15 best TV sets

Characteristics in the rating

TV is an indispensable video equipment in any home. The item is quite expensive, so many people approach its purchase with special responsibility. Buyers are primarily interested in such characteristics as screen diagonal, resolution, Wi-Fi and Smart TV availability.

Today, some of the most technologically advanced and reliable TVs are produced by LG, Sony, Samsung and Philips. It is the TVs of these brands that take part in our rating. When selecting the best models, we took into account not only the technical characteristics, but also the cost of the TV (its availability), popularity (level of trust) and reviews of real users. We make sure to point out the most obvious advantages and disadvantages of each particular model, according to customer reviews.

Best TVs with a diagonal of 31-32 inches

TVs with a screen diagonal of 31-32 inches (78-81 cm) are most often purchased in small rooms, such as a bedroom, kitchen or small living room. The recommended distance from the screen to the viewer, for a TV with a similar diagonal, should be up to 1.5 meters.

3 Samsung UE32N5300AU

15 best TV sets

This model is perfect for those who appreciate the quality of both the product itself and the reproduced content. For very little money, the user gets FullHD with HDR support, which is comparable in color reproduction quality to much more expensive TVs. Samsung UE32N5300AU will also enjoy a good sound, it is quite voluminous and deep. In addition, the TV belongs to the “smart” category, with the help of the SmartHub service, the owner gets access to an impressive library of video clips, programs, applications, as well as social networks.

Users appreciated the image quality, viewing angles, a fast processor, high-quality network operation,and an external power supply. The latter makes the device much lighter, but you will have to find a place to place it conveniently. There is a light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen brightness. Judging by the reviews, users are happy with the choice and recommend it to anyone who needs a small TV of very decent quality.


The most common resolution is Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). Such a high-definition image can be shown on digital TV shows in HDTV format and Blu-Ray discs. But TVs with a diagonal of up to 30 inches do not need Full HD support – you can save money and take a TV with the 720p standard. At least you won’t feel the difference from Full HD on a small screen.

The largest resolution today is 4K UHD (3840 by 2160). But do not rush to buy such a TV. First, the difference in the image will only be visible on screens with a diagonal of 60 inches or more. Secondly, video with 4K UHD support is still very small, which will not allow you to appreciate all the charms of this expensive technology.

Brightness and contrast ratio

The brightness of the TV screen is measured in CD / m2 (candelas per square meter). The higher this indicator is, the better the image will be at different lighting levels. However, there is one caveat – the brightness level must be combined with the contrast, otherwise you can get nondescript colors. For a TV with a brightness of 300 CD / m2, the optimal contrast ratio is 1000:1. for a brightness of 500cd / m2, the best contrast ratio is 5000: 1-10000: 1, and for a brightness of 600cd / m2 or more-from 20000:1.

Refresh rate index

The higher the screen refresh rate, the better. Measured in Hertz. Higher “Hertz” allows you to get rid of the blur effect when objects move sharply on the screen and thereby get a better image in motion. Not infrequently, the cost of the device depends on this. Most budget LCD TVs have a frequency of 50 Hz, but there are also models at 200 Hz or more.

Smart TV

A very popular feature in recent years is the presence of Smart TV support and Wi-Fi. This allows you to use modern applications, run YouTube videos on the screen, watch movies from online cinemas, and even “surf” through an Internet browser (by connecting a wireless keyboard to the TV). However, Smart TV-enabled TVs are about 15% more expensive.

2 LG 32LJ500V

15 best TV sets

A well-deserved second place is taken by this simple, but high-quality TV. It has an excellent picture – I am glad that for a small price you can get a full-fledged Full HD resolution on an excellent IPS matrix and with uniform Direct LED illumination. There are two HDMI connectors and one USB input. The model is able to perceive not only standard drives, but also full-fledged removable hard drives. It reads all popular formats, so you won’t need to change the files to fit the desired format.

Unfortunately, the model does not support SmartTV, so you will have to make do with standard channels. It does not have audio outputs, and you can only connect the speakers via “Tulip” type wires using an adapter. There is also Wi-Fi support, so all equipment must be connected via wires. However, in the reviews, users have repeatedly noted that the TV is almost perfect for its price – there is nothing superfluous, it is quite enough for standard use.

1 LG 32LJ600U

15 best TV sets

The leader in the category is this inexpensive, but high-quality and very interesting model. It does not Shine with great characteristics, but it is not necessary – after all, it is a combination of all the necessary functions. There is a SmartTV with the WebOS operating system and WiFi support, so you can watch movies and videos directly from the Internet. The sound is not loud, but surround, works with Dolby Digital and DTS decoders, so the quality is excellent. You can also connect this model to your home network by connecting it to your computer and other devices. And watch movies from a PC on the big screen without running around with USB drives. Very convenient. In reviews, customers also note that the TV can be used as a laptop, if you connect a mouse and keyboard-there is a full-fledged web browser.

The model does not boast a high resolution – it is only HD. However, the picture turns out to be high-quality and not blurry due to a good matrix and uniform illumination of Direct LED. Unfortunately, the model has a rather quiet sound – only 6 watts. But for a small room, in which it is intended, this is quite enough. It is strange that there is no output for wired headphones, so this model will not work for fans of watching TV in them.

Best 48-49-inch TVs

Models with a diagonal of 48 to 49 inches will look great in medium-sized halls or living rooms (from 15 to 25 square meters). the recommended distance from the viewer to a TV with a similar diagonal is 2.5 meters. In this case, the image will be transmitted with optimal clarity.

3 NanoCell LG 49SK7900

15 best TV sets

A fairly large and very stylish TV from one of the leading manufacturers will appeal to even discerning users. The first thing that is worth noting is the low cost in comparison with the nearest competitors. At the same time, the model pleases with excellent technical characteristics. A modern gadget allows you to view content in the best 4K quality for today. Like the owners of a high level matrix of the screen with no glare and uniform illumination. The reviews also rated the level of color reproduction, all shades are clear, correct, with good depth and contrast.

Smart TV impresses with its high-speed performance, a decent operating system pleases with fast responses and smooth operation. A pleasant surprise will be the magic remote control with voice control included. Excellent sound, high-quality wired and wireless interfaces for connecting external devices, support for modern technologies, build quality – not all the advantages that the owners highlight. We can safely say that the NanoCell LG 49SK7900 is ideal in a combination of price and quality and takes a worthy place in the category of the best rating with a diagonal of 48-49 inches.

Unique features of modern TVs that you may not know about:

Time Shift Function

With the Time Shift function, you can press pause while watching a TV channel, as well as when watching a movie from Yandex.disk, to leave for important business. The TV software will record the TV program and continue playing after pressing “start”. This way, you won’t miss a single moment of an interesting TV show or movie.

Images in the picture

An interesting feature that allows you to display two and video images on the screen at once. If you have two TV tuners, you can watch two TV channels at the same time, which is especially convenient on large-screen TVs.

DTS support

DTS is a modern format for providing audio data. TV support for this format will be especially useful for those who have decided to install a home theater system in the room. DTS provides the highest audio quality when watching movies and allows you to get 5.1-channel ambient sound.

2 Sony KDL-49WF805

15 best TV sets

This model is recognized by users as one of the best with Smart TV. The operating system based on “Android” opens up a lot of opportunities for the owner. And together with an excellent and high-speed processor, it ensures perfect and smooth operation of the interface. The system offers users separate settings for each external device connected to the TV. Owners in reviews note the good design of the model, it is quite thin and looks great on the wall.

Very good sound, but demanding users in this matter prefer to Supplement the TV with a Soundbar. The image corresponds to all the canons: the picture is high-quality, the colors are juicy, the contrast is excellent, and the viewing angles are extensive. There are all the necessary interfaces for connecting external devices. The TV supports 24p True Cinema and TimeShift functions, and you can record video to an external storage device. Sony KDL-49WF805 is undoubtedly one of the best TVs worth paying attention to potential buyers.

1 QLED Samsung QE49Q70RAU

15 best TV sets

The leading position in this category of the rating was taken by the QLED Samsung QE49Q70RAU model. This is a great TV that will delight the user with its characteristics. First, the image quality. The 4K UHD HDR matrix allows you to view content in the best possible quality. Secondly, a sound that can impress everyone. Dolby Digital audio decoders in combination with a subwoofer allow you to achieve the most natural surround sound.

There are all the necessary interfaces for connecting external devices. Smart TV, remote control with voice control, simple and intuitive operation, support for all known content formats-all this made the model in demand among buyers. In the reviews, the owners, in addition to the main advantages, note the magnificent design of the TV and the Ambient mode. Additional features include a child protection system, a sleep timer, and a light sensor. QLED Samsung QE49Q70RAU worthily entered the top of the best with a diagonal of 48-49 inches.

Best 55-inch TVs

The screen size of 55 inches (140 cm) will look great in large living rooms with an area of 25 square meters. m. large-screen TVs are usually equipped with the latest technologies that provide the best image quality. It is recommended to place such a TV at a distance of at least 2.5 m from the viewer.

3 Samsung UE55RU7470U

15 best TV sets

This TV will especially appeal to fans of arranging game battles. A special UHD 4K processor with a game mode allows you to get the most out of it. In addition, it provides impressive image quality and allows you to see the smallest details in the darkest or lightest scenes. Thanks to the special Dynamic Crystal Color technology, the TV impresses with its color reproduction. Crystal clear and unsurpassably bright shades will not leave anyone indifferent.

Unique highly intelligent technologies allow you to quickly optimize the level of quality of the content being played and provide support for HDR. The latter guarantees improved clarity and the most accurate transmission of details. Users in the reviews also noted the refined minimalistic design, a special system that allows you to hide all the wires. With the SmartHub interface, the universal remote control and the SmartThings app, the TV is not only much easier to control, but also perfectly copes with managing devices that support the smart home function.

2 Sony KD-55XE9005

15 best TV sets

Sony has always been a leader in the TV industry. The silver medalist of the rating confirms this. Even with a regular TFT IPS matrix, the picture is very pleasant. 4K resolution and HDR support do the trick. I am also pleased with the presence of direct LED illumination – there are no overexposures, the image is even in brightness over the entire area. But the sound is normal. There is nothing to complain about, but music lovers should immediately look for good external acoustics.

Invisible to the eye filling is also good. As the operating system of Android TV, which provides a huge number of features. Paired with a convenient and functional remote control, it is convenient to use it. But there are slowdowns. Finally, it is worth noting the presence of as many as three TV tuners – it is useful when viewing several channels in the “picture in picture” mode.

  • Good image quality
  • Android TV
  • 3 TV tuners
  • The unusual design
  • There is a light sensor


15 best TV sets

The leading position in the category of the best TVs with a diagonal of 55 inches was taken by the LG OLED OLED55C8 model. According to user reviews, everything is fine in it. The first thing I note here is the stunning image level, which can be appreciated not only on content in 4K resolution, but even on terrestrial TV. Moreover, the smoothness of the image is observed in both static and dynamic scenes. As for color reproduction, it is also excellent. Especially striking is the depth of black.

The Web OS 4.0 operating system works as fast as possible, and there are no hitches when viewing videos from the network. The user-friendly and intuitive settings menu allows you to customize the configuration of parameters to suit the user’s preferences. The kit includes a remote control with voice control. High-quality sound allows you to fully enjoy watching movies without using the Soundbar. Of the minuses, it is worth noting only a smaller number of available applications in comparison with TVs on Android. Otherwise, the LG OLED55C8 TV is recognized as the best in its segment.

Best TVs with a diagonal of 43 inches

This is a category of small TVs. Such models are more often used as additional devices for the kitchen or FullHD screens for computer games.

3 Philips 43PFS4012

15 best TV sets

The simplest model without additional functions. It was created only for the direct purpose of showing TV channels. The TV has no SmartTV, no WiFi, or any other modern technology. But in its only function, it is good – a full-fledged Full HD resolution with direct LED matrix illumination gives excellent image quality. There are two audio outputs, so you can create a whole complex of the desired equipment. Or just plug in your headphones, if necessary.

Those who buy a TV with a game console may not be happy with the 50 Hz refresh rate – it’s too low for games. The sound is relatively loud – 16 watts for two speakers. There are a sufficient number of different inputs – AV, HDMI, USB, VGA and even MHL. And I am also pleased with the presence of two independent TV tuners. In General, the model is worth buying if you do not need a large number of functions – for example, to watch TV shows in the kitchen, dacha, and so on. Well, or if you need to create a complex of audio equipment and a TV.

2 TV SkyLine 43LT5900

15 best TV sets

This model will primarily please users with an incredibly affordable price. At the same time, judging by user reviews, the product copes with its tasks perfectly. Special characteristics due to belonging to the category of budget solutions should not be expected. However, the picture certainly pleases with bright colors and high detail. In addition, the owners note the appearance of the model, although it is a little thick, it looks stylish and will fit into any interior.

The sound let me down a little. But if you consider that the nearest competitors with similar technical characteristics are several thousand more expensive, then with the money saved, you can buy a good Soundbar and enjoy the sound to the fullest. The TV is easy to use and doesn’t have an overloaded settings menu. The gadget itself differs in build quality, the presence of the necessary interfaces, and the presence of additional functions (child protection, program recording, and TimeShift). TV SkyLine 43LT5900, of course, will take its rightful place in the apartment of a potential buyer.

1 Thomson T43FSE1230

15 best TV sets

As the owners note in their reviews, the Thomson T43FSE1230 TV is an inexpensive and modern solution. It is perfect as an additional device, for example, in the kitchen, and will also appeal to gamers. In addition, this model will be appreciated by economical buyers, in addition to the affordable price, the TV uses very moderate electricity, only 60 watts in working condition. The screen is of excellent quality, the picture is juicy, clear, without flaws.

The TV will delight you with all the necessary interfaces for connecting external devices: AV, HDMI, USB. There is a headphone Jack. It is possible to record video on a USB drive. Additional features include child protection, a sleep timer, and the ability to stop showing the broadcast, and then continue viewing from the same moment after a while. The system perfectly reproduces content, supports the main formats: MP3, MPEG4, MKV, JPEG. The Thomson T43FSE1230 TV has taken a worthy leading position among the best with a diagonal of 43 inches.

Best 65-inch TVs: premium class

This category includes the largest TVs in our rating. As a rule, these are premium models with the most advanced features and the best characteristics.

3 Sony KD-65XD7505

15 best TV sets

The Sony KD-65XD7505 model is unlikely to be able to claim the laurels of the rating winner due to losing to two competitors from the list in a number of parameters. But for unsophisticated buyers, this TV is suitable, having undoubted advantages, the main one of which is a democratic price.

To reduce the cost of the model, the company had to make sacrifices: it was deprived of support for 3D and multi-screen content display mode. The sound system also has a total power of only 20 watts, which is half that of the winners of the rating. Instead, Japanese engineers offered customers a high-quality screen with maximum viewing angles (178 degrees) and support for Direct LED technology. In practice, this ensures high contrast, a large margin of brightness, and the absence of plumes in dynamic scenes. The technology also has a small disadvantage: after several hours of continuous TV viewing, the user may experience eye fatigue, although this truth is also valid for other devices without Direct LED support.

In terms of technical parameters, the Sony KD-65XD7505 can not be called too stripped down: it supports all DVB satellite TV standards, 4 HDMI outputs, two independent TV tuners, Wi-Fi 802.11 n and DLNA. In terms of the number of technologies for improving sound and transmitting it, the TV can also easily compete with the flagship ones, losing 2-2.5 times in price. However, in terms of screen quality, it is not able to compete with the best models in the class, and therefore it is only in third place in the rating.

2 Samsung UE65MU7000U

15 best TV sets

Honest second place was taken by the TV at a moderate price (for the premium class, of course) costs. It is not much inferior to the leader of the rating. The liquid crystal display with Edge LED backlight is, of course, not a full-fledged OLED screen, but it produces a very good image. The resolution is 4K UHD with HDR support. The image is updated at a frequency of 100 Hz, which is more than enough for comfortable viewing of any program. SmartTV runs on the fast and lightweight Tizen operating system. So the response speed of the model is excellent.

The model allows you to use the “picture in picture” mode, which, together with three TV tuners at once, allows you to watch several programs, videos, and so on at one time. This is very convenient if you need to combine viewing. Naturally, there is support for all conceivable standards and connection methods. Except for WiDi, which may be a disadvantage for some buyers. The reviews noted one relative disadvantage – the oneconnect remote unit, to which you need to connect all the wires. On the one hand, this is not very convenient – an extra dangling wire. On the other hand, if the TV is not in the most convenient place to connect, the remote unit makes it much easier to work with cables.

1 Sony KD-65XG9505

15 best TV sets

The best of the best in the category of models with a diagonal of 65 inches was recognized as the Sony KD-65XG9505 TV. You can list the benefits for a very long time. Here, both the speed of the processor in tandem with the operating system, and full immersion in what is happening on the screen thanks to excellent dynamics and the reality of transmitting what is happening. The owners appreciated the excellent sound with a very good volume margin, in most cases the TV’s acoustics are sufficient.

In General, as users note in the reviews, this TV is without drawbacks. High resolution 4K UHD, HDR 3840×2160, Direct LED illumination, progressive image scanning, support not only digital, but also common TV standards. This is not all the advantages of this model. Of the shortcomings, only an impressive cost can be distinguished, but according to the owners, the Sony KD-65XG9505 is worth the money. The TV has taken its rightful place in the rating of the best.

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