10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

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When a long-awaited vacation appears in the plans, dreams of warm sun, white sand and gentle sea are interrupted by the need to collect documents and develop a route. The result of this activity should be a hotel where you will live, round-trip tickets, medical insurance that takes into account the type of activity of the vacationer and the associated risks. Of course, you can deal with the documents yourself, or entrust the work to a reliable travel Agency. Specialists regularly go on promotional tours, professionally talk about destinations, hotels, and excursions. A good travel Agency knows such subtleties that are difficult to find on its own.

Applying to the company does not mean that you will have to go as part of a tourist group, although there are also such options. Our specialists will also help you build a program for individual travelers. We have collected the 10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk that work on mass and rare destinations. The days when companies inflated prices for travel packages have long passed. The mass of the supply exceeds the demand, so the battle is for each client.

Top 10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

10 MegaTravel

10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

MegaTravel, unlike its competitors in Novosibirsk, focused on children’s tours and trips of parents with a child. It has collected the best deals for the school holidays, offering individual and group itineraries. Children will be taken to popular corners of Russia: Moscow, the Crimea, Kazan, lake Baikal, the Altai or the Urals. However, there are long tours to Eastern and Western countries with visits to amusement parks. Classic educational routes for school groups are available.

The Gorny Altai region is being actively developed. There are family tours to the coast of Katun, to lake Aya. The routes offer privacy, entertainment by the pool, relaxation in comfortable rooms. The travel Agency regularly arranges happy weeks, during which it reduces prices. The site describes in detail the specifics of the place for recreation, details are indicated: new or old repairs, playgrounds, Spa centers on the territory, etc.

9 going All over the world

10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

Food around the world specializes in tours from Novosibirsk and nearby cities to all popular countries. The travel Agency organizes beach and sightseeing holidays, offers a good selection of burning vouchers, and offers regular early booking promotions. The sanatorium area in Altai and Belokurikha is actively developing. Individual tourists will calculate the cost of registration of documents, advise excursions. The feature of a travel Agency is to search for fellow travelers on a site that is very popular.

The organization is actively developing sea tours, 14 modern liners are already available, and Russian-speaking groups are accompanied by an interpreter. There are routes with stops in cities, on the most famous beaches. Travelers will visit Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. At the rate of early booking, you can save up to 50%, or arrange a tour in installments. If necessary, specialists will fill out visa and insurance application forms.

8 Coral Travel

10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

Coral Travel is a well-known travel Agency throughout the country, which did not bypass Novosibirsk. It occupies a leading position in terms of quality and reliability, and cooperates with dozens of travel agencies. The organization has partners in most popular countries: Egypt, Spain, Vietnam, and Thailand. New directions are constantly emerging. The travel Agency organizes individual and group tours based on its own scheduled flights. Sports, incentive, and business tourism are popular.

The travel Agency provides air transportation from all major airports in the country, and many European countries are connected. Our employees monitor the journey at every stage and respond promptly to customer questions. Coral Travel operates in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard and encourages its use by other travel agencies. Among its partners are more than 5 thousand hotels, 22 thousand organizations (including charities) around the world.

7 Velvet vacation

10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

Velvet vacation attracts customers with the best promotions and discounts. The online system regularly checks new last-minute travel packages to popular destinations, collects offers in one convenient list. The company has developed a set of discounts for regular travelers and fast early booking. Employees regularly take part in seminars and exhibitions, fly on promotional tours. The reliability of the travel Agency is confirmed by registration in the register of travel agencies.

Velvety vacation has developed an interactive search for tours departing from Novosibirsk. Just fill in several categories (days on the trip, destination, etc.) to get the best options. Alternatively, you can transfer the search to employees by describing the route, the level of the hotel, the name of the desired destination, and the number of vacationers. The service price includes flights, insurance, accommodation, and often includes meals (at least Breakfast).

6 Anex Tour

10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

Anex Tour works directly with tour operators in 30 countries, offering both beach, active and health tourism. Offices are located in dozens of cities across Russia, and direct flights are available. The travel Agency is a member of the Russian Union of travel industry and many associations in this field. The company has its own airline AZUR air, which is in the TOP 10 leading carriers in the country. The organization regularly receives awards for Charter flights and medals for high quality of service.

The main specialization is beach and sanatorium holidays abroad, but domestic destinations are actively developing. Since 2017, the far East has been popular, and since 2018, Altai and Moscow have been promoted. Anex Tour has the best deals for VIP tourists with an expanded list of services. For example, privileged service, extended insurance, special treatment during take-off and landing. Visa processing is available for everyone.

5 Mass Travels

10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

Mass Travels works with trusted operators to offer the best tours on the most popular routes. With good discounts, you can go to Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Greece. Although experts will plan any trip around Russia and beyond. A travel Agency is registered in the General register, which means that it has documented cooperation with tour operators. The site regularly publishes new routes for the whole family and solo travelers.

Specialists take control of organizational issues before and during the tour. The Agency offers trips in installments or on credit. The office is located in the center of Novosibirsk, it is convenient to get to. When a person is traveling, they have access to a 24-hour support phone number. Moreover, calls are not limited to emergency situations, experts can suggest popular excursions, the best attractions, etc.

4 <url> Alliance

10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

Alliance TOURS.<url> appeared on the market in 2013, but has already managed to collect both the most popular and very rare destinations. It is registered in the register and operates officially. The site contains a lot of information about available hotels, tours, and countries. The search engine selects the best offers from leading operators of the Russian Federation. Our specialists help you create direct routes without intermediaries. Consultants work around the clock, on weekends and on holidays. If necessary, a specialist will come to your home.

Alliance TOURS.<url> offers options for any budget from the most trusted operators: Coral Travel, Anex Tour, Tez Tour. We have established relations with our Moscow partners. The number of places to stay is amazing: from very budget hostels to luxury 5 stars. During certain periods, prices are reduced even for expensive routes, especially when a new tour operator appears in the database. In addition, you can purchase a Singapore-made suitcase.

3 Cassiopeia

10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

Cassiopeia is a leading travel Agency in Novosibirsk that has established relationships with hotels, sanatoriums, hotels, and tourist routes throughout Russia. It is a member of the Union of travel Industry, and new destinations regularly appear. The company has long-term contracts with 400 companies, most of which are located in Altai. Although the choice of tours to Moscow, St. Petersburg and the near abroad is very large. The travel Agency received a diploma in the category “Best travel agencies”, has gold medals for its contribution to the development of the region.

Cassiopeia regularly participates in exhibitions and fairs, goes to business meetings. It actively promotes regional tourism and sanatorium services, publishes in thematic magazines, and supports new recreation centers and sanatoriums. Specialists cooperate directly with many directions, and the absence of intermediaries allows you to reduce prices. Hotels with good discounts appear regularly. Shopping, fur coat and wedding tours are also available.

2 Globus tour

10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

Globus-tour established itself in Novosibirsk in 1996, becoming the oldest travel Agency on the market. The company is registered in domestic registers, has patents and a trademark. Despite its advanced age, the company pays attention to modern technologies. The site offers a convenient online search and booking of tours. You can choose from group and individual trips with excursions, beaches, shopping. Consultants answer questions at any time of the day. There is an excellent selection of burning vouchers.

The travel Agency is interested in new customers, so it regularly conducts promotions and sales. Prices are also reduced for hotels and excursions. Customers receive gifts and certificates. In order not to miss the most profitable tour, you can subscribe to the newsletter. During the journey, clients are supported by consultants and emergency phone numbers are available. Specialists are annually certified and have certificates of advanced training.

1 1001 ROUNDS

10 best travel agencies in Novosibirsk

Having opened its doors in 2002, 1001 TOUR has developed into a large network in Novosibirsk. Experts have collected the most complete package of services that meets all types of travelers. Whether it’s the beaches of Thailand, a cruise on the Mediterranean sea, a corporate event in a sanatorium in Siberia, a shopping tour in Europe, a birthday gift to a birthday boy in the form of a domestic resort-the travel Agency has a suitable option. For those who can’t handle package tours, our specialists can help you with insurance, visa, and tickets. Services can be paid for in installments.

The travel Agency does not abandon travelers, and promptly answers questions. Even before the trip, the staff offers the most interesting excursions and attractions, taking into account the peculiarities of the country and customers. After the initial request, the operator collects several suitable offers, tells you about routes, and provides you with useful information. Separate tours with small children are provided. Their needs and the comfort of their parents are taken into account.

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