15 best laser rangefinders

Characteristics in the rating

In the modern world, even such a thing as measuring distances has moved to a new level. Laser rangefinders have become competitors to construction tape measures, demonstrating not only high accuracy, but also the ability to perform the necessary mathematical operations with measured values. When hunting, playing Golf and other outdoor activities, it is not possible to do without a rangefinder today.

Our review includes the best models for measuring distances using a laser beam. According to their functional purpose and properties, they are divided into several popular categories, which is made for the convenience of the reader. The positions of models in the rating were determined not only by the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. It also took into account the actual operating experience, information about which the owners kindly provided in their reviews.

Best range finders for your home

Owners of houses and apartments often have to take measurements in the rooms when repairs are being prepared or furniture is being selected. Household rangefinder is most often chosen inexpensive with a range of up to 50 m.

4 STAYER SDL-50 MAXControl

15 best laser rangefinders

The STAYER SDL-50 laser rangefinder is convenient to work not only indoors. Thanks to the increased power of the emitter, it is able to measure segments up to 100 meters long, and in many cases it will be useful for outdoor work. With its help, in a matter of seconds, one person can measure and calculate the area or volume of premises, conduct indirect measurements according to Pythagoras. The function of adding or subtracting the obtained values will also be useful.

Owners positively evaluate the rangefinder’s characteristics, its practicality and measurement accuracy (the error does not exceed 2 mm). In addition, the reviews positively note the presence of screen illumination and sound confirmation of user actions. There is no need to talk about the price – it is not only the most affordable among the models in this category, but also fully corresponds to the capabilities of laser roulette.

3 Tesla М-40

15 best laser rangefinders

The Tesla M-40 multifunction laser rangefinder is very convenient and easy to use thanks to its large buttons and backlit display. There is no need to record anything with it – there is an excellent function for saving results (up to 20 indicators). Using this device, you can perform the necessary measurements in real time, calculate the area or volume of the room, and also perform calculations using the Pythagorean theorem. The error is no more than 2 mm with a maximum measuring range of 40 meters.

The Tesla M-40 battery charge is designed for 8000 continuous measurements, and the built-in indicator allows you to track the battery status in time. This device provides an automatic shutdown if the device is inactive for 150 seconds. In their reviews, the owners positively assess the high build quality, ease of use and the presence of a bubble level for greater measurement accuracy.

2 Condtrol X1 plus

15 best laser rangefinders

China pleases ordinary Russian consumers with inexpensive compact laser range finders. The Condtrol X1 plus is a Prime example of a small and convenient meter. It fits in any pocket or purse. For shock resistance, the manufacturer made a rubberized case. With a measurement range of up to 40 m, the device can distort data up to 3 mm. To use the rangefinder in low light conditions, there is a backlit 3-line display. Despite the affordable price and compact size, the device has a full set of functions. The measurement is confirmed by an audible signal. Tracking mode helps you perform continuous operations. In addition to determining the distance, the device can do related calculations.

In reviews, the laser rangefinder is positioned as the best meter for the home. It is compact, lightweight, and capable of performing simple calculations. Disadvantages include the fear of low temperatures and the proximity of buttons.

1 Bosch DLE 40

15 best laser rangefinders

The distinctive features of the Bosch DLE 40 laser rangefinder are high measurement accuracy (1.5 mm error) and exceptional reliability. The measurement range is limited to 40 m, which is quite enough for a house, garage or bathhouse. The device works smoothly in a wide temperature range (-10. +50°C), so you can use it outside of heated rooms. The power source is AA batteries, and it is also allowed to use batteries with suitable parameters and dimensions. Among the many range finders, the Bosch DLE 40 stands out for its ergonomic shape and shortened body. The sides and front edges are rubberized to protect them from mechanical damage. The device can be mounted on a tripod, which ensures accurate measurement. To point the device at the target, there is a sighting device.

Consumers are completely satisfied with the operation of the rangefinder, it is convenient, accurate, and reliable. The disadvantages include only the lack of backlighting of the display.

Best laser rangefinders for professional builders

Many professional builders constantly use laser rangefinders. For them, the accuracy of measurements, range and availability of a number of options are important. In this case, the price fades into the background.

4 ADA instruments COSMO 120 Video

15 best laser rangefinders

The new and improved COSMO 120 Video laser rangefinder is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. No interference in the form of sun glare will affect the accuracy of indicators, thanks to the possibility of triple magnification of the built-in reticle with a scope. You can make the necessary measurements over a large area, as the device records segments up to 120 meters long, with a maximum error of 1.5 mm.

Due to the presence of an electronic protractor, the laser device can determine the deviation from the horizontal of any surface. The owners really liked the additional function of dividing the measured distance into predefined segments of equal size. With its help, they can quickly calculate the required amount of building materials, surprising the customer with the efficiency and accuracy of calculations.

3 Makita LD050P

15 best laser rangefinders

A professional measuring instrument is The MAKITA LD050P laser rangefinder. Due to its affordable price and good quality, the device is popular with builders. To measure the distance, simply point the laser at the target, the maximum range is 50 m with an error of 2 mm. The rangefinder not only accurately determines the distance, but also calculates the area, volume, and non-inaccessible distances using the Pythagorean theorem. The last 5 measurements are stored in memory. It is easy to operate the device, and the results are clearly visible on the high-contrast screen. The case is made in dust-and moisture-proof design. Automatic shutdown of the laser occurs after 90 seconds, and the rangefinder goes out after 180 seconds of inactivity.

Builders in their reviews speak positively about the low price, high accuracy of measurements in a straight line, and compactness. Negative professionals assess the lack of illumination, insufficient strength of the case, inaccurate calculations according to the Pythagorean principle.

2 Bosch GLM 250 VF

15 best laser rangefinders

When a combination of long range (up to 250 m) and low error (1 mm) is required, the Bosch GLM 250 VF model will come to the rescue. The LCD screen is equipped with a backlight, the device is able to perform such calculator functions as addition, memorization, as well as make a combined indirect measurement, calculate the length of the roof slope from inside the room, etc.the rangefinder has a built-in level and sight. For accurate measurements in Sunny weather, a large glass lens is installed. The device can be mounted on a tripod or hung on a waist belt. The range finder can operate in temperature conditions from -10 to +50°C. The robust housing has IP54 dust and moisture protection. The device is powered by alkaline-manganese batteries or accumulators. The last 30 measurements can be stored in memory.

Professionals value compact, long-range and accurate measurements in a laser rangefinder. The device is easy to use and performs calculations quickly. The disadvantages include the lack of a battery indicator.

1 Leica Disto D510

15 best laser rangefinders

The main features of the Leica Disto D510 laser rangefinder are functionality and power. And the presence of such an option as Bluetooth Smart allows you to send all measurements to a laptop or smartphone. In addition, there are special mobile applications for working with this device, both for the Android and IOS platforms. The measurement range is limited to 200 m, and the error will not exceed 1 mm. A small-diameter laser spot allows you to direct the beam at the smallest objects. For accurate measurements, the device can be mounted on a tripod using a standard thread. The 4-line color screen is backlit, as are the buttons. The use of a digital vizier makes it possible to display the image on the display with a four-fold magnification.

Users in the reviews clearly consider the model to be the best assistant for the Builder. Especially pleased with the functionality and availability of the Bluetooth module. The disadvantage of the device is that the batteries are drained even after switching off.

Best range finders for outdoor activities

For hunting and long-distance Hiking, laser rangefinders with a sealed housing are required. In addition to the long range, the device must have a ballistic calculator, a goniometer, and a speed detector.


15 best laser rangefinders

CARL ZEISS optics do not need advertising – they are the best quality in the world. The VICTORY RF 8X54 BLUETOOTH outdoor laser rangefinder can be described in the same words. In addition, it is designed as a compact binoculars and provides excellent color transmission and image brightness.

The presence of a ballistic calculator that works with pre-installed application (you need a smartphone or tablet) in real time allows to measure at any distance, which has taken into account many factors (type of weapon, weather conditions, etc.). Owners of the device like everything (only the high price did not allow the rangefinder to become a leader in the category), but particularly in the reviews was marked by the unique properties of optics, allowing comfortable viewing in twilight.

3 ATN LaserBallistics 1500

15 best laser rangefinders

A well-known manufacturer of modern gadgets for hunting has released one of the best devices for determining distances. The laser rangefinder can be synchronized with other devices (smartphone, optical sight, night vision device, etc.) via Bluetooth wirelessly. Pairing provides high efficiency – the scope will display the distance to the target and the requirements for calibrating the shot in accordance with the selected sighting profile.

Owners who have made themselves a gift in the form of ATN LaserBallistics 1500 are more than satisfied with the modern features of this equipment. In their reviews, many point to a fairly simple operation – the two buttons at the top of the device are very ergonomic and designed for the middle and index fingers of the hand in which the device is located. I also really like the presence of an Eyecup, with a focusing image ring.

2 COMBAT 1500

15 best laser rangefinders

The COMBAT 1500 rangefinder is equipped with a first-class safety laser beam, featuring fast operation and better measurement accuracy. The function of calculating the speed of a moving object (in real time), with an error of no more than 5 km / h, will be indispensable for hunting enthusiasts. This one of the most compact devices has an eight-fold approximation, and can perform measurements at a distance of up to 1.5 km, with the ability to turn on the over 100 M function (the device will not react to small foreign objects located within a radius of 100 meters).

The COMBAT 1500 offers two modes of operation:

  • Range – to determine the distance;
  • Speed-measurement of the object’s speed.

The operating temperature range is from -20°C to 50 °C, which makes it possible to use the device in any conditions without any error. Owners in their reviews highly appreciate not only the accuracy of measurements. Adjusting the sharpness allows you to work with different objects at a long distance.

1 Bushnell ELITE 1 Mile ARC

15 best laser rangefinders

The Bushnell ELITE 1 Mile ARC laser rangefinder is the best optical measurement equipment for hunting. The maximum range (1600 m) is combined with high accuracy. The device has many useful functions for the hunter, for example, 7x magnification, a ballistic calculator, the ability to create templates of bullet flight paths. You can configure the device from your mobile phone, and connect the Kestrel weather station. The body of the device is made in a water-proof design, and the lenses also have a water-repellent effect. For installation on a tripod, there is a special node. The power source is a 3-volt CR2 battery.

According to many users, the Bushnell ELITE 1 Mile ARC laser rangefinder is the best model for hunting. Long range is combined with a set of useful options that simplify the observation of the beast. Of the disadvantages, only the high cost of the device can be noted.

Best budget range finders

This category features the best laser rangefinders with the most affordable price. Their characteristics confirm the fact that high consumer properties of a product do not always depend on its cost.

3 PRACTICE OF DL-20 (247-170)

15 best laser rangefinders

The laser rangefinder measures up to 20 meters and can calculate the area or volume of premises based on the data obtained. Despite its small size, the device has an easy-to-read display with large numbers of current measurements. Having a budget cost, the DL-20 PRACTICE is distinguished by high-quality optics that ensure the reliability of the data obtained.

Almost all owners who decided to leave reviews about this device positively assess the high accuracy of measurements (the error does not exceed 1 mm), the presence of backlighting, which allows you to work comfortably in dark rooms and automatic shutdown when inactive. In addition, the rubberized case protects against shocks. Power is provided by ordinary finger batteries – they last for a long time. Not without attention was also the cost of the device, which is one of the most affordable in the category.


15 best laser rangefinders

Despite its simple design, the laser rangefinder has, although small, but functionality: it is able not only to make measurements (including in continuous mode), but also to calculate the area and volume from the obtained measurements, as well as to use the Pythagorean equation to determine the height of large objects. The maximum value of possible measurements is within 30 meters, which is more than enough for indoor work. It has a rather small size (easily fits in the palm of your hand), but the numbers displayed on a small monitor have a “convenient” font and are easy to read.

Owners like the function of remembering the previous measurement (it is displayed in a small size above the current data). A small thing, but in practice – a very useful thing. The reviews also positively note the duplication of pressing the button with an audible signal and automatic shutdown during inactivity – convenient, and saves battery power. All the above characteristics of the laser rangefinder are enhanced by more than the affordable cost of the device. According to the owners, INSTRUMAX SNIPER 30 is definitely worth the money.


15 best laser rangefinders

The SNDWAY SW-M40 laser tape measure is popular with both professional craftsmen and Amateurs who regularly face the need to make measurements. Using a range finder significantly reduces the time of preparatory work, allowing you to record a segment in less than two seconds, which is impossible for a regular roulette wheel. A continuous measurement function is also provided, with automatic recording of 30 values in the device’s memory.

The SNDWAY SW-M40 rangefinder can measure straight lines up to 40 meters long with a maximum error of 2 mm. In addition, it is easy for them to perform the necessary arithmetic calculations, determine the height of hard-to-reach objects (using the Pythagorean formula), and find min and max in the array of received data. Thanks to the backlight, calculations can be made even in low light conditions, and large rubberized buttons will simplify the process even more.

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