10 best robot toys

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Interactive robot toy – the best modern entertainment for children of any age. After all, this is not just a bright figure that can distract the child from the TV screen and monotonous computer shooters that do not contribute to development in any way. Such a toy is not only able to keep children occupied for a long time, but will also help them discover new facets of the possible, realize their talents and learn a lot.

Even the simplest and most affordable robot toys contribute to the development of thinking and observation, as well as a very important skill for any modern person – the ability to handle machinery. Unlike ordinary toys, which are static and often lose to virtual games and TV, most robots not only attract attention with original special effects, but also gradually teach fidgets to use all sorts of buttons, icons, observations, and even teach the basics of robotics, which many boys so often admire.

Moreover, the most innovative representatives of this category often involve controlling not only the remote control, but also the application, movements, voice, and even real program code. The first few options of the toy will definitely entertain the whole family and allow the child to find someone to chat with, even when adults are busy, and the last one will appeal to young computer geniuses who dream of becoming a programmer, because learning the basics of the JavaScript programming language in a playful way is much easier and more fun than in a computer science lesson.

TOP 10 best robot toys

10 ZURU Robocalypse 25157

10 best robot toys

Despite the most pleasant price in the category, the inexpensive and compact robot turtle is among the top ten toys. The development of Zuru is universal and is popular with both boys and girls. At the same time, it is suitable for children from three years old, because it is interesting and easy to play with it. Unlike other robots, this toy does not require special control. You just need to put it in a sink, bath, pool or any container of water, and it will swim, paddling with its fins like a real turtle. Such a toy will clearly show children how turtles swim, and make water procedures more fun. If you have several of these robot Pets, children will be able to play together, arranging turtle races. The toy is available in four colors, which means that it will be easy to determine the winner.

9 Silverlit Kickabot

10 best robot toys

Many boys are interested in football almost from birth and will definitely be happy with such a gift as a robot football player. Not too expensive, but original, this interactive toy with an aesthetic sports design, led lighting, sound effects and a clear remote control will allow you to play football at home without compromising the interior. After all, a miniature robot with a height of 13 centimeters not only moves in four directions and performs a dribbling bypass maneuver, but also kicks the ball that comes with the kit. Also, the best toy for football fans is accompanied by a gate drawn on the box. After cutting and assembling them, the young athlete will get a complete set for fun training sessions and even competitions.

8 Hasbro My Little Pony Singing Rainbow

10 best robot toys

Although robots were originally considered toys for boys, today they are often welcome and little ladies. Of course, not every fashionista will like the traditional design in the style of a soulless car, but the bright singing pony of the American brand Hasbro will appeal to everyone, especially those who appreciate the animated series “Friendship is a miracle”. Cute horse with bright curls not only says popular phrases from the cartoon, but also sings songs in Russian. The child is also asked to sing a duet with a toy or turn on solo mode and sing into a microphone, through which the sound is transmitted to the speaker built into the pony. However, it is important to remember that the microphone is a toy, which means it is relatively quiet and not suitable for professional purposes.

7 1 TOY sports Car

10 best robot toys

The transformer robot 1 Toy from the “Transbots” series is a cherished dream of many boys, because it is not just a superhero figure or a car, but both at once. The bright racing car, which is very similar in design to a real Lamborghini, easily turns into a powerful warlike robot and Vice versa when you press the corresponding button on the remote control, which gives the child full control over every movement of your favorite toy. At the same time, the transformation of the car into a robot is accompanied by cool music, the roar of the engine and some other effects, which makes the game even more exciting. A separate advantage of this transformer was the complete set of USB-cord, thanks to which it can be charged from a laptop or computer.

6 YOUNG TOYS Tobot T 301047

10 best robot toys

Tobot popular South Korean manufacturer Young Toys can definitely be called the best robot transformer of our time. Colorful, effective and truly high-quality, this representative of the category will not only immediately arouse the interest of any boy with its appearance, but will also become the most favorite toy due to the great variety of game modes, functions and weapons. Unlike its counterparts, this transformer can take the form of not only a robot or tractor, but also a tank, equipped with a gun that shoots green shoots, and even a real metal detector, with which you can search for treasures without even leaving home. At the same time, the toy is equipped with all sorts of sound effects and knows 25 phrases in Russian.

5 Silverlit Robo Kombat Battle Pack

10 best robot toys

Battles and fights of heroes and villains are a favorite theme of most children’s games, especially when it comes to boys. The development of Silverlit makes it easy to realize these fantasies, because the game set includes two robots of a similar structure at once, which are simply designed for colorful battles. Each toy comes with a remote control with buttons in color, with which you can move the fighter forward, right or left, perform a right, left or double blow. To create a full-fledged robot ring atmosphere, the game is accompanied by light and sound effects. The fighter who knocked the opponent to the ground wins. Although these toys are among the best solutions for cooperative games, you can also train alone by choosing to play with a computer as an opponent.

4 Longshore Xtrem Bots Spy XT30038

10 best robot toys

The spy robot is ideal for dreamers who imagine themselves as 007 agents. the longshore Toy can not only move around the house and repeat its owner with a mechanical voice, but also record the surrounding sounds, which makes it the best robot scout. Also, the toy’s strengths include musical and even dancing abilities, thanks to which the robot will cheer up the child and the whole family with funny dances with musical and light accompaniment. At the same time, it is equipped with a proprietary remote control with an extensive list of commands that can be used to set more than 50 different tasks for the robot. Also, the robot is often praised for the ability to choose the method of movement, because it can not only drive, but also walk.

3 Sphero Mini

10 best robot toys

Futuristic robot Sphero Mini, made in the form of a small ball with a diameter of about 4 centimeters, will be the best friend of the student and entertainment for the whole family. Despite its laconic appearance, it is capable of many things. By controlling the toy through the app on your smartphone or tablet, your child will learn to give commands to the robot using their face, smartphone movement, drawing lines, and even programming in JavaScript. The simplest type of game is single moves. However, by getting to know the Sphero Mini more closely, the young connoisseur of innovation will be able to build complex routes. At the same time, the robot is supplemented with led lighting and equipped with table pins and traffic cones, and the application is rich in games using the ball as a controller.

2 WowWee Chippies

10 best robot toys

All children sooner or later start dreaming about a dog, but it is not always possible to get one. In this case, the robot pet from WowWee will be a salvation for the parents of an animal lover and the best replacement for a real animal, at least for a while. This toy resembles a real dog not only in appearance, but also in abilities. Chippy can bark, growl and even howl, whining if something scares him. The robot sniffs and licks its hands, is mobile and curious. In walking mode, he will wander around, exploring the house and avoiding obstacles. In standby mode, the toy can sneeze or cough to remind you of itself, and after 10 minutes of inactivity, it will fall asleep to save power. Also, the WowWee development responds to gestures and dances on command from the remote control.

1 ROOBO Pudding S (Emelya)

10 best robot toys

The programmable robot Emelya is an indispensable assistant for adults and the best friend of kids. The toy with artificial intelligence can speak and understand speech, which makes it a great conversationalist. It also has the function of a baby monitor. A built-in camera will allow parents to keep an eye on the fidget. The robot not only looks after the child, but also teaches and entertains him. Emelya tells jokes, reports the weather, reminds you to brush your teeth, turns on music, plays in the city and make riddles. At the same time, audiobooks and encyclopedias are integrated into the robot, so it not only reads fairy tales, poems, fables and short stories, but also answers a variety of questions and solves mathematical problems.

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