12 best ENT clinics in Moscow

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Almost everyone faces ENT diseases during their lifetime. Diseases of the ear, throat, and nose are among the most common, especially in the autumn and winter period, so today there are many medical institutions that have otolaryngological departments or specialize exclusively in ENT pathologies. There are currently more than 190 ENT clinics operating in Moscow alone.

How to choose the best ENT clinic in Moscow

  1. Reputation. Before choosing a clinic, you should carefully read the reviews left by real people, independent specialists and experts. This will allow you to form your own opinion about a particular institution.
  2. Modern equipment. Diagnosis and treatment should be carried out on the latest equipment that meets all quality standards. Only in this case will the clinic be able to guarantee the correct diagnosis and a positive outcome of treatment.
  3. Staff and set of services.Qualified staff and a wide range of services, often unique, are an important criterion when choosing an ENT clinic. Before visiting an ENT clinic, you should familiarize yourself with the specialists and services provided on the official website of the institution.
  4. Narrow specialization. Narrow-profile ENT clinics have specific equipment and specialized medical techniques that are constantly being improved. An integrated approach and specialized specialists are a key factor in choosing an ENT clinic.

Rating of the best ENT clinics in Moscow

Category place ENT clinic rating
Rating of the best ENT clinics in Moscow 1 Research Institute of otolaryngology them. L. I. Sergeevskaja 5.0
2 ENT clinic No. 1 4.9
3 ENT-Asthma 4.8
4 ENT Center on Novosushchevskaya street 4.7
5 Scientific and clinical center of otorhinolaryngology (Moscow) 4.6
6 ENT clinic of Dr. Zaitsev 4.5
7 EuromedClinic 4.4
8 ENT clinic of Professor G. F. Ivanchenko 4.3
9 Proporcionar 4.2
10 MEDSI 4.1
11 SM-Doctor 4.0
12 Family Clinic 3.9

Research Institute of otolaryngology them. L. I. Sergeevskaja

Our rating opens with one of the most popular ENT clinics in Moscow — the L. I. Sverzhevsky research Institute of otorhinolaryngology. The research Institute belongs to specialized state institutions, so treatment in it can be carried out under the compulsory health insurance system for free, but there are also paid services.

The center is a unique complex with a high level of technical equipment that meets European standards. Here, patients suffering from ENT diseases can receive both outpatient and inpatient care.

The complex includes 5 floors, the consulting and diagnostic Department is located on the second floor, the hospital is 3-4m, the 5th floor is allocated for the operating unit. Each floor has its own buffet. The wards are equipped with everything you need – a shower with hot water and a TV. You can make an appointment either via the Internet or by calling the reception Desk. But it is carried out at least 2-4 weeks in advance. In addition, you can get to the Institute only after a full examination in the district polyclinic and receiving all the tests, as well as the referral of the attending physician.

  1. Address: 1 Khoroshevskoe shosse, Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone: +7 495 941-39-09
  3. Website: nikio.ru

ENT clinic No. 1

Specialized ENT clinic No. 1, which is a multi-profile ENT center in Moscow that provides paid round-the-clock care for adults and children, is on the second step in our rating.

The clinic is equipped with modern equipment that allows you to diagnose diseases of ENT organs directly on the spot. Also in ENT clinic No. 1 there is an opportunity to undergo physiotherapy procedures-magneto-and laser therapy, electro-and phonophoresis, ULTRASOUND therapy, photochromotherapy, etc. Among other services, it is possible to call a doctor at home, round-the-clock ENT reception, hearing replacement.

Services in the clinic are paid and paid according to the price list. The cost of one ENT appointment varies from 3,500 to 4,200 rubles. Currently, there is a network of 3 clinics in Moscow.

  1. Address: 3 Garibaldi street, Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone: 8 495 153-42-30 (around the clock)
  3. Website: lorklinika1.ru


12 best ENT clinics in Moscow

“ENT-Asthma” – a clinic that deals exclusively with diseases of the respiratory system, with an emphasis on non-surgical treatment, becomes the third place in our expert rating.

ENT-Asthma is essentially unique in its field, as it offers a treatment method based on the non-surgical method of A. S. Puryasev. Kinika offers to get rid of nasal polyps, sinusitis, bronchial asthma, rhinitis, otitis, pharyngitis and chronic rhinitis with the help of therapy performed by courses. After treatment, patients undergo a 3-month course of immune enhancement. Is the doctor Uryasev or doctors of higher category. Children under 5 years of age are accepted only in the presence of both parents, which is necessary for making a correct diagnosis. The admission price starts from 2000 rubles. For subsequent treatment, only procedures are paid for.

  1. Address: 15 elninskaya str., bldg. 3, Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone Number: +7 (499) 714-40-40, +7 (495) 225-81-15 – Multichannel
  3. Website: lor-astma.ru

ENT Center on Novosushchevskaya street

The ENT Center on Novosushchevskaya street, which was created to unite specialists in the field of treatment of ENT diseases in one place, occupies the fourth position in our rating.

The outpatient clinic in the ENT clinic is equipped with modern equipment for diagnostics and analysis. Treatment methods are minimally invasive, gentle and functional. Also here you can get advice from related specialists-a therapist, endocrinologist, psychologist. Also on the basis of the clinic’s partner JSC Meditsina, there is a hospital with comfortable wards, in the amount of 105 units, equipped with technological stuffing and decorated in an individual design. The price includes three meals a day with delivery directly to the ward. The clinic’s services include home visits by the center’s doctors, including a sign language specialist, and audiometry is also possible. For an initial appointment with an otolaryngologist, you will need to pay from 2,100 rubles. The price list is available on the official website.

  1. Address: 21 novosushchevskaya St., Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone: +7 495 540-55-56
  3. Website: entcentre.ru

Scientific and clinical center of otorhinolaryngology (Moscow)

12 best ENT clinics in Moscow

We have placed the scientific and clinical ENT center, which has been operating since 1935 and is a multidisciplinary institution, on the fifth step of the rating. The center, which consists of 13 departments with inpatient departments designed for 250 beds, annually performs from 8 thousand operations. Specialists provide all types of medical care in the field of otorhinolaryngology to both children and adults within the framework of the CHI program. The clinical center also provides paid services. An ENT consultation costs from 2,100 rubles.

The professional medical staff of the scientific and clinical ENT center includes more than 500 clinical and research employees, including 10 professors, 2 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 52 candidates of medical Sciences, 32 doctors of medical Sciences, and 6 Honored doctors of the Russian Federation.

  1. Address: Orekhovy b-R, 28, Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone: +7 499 725-44-40
  3. Website: otolar-centre.ru

ENT clinic of Dr. Zaitsev

12 best ENT clinics in Moscow

Dr. Zaitsev’s ENT clinic is on the sixth line of the rating. The head of the ENT center is V. M. Zaitsev, an otorhinolaryngologist, candidate of medical Sciences. The reception is conducted by qualified specialists who use both therapeutic and surgical methods of treatment.

In the course of treatment, patented author’s methods are used. The clinic also has a diagnostic center and laboratory. Consultation with a specialist is not limited only to the time of admission, patients can consult at any time. You can make an appointment by phone or via an online website. The admission fee is 2000 rubles. For subsequent visits, only procedures are paid for, and the doctor’s consultation is already free of charge.

  1. Address: 14 5th Monetchikovsky lane, Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone: +7 495 642-45-25
  3. Website: lor-moscow.ru


12 best ENT clinics in Moscow

The EuromedClinic multidisciplinary medical center ranks seventh in our rating of the best ENT clinics in Moscow. The clinic offers paid services for the admission of ENT patients by qualified and experienced doctors of the highest category. Among other services, you can visit a doctor at home, all types of diagnostics, as well as see related specialists-a therapist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, neurologist, dentist, and so on.

The clinic is open around the clock and is ready to take patients to the hospital. In “Euromedklinik” there are 2 equipped operating rooms, where more than 200 operations of any degree of complexity are performed. The cost of services is slightly lower than in other clinics. So, the ENT doctor’s appointment is 1500 rubles, and the ENT clinic also constantly conducts promotions and makes discounts on its service packages.

  1. Address: Lilac b-R, 32A, Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone: +7 495 135-07-66
  3. Website: evromedclinic24.com


The main activity of the ENT clinic of Professor G. F. Ivanchenko is phoniatry, which develops methods for the diagnosis and treatment of voice anomalies. In our rating, this institution is on the eighth line. The head of the ENT clinic is a phoniator, ENT specialist, surgeon, Professor of the highest category with 50 years of experience.

In the clinic, you can get both qualified phoniatric care and consultation with an otolaryngologist, pass tests and conduct diagnostics. The clinic conducts outpatient appointments and has a hospital. Some of the treatment methods used are unique, while others have received patent confirmation, such as the method of cold plasma microsurgery for benign laryngeal tumors.

  1. Address: 2 Dosflota Ave., building 1, Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone: +7 495 545-66-86


12 best ENT clinics in Moscow

Proflorcenter clinic, which provides services for the treatment of diseases of ENT organs, at a high European level, is determined in the portal’s rating for the ninth line. The institution operates on the basis of the Central clinical hospital of civil aviation (CCB GA).

Patients can get an ENT consultation, get a diagnosis, or undergo surgery. Surgeons with many years of experience operate, and doctors and candidates of medical Sciences work in the staff. Also, “Proporcionar” offers counselling patients online, without a visit, conduct teleconferences on the Internet. The cost of consulting the ENT – 2500 1500 R. and R. re.

  1. Address: 7 Ivankovskoe shosse, Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone: +7 495 989-52-71
  3. Website: lorcentr.ru


12 best ENT clinics in Moscow

The Medsi clinic network is one of the most modern institutions designed by the Austrian company VAMED. The ENT clinic is equipped with the latest generation of diagnostic equipment that allows detecting ENT diseases at the first stages of development. In our rating of “meds” is the tenth step.

The center is a multidisciplinary one, the ENT Department is represented by a consulting, diagnostic and operating Department. Due to the availability of a patent, doctors of the clinic can issue official sick leave. You can call a doctor at home. You can also buy insurance in Medsi, which is valid for 1 year. The cost of insurance – from 60 thousand rubles.

  1. Address: Moscow, Krasnaya Presnya street, 16
  2. Phone: +7 (495) 432-32-46 (around the clock)
  3. Website: medsi.ru


Sm-Doctor multidisciplinary clinic for children and adolescents has been operating since 2002 and is a large network operating in different cities of Russia. The clinic provides services for the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of ENT diseases, as well as other areas. The holding also has specialized centers that deal with specific areas of treatment, a surgery center with a therapeutic and surgical hospital. In addition, the SM-Doctor clinic provides emergency medical services for children and adolescents “Doctor 03”.

A friendly, bright atmosphere is created for children, with drawings on the walls, play areas, children’s furniture and even the opportunity to play with an animator. There is also a physiotherapy Department for children, which allows them to safely and effectively conduct treatment. An initial ENT appointment will cost 1800 rubles. A consultation with a candidate of medical Sciences will cost 2600 rubles.

  1. Address: 41 3rd Maryina Roschi Ave., Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone: +7 495 266-13-18
  3. Website: www.smdoctor.ru

Family Clinic

12 best ENT clinics in Moscow

The network of family medical centers KLINIKA Semeynaya closes our current rating. One of the main areas is Pediatrics, children’s doctors go home and conduct consultations in the clinic, as well as take tests at home. The network is multidisciplinary and provides appointments in the main medical areas, including otolaryngology.

To the clinic, patients can pass all the necessary tests, perform diagnostics, receive conservative treatment or undergo physiotherapy procedures. So, for the treatment of lung diseases in the clinic is equipped with a salt cave. You can make an appointment on the website, in any of the clinics.

  1. Address: St. Sergius of Radonezh, 5/2, building 1, Moscow, Russia
  2. Phone: +7 495 662-58-85

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