10 best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Russians are big fans of Japanese and pan-Asian cuisine. According to statistics, every fourth family orders sushi at home, and every tenth does it at least once a week. In Voronezh, there are more than 30 Japanese food establishments, many of them provide a sushi delivery service to your home.

Our experts have compiled the 10 best delivery services, focusing on many parameters:

  1. Positive reviews on independent resources;
  2. Delivery time;
  3. Large selection of menu items;
  4. Well-established transport network;
  5. Fresh and high-quality products;
  6. Excellent service.

Rating of the best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh

Category place Delivery service rating
Rating of the best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh 1 Sushi Master 5.0
2 Waribashi 4.9
4 Tanuki 4.7
5 Pizzarelli 4.6
6 The dryer 4.5
7 Lokma 4.4
8 Pomodoro Royal 4.3
9 Sushi 36 4.2
10 WOK&ROLL 4.1

Sushi Master

10 best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh

The restaurant chain “Sushi master” is the head of our current rating. The first restaurant was opened in 2013 in the “take with you” format. Today, the network operates in 86 cities of Russia, including Voronezh. Sushi Master’s sushi delivery service accepts applications from 10 am to 10 PM. Pick-up from restaurants and delivery to a specific time is also possible. Delivery to the first zone (in the city center) is carried out within 60 minutes. However, in their reviews, users often say that delivery takes at least 1.5 hours.

In the range of “Sushi master” presented the rolls and sushi sets, soups, warm salads, drinks and desserts. You can make a request by phone or using the online form. Payment is possible in cash upon receipt of the order by courier, by Bank card online and by card upon receipt, which, by the way, is a unique service provided only in Sushi Master.

  1. Phone: 8800707555 0
  2. Website: voronezh.sushi-master.ru


10 best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh

“Varialbe” is the first Japanese restaurant opened in Voronezh, is in our ranking’s second tier. It gets its name from Japanese chopsticks. The institution has existed for more than 5 years. Business card “of Variabi” — a wide selection of Japanese beverages. The network of institutions of “Varisai” offers traditional sushi rolls and spicy rice cakes. Everything is prepared according to special recipes, from the chef, which, according to the customers of the establishment, gives the dishes a special, memorable taste.

The delivery service is open 24 hours a day. Users can order dishes from a special delivery menu or take advantage of offers on the official website. Delivery time, approximately, from 1 hour. If the purchase amount starts from 1000 rubles. delivery is paid for by the institution. Meals are prepared only after the order is accepted. Applications are accepted from 10 am to 23:25 PM. You can pay online, by Bank card, or in cash to the courier upon receipt.

  1. Address: 23 Teatralnaya str., Voronezh
  2. Contact phone number: +7 (473) 255-51-55
  3. Website: varibasi.ru


10 best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh

The third position goes to the CLAN FOOD restaurant, which offers pan-Asian and European cuisine. Sushi and rolls are prepared according to a unique recipe, pizza is baked in a special oven, and the ingredients are carefully selected and checked. The menu is constantly being improved, new dishes and tastes are being added.

The restaurant does not promise delivery within 40 minutes, focusing on the fact that some dishes are prepared in 30-40 minutes, and customers receive only freshly prepared portions. Therefore, delivery is carried out within 60-90 minutes from the moment of submitting the application. Payment is made in cash and by credit card. When ordering for the amount of 600 rubles or more, delivery in the city center is free of charge. Travel to remote areas of the city and suburbs is paid separately from 200 to 500 rubles. if the purchase amount is not less than 1500 -1700 rubles.

  1. Address: 24 Elektrosignalnaya street, Voronezh
  2. Phone: +7 (951) 553-24-24
  3. Website: clanfood.ru


10 best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh

One of the most popular sushi restaurants in Voronezh takes the fourth place in our rating. The company operates around the clock and delivers sushi, sashimi, rolls within one hour. You can save 10% of the order price when you pick it up. When ordering delivery online, users can take advantage of special promotional offers. In 2021, Tanuki signed a contract with a charity company, so part of the client’s payment goes to help children.

The restaurant’s assortment includes both traditional sushi and rolls, as well as other Japanese dishes. Delivery is carried out to the nearest areas of the city center within 60 minutes. To the suburbs — from 1 to 1.5 hours. Products are Packed hermetically and efficiently and, as customers note, quite accurately. You can pay in cash or by Bank card on the site.

  1. Address: Voronezh, Friedrich Engels str., 7
  2. Phone: +7 (473) 239-58-88
  3. Website: voronezh.tanuki.ru


10 best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh

Pizzarelli is one of the fastest services of delivery of sushi and rolls, working in Voronezh, round the clock. The company provides a catalog of ready meals, and it is also possible to create a set individually, according to your taste. The menu also includes pizza, WOK noodles, rice burgers, juices and drinks. We gave Pizzarelli fifth position in our ranking of the best delivery sushi and rolls in Voronezh.

Cooking takes 15-20 minutes. Applications are accepted from 11 am to 23 PM. Delivery in the city is carried out within 40 minutes, outside the city-from 60 minutes. When ordering from 500 rubles – sushi and rolls are brought for free.

  1. Address: Voronezh, Generala lizyukova 2
  2. Phone number: +7 (910) 732-00-08; +7 (473) 232-00-08
  3. Website: pizza-rollia.ru

The dryer

The dryer, which has been operating in Voronezh since 2013, is ranked sixth in our popular rating. The main feature of the service is high-quality dishes at an affordable price. Delivery in the city is free of charge and around the clock.

The basis of the menu is represented by traditional California and Philadelphia sets, as well as their variations, there are also items in the assortment such as sushi Burger, tempura with unique fillings, nuggets, Shawarma with nori and much more. Still, sets are the most popular among users, although there are not so many of them in the assortment.

You can arrange delivery of sushi and rolls by phone or via the online form. The company offers a time-specific delivery service. Customers note that the service works smoothly, orders are delivered on time, and small delays are reported in advance.

  1. Address: Voronezh, Plekhanovskaya str., 13
  2. Phone number: (473) 295 95 95; 8 900 301 23 40
  3. Website: sushilka95.ru


10 best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh

An institution of Russian, pan — Asian, Japanese and European cuisine-the fast food restaurant Lokma falls on the seventh step of the rating. Here you can order sushi, Japanese noodles, and sashimi prepared according to classic recipes. Lokma also offers soups, salads, wok, drinks and milkshakes on the menu.

The delivery service accepts applications every day from 10 am to 21.30 PM. You can also pick up sushi and rolls from the pick-up point. On average, delivery takes at least an hour, but in reviews there are complaints that delivery is often delayed, and the taste of dishes does not always correspond to the stated one.

  1. Address: 35 Koltsovskaya Street, Voronezh.
  2. Phone number: +7(930)401-80-02; +7(950)773-23-23
  3. Website: lokma36.ru

Pomodoro Royal

10 best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh

Pomodoro Royal pizzeria, which started its activity in 2014 and now has a network of more than 80 pizzerias, offers Italian, pan-Asian and Japanese cuisine. We gave the network the eighth position in our rating. The assortment of the menu includes sushi, rolls, gunkans, sets, pizza, all kinds of snacks-sandwiches, quesadillas, calzones. Soups, noodles, rice, drinks, cocktails and desserts are also available. The establishment provides favorable discounts, promotions are constantly held here. For example, a discount on certain items and a gift when ordering for a specific amount.

You can order sushi at home via the website or mobile app. By the way, when registering through the app, Pomodoro Royal offers a 20% discount on the first order. Delivery is free of charge if the amount starts from 600 rubles. The delivery service is open from 11 to 23 hours, respectively, applications are accepted until 22 hours. On average, a courier delivers an order in 60 minutes. Customers are happy with the service, but they say that it is better to eat pizza here.

  1. Address: Voronezh, Olimpiyskiy residential area 5
  2. Phone: 8 (800) 500-78-09
  3. Website: voronezh.pizzapomodoro.ru

Sushi 36

10 best sushi and roll deliveries in Voronezh

Sushi 36 company has been operating since 2011 and delivers sushi and rolls to your home for free in all areas of the city and suburbs. The restaurant’s menu traditionally features classic sushi, rolls and sets, sauces and salads, and drinks. Customers of Sushi 36 are satisfied with the taste of the products and the price-quality ratio.

To order sushi or rolls, you need to call by phone or make a request online. The order is processed within 5 minutes, after which it is put to work and prepared on the spot. Sushi and rolls are served free of charge with sauce, chopsticks, ginger, and wasabi. Delivery time depends on traffic and cooks and takes at least 90 minutes. The minimum amount for free delivery is 999 rubles.

  1. Address: 56 Ostuzheva St., METRO shopping center
  2. Phone: +7 (473) 232-00-82
  3. Website: sushi36.ru


In the last place of our rating is the service of a young developing restaurant WOK & ROLL. The company focuses on high quality ingredients and reliable suppliers. Delivery is mostly free, but there are exceptions. The minimum amount for making a delivery is 999 rubles.

The WOK&ROLL assortment traditionally includes sushi, rolls, soups, noodles, soups and salads, snacks and Lenten menus, drinks. Orders are accepted from 9 am to 8.30 PM. The time is approximately 60 minutes. You can also make a pre-order on the site to get an order for a specific time.

  1. Address: Voronezh, Sredne-Moskovskaya str., 32B
  2. Phone: +79192302036
  3. Website: wokandroll36.ru

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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