10 best dry cleaners in St. Petersburg

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The fast pace of a big city often leaves no time for a full-fledged household management, part of which is taking care of clothes, textiles, furniture or car dealership upholstery. Dry cleaners that offer their services in cleaning, repairing, and dyeing clothes, textiles, shoes, and bags serve as a way out for people. St. Petersburg residents don’t always know what to choose, because in so many similar institutions, but in some of them the quality of work performed at altitude is unknown.

The editors have prepared a rating review, selecting for it the 10 best dry cleaners in St. Petersburg with the highest ratings and a huge number of positive reviews.

Rating of the best dry cleaners in St. Petersburg

Category place Dry cleaning service rating
The best dry cleaners of clothes in Saint Petersburg 1 “Klin Expert» 5.0
2 “Lotus» 4.9
3 Sneaker Wedge 4.8
4 “Garant» 4.7
5 “Apetta» 4.6
6 “Chistyakov» 4.5
7 “Penguin» 4.4
The best offsite dry cleaners in St. Petersburg 1 Airo 5.0
2 “Cleaning it» 4.9
3 lavadora 4.8

The best dry cleaning services in Saint Petersburg

“Klin Expert»

10 best dry cleaners in St. Petersburg

The company has been operating in the market of services for more than twenty-seven years, and helps to solve a variety of everyday issues of individuals and legal entities, regardless of the situation and its complexity. With this dry cleaning service, every customer will keep the things they cherish and start enjoying their original appearance again.

The main principles of work here are: comfort – an expanded network of reception points, the development of car receivers that are planned to be installed in residential buildings and business centers; quality-equipment from leading manufacturers, improving the technical base, increasing the level of professionalism of specialists, using innovative cleaning products; accessibility – one of the best price-quality ratio in the city.

The company has a wide client network, including leading theaters among its regular customers: “Bolshoy Drama”,” Alexandriysky”,” Mikhailovsky”, etc.; companies: “Druzhka”, “LSR”, “Pilon”, MES, “Tkachi”, “Mercator” and others. Thanks to modern technologies, they find their own approach to each product, providing effective cleaning even for things that require delicate handling. Customers are not afraid to hand over clothes from famous designers like Gucci, D&G, Chanel, Brioni, Armani, Hermes, as their safety will be ensured.

Among the services: Laundry; dry cleaning and washing of textiles, curtains; dry cleaning of fur items; cleaning, restoration and coloring of things made of suede, leather, tanned sheepskin, such as bags, shoes, jackets, raincoats; cleaning of carpets, sports equipment, baby strollers and toys, carnival and theatrical costumes, life-size dolls, vestments of churchmen.

Among the advantages, we will highlight the free reception of things at home and their return, several types of payment, consulting a technologist, and urgent cleaning. Promotions are held regularly. There is a bonus program. Regular customers receive a twenty-percent discount after publishing a video review about the company’s work, and when handing over children’s clothing – a thirty-percent discount.

  1. Collection point: Saint-Petersburg, Moiseenko, 24.
  2. Phone: +7 (812) 448-07-07.
  3. Work schedule:daily, from 9: 00 to 21: 00.
  4. Website: clean-expert.spb.ru.


10 best dry cleaners in St. Petersburg

The network of dry cleaners has been pleasing people for more than sixty years, returning things to their former appearance. The company is a market leader and is considered exemplary in terms of service quality. St. Petersburg’s oldest dry cleaning and dyeing company reflects the history of the industry as a whole. Here, traditions are very seriously respected, passing them on to new generations of employees.

Since the company values its customers, it has taken care of the comfort while waiting for the order. Architects and designers have worked hard to develop and implement the project of interior design, which are made in the style of St. Petersburg luxury.

Today, the company provides all the same services as others, but the level of service is not equal, since the following principles are laid at the heart of its activities: following the traditions of quality; professionalism of employees; high quality of work performed; solving problems of any complexity; strict final control; regular updating of shop equipment; service in the shortest possible time. Dry cleaners also have a flexible pricing policy and special discount programs for the privileged segments of the population, which also attracts customers.

The range of services includes: dry cleaning of clothing, furs, leather, workwear; cleaning of household goods, Laundry. There are special services – cleaning curtains at home, ozonation, dry cleaning with delivery, repair of shoes and clothing; and elite service – receiving fur for storage, manual cleaning of suitcases and bags, bio-cleaning.

  1. Office address: 50 Sabirovskaya St. Petersburg.
  2. Phone: 8 (812) 335-05-35.
  3. Opening hours: daily, from 8: 00 to 20: 00.
  4. Website: himchistka.spb.ru.

Sneaker Wedge

10 best dry cleaners in St. Petersburg

The company, unlike others, specializes exclusively in cleaning sneakers. This is not just the usual dry cleaning, but the street culture of clean sneakers. It is located in the center of the majestic city. The concept is based on the desire to make the shoes of all citizens clean and well-groomed, in order to contribute to the sneaker culture. To do this, specialists are constantly studying technologies and upgrading them, looking for more efficient and faster ways, and using only modern tools in their work.

Among the advantages, we should highlight: quality assurance; return of shoes not only of the previous type, but also extension of its service life; removal of stains of any complexity; free delivery from three pairs-employees will come to pick up the shoes, and then return them already updated; free cleaning of every sixth pair; bonuses for regular and active customers.

A wide range of services includes professional dry cleaning of winter shoes and sneakers, as well as restoration and customization. The cost of cleaning starts from 550 rubles. Painting sneakers and other shoes made of suede, leather, nubuck and textiles is done both completely and in order to refresh the color. The price starts from 600 rubles. In addition, the company collects the best accessories and care products that can be purchased from all over the world. Orders are completed in the shortest possible time, starting from seven days, so customers do not wait for their pair for months, receiving it within one to two weeks. For those who need to pick up their shoes faster, an urgent cleaning service is available.

  1. St. Petersburg, Zhukovsky Str., 28.
  2. Phone: +7 (812) 927-01-67.
  3. Opening hours: daily, from 12: 00 to 22: 00.
  4. Website: sneakerklin.ru.


A network of dry cleaners and laundries has been operating in St. Petersburg since the late nineties. The group of companies owns a network of Italian dry cleaners located in various districts of the cultural capital of Russia. The company is one of the leading ones in our country and works not only with individuals, but also with legal entities, for example, it serves beauty salons and SPAS, theaters, hotels, fitness centers and other organizations.

The company offers its customers high quality, professional service, comfortable conditions, order fulfillment in the shortest possible time, and reasonable cost. Thanks to modern cleaning and staining technologies, experts remove even the most persistent and difficult stains, not forgetting to take into account such product parameters as the composition of the material and recommendations for its care.

The range of services is extensive and includes: Laundry, including bed linen; stain removal and Ironing in the presence of the client; urgent, from two hours, dry cleaning of various types of fabrics; dry cleaning and washing of workwear; delicate fur dry cleaning at reasonable prices; dry cleaning of leather products, sheepskin coats with tinting and color restoration; Aqua cleaning of jackets with impregnations, down jackets, ski and tracksuits.

The official website has a coupon for a ten percent discount. In General, the system of discounts at dry cleaners is flexible.

Address of the first branch

  1. St. Petersburg, Lva Tolstogo Str., 4.
  2. Phone: 8 (812) 346-32-12.

Address of the second branch

Address of the third branch

  1. 29 Sadovaya street.
  2. Phone: 8 (812) 310-60-28.

Address of the fourth branches

  1. 2 Manezhny pereulok.
  2. Phone: 8 (812) 579-52-50.

Address of the fifth branch

  1. Sovetskaya St., 24/13.
  2. Phone: 8 (812) 271-57-69.
  3. Opening hours: daily, from 9: 00 to 20: 00.
  4. Website: himchistka-garant.ru.


10 best dry cleaners in St. Petersburg

The network of dry cleaners in the market of services for more than twenty years. In the late nineties, a single workshop was opened in Primorsky Krai, and today the network includes many branches where cleaning, washing and repairing things is done. Dry cleaners process over a million items a year. Residents of St. Petersburg trust the company, which has already expanded beyond the borders of St. Petersburg, opening points in Moscow and the region, Rostov-on-don.

The network consists of twenty-six production workshops in three Russian cities, thirty-one receiving points in St. Petersburg, and twelve in Moscow and Rostov. The factory has a modern approach to the process of cleaning products. There is an “exit crew”service. All types of products are accepted, including those made from fabrics that require a delicate approach-furs, suede, leather, lace, as well as curtains, Drapes, etc.; carpets, soft toys, theater costumes, equipment and workwear.

The company bypasses competitors on the following points: modern German equipment; the latest, environmentally friendly and safe cleaning products (partners Texkepro and Koblenz & Partner); a team of experienced specialists. Among the advantages, it is also worth highlighting the client’s time savings at all stages of the order, timely notification via SMS, home or office visits, a lot of points in hypermarkets and shopping centers, the “urgent order” service, which allows you to clean things while you make purchases in the shopping center.

The company offers the following services: dry cleaning; ozonation-removes not only stains, but also odors, destroys microorganisms and bacteria; Laundry; cleaning of carpets and soft toys; repair of clothes and shoes. For an urgent order, washing takes no more than an hour, and repairs take no more than twenty to thirty minutes.

  1. Phone: 8 (800) 222-91-16.
  2. Website: apetta.ru.


10 best dry cleaners in St. Petersburg

Another popular chain of dry cleaners and laundries offers to take care of putting clothes in order. The company has been on the market for more than eight years. Over the years, more than a million kilograms of items were cleaned and more than one hundred and eighty thousand customers were satisfied with the result. The company has three large workshops and is improving every day, exploring the market and introducing innovative technologies to improve the quality of work performed.

The company provides dry cleaning services for everyday, elegant and outerwear (jackets, trousers, skirts, shirts, evening and wedding dresses, silk outfits, etc.); Aqua cleaning, which is necessary for processing membrane fabrics, down jackets, things with water-repellent impregnation, ski suits, etc.; washing bed linen; dry cleaning of fur, leather and tanned sheepskin products; carpet cleaning; repair of bags and shoes.

The company takes care of cleaning cashmere coats, chiffon blouses, Persian carpets or plush stuffed animals. Here you can easily remove ingrained and fresh stains of any complexity from textiles, clothing, underwear, uniforms, etc., as well as carry out bactericidal treatment of children’s toys and bed linen; restore the original appearance of things, preserving their properties; make toning and coloring of fur, suede and leather products; restore and clean tourist equipment; repair bags, suitcases and your favorite pair of shoes so that it will continue to serve you as in the old days.

Customers will enjoy budget prices and a flexible system of discounts.

  1. Office address: Saint Petersburg, Obukhovskaya Oborona, 51K.
  2. Phone: 8 (812) 318-09-09.
  3. Website: chistykof.ru.


A network of dry cleaners specializes in cleaning products made of any fabric from dirt of varying complexity. In addition, they repair clothes and shoes, replace batteries and straps, and even make keys. Unlike conventional dry cleaners, here they use a new generation of professional tools that allow you to remove complex dirt that usually cannot be removed. This is also supported by the latest equipment and a team of professional specialists who know the technology of work. The company accepts cleaning materials that require delicate handling, such as fur, leather, wool, and so on. They use a hydrocarbon solvent, as it is more gentle, but, however, expensive.

In the list of services you will find the following items: dry cleaning of suits and dresses, sports and outerwear, knitwear, natural and artificial fur, leather goods, home textiles, curtains, carpets, as well as furniture cleaning, textile painting, knitwear restoration, repair and other sewing work, replacement of accessories, Shoe restoration, accessories sale.

Very popular are: aerochistka pillows, when they change the thimble, clean the contents with a special device that supplies compressed air under pressure, which removes dust, pen fragments, disinfects, dries and loosens; aquachistka, which is a new technology that allows you to clean down jackets. The company uses systems from BUFA and KREUSSLER; hydrocarbon dry cleaning suitable for natural fur, fabrics that require a delicate approach, products with non-resistant dye and adhesives. KWL solvent is used to preserve the softness and richness of colors.

  1. Phone: 8 (800) 555-62-32.
  2. Website: dry cleaners penguin. RF.

Best off-site dry cleaners in Saint Petersburg

10 best dry cleaners in St. Petersburg

The company offers Laundry and dry cleaning services with delivery. Employees will arrive at a convenient time for the client to pick up dirty things and return them in a clean and ironed form on hangers the next day, no later than forty-eight hours. Cleaning is carried out with the help of hypoallergenic products and professional equipment from world manufacturers.

All categories of casual, outdoor clothing, home textiles, accessories are accepted: office sets, suits, shirts, trousers, jackets, vests, ties, sweatshirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, including wedding and evening dresses, coats, jackets, sheepskin coats, fur coats, leather goods, tablecloths, furniture covers, blankets, pillows, curtains and tulle, which will be removed and hung back for free. Underwear and clothing are taken in kilograms.

Dry cleaning is open until late in the evening, unlike many competitors, so customers do not need to change their plans. Payment is made only after receiving the items and examining them. They accept both cash and Bank cards. Free shipping is available for orders starting from 1500 rubles.

The company regularly holds various promotions that allow you to save money. For example, a twenty percent discount applies to children’s clothing; for five blouses and shirts, pay less – 790 rubles instead of 950 rubles, the same amount will be for five kilograms of bed linen.

  1. Phone: +7 (812) 439-15-45.
  2. Opening hours: from 9: 00 to 23: 00.
  3. Website: spb.getairo.ru.

“Cleaning it»

The company has been operating in the service market for more than seven years. Thousands of customers are satisfied with the high quality of their work, so they turn to dry cleaning again. Professional cleaning of furniture and carpets is carried out here using European hypoallergenic products that are safe for people and animals, which have the necessary certificates, and equipment from Karcher, a world leader in this field. Carry out on-site dry cleaning both in the city and in the suburbs. All services are acceptable, the prices are quite low and that it is not less pleasant, fixed.

Orders are accepted for cleaning any sofas and carpets, including those with complex fabrics such as silk, chenille, vinyl, as it is most difficult to remove stains from them. Specialists working in the company will not only restore things to their original appearance, but also teach customers how to properly care for them after cleaning, so that the result is preserved for a long time. Customers are captivated by such a responsible approach. During dry cleaning, all the bacteria that are usually contained in the accumulated dust die, which is important for asthmatics and Allergy sufferers.

Cleaning usually takes no more than two hours, but it is worth remembering that it will take about five hours to dry. But after cleaning, even ingrained odors will disappear, for example, from coffee, cigarettes, tea, juice, food, cosmetics, mold or Pets. Dry cleaning will remove not only hard-to-remove stains, but also traces of lipstick, nail Polish and other things. The most difficult dirt is removed manually by the masters.

  1. Phone: +7 (952) 356-52-56.
  2. Opening hours: daily, from 9: 00 to 22: 00.
  3. Website: chisthim.ru.


10 best dry cleaners in St. Petersburg

The company provides dry cleaning and Laundry services with free home delivery, which saves customers time. Washing and Ironing takes no more than forty-eight hours, so the customer will receive the items delivered today the very next day. Cleaning is carried out with the use of environmentally friendly and safe products of the latest generation, which are able to remove even the most complex stains and dirt, as well as ingrained odors.

The company operates according to the following scheme: first, acceptance is ordered, after which an employee goes to the client to pick up things. Products do not need to be Packed, spend time and effort on it. The specialist will bring everything you need with you, so that the client can safely go about their business.

The advantages include five main points that distinguish the company from competitors: saving time; its own approach to each product to achieve an effective result; careful Ironing on the mannequin without creases and creases, which allows the customer to put on the item immediately after receiving it and go, for example, to an event; insurance of things that guarantee their safety at all stages; delivery costs already included in the price of the service.

The company has convenient ready-made tariffs that you can use. Here are the most popular ones: “Sweet dream” – washing and Ironing of twenty-four items of bed linen and towels for 2490 rubles/month.; “Sweet dream mini” – washing and Ironing of sixteen items of bed linen and towels for 1990 rubles/month.; “20 things” – washing and Ironing of twenty any products, including underwear for 3390 rubles/month.; “30 things” – washing and Ironing of thirty any things, including underwear for 3990 rubles/month.

The company regularly holds promotions: washing a set of clothes for 500 rubles, washing five shirts for 800 rubles, cleaning two down jackets for 1290 rubles. free shipping is available for an order amount starting from 1000 rubles.

  1. Phone: +7 (812) 614-32-98.
  2. Website: lavadora.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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