15 best TV companies

Characteristics in the rating

Television occupies a special place in the lives of most people today. It is thanks to him that many people learn the latest news, get acquainted with other countries and cultures, without interrupting important matters, enjoy a colorful show or a game of their favorite sports team, without leaving home. In addition, the TV helps to have a good time even on the most ordinary evening, relax after work, take a break from everyday life while watching your favorite movie and TV series. All this makes this familiar device a real center of attraction for the whole family and a useful assistant, without which many people do not pass a day, and even an apartment decoration.

However, it is important to understand that TVs are incredibly diverse and differ from each other not only in diagonal and design, but also in functionality, speed, sound volume, image saturation and, of course, quality. At the same time, the parameters of a particular model often depend not only and not so much on the technical description, but on the manufacturer. After all, each company has its own advantages and disadvantages, a special vision of the best TV and the needs of customers, which means that each brand has its own priorities when creating devices. It is also important to know that many characteristics of the company are evaluated differently, which is why even with the same technical description, devices can work completely differently. That is why before purchasing the development of a particular manufacturer, it is recommended to get acquainted with its reputation and philosophy, as well as with reviews about its TVs.

Most popular TV brands

The most famous and popular companies are strikingly different from others not only in that their TVs are easy to find in any store, but also in a huge variety of features, technology and cost. The developments of the largest brands are presented in all categories, so everyone can find a solution to suit their taste and budget: from minimalistic budget options for cottages or small kitchens to cutting-edge innovations with high-quality images, surround sound and innovative features. However, each manufacturer has unique features that are common if not all, then most TVs.

5 Panasonic

15 best TV companies

Panasonic is one of the most popular Japanese manufacturers that annually presents TVs from different market segments to consumers. To take a higher position in the review, the brand was not allowed to be not always justified by the pricing policy and the rawness of some individual models. Nevertheless, most of the company’s devices were loved by customers with decent quality, ease of operation and good loud speakers.

Even not the most expensive representatives of Panasonic, such as the 32-inch TV TX-32FSR500, speakers give out a volume of 20 watts, which is enough for most people to comfortably watch their favorite movies. At the same time, while most competitors often equip their equipment with the most convenient Android platform, the Japanese company preferred a fast and at the same time as simple as possible Firefox OS system with a clear interface.

15 best TV companies

Known for its huge assortment, South Korean company LG occupies a prominent place among the best TV manufacturers. The brand’s developments are very diverse: from the simplest models costing about 10,000 rubles to expensive giants with 4K UHD resolution and many rare properties. LG is inherently innovative and innovative. Mid – range and premium segment TVs often combine a huge number of functions, including surround sound, voice control, timer, light sensor, and support for various formats, standards, and interfaces.

A special place among the best LG TVs is occupied by the ultra-modern giant OLED65W8 model with 4K resolution, equipped with as many as six speakers with a total power of 60 watts, a subwoofer to give the sound a special depth, multi-screen mode and voice control. However, this does not prevent the brand from actively creating very affordable, but at the same time quite functional models, the cost of which starts from 8000 rubles.

3 Philips

15 best TV companies

The Dutch brand is almost the only representative of the category, with due responsibility related to the creation of both a premium device and an inexpensive basic model. The lion’s share of Philips TVs is aimed at the mass consumer, and therefore the company’s developments are more often found in the budget and middle class than in the elite. At the same time, even 3D TVs with spectacular Ambilight illumination, which have become a kind of business card of the Dutch manufacturer, differ in a relatively affordable price compared to competitors.

However, Philips is not only good at these futuristic developments, because the brand has created many excellent TVs of average price, which are not inferior to premium counterparts either in the quality of performance or in the ability to perform the most important and popular functions. So, for example, the inexpensive model 39PHT4003, like many expensive analogues, received a contrasting 39-inch screen with an anti-glare coating that does not distort the image at any angle, the popular Time Shift option and the ability to record video to external media.

2 Samsung

15 best TV companies

Devices of the popular Korean manufacturer are not only among the richest in functions, but also showed their best side in terms of durability. Like LG, which is represented in every niche, Samsung TVs work without problems for years. High quality successfully harmonizes with useful properties and in many cases with a completely adequate price. Although the company has a reputation for not being the most democratic concern, today many Samsung devices with similar characteristics are no more expensive than LG or another world-famous brand.

According to numerous reviews, the company’s TVs, as a rule, fully justify their price with a long service life, a variety of design solutions and Full HD resolution, even in economy class models. The only drawback was some slowness in the otherwise quite convenient Smart TV.

1 Sony

15 best TV companies

The world-renowned Japanese company with more than half a century of history has become the leader among the best TV manufacturers. Sony’s designs are unique for their attention to detail. These TVs are carefully designed to ensure that Smart TV and other features are stable and work without crashes or unexpected reboots. At the same time, the models differ more than it might seem at first glance. Diverse functionality and different operating systems from Android to Opera TV provide the user with a good choice of devices with an elegant design.

Although Sony is sometimes criticized for its pricing policy, the cost of TVs is comparable to their counterparts. Not too low price of the most profitable models is largely due to the fact that the company creates only devices with a diagonal of more than 32 inches, and large TVs of well-known brands are rarely cheap. Therefore, Sony can only be blamed for the lack of compact devices, but not for greed.

Best brands of economy class TVs

Some companies prefer not to focus on the race of innovations and large diagonals, but rather focus on the most popular class of TVs for homes and cottages – budget. Devices of this type are mostly very compact, light and consume relatively little electricity. However, despite the low price and small dimensions, TVs of some of the best brands can boast really decent image and sound quality, excellent speed, and sometimes basic innovative additions. In addition, they are mostly very easy to set up and use on a daily basis, so they are suitable for viewers of any age.


15 best TV companies

The Chinese brand BBK is one of the very few manufacturers with the most customer-oriented pricing policy. Even among the representatives of economy class, this company’s TVs stand out for record low prices. At the same time, such accessibility pleases not only the most miniature models, but also the development of the average diagonal. Also, according to reviews, TVs of this manufacturer are characterized by the simplest and most intuitive operation. In addition, an important advantage of BBK is its very compact dimensions and very low weight. For example, the BBK 20LEM-1063 / T2C model weighs only 1.8 kilograms, so you don’t have to worry about placing the TV even on a fairly thin wall or a light hanging shelf.

However, like everything cheap, this company also has disadvantages, the main of which users consider weak and not too high-quality sound and low resolution on many TVs. Otherwise, BBK is not inferior to most slightly more expensive firms.

4 Hyundai

15 best TV companies

Although the Hyundai brand has been known to everyone for a very long time, not everyone knows that this holding company is engaged in the production of not only cars and ships, but also home electronics. Despite the big name, the South Korean company does not raise prices, trying to make its developments accessible to everyone. However, pleasant prices do not prevent the manufacturer from creating sufficiently high-quality and thoughtful models, which are also very diverse. It is in the Hyundai range that the most miniature TVs of the category are found, the diagonal of which does not exceed 19 inches, and giants by 50 and even 55 inches. At the same time, most devices receive only the best reviews from customers.

Also, a characteristic feature of many brand TVs is the minimal pixel response time, which provides excellent image quality when playing a dynamic video sequence. The record holder in this aspect was the most affordable and compact model Hyundai H-LED19R401BS2, ideal for cottages or kitchens.


15 best TV companies

JVC TVs are definitely among the most popular and loved by users of inexpensive devices, because many of them differ from other state employees in very good quality for this class. The refresh rate index of most new developments is slightly higher than that of their counterparts, which ensures a smoother movement of the object or character on the screen, and therefore better image quality in General. In addition, the JVC brand equips its TVs with decent speakers, the power of which is significantly higher than the average of the category, so they sound better than the nearest competitors.

A separate advantage of JVC, according to many reviewers, was the build quality and aesthetic appearance of spring. Thin frames and neat but stable legs in the brand’s TVs are combined with a basic, but still color choice. Many people especially liked the JVC LT-24M585W model in an elegant white case. This color scheme and a compact diagonal of 24 inches make this TV an excellent solution for the kitchen.


15 best TV companies

As befits German electronics, Telefunken TVs are clear, practical and thought out to the smallest detail, even despite the modest price. Many of them offer full-fledged Full HD quality, and some even have a full-fledged Smart TV, which makes them the most profitable purchase, giving you the opportunity to watch your favorite movies not only from a flash drive or external hard drive, but also in an online cinema. An even more innovative feature of this manufacturer is the support for working in the smart home system, which makes it very convenient to use. At the same time, the reviews highlight the functionality of Smart TV and image quality on a wide variety of brand devices.

The best creation of the brand, according to a number of experts and buyers, was the TELEFUNKEN TF-LED32S39T2S smart TV of medium diagonal. A neat stand, support for the DLNA standard for interacting with mobile devices and high contrast made it the most popular development of the company.


15 best TV companies

The youngest company in the rating, which was formed only in 2014, is rapidly developing and leaves behind many more experienced competitors. Despite the availability, HARPER TVs are characterized by an excellent level of brightness and image clarity, worthy of even more expensive models, for which the manufacturer was awarded the title of the best in our Top low-cost TVs.

Special praise is due to the live color transfer, which has become the main feature of all the company’s devices. At the same time, the manufacturer even equipped some of the latest models with the function of saving TV shows to a flash drive and the ability to stop the broadcast and resume viewing from the same moment. Such properties were recently considered the privilege of more expensive devices, and today they are still not very common in budget TVs.

The best brands of televisions of the middle class

Middle-class TVs are the Golden mean between economy and technology. Many manufacturers that produce mainly mid-priced electronics manage to compete seriously with the most well-known and well-promoted companies known all over the world. This is not surprising, because their best developments often do not lag behind the inventions of leading brands in a number of parameters and functions, but they are many times cheaper. Some of them can even boast a very good level of performance of fairly complex technologies, as well as high image quality and resolution, and sometimes a good set of useful add-ons.


15 best TV companies

TV sets of the domestic manufacturer Starwind are not as numerous and widely known as the devices of many competing companies, but this does not affect their quality in any way. On the contrary, they are superior in some characteristics. First of all, the Starwind brand has not deprived its TVs of volume and powerful sound. This is one of the few brands that produce devices in the mid-price segment with good surround sound effects. In addition, the Starwind range is very diverse and includes not only relatively small Full HD models, but also large TVs with extremely rare 4K resolution for the middle class and a large, incredibly high-contrast and bright screen.

The most notable of these solutions is the Starwind SW-LED50U303BS2 TV, which attracts attention with its impressive diagonal, digital satellite TV support, and even the 24p True Cinema option. In addition, in reviews, this model, like other developments of the brand, is often praised for the quality of illumination.

4 Polarline

15 best TV companies

Polarline is the most promising brand in our rating, because the history of its victories and achievements has just begun. Founded only recently in 2021, this company in the shortest possible time decorated the average price segment with a whole series of diverse TVs at once, most of which have a diagonal of 40 inches or more and delight with a juicy contrasting picture, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews. At the same time, the brand’s devices are quite versatile, because they support most common file formats, so they can easily play almost any file from an external media.

Some TVs of the young domestic manufacturer went even further. For example, the Polarline 50PL51TC-SM boasts not only a large picture with Full HD quality, but also the presence of a Smart TV, CI+ interface, 4 GB of internal memory and even the ability to store up to 1299 channels in memory, which is twice as much as a number of competitors.

3 Supra

15 best TV companies

Supra is one of the most versatile and modern brands in the category. By offering the maximum number of available TVs, the manufacturer has made them very different from each other. Some of the devices have a very impressive diagonal and an attractive price. Others delight the eye with a bright 1080p Full HD screen and reactive image refresh. Still others have the ability to connect to the wireless Internet, support for two independent TV tuners, as well as powerful speakers with surround sound effect.

At the same time, all these TVs have in common not only the name of the company, but also the presence of additional properties for working with TV shows, including their recording to USB media. Also, the device won a lot of positive reviews due to compatibility with many formats and devices, including a computer, and excellent build quality.

2 Akai

15 best TV companies

TVs of the original Japanese company are found in a number of segments, but they are most widely represented by middle-class devices. It is these Akai models that have become the Golden mean, connecting the availability and support of the popular Smart TV feature, which is quite rare for low-cost devices. However, not only this allowed the company to enter the TOP of the best.

Many people call the TVs of this brand an excellent solution for the kitchen, thanks to a juicy picture with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees and useful additions. Moreover, the Japanese did not skimp on decent speakers, which are considered a separate advantage of the modern Akai. A stylish design in traditional Japanese style and a screen saver with a fan image have become a recognizable business card and a sign of quality.

1 Thompson

15 best TV companies

Founded more than a hundred years ago, the Thompson brand is the most conservative, but high-quality manufacturer of mid-range TVs. Almost all devices of this company are deprived of Smart TV and wireless Internet, but this is no less in demand. The lack of popular features of our time, however, is compensated not only by a very affordable price, but also by a high-quality image with an excellent level of brightness and contrast. At the same time, all Thompson TVs have the best pixel response time in the category, as well as good overall system performance.

Despite the lack of Smart TV, many users in the reviews mention a very rich functionality. Unlike the most popular manufacturers, Thompson has not spared additional features even for the cheapest models. Hotel TV, timer, stop and record live broadcasts, and other useful features have been added to all TVs.

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