10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Almost everyone can shoot short videos today, and any smartphone can do it. But if you want to shoot full-fledged scenes during important events or trips, then it’s better to choose a full-fledged video camera. It opens up much more possibilities, and you won’t have any problems with the internal memory on your phone or camera. You can choose from almost any model – from compact and budget to professional. Major global manufacturers offer a number of interesting models, each of which is aimed at a specific category of customers.

10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

Best and proven video camera manufacturers

Modern digital video cameras are characterized by their compact size, roomy internal memory and the ability to record FullHD or even 4K. In addition, a number of additional features are offered to improve the quality and simplify the process itself. There are various models on the market that are designed for various shooting conditions. A significant share belongs to large and well-known brands.


The Japanese company traditionally occupies a leading position in the segment of production of photo and video equipment. Panasonic has extensive manufacturing experience, a strong research base and manufacturing facilities. It offers compact high-definition cameras for the mass consumer, as well as a range of models with advanced functionality for professionals. They support modern technologies, including 3D and UltraHD resolution.

One of the main market leaders is the Japanese company Sony, which offers a wide range of electronics of the highest quality. This is a well-known and respected brand worldwide, associated with reliability, durability and convenience. Various Sony video cameras have repeatedly been recognized as the best, ahead of many competitors in terms of price, build quality and functionality. Today, its products are represented in almost all segments – from household to professional cameras.


The Japanese company Canon is traditionally associated with digital and SLR cameras. But its strong research base and rich experience allow it to produce its own video cameras, which are very popular around the world. A distinctive feature is the use of proprietary optics. All models support modern standards and shooting modes.

Rating of the best video cameras

Category place product name price
Best low-cost video cameras up to 20 thousand rubles 1 Panasonic NV-GS330
2 Sony HDR-CX110E
3 Canon LEGRIA HF R706 18 816 ₽
Best mid-segment video cameras 25-50 thousand rubles 1 Panasonic HC-V760 21 200 ₽
2 Sony HDR-AS300 20 990 ₽
3 Canon LEGRIA HF G25
Best professional video cameras from 50 thousand rubles 1 Canon EOS C300 806 490 ₽
2 Sony FDR-AX100E 83 380 ₽
3 Canon XA10
4 JVC GY-HM70 75 990 ₽

Best Amateur video cameras up to 20 thousand rubles

Panasonic NV-GS330

10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

The Panasonic NV-GS330 video camera allows you to record video on a miniDV cassette. The model is a universal camcorder with three CCD sensors. One of the notable advantages is the Leica Dicomar lens, which provides high-quality shooting in various weather conditions. Thanks to the presence of stereo microphones with amplification function, good sound is provided on all videos.

You can monitor the shooting process, view the footage, and change various settings using the 2.7-inch LCD display. The ergonomic shape makes it comfortable and easy to hold the camera in your hand.


high-quality shooting, both outdoors and indoors;

effective stabilization system.

clear and clear sound on all videos;


  • the need to convert videos from MiniDV cassettes.

Sony HDR-CX110E

10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

The Sony HDR-CX110E digital video camera supports FullHD resolution, so you get clear videos with a high level of detail. High-quality color reproduction is provided by the proprietary Carl Zeiss lens, it supports an optical 25x zoom for shooting from a long distance.

The active optical SteadyShot stabilization system allows you to increase sharpness and get rid of fine image jitter, so with this camera you can get good video when shooting without a tripod. The model supports memory cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB, which can hold up to 13 hours of FullHD video.


compact size and light weight;

automatic adjustment to current shooting conditions;

high quality video in low light conditions;


  • lack of a wide-angle lens;
  • short battery life;

Canon LEGRIA HF R706

10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

The Canon LEFRIA HF R706 video camera features a stylish and thoughtful design that supports a wide range of modern technologies. It is perfect for home use and creating Amateur videos. One of the main advantages is an affordable price and a rich set of functionality.

The 2.07 MP CMOS sensor creates a high-quality and clear image, and progressive scanning eliminates interference in FullHD format. The camera supports various shooting modes, so you can change the main parameters automatically. A 2-channel Dolby Digital stereo microphone provides clear sound.


comfortable shape and attractive appearance;

the system of automatic stabilization and cleaning izobrazhenijj


  • insufficient light sensitivity for shooting in the dark.

Rating of the best video cameras in the middle price segment 25-50 thousand rubles

Panasonic HC-V760

10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

The Panasonic HC-VC760 12.76 MP video camera is designed for those who like to frequently shoot videos for family archives, presentations or documentaries. It supports FullHD format, so the picture is clear and detailed. The wide angle of the lens allows you to use 20x zoom, while the lenses are controlled separately to get the sharpest possible image.

High performance and speed of operation is provided by the Crystal Engine processor, which also removes noise and artifacts. The video camera supports shooting at up to 120 fps, so you can get slow motion without jerks.


high quality, superior to many competitors in this segment;

Large and high-power lens;

Excellent built-in microphone with manual settings;

clear video shooting, thanks to the stabilization system and automatic focus;


  • Very mediocre photos;
  • No IR mode available;
  • Expensive batteries;
  • the battery is not enough for long shooting.

Sony HDR-AS300

10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

The Sony HDR-AS300 compact video camera is designed for those who like to travel and lead an active lifestyle, shooting various subjects for their personal archive. It is equipped with an ExmorR sensor with a resolution of 8.3 MP, a Zeiss Tessar wide-angle lens.

The model is small in size, so it can be mounted on monopods or helmets. This ensures high-quality and detailed video when shooting dynamically. Its own stabilization system smooths out small tremors when shooting manually. The built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to quickly transfer files to your computer or tablet.


stylish appearance and compact dimensions;

high-quality shooting;

good stereo sound;

efficient optical stabilizer;

high build quality;


small battery capacity;

there is no wind shield for the microphone;

the optical lens is not properly protected and the cover is missing.


10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

The Canon LEGRIA HF G25 video camera will appeal to those who like to shoot video frequently and want to get more features compared to budget models. It offers a wide range of options for manual adjustment of shooting parameters, so you can achieve high-quality images in almost any environment.

A beginner will not be difficult to understand, thanks to the abundance of special modes. The bright LCD display shows basic information, you can adjust the exposure, shutter speed, and aperture, so creative people will have ample opportunities for experimentation. The HD CMOS PRO sensor is highly sensitive, so you can shoot in a dark room.


high-quality wide-angle optics;

good color reproduction and light sensitivity;


  • there are complaints about the operation of the touch screen;
  • you can’t set a constant bitrate.

Rating of the best professional video cameras (from 50 thousand rubles)

Canon EOS C300

10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

The Canon EOS C300 video camera is designed for professionals who place high demands on the video recording process. It is represented by a well-known brand that has used all the accumulated experience and modern technologies to create this model.

The SUPER CMOS sensor with a resolution of 8.3 MP creates a detailed and clear FullHD image with minimal interference. Video is recorded on the CF card, with a bitrate of 50 Mbit / s. Thanks to the ISO 20000 light sensitivity, you can shoot in low light conditions.


high-quality and clear FullHD video with high bitrate;

wireless remote control from a tablet or smartphone.

extensive customization options;

widescreen video mode;


  • Astronomical price tag;

Sony FDR-AX100E

10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

The Sony FDR-AX100E video camera supports all current state-of-the-art video recording technologies. It allows you to make videos in 4K resolution. High detail is provided by the ExmorR CMOS sensor with a resolution of 14.2 MP, so the image is suitable for further processing.

The stabilization system will help you get a clear picture without shaking, both for beginners and those who just have to shoot without a tripod or other devices. The native mobile app allows you to control the camera over Wi-Fi, so you can control the focal length, start and stop shooting from your smartphone or tablet.


high sensor sensitivity and 4K resolution;

built-in neutral density filter;

the matrix is 14 MPC and 1 inch in size;

automatic stabilization and focusing;

availability of automatic wind protection mode;

a huge number of manual settings;

wide diopter adjustment on the viewfinder;

high-quality Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens;


  • the high price;
  • autofocus doesn’t always work correctly with a 4K image.

Canon XA10

10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

The Canon XA10 video camera belongs to the segment of professional devices that are characterized by high functionality and convenience. The model is equipped with a wide-angle HD lens, so you get detailed videos with a compact size of the camera itself.

The special HD CMOS Pro sensor allows you to shoot high-definition FullHD video without noise and interference. It provides a wide dynamic range during shooting. Built-in flash memory of 64 GB allows you to accommodate a large amount of video, and if necessary, you can install a memory card.


extensive options for manual shooting settings;

high-quality picture, thanks to a sensitive sensor, stabilization system and focus;

the compact size of the camera;

very capacious regular battery;

no noise even in low light conditions;

a very wide angle image capture;

image quality can compete with cameras from a high price budget (starting from 150,000 rubles).);


missing 50p for FullHD;

not a very convenient peephole;

awkward aperture control.


10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

The JVC Gy-HM70 video camera is a professional model capable of shooting FullHD 1080/60p video. It is suitable for those who make high demands on the shooting process. The GT 29.5 mm wide-angle lens provides high image detail and dynamic 16x zoom. Recording is performed in progressive AVCHD format, with a bitrate of 28 MP / sec.

The camera can shoot continuously for several hours thanks to two rechargeable batteries, and you can change them alternately right during operation. The developers have provided Zebra indicators, a function to facilitate focusing, and a number of other features.


high sensitivity of the matrix;

2 memory card slots with a total capacity of 128 GB;

Ability to change the battery and memory cards without interrupting recording;

high-quality noise-proof stereo microphone;


  • inconvenient adjustment of the aperture and basic image parameters.

How do I choose the best video camera?

10 best video cameras based on expert reviews

A high-quality video camera will never be superfluous. It will come in handy on a trip or during an important event. You can use it to shoot short stories for your home archive or make documentaries. You can choose from many different models that differ in characteristics, appearance and size. Among the variety, you can choose those models that are best suited for current tasks.

When comparing cameras from different manufacturers, you should pay attention to the main characteristics:

matrix resolution and light sensitivity;

stabilization system and autofocus;

availability of a touch screen;

supported memory size;

If you need a high-quality and inexpensive camera without special requirements, then the Canon LEGRIA HF R706 is a great option. Although many consumers prefer the Panasonic NV-GS330 and Sony HDR-CX110E models, primarily out of respect for the brands themselves.

For those who shoot frequently and want to get more opportunities to realize their creative potential, you should pay attention to the Canon LEGRIA HF G25 model. It features high-quality wide-angle optics and a large set of parameters for manual adjustment. If you plan to shoot mainly while traveling, then it is better to consider the Sony HDR AS300 model. It is characterized by its compact size and good dynamic shooting quality.

Professionals make high demands on the equipment. In this case, you can pay attention to the brand Sony FDR-AX100E, which supports shooting in 4K resolution. High functionality at a relatively low cost can be obtained by purchasing the JVC GY HM-70 model. It perfectly copes with its tasks.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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