues in its affordable price and versatility, since in the product line you can find spare parts for any foreign cars.

The brand boasts its own production facilities, where an improved quality control system has been implemented to ensure that there is no defect on the counter. The attractiveness of products is also ensured by the constant introduction of innovations. A large German company is distinguished not only by democratic prices, but also by an expanded range of products. According to reviews, the risks of fakes are negligible – the spare parts market presents original products of the manufacturer.

5 Miyaco

10 best brake cylinder companies

The main specialization of the Japanese manufacturer Miyaco is the development and production of brake system elements. Its products are widely known and distributed in both the primary and secondary markets. The company’s product range is wide and includes repair kits, pads, cylinders, valves and other types of goods. You can also find original products under the names of other subsidiaries from Asia and Europe.

According to reviews, customers are satisfied not only with the high quality of components, but also with the reliability of repair kits – after installing Miyaco seals, the brake cylinders work like new, and for more than one year. Although today the brand is known to a small circle of motorists and car repairmen in Russia, they all managed to appreciate the effectiveness of its braking systems. In addition, there are absolutely no fakes on the market, which is an additional guarantee of the originality and reliability of the purchased kits.

4 Bosch

10 best brake cylinder companies

One of the most well-known companies in the world, which, in addition to household appliances, also produces auto parts. Production is located in 150 countries of the world, products occupy about 26 % of the secondary market in Europe. In the brand’s product line, you can find parts not only for passenger cars, but also trucks, as well as special high-tech parts, software for cars, and much more.

The company offers brake systems, chassis parts, electronics, consumables, multimedia equipment, optics, cooling, internal combustion engines. Especially popular in the Russian market, judging by the reviews, are gas pumps, sensors, brake cylinders and batteries of the German manufacturer, which are distinguished by a long service life and high build quality. In addition, all products have a security system – to distinguish the original from a fake, just take advantage of a special offer on your smartphone.


10 best brake cylinder companies

A major manufacturer of parts for trucks and passenger cars produces elements of the steering system, suspension, brake cylinders and complete systems. Today, the brand is one of the top ten well-known manufacturers of auto components and supplies leading companies from Europe. In addition, the product line includes car oils, power steering, consumables, shock absorbers, lubricants and much more.

Most of the company’s product range is produced in Germany or in factories located in Europe. It does not differ in its low cost, but it stands out for its excellent quality and wear resistance, ensuring the durability of repairs or replacement of the brake system. Judging by the reviews, the only drawback is that these products are often forged – you need to carefully consider the purchase and choose original components from trusted suppliers.


10 best brake cylinder companies

This is a company from Italy that specializes in the development and manufacture of automobile brakes. Original products are delivered to car manufacturers from different countries – Maserati, Ferrari, Mazda, Renault. In the product line, you can find not only the front and rear brake systems in full configuration, but also their individual elements.

In terms of price, the products of this manufacturer practically do not differ from their Chinese counterparts, but at the same time they are of higher quality and are in demand among car owners of a large number of brands. For example, cylinders are reliable, giving a stable braking torque and a low degree of wear. According to reviews, it is quite difficult to find the brand’s products on the domestic market, mainly they go to the markets of Western Europe and are not represented much in Russia. For the same reason, it is guaranteed that there is no counterfeit, and spare parts must be ordered, taking into account the delivery time.


10 best brake cylinder companies

The company is engaged in the production of fluids, hoses, amplifiers, cylinders and other elements of brake systems, cables. The company’s products are used by many car manufacturers, including BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Skoda. About 80% of the entire product line goes to Assembly lines, and the power and Ceramic brake series are popular in the secondary market. The demand is explained by the fact that the brand regularly introduces innovations, due to which it is possible to increase the car’s handling and make its operation more comfortable and safe.

The main difference between spare parts is their impeccable quality. Only high-quality materials are used in their production, and every detail is strictly controlled. One of the manufacturer’s innovations is the integrated ABS anti – lock braking system, which has been produced since 1984. According to reviews, original products, unfortunately, are often forged.

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