10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

With the arrival of the summer season, most owners of summer cottages are concerned about the problem of combating weeds, which can significantly inhibit cultivated plants, flowers, and so on. They have a negative effect on the root system, on the stems, which significantly reduces the yield. To combat this scourge, you can resort to special tools called herbicides.

Garden goods stores offer a fairly large range of similar products. However, choosing the most suitable tool is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. To make it easier for you to solve this problem, we decided to make a rating of the best weed control products. That’s just before you start directly analyzing the useful characteristics of specific products, let’s look at what you should pay attention to when buying such chemicals.

  1. How to choose the best weed killer?
  2. Budget substances
  3. 5. Green pharmacy gardener “LINTUR»
  4. 4. Keminova A / S “Glyphos»
  5. 3. Avgust ” Tornado»
  6. 2. Herbicide Your farm Chistograd
  7. 1. Avgust ” Miura»
  8. More expensive substances designed for large processing areas
  9. 5. August weed killer lapis Lazuli
  10. 4. Technoexport ” Ground»
  11. 3. Avgust “Errokiller»
  12. 2. Hurricane Forte weed killer
  13. 1. Avgust roundup weed killer
  14. In conclusion, a useful video

How to choose the best weed killer?

In General, according to professional agronomists, today you can find more than several thousand weeds, and each such plant has special properties that allow it to ensure not only its active survival, but also spread over a large territory. As a rule, weeds have a fairly large root system that extends not only under the ground surface, but also in depth. Because of this, using physical methods to control these pests is not very effective, since in any case, at least minor pieces of roots will remain in the soil, which will later begin to germinate.

In addition, there are plants that not only depress vegetable crops, but can also cause harm to human health. For example, this applies to the weeds like Hogweed, ragweed, cyclorana and so on. In General, weed control products are made on the basis of herbicides, which are made in the form of powders or solutions. However, their effect can be continuous or selective. In the first case, the compounds destroy absolutely all vegetation growing on a certain area of soil. The second type fights exclusively with weeds, and cultivated plants are fully preserved.

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

Still on sale are funds designed for use in the spring, when the soil is being prepared for planting crops. When working with these substances, it will be enough to spray them on the ground surface just two to three weeks before planting cultivated plants. During this time, absolutely all the roots of weeds will dry up and will not be able to produce not only shoots, but also offspring. In General, experienced gardeners recommend using such products for the winter, as this allows you to destroy the roots of weeds, and their remains will be killed by low temperatures.

In addition, there are special formulations that can be used not only in the process of intensive plant growth, but also during fruiting. There are quite a lot of methods of applying to the soil – the composition covers the entire surface of the soil, the product is applied between the furrows of cultivated plants. In addition, individual weeds can be treated with these substances. At the same time, the last two methods can significantly reduce the cost of funds.

When choosing the best hebrycides for inclusion in our rating, we were guided by all the factors discussed above, and also took into account the price-quality ratio of products. In addition, we also took into account user reviews. For each product, we have tried to collect as much information as possible so that each of our readers can choose the most suitable products for themselves, which will quickly cope with weeds and at the same time preserve the root system of cultivated plants.

Budget substances

5. Green pharmacy gardener “LINTUR»

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

This is a fairly effective tool, characterized by contact action. It was developed specifically for reliable control of weeds growing on lawns. The substance penetrates the plant structures directly through the leaf plates, resulting in a violation of the natural metabolism. This leads to disturbances in the synthesis of protein molecules that ensure the normal life of the plant. As a result, the weed dies. At the same time, the grass will not lose its natural color, so it is very easy to use this tool on lawns that will retain their attractive appearance even after repeated treatments with this tool. These products are able to effectively control the majority of weeds found in Russian territories.

It is recommended to use the composition in the morning or evening hours, preferably if the weather is calm. If you plan to treat lawn grass, then in the first year of its growth, this should not be done. The substance is completely safe for insects, including bees. One package will be enough to process about 100 square meters of land area.

  • Reliably protects cultivated plants and lawns from weeds;
  • Greatly facilitates harvesting;
  • Low consumption of the substance;
  • Completely safe for all insects;
  • It has a low cost.
  • Not suitable for a newly sprung lawn.

4. Keminova A / S “Glyphos»

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

This substance is characterized by a continuous action and was created specifically so that it could cope with a fairly large range of grass and broad-leaved weeds. In addition, this tool easily fights with woody and shrubby vegetation. It can be used in forest or rural areas. The manufacturer recommends using the compound for industrial and road use. In particular, the tool will be very useful for controlling weeds on embankments and exclusion zones of railway tracks, highways, high-voltage power lines, routes along which pipelines transporting oil or gas are laid, and so on. The composition, when evaporated from the surface of the earth, penetrates the plant cells through the leaves and other green parts, after which it is distributed with juices along the stems, even penetrating the root system. The depressing effect consists in blocking the synthesis of aromatic amino acids, which not only leads to the death of the plant, but also affects seeds that have already reached maturity.

Despite the fact that the substance is very effective, its effects are not immediately noticeable – the death of weeds occurs approximately 20-40 days after its introduction into the soil. Literally 10 days after processing, the soil can be sown with any cultivated plants without the slightest harm to them. The product remains efficient over a fairly wide temperature range.

  • Consistently maintains its performance characteristics even during long-term storage;
  • Perfectly copes with any weeds;
  • It has no negative impact on cultivated plants;
  • Good efficiency in the control of both annual and perennial weeds.
  • The effect of using it is not immediately noticeable.

3. Avgust ” Tornado»

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

The first composition in our review of the best weed control products, characterized by a non-selective systemic effect, is designed to suppress single-and perennial weeds. In addition to them, this substance can be well controlled with unwanted vegetation of the tree and shrub type. With the help of this composition, you can get rid of bindweed, creeping Wheatgrass and other plants, which can be quite problematic to deal with by physical methods. The principle of operation of this tool is standard – a water solution is applied under the root system, after which it begins to evaporate, penetrates the foliage, weed stalks, then enters the root and begins to reduce the absorption efficiency of useful trace elements and water, which ultimately leads to the death of the plant. The effect is not immediately noticeable, but it looks very good – the foliage first turns brown, then fades, and the same thing happens with the stems. After treatment, weeds die in about three to four weeks.

The remedy works best on herbs during their intensive growth – in April-June. In the future, it will also be very effective, but its effect will be slowed down. If there is a heavy drop of dew, do not use this substance. If the foliage of weeds is covered with a thick layer of dust, then it is advisable to wash it off, otherwise the composition will not enter the plant life system in sufficient quantities.

  • Copes with both grass and woody weeds;
  • It can be used even on an industrial scale;
  • The product proved to be excellent at all temperatures;
  • Absolutely safe for the human body.
  • It is advisable to apply at a time when weeds grow at maximum speed.

2. Herbicide Your farm Chistograd

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

Goes on sale in the form of tubes, the volume of which is 50 or 100 ml, you can find this product, poured into a bottle, whose volume will be equal to 500 ml. This product is based on Isopropylamine salt. It penetrates into the plant not through the foliage, as previous substances do, but together with moisture is absorbed by the root system. The oppression of the plant begins with it. The herb’s metabolism slows down, so that the enzyme synthesis of amino acids is only delayed at first,and then stops altogether. While the SAP flow is active, the composition penetrates into every cell of the plant, which can significantly accelerate its death. The first signs will become clearly visible only 10-12 days after treatment. It will be completely possible to get rid of weeds in about three weeks. Processing is carried out either by watering under the root, but you can also spray the foliage.

When working with weeds that grow mixed with cultivated plants, you should be as careful as possible. In this case, it is forbidden to water under the root, it is necessary to spray the foliage, while trying to ensure that the product does not fall on agricultural crops. When using the product, it is necessary to use personal respiratory protection equipment, and it also does not hurt to protect the skin of your hands.

  • It does not have a negative impact on the soil;
  • Fights weeds quickly enough;
  • Optimal value for money and product quality;
  • After initial use, there is no need for repeated use.
  • It should be used carefully if weeds grow in beds with cultivated plants.

1. Avgust ” Miura»

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

Universal post-emergence composition, which is perfectly suitable for coping with most weeds. It is characterized by a selective action – it does not cause the slightest harm to agricultural crops. The range of use is very wide – the products perfectly cope with annual and perennial weeds. The active substance is contained here in a fairly high concentration. It penetrates the plant through the integumentary tissues when evaporated from the soil surface or as a result of application to foliage and stems. It will not only spread throughout the plant, but also accumulate in the most important nodes. The tool perfectly copes even with rhizomatous weeds of cereal type, because it actively destroys their educational tissues. It quickly begins to fight weeds. In just a couple of hours, a sufficient amount of the substance penetrates the structure of the plant and triggers destructive processes.

It is worth noting that such a tool can be used not only in an individual subsidiary farm, but also in the framework of a wide agricultural production. It is particularly effective when used for sugar, fodder or table beet crops, on flax and soybean plantations, onions, potato, cabbage or carrot fields. The consumption is not too high, but the effect is very effective.

  • Low cost;
  • Effective effect on all types of weeds;
  • Selectively works, leaving the cultivated plants intact.
  • During testing, it was not detected.

More expensive substances designed for large processing areas

5. August weed killer lapis Lazuli

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

On sale, this product can be found in the form of a special powder, where the active drug metribuzin is used as the main active substance. It should be diluted in the required amount of water. This product is a universal tool that allows you to quickly and effectively cope with weeds growing on potato, tomato and soy plantations. The product belongs to the selective type, so there is no negative impact on cultivated plants. The main active element is able to actively and quickly suppress the processes of photosynthesis, so that the plant itself ceases to produce glucose and other useful substances necessary for life. As a result, weeds either remain in an underdeveloped state that cannot produce offspring, or they die altogether. As a result, these plants do not inhibit useful crops at all and do not interfere with their active growth.

According to experienced agronomists, it is advisable to treat the soil surface with this tool immediately after the snow masses have descended, and the soil itself has dried up somewhat. If necessary, re-treatment is carried out-about a month after the appearance of the first shoots of weeds. When using the product, it should be remembered that it belongs to the toxic class, so it is necessary to protect the respiratory organs and skin.

  • Selective effects on weeds;
  • It can be applied in a variety of ways;
  • Effectively fights pests, slowing down and stopping the processes of photosynthesis.
  • It still poses a certain danger to humans at the processing stage.

4. Technoexport ” Ground»

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

Refers to herbicides of continuous action, respectively, the composition will destroy absolutely all plants growing on the treated area. For this reason, experienced agronomists recommend using it after the end of the harvesting campaign, so as not to cause damage to crops. With the help of this drug, it is possible to cope not only with the stems and foliage of harmful plants, but also to destroy rhizomes and root processes, preventing their development in the next growing season. The main active substance here is glyphosate – a special acid that easily penetrates plant tissues and quickly spreads into them. It quickly stops the production of aromatic amino acids, disrupts osmotic pressure by changing the permeability of cell membranes. As a result, this leads to the fact that the structure of the cells is simply destroyed.

If there are perennial weeds on the site, then the processing efficiency reaches its maximum on about the 10th day, for annual plants this period does not exceed one week. If the frost has already started, the effect may slow down somewhat, but it will still be noticeable.

  • Quite acceptable cost of the drug;
  • Very well fights even with such herbs as Wheatgrass;
  • You can use the drug regardless of the ambient temperature;
  • It does not affect the ground in the slightest;
  • Perfectly copes with weeds of any type, including perennials.
  • It has a negative effect on cultivated plants.

3. Avgust “Errokiller»

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

Instantly copes with unwanted vegetation of any kind, both in vegetable gardens, fields, and on the most ordinary lawns. In addition, this drug is a good fight with the weeds growing uncultivated even in the local area. You can quickly get rid of them, and the next year you can plant the vacant land with various kinds of useful plants. As noted by users, this tool can easily deal with such difficult weeds like Hogweed, spiny, Thistle, Thistle, and others. It is allowed to use this composition no more than once during the season, it is advisable to process it about two weeks before planting cultivated plants. Available in volumes of 40, 90 and 500 ml. This product belongs to the substances of continuous action, so it should be used as carefully as possible in the immediate vicinity of plantings.

The composition actively penetrates the entire structure of the cultivated plant, starting with its leaves and ending with the root system. The main substance here is glyphosphate, which evenly inhibits the entire weed-the vegetative mass, roots, and reproductive system. Even if the compound gets into the ground, it will not accumulate in fruits or in the root crops of agricultural crops, so no harm will be caused to the human body. It is completely safe for honeybees.

  • Very easy to use;
  • Actively inhibits all parts of weeds, which leads to very rapid plant death;
  • It is able to cope with any harmful herbs, including those that are very difficult to deal with manually;
  • Cost-effective tool in terms of consumption.
  • It will cost much more than similar funds;
  • Use this composition as carefully as possible.

2. Hurricane Forte weed killer

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

The first in our review means of foreign production. It was created by Swiss agronomists, who face a very serious problem of controlling weeds of the highest activity. This substance helps to quickly get rid of not only weeds, but also any other unwanted vegetation directly on the site. This drug allows you to easily cope with absolutely any plants – monocotyledonous, dicotyledonous, woody, fibrous and so on. It instantly seeps into the tissues, penetrates the foliage, root system, and even passes through the bark. The substance accumulates in the meristem, which leads to a slowdown in vital activity, followed by a stop of all processes. In the soil, it decomposes into safe components within just a couple of weeks, in the cold season this period is even shorter. In the dead plant, the substance also does not accumulate, decomposing quickly enough.

As agronomists say, in the areas that have been treated with this tool, nothing should be planted this year. Next season, no weeds will be observed on the site, and the soil will not leave the slightest trace from the effects of this tool, which will allow planting the soil with any crops. It is advisable to perform processing when the plants are approaching the seed ripening period. This will destroy not only the weeds themselves, but also all their offspring. It is inefficient to work on bare ground, since this drug breaks down quickly enough, and the weeds that have sprung up will not feel its effect on themselves.

  • Copes even with fairly high weeds – up to 20 cm in length;
  • Decomposes the root system directly in the ground, which is the direct cause of plant death;
  • Quickly decomposes, leaving no traces in the ground;
  • It is not dangerous for insects.
  • A rather toxic substance that must be handled as carefully as possible.

1. Avgust roundup weed killer

10 best remedies from weeds and grass, the top 10 ranking of herbicides

The wide distribution of this composition in comparison with other similar substances is determined by the fact that its effect is manifested in the shortest possible time after processing. The product is able to easily cope with plants, the principle of reproduction of which is based on the division of the rhizome – this applies to dandelions, buttercups, nettles, burdock and many similar plants. This drug is based on glyphosate, which negatively affects the weed as a whole, which leads to its death within 5-10 days after treatment, and repeated use is not required. The product itself will not accumulate either in the plant or in the ground, so planting of cultivated plants can be done literally two to three weeks after tillage. You can not be afraid of potential harm to the human body.

According to users, planted areas can also be treated with this substance, but this should be done carefully so that the solution does not get on useful plants. With the help of one bottle, you can process about 125 square meters. m of area. The product copes with single-and perennial weeds, which are both perennial cereals, and monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants. Before direct use, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions, as depending on the conditions of use, the dosage of the drug may change.

  • The widest range of action-suitable for weeds propagating in any way;
  • It does not affect the soil fertility, does not dry out the soil, and does not lead to its erosion;
  • It works very actively – the effect is noticeable after a couple of days.
  • It is necessary to carefully observe the dosage of the drug when diluting.

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best weed killers has come to an end. We hope that the collected information was enough for you to choose the optimal composition in order to get rid of unnecessary vegetation on your personal plot. If you want to share your experience of using such products or if you still have some questions about the principle of operation of a particular composition, then you can always Express yourself in the comments to this article. We will try to respond promptly to each comment and provide all the necessary additional information.

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