17 best sights of Grozny

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Grozny is a city that suffered significantly during the Chechen war. As a result, many buildings were damaged or destroyed, and Museum exhibits were destroyed or stolen. For this reason, most of the sights of Grozny date back to modern times. Our experts have collected the most interesting places in the city in one rating, dividing them into convenient categories.

Rating of the best attractions in Grozny

Category place full name Rating
The best architectural sights of Grozny 1 The Area Of Akhmad Kadyrov 5.0
2 Grozny-City 4.9
3 Memorial complex of Glory named after A. Kadyrov 4.8
4 National library of the Chechen Republic 4.7
5 National gallery of them. A. A. Kadyrov 4.6
6 Triumphal arch “Grozny» 4.5
7 Manor house 4.4
8 Dagun Omayev Palace of culture 5.0
The best cultural attractions of Grozny 1 The Chechen drama theatre 4.9
2 Chechen state Philharmonic society 4.8
3 Drama theatre named after M. Lermontov 4.7
4 National Museum 4.6
5 “The Fortress Of Grozny» 4.5
6 Akhmat-Arena 4.4
7 Sports Hall ” Colosseum» 4.3
The best religious sights of Grozny 1 Mosque ” Heart Of Chechnya» 5.0
2 Church Of St. Michael The Archangel 4.9

The best architectural sights of Grozny

The Area Of Akhmad Kadyrov

17 best sights of Grozny

In the Central part of the city, at the intersection of Isaev and Putin streets, you can find a huge square dedicated to Akhmat Kadyrov. Previously, this area was called the Svoboda or Lenin region. However, after the end of the war and the rule of the first President, it was renamed. In addition, earlier the Palace of Dzhokhar Dudayev was installed here, which was finally destroyed after the war in Chechnya.

Nearby you can find the mosque “Heart of Chechnya”, as well as a number of other attractions, among which an interesting one is a huge Park area, including a number of fountains. This is one of the most modern and well-maintained areas in the entire city, which is worth visiting first of all to get acquainted with other nearby attractions.


17 best sights of Grozny

The rating of Grozny’s attractions was to be supplemented with a large complex of buildings, which was built on the Bank of the Suji river. These large and very aesthetic skyscrapers represent one of the most interesting places to visit in the modern part of the city. The highest structure consists of 40 floors, and the lowest – of 13. They are home to various offices, hotels and shopping centers.

In the buildings that are used for housing, there are about 1000 apartments with a maximum area of 200 square meters. The total size of the offices is more than 1200 m, and there is a helipad at the top. In addition, there is the Grozny city hotel, where you can find swimming pools and several restaurants. The largest tower is a building called Phoenix, and it is considered the highest residential structure in Chechnya.

Memorial complex of Glory named after A. Kadyrov

17 best sights of Grozny

This landmark is one of the most important in modern Chechnya. It is dedicated to the first President and military glory. The complex was opened in 2010, and on its territory you can find a number of monuments, including tankers from Chechnya who died in the battles of world war II. A special place on the territory is occupied by a large Museum to Akhmat Kadyrov.

In order to build it, marble from Spain was used. And to cover the chandelier, materials from Iran were used. The collection contains many personal items of the President, as well as a number of paintings and collections from the great Patriotic war. This tourist destination is perfect for those visitors who are interested in the country’s history.

National library of the Chechen Republic

17 best sights of Grozny

This is the first institution in the rating, which was opened in 1904, but it did not manage to survive to this day. The structure was finally destroyed in 1994, and then it was built anew. At the moment, this is one of the most futuristic structures in the city. After the revival of the library, it occupied part of the territory of the Republican center for some time.

The new building was presented to Grozny in 2012. The architect tried to make it look like an open book. A large number of reading rooms can be found on site, and there is a Park and a winter garden all around. Nearby you can find the national Museum of Chechnya, which will still be mentioned in the rating of attractions in Grozny, as well as a huge concert hall.

National gallery of them. A. A. Kadyrov

17 best sights of Grozny

This institution was opened in 2010 and is named after the first President of the Chechen Republic, who has already been mentioned more than once in the rating of attractions in Grozny. The gallery is located in a building built in 1983, with a total area of more than 500 square meters. In the exhibition you can find a large number of paintings and objects of decorative and applied art.

Most of them relate to modern painting. There are often solo exhibitions of local artists who are engaged in a limited time. You may not find a working gallery, as its collections are often transported to other cities. This is one of the most interesting cultural and architectural structures of the Soviet era, which can be studied both outside and inside.

Triumphal arch “Grozny»

17 best sights of Grozny

This attraction meets almost all tourists who enter Grozny from Gudermes. It was opened in 2006 in honor of the birthday of the leader of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. It consists of two large arches, flanked by towers built from traditional materials.

Despite the fact that the towers are decorative, they completely repeat the appearance of traditional structures in Chechnya. In addition, you can find portraits of Vladimir Putin and Akhmat Kadyrov. Despite its small size, it is still worth mentioning this attraction, since most tourists will see it sooner or later.

Manor house

17 best sights of Grozny

This landmark is part of the historical heritage of Chechnya and Grozny. One of the most famous lawyers and public figures Dziyaudin Malgasov lived there from 1957 to 1994. This house occupies almost an entire block in the Central part of Grozny. Its main feature can be called a different number of storeys, so on the one hand − 2 tiers, and on the other − 3.

The building faces Putin and Esambayev avenues. The structure was built in 1923 by major owners of oil-producing enterprises in the country. During the wars in Chechnya, it was damaged several times, but after the war it was completely reconstructed. In 1998, a memorial plaque in honor of the deceased was installed here. However, it was destroyed during the next military campaign.

Dagun Omayev Palace of culture

17 best sights of Grozny

This architectural and cultural landmark was erected in the Central district of Grozny in 2021 in honor of the day of the cultural worker. In fact, this building is a very interesting monument of modern architecture. Inside, you can find large and small performance halls, as well as a place for rehearsals and conferences, recording studios and a theater salon.

The complex includes a large car Park, which will accommodate up to 700 vehicles. This Palace is the largest among all represented in the region. The name was given in honor of the famous actor of the Soviet era, as well as the Hero of the USSR and many other famous personalities. In fact, it is one of the most important buildings of the Grozny new era and a very important landmark.

The best cultural attractions of Grozny

The Chechen drama theatre

17 best sights of Grozny

This cultural landmark of Grozny, which took the first position of the corresponding rating, traces its history back to the beginning of 1931, when it was planned to create a huge theater Studio. Due to the war and deportation, the actors practically did not gather, which put an end to their activities in the capital of Chechnya. They began to revive it only in the mid-fifties of the last century.

In the course of the Chechen campaign, the theater was evacuated, and the building was significantly damaged. It was reconstructed only by 2008. Since then, most artists have stayed in one place. However, educational activities are often carried out here, including charity events. Therefore, it is important to choose the right time to visit the drama theater.

Chechen state Philharmonic society

17 best sights of Grozny

Like many cultural buildings, the Philharmonic hall was founded in 1939. Before the time of deportation, the landmark was extremely important for the culture of the region. In the 1950s, when famous soldiers returned here after the war, who often came for military-themed performances. Since the beginning of the 60s, there has been a steady trend of reviving interest in actors and artists.

The flourishing of the Philharmonic society practically did not stop for 20 years. However, campaigns in Chechnya and Grozny forced the attraction to close, and for a long time. As a result, it was possible to restore its operation only in the middle of 2000. At the end of 2006, we managed to create a completely new ensemble of folk instruments. As a result, it is one of the most important cultural attractions in the region.

Drama theatre named after M. Lermontov

17 best sights of Grozny

The third position in the rating of cultural attractions of Grozny is occupied by the Mikhail Lermontov drama Theater, which emerged from a small circle formed in 1904. Chief among the Directors was Evgeny Vakhtangov, a well-known artist who managed performances in Vladikavkaz.

During the interwar period, the new institution moved to the building formed for this purpose. During the beginning of the great Patriotic war, it was renamed again, this time in honor of Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov. After that, the performances here were mainly based on his plays. The theater moved to the current building in 2012. Its characteristic feature is that the hall is designed in a spherical shape and can accommodate up to 500 spectators. This is a very interesting attraction for art lovers.

National Museum

17 best sights of Grozny

The next attraction in the rating was founded in 1924. At the same time, they often changed the direction of training, although the General themes and stylistics were preserved and were local lore. But in the 1990s, the development of the theater was finally stopped, and during the Chechen campaigns, the collection suffered significantly.

In 2007, the building was finally restored, and the funds were supplemented. Various exhibitions and expositions dedicated to archaeological finds, local people, their deeds and especially wars appeared in the halls. There are a number of different objects that are dedicated to certain well-known persons of the state of Chechnya. This is an extremely important place in the region.

“The Fortress Of Grozny»

17 best sights of Grozny

This part of the city was opened in mid-2010 on the territory of the Zavodsky district of Grozny. It was then that he hosted several competitions between racing drivers. More than 30 pilots from different regions of the country participated in the process. The total length of the circle is more than 3 kilometers, and, in comparison with European or American ovals, it is less prominent.

The area is 60 hectares. Here you can find tracks for completely different types of racing, including go-karts, cross-country, drag and drift. At the moment, there are seats designed for 1,600 spectators. This arena in the ranking of cultural attractions was at the bottom for the reason that competitions are held irregularly. However, they are still worth visiting.


17 best sights of Grozny

A large football arena was built in 2011 for 6 years. This stadium of the little-known club Akhmat, designed to accommodate about 30 thousand people. This is one of the most technologically advanced areas in the city. On it, you can find tools for conducting an overview and highlighting the game area. In addition to sports competitions, concerts are often held here.

Built to international standards, this landmark is one of the most popular places in the entire city. The complex can accommodate more than 30 people and is also a convenient venue for various events. At the same time, it can be characterized by an extremely low cost of services, it is easy to book a place for about 300 rubles. The grandstand offers excellent panoramas for photos.

Sports Hall ” Colosseum»

17 best sights of Grozny

The last position in the category of cultural attractions of Grozny is occupied by a multi-level complex, which is one of the most futuristic buildings in the area. It consists almost entirely of glass and metal, and its total area is more than 8000 square meters. In height, it reaches 27 m. The arena can be easily transformed depending on the needs of the organizers.

The lower part of the attraction is occupied by a large gym, including martial arts. In addition, there is a block with the administration, a podium for the movement of athletes and a box designed for especially important people. Part of the complex is occupied by media representatives.

The best religious sights of Grozny

Mosque ” Heart Of Chechnya»

17 best sights of Grozny

The first position in the rating of religious attractions is occupied by a mosque called “Heart of Chechnya”. This huge institution was built in 2008 in honor of the forum held in Grozny. The event, called “Islam-the religion of peace”, had to start in a rather beautiful building. Therefore, in 2006, experienced architects from Turkey were attracted. The landmark towers are the tallest in the country. And the domes are no lower than traditional Orthodox churches from the Northern capital.

This place was built as luxurious as possible to make it attractive for all residents and tourists. The image of a mosque from Istanbul was used as a primary example. In the process of construction, only modern methods were used, which significantly increased the strength and reliability of the structure. Inside there are several important icons, and the interior is made of marble.

Church Of St. Michael The Archangel

17 best sights of Grozny

The second position of the top in this section of attractions in Grozny is occupied by the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, one of the few Orthodox churches located in this area. It was founded by Cossacks in the 19th century. So the first stone was laid in 1868, and in 1890 it was built and consecrated 2 years later. Construction began mainly thanks to voluntary donations from local residents.

During the Chechen campaigns, the Church suffered greatly. In 2004, the reconstruction of the landmark began. After that, funds were allocated from the funds of the Russian Federation for rapid recovery. Ramzan Kadyrov and Ali Alkhanov also took part. The reconstruction was completed in record time in 1 year, but the interior continued to be restored a little longer.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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