11 best fuel filter manufacturers

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The fuel filter is an important element of the fuel system that protects the injectors (in the case of injection gasoline and diesel engines) from clogging and the engine as a whole from sudden failure.

The actual question in choosing fuel filters is the following: which companies ‘ products meet the highest quality requirements, and how many manufacturers should be trusted in General. What: based on consumer feedback and expert opinion, we have compiled a rating of 11 of the best fuel filter manufacturers that maintain the brand quality of their products at a consistently high level for a long time.

How to choose a fuel filter

Choosing a fuel filter for a car is not very difficult, especially for experienced car owners. In order not to run into a low-quality or unsuitable product, just pay attention to the following characteristics::

The filter level.Fuel filters are distinguished by 3 filtration levels:

  1. medium-capable of detaining 50% of the total number of particles of a certain size. They make sense to install only if the car is refueling with high-octane fuel (95 and higher).
  2. nominal – the level of particle screening in such filters is close to the maximum. They delay up to 95% of inclusions from the total mass, so they are versatile and can be installed on cars of various ages.
  3. absolute filters are the most “clean” filters, the service life of which strongly depends on the quality of fuel. They capture 99.97% of impurity particles, keep the fuel system in perfect order, and in General are performed more efficiently than the previous versions.

Filter paper quality. Yes, it is quite difficult to evaluate this criterion in practice, since it is difficult to give a conclusion about quality without special knowledge or the possibility of direct comparison. However, it can be very important to assess the quality of tracing paper to the touch: the soft structure and the presence of peeling are sure signs of a fake or low – quality product. Needless to say that the penetration of the villi into the engine fraught with serious consequences. They will not appear immediately, because clogging the system is a long process. However, when buying a low-quality product, be prepared for the failure of the unit at the most crucial moment.

Winding density. This is a very important parameter that shows how well the filter will cope with the declared working functions. The paper density can be estimated by touch or visually: the filter layer should be sufficiently dense (not translucent), without any breakouts or discontinuities over the entire area. In the event that there are any defects in the consumable, there can be no question of any satisfactory filtration quality.

Overall dimensions. Perhaps the determining factor in the operation of the fuel filter is the adjustment of the dimensions of the cartridges to fit the seat in the glass. Even a millimeter deviation from the correct position in the long run can cause major problems with the engine.

11 best fuel filter manufacturers

Category place manufacturer rating
11 best fuel filter manufacturers 1 MANN-Filter 5.0
2 Bosch 4.9
3 Purflux 4.8
4 Knecht 4.7
5 Fleetguard 4.6
6 Filtron 4.5
7 Hengst 4.4
8 Champion 4.3
9 Sakura 4.2
10 UFI 4.1
11 SCT-Germany 4.0


11 best fuel filter manufacturers

Unquestionably, the first place goes to MANN-Filter, the most popular manufacturer of filter elements for passenger cars, SUVs and trucks. More than 40% of MANN fuel filters are shipped to the Assembly lines of German automakers. Another 20% goes to enterprises in Japan and the United States. The remaining 40% is a product for the secondary market, the variety of which simply exceeds all imaginable limits.

If you do not count a certain percentage of fakes, without which, alas, the domestic market does not exist, then the quality of fuel filters from MANN can be called excellent. The characteristics of fine particle screening here are in accordance with the indications on the package: from 75 to 99.98% of the total amount of impurities in gasoline and diesel. Even the mediocre quality of domestic fuel does not affect the performance of filters in the long term. The cost level is also slightly higher than average, but in terms of durability, the purchase will be very profitable. If you focus on budget options for the range, then the minimum price tag for a VAZ filter will be from 280 to 320 rubles. Not bad, huh?


11 best fuel filter manufacturers

The German Corporation Bosch is a major player in the auto parts market, so the news of its release of fuel filters should not be perceived as something specific. On the contrary, the Germans manage to keep the quality at a consistently high level, while remaining in the rank of manufacturers in the middle price segment. However, recently there have been more frequent cases of producing MANN filters in “boshevskih” boxes, which may indirectly mean re-qualification of the brand in the next packer.

In the range of Bosch fuel filters, you can find consumables for cars of any brand, including the Russian VAZ and Japanese Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Lexus. However, there is one caveat here: always look carefully at the country of manufacture, since the Corporation’s branches and enterprises are located all over the world. The preferred choice will be those filters that are produced in Europe – they have more requirements, and the quality control at the output is much stricter. Try to avoid consumables made in China and other countries outside the European circle, because their quality is consistently low.


11 best fuel filter manufacturers

The third line of the rating with a large margin from competitors goes to Pruflux, which creates fairly cheap filters with high nominal filtration quality and a large margin of working life. As practice shows, one fuel filter from this company is enough for more than 25 thousand kilometers of mileage – a very good result in comparison with competitors.

The design principles underlying pruflux fuel filters are also noteworthy. The filter cartridge in them always occupies the entire space of the metal cylinder with valves, and therefore has a large useful filtration area. The paper used in manufacturing is also characterized by high density and filters out about 90-95% of inclusions. According to official statistics, the average price level for the range is 260-290 rubles, and Pruflux is practically comparable to Bosch in this indicator. Unfortunately, the Russian market has recently been experiencing a shortage of fuel filters from this manufacturer, so we cannot assign it a higher place.


11 best fuel filter manufacturers

One step away from the top three was Knecht, an expensive packer working in conjunction with the German manufacturer Mahle. The average price tag for fuel filters of this brand is 500 rubles, which significantly exceeds the average check for the range of higher-level competitors: Pruflux, Bosch, and even MANN.

Despite the high cost, the quality of Knecht/Mahle filters is very high. The quality of filtration allows replacement every 20-25 thousand kilometers, and reliable operation of valves and high paper density do not provoke a load on the system. The main part of the range is designed for Japanese and German cars: mainly for such brands as Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Toyota. It is not uncommon for filters to appear on sale for KIA and Hyundai, as well as for VAZ, and even for older models. According to the results of reviews, there is only one drawback here: very high prices, which scare off most domestic buyers.


11 best fuel filter manufacturers

Cummins Filtration is a brand that produces filter elements for passenger cars, SUVs, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The main method of work of the manufacturer is to Refine existing solutions, as well as integrate them with their own developments. The most famous product in the Fleetguard segment is StrataPore, a synthetic multi-layer filter that provides multi-stage fuel cleaning and high absorption capacity.

The main purpose of the Fleetguard division is to create fuel filters for diesel engines, which are being developed in parallel with the main headquarters of Cummins Inc. Thus, the whole production shop turns out to be a test site for the brand. Thanks to such a successful collaboration, none of these competitors can compare with Fleetguard in terms of operational quality. However, within the framework of our rating, a brand can only count on the 5th place, and the reason for this is simple: while fuel diesel filters number more than 5000 items, there are no gasoline filters in the assortment at all.


11 best fuel filter manufacturers

One of the most numerous representatives on the territory of Russia, which can only compete with the big “two” of our rating: Bosch and MANN-Filter. The company’s main office is located in Poland, which is the main reason for the brand’s popularity both in Europe and in the former Soviet Union. Approximately 35% of the total number of manufactured products goes to the Assembly lines of American (General Motors, Ford), German (Volkswagen) and British (Land Rover) automakers.

It is worth noting that Filtron until recently enjoyed the privilege of one of the most stringent filter manufacturers, as the level of quality control at the output led to a reduction in defective products to a record 2.3%. The additional cost of providing control paid off with interest and resulted in a slight increase in the cost of the product. As a result, the average price tag for Filtron fuel filters is 300 rubles. The only problem: a large flow of fakes due to the popularity of the company, the cost of which is sometimes 50% less than the original. Since the domestic consumer is used to taking goods “cheaper”, the level of indignation has recently increased significantly.


11 best fuel filter manufacturers

The seventh place of Hengst is due to the lower popularity of products in Russia, although the quality is not inferior to filters from Knecht or conditional MANN. They work perfectly with domestic fuel and provide reliable protection of the fuel system for long periods of time. According to independent research, some representatives of advanced filter series can withstand up to 60 thousand kilometers between replacements. The average indicator ranges from 28 to 30 thousand kilometers of mileage.

To give the cartridge additional rigidity and fixation in the housing, Hengst practices the manufacture of external plastic cylinders. They do not prevent fuel from passing through the filter paper, but they allow you to avoid backlash and distortion of the cartridge during operation. The average cost of buying a gasoline filter is 380 rubles, and this is about a quarter higher than the average price on the market.


11 best fuel filter manufacturers

The design simplicity of the Champion filters hides a well-honed manufacturing process that ensures excellent long-term cartridge service. They are among the cheapest, but at the same time, as reviews and independent checks have shown, they are among the highest quality on the domestic market. The filter paper is thick, without any excess paraffin and lint that pollutes the fuel system. The throughput capacity varies widely, up to the screening of particles of 5 microns, but even such tolerances are often not enough to ensure the required purity of gasoline for internal combustion engines (especially in Russia).

According to users, the average mileage of Champion fuel filters is 30 thousand kilometers. At the same time, premium models can remain operational for 60 thousand kilometers, while still maintaining a minimum reserve of working life. The main problem of the assortment in Russia is related to a large percentage of fakes of the French product, but the paradox is that they sometimes work at an acceptable competitive level.


11 best fuel filter manufacturers

The brand with Japanese overtones Sakura is the official trademark of ADR Group-an Indonesian Corporation for the production of low-cost car spare parts. The annual volume of products produced here is over 100 million filters, including fuel filtration cartridges (about 30%).

Among the advantages of Sakura consumables, users highlight the low price and good filtration rates. The quality, of course, is lower than European competitors, but it fully meets the level of expectations from budget filters. But among the shortcomings, many note a high level of falsification (according to various sources, from 28 to 44% of products on the Russian markets are fake). To avoid a low-grade purchase, always pay attention to the packaging box. Original filters have a barcode with the company’s prefix on the box, as well as two – color high-definition printing (if there is no such thing, or it is worn out and pale, it is better to refuse to purchase). Another important difference is that the phrase of gratitude (given in Japanese) in the original is not translated into other languages.

11 best fuel filter manufacturers

The Italian company UFI, whose branches are concentrated in Europe and a number of States of America, continues the rating of the best. Among her achievements, cooperation with the Ferrari company stands out in a special way, and fuel filters are supplied not only for the Assembly of production cars, but also for the cars of the elite Formula 1 racing series. Naturally, the quality of these consumables cannot be doubted: multi-level control over production operations and the use of proven materials can increase the service life of the original elements of the filter cartridge.

But as for the export batches of fuel filters, here UFI can make a couple of strong claims. First, on the pricing policy. Almost the entire product range has a price that is 1.3-1.5 times higher than the market average. Secondly, the quality indicators of export filters, albeit slightly, are still inferior to those of products for the domestic market. We can also mention certain problems with forgeries, but the company resolves this issue quickly, by introducing new security measures and identifying the originals. In General, the description of the manufacturer is quite pleasant, but the combination of negative factors does not allow us to put it higher in the overall rating.


11 best fuel filter manufacturers

The former greatness of SCT, which has its headquarters in Germany, has rapidly declined since the transfer of most of its production facilities to China. The initial plan to ensure strict quality control in Chinese territory failed, and the market was flooded with what is now commonly called fuel filters from SCT-Germany. Of the total mass of products, only 40% has the declared characteristics, while the remaining 60% are suitable only as a temporary consumable. Soft body metal, the presence of thinning on the filter paper (and even breakthroughs), distortions of the main structural elements – these are the main disadvantages of Chinese-made SCT products.

But with a few European filters, everything is much better. The level of rejection is at the level of 1.5-2%, the fit of the elements is perfect, and the paper itself has a solid cross-section, without refinement and rough marriage. So, if you decide to buy a fuel filter from SCT, be sure to specify the country of its manufacture.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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