13 best cleaning vacuum cleaners based on customer reviews

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Wet cleaning is an important activity for restoring gloss to the premises and maintaining cleanliness. In view of the pace of modern life, not all Housewives have the opportunity to do a full-fledged floor cleaning with a rag, many do not succeed for health reasons. In such cases, technological devices come to the rescue – cleaning vacuum cleaners. Today they are presented in various modifications, forms, differ in the tactics of application and even the need for human participation.

Experts studied the market of cleaning vacuum cleaners, analyzed consumer reviews and made a rating of the 13 best devices that will help you make a really high-quality wet cleaning in any room.

Which cleaning vacuum cleaner company to choose

The buyer, once in the store, first of all pays attention not to the characteristics and exterior of the equipment, but to the manufacturer. As a rule, well-established and recognizable brands are preferred. Based on the research results, we have identified the most popular ones among the many presented on the market:

Thomas is a German brand with more than a century of history. The company was founded back in 1900. Production of vacuum cleaners and other equipment is carried out in Germany, products are imported to many countries around the world. The brand is distinguished by high recognition and a positive reputation.

ARNICA is a brand created in Turkey, it belongs to the SENUR production company. Small-sized home appliances are produced only in Turkish factories under the close attention of technologists.

Zelmer was founded in 1951 in Poland. Since 2013, it belongs to the BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH group of companies (Germany). The company’s production facilities are located in the brand’s home country of Poland.

MIE is a young Italian brand registered in 2012. Production of household appliances for cleaning, including vacuum cleaners, is carried out exclusively in the country at various factories (Eurometalnova, Blu Italia, Bieffe, Rotondi, Euroflex, Due Effe, Soteco).

Krausen-the brand appeared in Italy in 1998. The enterprises produce household appliances for cleaning the premises and export them to European countries.

Philips is a Dutch brand known worldwide since 1891. The company’s production facilities are located in different countries from the UK to Singapore, and vacuum cleaners are assembled in China and Poland.

Tefal is a French brainchild. At first, the company was engaged only in the production of tableware, eventually expanding the range of household appliances. Assembly is carried out in partner countries, including Russia.

iRobot is an American brand of robot vacuum cleaners. Production of the devices is carried out in China under the strict control of the creators.

Clever & Clean is a brand that belongs to Russia, but production is carried out at Korean and Chinese factories. The brand is not as widely known as the sharks of the market, but it has prospects for development thanks to budget products.

GUTREND is a little-known domestic brand created by St. Petersburg creatives. A vivid example of successful import substitution. GUTREND is a robot vacuum cleaner with an interesting design.

Vax is a British brand of the first wet vacuum cleaners. Today it belongs to the Chinese company Techtronic Industries Company Limited (TTI Group), all products are also produced in China.

KARCHER is a German brand that needs no introduction. Delivers powerful and functional cleaning equipment to the international market. The Assembly of the vacuum cleaner is only possible in Germany.

category place product name price
Best cleaning vacuum cleaners with Aquafilter 1 Thomas TWIN XT 18024 RUBLES.
2 ARNICA Hydra Rain Plus 14185 RUBLES.
3 Zelmer ZVC762ST 13400 RUBLES.
Best vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter and separator 1 MIE Ecologico Maxi 41950 RUBLES.
2 Krausen Eco Plus 43990 RUBLES.
Best vertical cleaning vacuum cleaners 1 Philips FC6400 Power Pro Aqua 16990 RUBLES.
2 Tefal VP7545RH 17990 RUBLES.
Best cleaning robot vacuum cleaners 1 iRobot Scooba 450 35900 RUBLES.
2 Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01 17990 RUBLES.
3 GUTREND STYLE 200 Aqua 23,200 RUBLES.
Best cleaning vacuum cleaners with an extra dry cleaning bag 1 Vax 6131 16,800 RUBLES.
2 Thomas TWIN Panther 9114 RUBLES.
3 KARCHER SE 4002 16,810 rubles.

Best cleaning vacuum cleaners with Aquafilter

Aquafilter vacuum cleaners are 2-in-1 devices that work in both dry and wet modes. Their charm is to collect garbage and dust in the water. According to popular ratings, the site’s experts have compiled a rating of three washing units of this type.

Thomas TWIN XT

13 best cleaning vacuum cleaners based on customer reviews

The first in the list of popular and recommended users is a vacuum cleaner from the German brand Thomas, model TWIN XT. It surpassed the competition with a high power of 1700 W, reliability (models over 5 years old), a pleasant design and price – the most expensive one offered in the rating, in 2018 you can buy one from 19,000 rubles.

The vacuum cleaner is suitable for both dry and wet cleaning, copes with the latter conscientiously-users note the effective wiping of the floor, similar to a MOP with a rag. The relatively compact 31.8 x 48.6 x 30.6 cm package includes containers for clean water (1.8 liters), used dirty water (1.8 liters) and a liter water filter.

The complete set of the device is decent: there are “dry” brushes for cracks, combined for carpet/smooth floor, for upholstered furniture upholstery; for wet carpet cleaning with an adapter for smooth floor, for water cleaning of upholstered furniture.

The vacuum cleaner receives positive reviews in the overwhelming majority, there are no significant shortcomings in high-quality Assembly.


Small case dimensions;

It moves seamlessly during operation.

Suitable for cleaning clothes, textiles, carpets and floors;

Quiet operation for such a unit (81 dB);

There is an Eco mode with minimal water and electricity consumption;

Brush set (5 pieces);

Vertical Parking without water;


The hose can be bent;

High price-from 19,000 rubles;

ARNICA Hydra Rain Plus

13 best cleaning vacuum cleaners based on customer reviews

The ARNICA Hydra Rain Plus vacuum cleaner is designed primarily for wet cleaning of floors, carpets and furniture, and can be used for dry cleaning. The standard volume of the detergent container is 1.8 liters.

The vacuum cleaner consumes 2400 watts, while the suction power is 400 watts-an excellent result for high-quality and efficient cleaning. Users note a feeling of freshness in the room thanks to the Aquafilter, which does not allow dust to fly out during suction. From a technical point of view, neither consumers nor experts have any complaints.

Complete set of the device for all occasions: a brush on a metal base for the floor/carpet (combined) with an adapter for washing smooth surfaces, nozzles for cleaning cracks, textiles, hard furniture lint with a hard base. The convenient case of compact dimensions of 39x47x60 cm is made in a vertical form, it is convenient to move it thanks to maneuverable wheels. It doesn’t require much storage space.

Experts and consumers have complaints about plastic – it can really be stronger at this price per unit.


High cleaning efficiency (400 W suction));

The optimal price is about 15,000 rubles;

Attachments for any occasion;

It takes up little space in an upright position;

Moves well when cleaning;

Spilled liquids suction function;

Convenient to disassemble and wash;


There is no sensor for the end of washing liquid (not visible in an opaque case);

Power is not regulated;

Flimsy plastic bowl and fasteners;

Zelmer ZVC762ST

13 best cleaning vacuum cleaners based on customer reviews

Compact vacuum cleaner Polish Assembly is suitable for a small apartment – its dimensions are only 34x45x39 cm, but the weight is not so small-8,5 kg. Inside the housing there is a 1.7-liter water filter with a water level label, the same size tank for washing liquid, the capacity of the water Assembly tank is 6 liters. The unit sucks perfectly with a relatively economical consumption of 1700 W, a pleasant bonus is humidified and dust-free air.

The kit includes 9 brushes for cleaning different surfaces and materials, as well as for collecting water. Dust bags are provided for dry cleaning, but in the presence of an Aqua filter, users practically do not use them.

In terms of build quality, configuration, and functionality, there are no complaints about the unit – this is a decent model of a wet cleaning vacuum cleaner, it’s a pity that it was discontinued and is no longer available for sale.


Suitable for cleaning various surfaces;

High quality of Assembly and materials used;

Versatility-wet and dry modes;


Maneuverability is inferior to competitive models;

There are no pictures in the instructions;

It’s not easy to understand the Assembly;

Flushing small brushes and a thin hose takes a bit of work;

Best vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter and separator

The separator in a washing vacuum cleaner is a device that forcibly filters the dust entering the filter container. As a result, it is guaranteed to remain inside the collection. The result of cleaning is clean floor surfaces, furniture and improved air quality with humidification. To make a rating, we studied several vacuum cleaners with the provided separation function, selected based on reviews, and selected 2 of the most efficient units.

MIE Ecologico Maxi

13 best cleaning vacuum cleaners based on customer reviews

The MIE Ecologico Maxi vacuum cleaner is incredibly powerful – it sucks in air and debris with a power of 690 watts while consuming only 1000 watts from the power grid. This is one of the most effective power combinations in the segment of household cleaning units. The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner are impressive: height-541 mm, length-377 mm and width-375 mm. The dust container capacity is 3.5 liters. The device accommodates a powerful motor that accelerates the separator to 28,000 revolutions per minute. The amount of purified air is 165 m3 / h. Users noted very noisy operation, the manufacturer claims about 64 dB.

The set includes 6 brushes for different materials, a vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the floor, furniture, and curtains. Assembling the unit before cleaning is not a problem, which can not be said about flushing – you need to Tinker with containers and pipes. The advantage of brushes is that they are collapsible, so no garbage is clogged anywhere.

The MIE Ecologico Maxi vacuum cleaner is large, productive and solid, it costs accordingly-from 41,000 rubles. Suitable for cleaning the home and office space, used in medical institutions to maintain hygienic cleanliness.


The function of aeration (moisture) air;

Air purification up to 98%;

High-quality Assembly with hermetic sealing of abutments;

Maneuverability when moving during operation;


There is no space for the cord – it needs to be wound around the case for storage;

No captions on the control buttons;

Noisy and bulky;

Krausen Eco Plus

13 best cleaning vacuum cleaners based on customer reviews

This vertical type cleaning vacuum cleaner consumes 1000 watts of mains power. The spacious water filter is designed for 3.5 liters, the volume of the waste water tank is 10 liters. With high power and large containers, the device is relatively compact: 35x36x43 cm. The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 7 kg, but it is convenient to move it thanks to the wheels.

The included nozzles allow you to clean any floor coverings. The difference between the model and competitors is the nozzle for collecting dust on household appliances, even hard-to-reach places are cleaned by high-power air intake.

During laboratory testing of the Krausen Eco Plus vacuum cleaner, the creators-experts did not notice any rumbling and excessive noise, although the specification indicates 76 dB.

An interesting black and yellow design does not change over the years – the manufacturer produces a vacuum cleaner in a single color.


Cleans all surfaces of floors, furniture and household appliances;

Easy to disassemble and wash;

It is possible to aromatize the air using oils;

There is a power regulator;

There is enough water for large-scale cleaning of a large apartment and a private house;


Price “bites” – from 43,000 rubles;

Really effective only when using the appropriate surface attachments;

In the water-charged state, heavy;

Best vertical cleaning vacuum cleaners

The vertical vacuum cleaner is an ergonomic device, all working components are concentrated on one body with a handle. Such a device is convenient to use due to the absence of a unit that needs to be dragged along, the absence of a hose, and often the absence of wires (battery models). We present 2 interesting and functional vertical vacuum cleaners with a washing function.

Philips FC6400 Power Pro Aqua

13 best cleaning vacuum cleaners based on customer reviews

This cordless universal vacuum cleaner is powered by a rechargeable battery, which lasts for 30 minutes (at maximum power-about 20-25 minutes, judging by reviews and tests). The obvious advantage is the absence of wires, which ensures maximum freedom of movement. At first glance, the suction power is negligible-14 W, but the dust drags with a Bang. It may not be able to handle the stones (some users were not satisfied), but only if the filter is clogged – it needs to be cleaned, which is not difficult and the problem is solved.

The vacuum cleaner is suitable for daily cleaning of a two-or three-room apartment with carpets or smooth floors. The nozzles are not able to reach hard-to-reach corners and under low furniture, but this is rather a problem of the device design itself. The TriActive turbo brush copes with carpet cleaning even if there are animals in the house (collects wool). Noise is noticeable-83 dB.

For wet cleaning, a 0.2-liter floor cleaning container is attached to the housing, used in combination with a microfiber cloth. The liquid is applied to the cloth and the usual wiping takes place without reverse suction. Of course, a full-fledged sink with a MOP will not replace, but it will cope with dust and minor dirt in the hallway as it should.

Some users note an additional brush for corners in the kit, but it is not stated in the main specification. We recommend that you check its availability before purchasing directly from the seller.

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