15 best water filters from Aliexpress

Characteristics in the rating

To purify water from various impurities, filters for flowing and storage water are used. Both groups have their own advantages and disadvantages. The simplest storage filters are a reservoir with a cartridge. Most often, these are filter jugs. These models are relatively inexpensive, but the cartridges have to be changed periodically, and this is an additional cost. This group also includes coolers and dispensers with the function of water purification, as well as filter bottles.

Flow-through water filters are divided into the following groups::

  • the stationary “under-the-sink»;
  • desktop with or without tap connection;
  • reverse osmosis system;
  • nozzle on the faucet.

The cleaning technologies used are very different: from conventional mechanical filtration to ultrafiltration and nanomembranes. Before you choose the type of filter desirable to make an analysis of the source water. It will show you which metrics need to be improved. Salts, bacteria, and other mechanical and biological pollutants are neutralized in various ways. You also need to know the amount of water consumed. And also decide on the installation location.

We have included different types of filter models in the best rating. These are both inexpensive faucet attachments and less budget-friendly flow-through filters from Aliexpress. You can find them in the sections of the site ” water purification equipment “and”water filters”. Construction combines decent quality and the best functionality. When selecting candidates for the victory, the following criteria were taken into account::

  • manufacturer’s and seller’s reputation;
  • the appropriate price/quality;
  • having more than 90% positive reviews on Aliexpress;
  • filter configuration and installation method.

The best filters are accumulative type with Aliexpress

Storage filters consist of a cartridge and two vessels – a receiver and a storage device. They do not require connection to the water supply or network. Water is purified by passing through a filter cartridge. The average filtration rate is from 0.5 to 4 l/m. The volume of the filter medium in such models is small. They are suitable for one person or a small family. The service life of filter cartridges depends on the quality of tap water. They wear out especially quickly when using hard water with a large amount of iron. However, there are also advantages – low price and ease of use.


15 best water filters from Aliexpress

AZDENT BSC-WD22 is a real distiller for water, working from the 220 V network. It is made of stainless steel, inside there is a plastic bowl. The kit includes a distiller, an activated carbon filter cartridge, a water tank with a plug, and a power cable. The seller also sends each buyer detailed instructions in Russian and English.

According to the product description, the volume of the bottle is 4 liters, but in fact it is 3.7 liters. reviews write that after cleaning, the amount of water decreases by 40-60 g. In 4 hours, the device distills all the liquid poured inside (the speed of operation is about 1 liter per hour), it spends a little more than 3 kW of electricity. After the process is completed, the filter is automatically disabled. The disadvantages of AZDENT BSC-WD22 aliexpress users include the presence of a smell from a plastic bottle. To get rid of it, it is necessary to defend the water in glass jars for at least a day.


15 best water filters from Aliexpress

AUGIENB AUG is designed for the toughest running water. It is able to significantly improve its taste and to get rid of chlorine and other harmful impurities. Interestingly, this filter also equalizes the pH of alkaline water to 7.2–9.0. the standard jug Volume is 3.5 liters, but the cartridge life is impressive. It is enough to clean 400 liters of liquid, which is 4 times more than most competitors with Aliexpress. At the same time, the price of the product is pleasantly pleasing. The secret is that the filter consists of 4 layers, each of which performs a specific function. As a result, the water is effectively cleaned from the first time.

Users of the site usually praise AUGIENB AUG in reviews. They liked the quality of manufacturing and water purification. The filter does not slip on the surface thanks to the elastic band on the bottom, it is convenient to hold it in your hands. After cleaning, the PH level really changes, this was confirmed by measurements. Reviews mention only one drawback – unreliable product packaging.


15 best water filters from Aliexpress

Going on a hike, people have to solve many problems, the most important of which is water supply. This bottle in a convenient carrying case will allow you to turn a natural water body into a source of drinking water. In fact, it is a portable ionizer with a filter function. It turns ordinary water into alkaline water, enriched with negatively charged ions. This is the best mobile filter for natural and tap water.

The device will be useful for tourists, athletes, summer residents, and just people who are responsible for their health. Equipment in addition to water purification saturates it with useful minerals. You can use this water daily. It helps to improve well-being and will be useful for people with high work intensity. On Aliexpress, filter bottles aren’t as popular as pitchers, but they definitely deserve attention.

2 MEXI 4XFB0016

15 best water filters from Aliexpress

The MEXI 4XFB0016 uses a three-layer cleaning method using coconut shell charcoal, ion exchange resin and polypropylene fiber. The filter stops all kinds of bacteria, heavy metal impurities and other dangerous substances that are often found in running water. Allow the liquid to cool to 38°C before cleaning. The volume of the jug is 1.3 liters, the dimensions are 26*10.5 cm. A special feature of the model was the fastest possible replacement of cartridges. According to the seller, this takes no more than 5 seconds.

Aliexpress does not specify how often you need to change cartridges. Reviews indicate that the average duration is up to 3 months, depending on the frequency of use. There are no serious complaints about the quality of the MEXI 4XFB0016: it is well assembled, after cleaning the water becomes much tastier, there is no specific taste or smell. The main drawback was the filter packaging. It happens that the plastic is damaged during the shipment of goods.

1 Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Super Filter Kettle

15 best water filters from Aliexpress

The title of the best filter jug on Aliexpress deservedly gets this model from Xiaomi. The volume of the vessel is 3.5 liters, inside there is an activated carbon cartridge consisting of 7 layers. It is responsible for cleaning from impurities of chlorine, copper and other heavy metals. It also provides for sterilization using ultraviolet radiation. The water flow pours 360°, so the throughput of this filter can be called the best. One cartridge is enough for 6 weeks of active use. The jug body is made of plastic, dimensions: – 265*145.5*262 mm. Its weight without liquid is 1.5 kg.

Reviews on Aliexpress praise Xiaomi for its ergonomic handle and intuitive operation. On the cover of the device there are led indicators that display the charge level. There is also a time counter until the cartridge is replaced. Water purification is fast, the taste gets better. Customers only complain about long delivery times.

The best filter-tips on the faucet with Aliexpress

Faucet attachments are the best choice when there is limited free space in the room. The advantage of such water filters is their mobility, compactness and ease of installation. The price of most models is the most affordable on Aliexpress. However, the nozzles also have disadvantages: a small degree of water purification, a small cartridge life and low productivity (on average, 0.2 l / s). In terms of convenience, they are inferior to popular jugs. But for getting a small amount of water, such models are well suited.

Attach the nozzles to the faucet only during water filtration. There are models on Aliexpress that allow you to pass liquid not through a connected filter, but through a separate hose. These options are more practical and easier to use.

5 ICOCO Shower Nozzle Shower Head

15 best water filters from Aliexpress

In the range of the ICOCO brand there is a full-fledged shower head that performs several functions at once. It ionizes and purifies water thanks to special balls inside the handle. Also, this model is often used for body massage. The chrome-plated case has buttons for selecting one of three jet modes (small, large or combined). The length of the watering can is 250 mm, the head diameter is 80 mm. During the order process, you can choose a blue or transparent product.

The main disadvantage of ICOCO is the lack of a box. The seller puts the filter in a regular package, so there is a risk of damage during shipment. There are no other complaints about the quality of the nozzle, judging by the reviews. The filter actually purifies the water of chlorine and other impurities, after use the skin is no longer flaking, irritation disappears. Some buyers suspect that the metal can quickly rust, but there is no real reason to worry.


15 best water filters from Aliexpress

WHEELTON F-102 is a high-quality filter for running water with activated carbon. This is one of the most affordable options in the brand’s range, it is characterized by high quality workmanship and an average level of cleaning. Installation takes a minimum of time, just turn the lever to get started. The water purification rate reaches 6 liters per minute. It is easy to take care of the product: you only need to wash it periodically and change the cartridges every 3-6 months. You can choose to ship from a warehouse in China, Russia, or the United States.

During the filtration process, all useful minerals and trace elements are preserved, and the water does not turn into distilled water. Because of this, there are doubts about the quality of cleaning in reviews. The appearance of the liquid almost does not change, but the unpleasant smell disappears, the taste becomes better. The disadvantages of WHEELTON F-102 aliexpress users include the lack of instructions in Russian, but even without it, everything is clear.

3 Warmtoo SKU253469

15 best water filters from Aliexpress

A simple carbon filter for cleaning cold water from impurities. For $ 4, buyers of the Aliexpress site get as many as 2 filters. By passing water through it, the nozzle retains reagents that were used to disinfect water and eliminates the unnatural color of the liquid. The filter has a positive effect on the salt content – the water becomes softer after filtration.

The resource of such a nozzle on the crane is 1…2 months. The seller chooses the color of the case randomly, it does not say anything. After the first use, the water may turn black. This is not a marriage, after 5-10 seconds of washing, the filtered water will become clear. In reviews, customers with Aliexpress write that it is convenient to use the nozzle. And since the price of the device is very affordable, many consider it one of the best household water filters.

2 Warmtoo 530272

15 best water filters from Aliexpress

Warmtoo 530272 is a snow-white plastic faucet nozzle with a multi-layer filter. It can be used to clean water from bacteria, rust, colloids and other harmful substances. The dimensions of the product– 15*11*5.5 see Thanks to a special set of adapters, it is easy to install on any type of tap with a thread. The seller also focuses on the patented cartridge holder, which provides easy replacement and cleaning of the filter. The cleaning speed reaches 2 liters per minute, which is one of the best indicators on Aliexpress.

Reviews note the high quality of the Warmtoo 530272 build: all parts are sealed, they are sealed, there are no backlashes. The filter is suitable for primary water purification, it copes with rust. When the time comes to change the ceramic cartridge, you can order it from the same seller. The only caveat is that sometimes the filter leaks. Customers also complain about the packaging: the box is significantly wrinkled during shipment.

1 Waxberry YK-LXL88

15 best water filters from Aliexpress

With this filter, water purification takes place exactly when it is needed. To do this, the design provides a special valve that switches operating modes. It allows you to direct the flow of water past the filter. This increases the life of the cartridge. A similar scheme of operation is used in the popular filters “Aquaphor”.

The degree of cleaning is average. The filter removes active chlorine, eliminates turbidity and color, and various harmful impurities. The device is connected directly to the tap. Usually, the process of connecting questions does not appeal. The model is suitable for most faucets. However, before buying, it is better to consult on this issue with the seller of the product on Aliexpress.

Best stationary filters for car wash from Aliexpress

These are whole purification systems that allow for high-quality water treatment. They are installed under the sink or on the table. Installation of such equipment requires some skills. And its cost is higher than the price of mobile devices. The advantage of representatives of this group is the quality of cleaning. Filters work in several directions at once.

Combining different cartridges can significantly improve water quality. There are filtration systems that remove rust, chlorine, iron, soften and enrich water with fluoride. The most expensive models are equipped with highly efficient reverse osmosis filters. It should be borne in mind that they make water almost distilled, so you need to additionally enrich it with minerals.


15 best water filters from Aliexpress

AUGIENB SKUB74407 is a complete filtration system that is suitable for homes and public places. A set of 7 cartridges is installed under the sink, providing cleaning from rust, bacteria, heavy metals and other substances. They do not allow particles larger than 0.01 microns in diameter to pass through, making filtration as accurate and efficient as possible. The speed of operation reaches 2.5 liters per minute under a pressure of 0.1–0.4 MPa. After installing the system, you can safely drink running water. Construction dimensions– 389*209*431 mm, it weighs more than 10 kg. You can choose delivery from Russia and other countries.

Due to the high price and dimensions, the AUGIENB SKUB74407 is not often ordered, but all customers leave positive reviews. They note the simple installation and excellent quality of water treatment. The filter under the sink has only one significant disadvantage – it is difficult to find replacement cartridges. They are not always available on Aliexpress.


15 best water filters from Aliexpress

The WHEELTON WHT-U1-1000 is a classic heavy-duty sink filter made of durable 304 stainless steel with PVDF membrane. It needs to be mounted vertically, it is possible to connect the drainage with a drain pipe of the sink. The size of the device– 102*122*352 mm. The water purification rate is 1000 liters per hour. The device operates at a pressure of 0.1-0.4 MPa. It eliminates rust, bacteria and organic matter.

Users have no complaints about the quality of running water treatment. It becomes almost transparent, the smell is felt weakly, there are no extraneous tastes. The disadvantages of the WHEELTON WHT-U1-1000 include inaccuracies in the configuration. For example, sometimes the seller sends completely different hoses or a model that differs from the photos. Despite this, all products are made of durable materials, there are no visible defects. The instructions are available only in Chinese, so it is better to entrust the installation to an experienced specialist.

3 Xiaomi Water Purifier 1245

15 best water filters from Aliexpress

Despite the prefix “smart”, this water purifier is very easy to use. You can deal with the system even without instructions. Everything is simple, reliable and clear, as befits the technology from Xiaomi. A touch-controlled nozzle is put on the faucet, through which the water flow enters the filter, and then back into the sink through a separate channel. The nozzle has two holes – for filtered and unfiltered water. Water supply modes can be switched. The model is installed under the sink.

With Aliexpress, the system comes with 4 filters. They purify water from heavy metals, bacteria, organic and mechanical pollutants by more than 99%. This is the best indicator among water filters from China. For the convenience of users, all information about the status of filters is displayed on the display. It is possible to connect the device to your smartphone via the Mi Smart Home app. This way you can monitor water quality indicators and know in advance when you need to replace the cartridges. The only drawback of the device is the highest price in the rating.


15 best water filters from Aliexpress

Universal flow-through water purification system with standard cartridges. Frees water from common types of contamination. In operation, this model is very simple and convenient. The case contains 4 replaceable modules, which do not require additional tools to replace. The filtration rate is quite high – up to 3 l / sec.

Feedback on the operation of the equipment is positive. The filter is praised for its high-quality work. It neutralizes pathogenic bacteria, disinfects water, makes it softer. At the same time, it retains mechanical and biological impurities. You can choose replacement cartridges at your own discretion, their choice on Aliexpress is huge. This model has only one drawback – paid delivery from China.

1 Huntsky PP UDF CTO UF T33

15 best water filters from Aliexpress

The water in this filter passes through 5 modules, each of which is responsible for cleaning it from certain pollutants. It is installed under the sink. The model is suitable for both urban apartments and country houses, where the water supply source is characterized by an excessive content of dissolved iron. The filter perfectly cleanses large and small mechanical particles, active chlorine, heavy metal ions and toxins.

Reviews praise the complete set of the filter. The box contains not only a separate faucet, but also all the necessary adapters, clamps and hoses. The seller sends you everything you need for installation. And the speed of delivery in this case pleases buyers of the Aliexpress site, and this is despite the fact that it is free.

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