20 best air conditioners for your apartment

Characteristics in the rating

A good air conditioner will save you from the summer heat, help you create an optimal microclimate in the apartment. Now manufacturers of air conditioning equipment offer a variety of air conditioners that differ in design, installation method, power and other parameters. Choose the best option, taking into account the characteristics of the room and the desired effect of the installed equipment. Therefore, we have included only the best air conditioners of all existing types in the rating. Our rating will help you decide which air conditioner to choose.

Best portable air conditioning units (monoblocks)

First, let’s look at monoblock air conditioners. All models from our rating do not require special installation. The only thing that is necessary is to ensure the tightness of the tube through which hot air will be discharged to the street. The General advantages of this type of air conditioner include the relative cheapness and the ability to move around the room (within the reach of hoses). There are quite a lot of disadvantages. As mentioned above, first of all, it is noise. In addition, monoblocks occupy quite a lot of useful space. And the appearance, which does not Shine with design delights, will clearly spoil the overall impression of the interior.

However, the choice of a mobile air conditioner is justified if you have already carried out repairs, and you do not want to do it again. To install the monoblock, you only need to take one tube outside and seal the hole. See below for the preferred model.

4 Zanussi ZACM-09 MS/N1

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

The equipment of the Italian brand is familiar to many, deservedly trusted, so the mobile air conditioner of their production is quite popular. Despite its compact size (43. 5×71. 5×35 cm), it easily cools a room of up to 25 sq. m. At the same time, the functionality is at a high level – remote control using a remote control, night mode, automatic maintenance of the set temperature, self-diagnosis of problems. The design is simple, restrained, but not bad.

The characteristics declared by the manufacturer are fully confirmed by user reviews. The air conditioner perfectly copes with cooling, makes the air fresher. Many people write about quiet operation, very simple controls, and even found fans of its concise design. But one of the main advantages is the excellent quality of plastic, Assembly and durability.

3 General Climate GCP-09ERC1N1

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

This is a beautiful, but, unfortunately, insufficiently thought out in terms of convenience, air conditioning. The main complaint of buyers is a very short pipe for removing hot air, which significantly limits the ability to move. Surprisingly, this is combined with a variety of transition plates, which make it easier to attach the corrugation to different types of Windows. This is quite pleasant, because sometimes users have to “collective farm” the mounts themselves, even on more expensive air conditioners.

Other advantages include the presence of night mode, auto-restart function. There is a generator of anions-negatively charged particles that provide a bactericidal effect. All this increases the comfort of use and helps to improve the microclimate in the house. The most important advantage of many buyers is a very interesting, original and stylish design of the product.

Which air conditioner to choose: monoblock or split system? The following table shows the pros and cons of each type:

Indoor unit type




+ It is possible to move around the room

– High noise level

– Many useful functions are missing (for example, air humidification)

– Takes up a lot of usable space

– Lower power compared to split systems

Split system

+ Low noise level

+ Availability of several types of indoor units – it is convenient to choose according to your needs

+ Relatively compact size and variety of appearance

+ Better air flow distribution

– It is necessary to install at the stage of repair, because laying communications is quite a “dirty” process

– There may be difficulties with placing an external block

– Rather high cost of air conditioning

2 Ballu BPAC-09 CM

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

A pleasant model in all respects from a fairly popular manufacturer of heating and air conditioning equipment. In addition to the nice design, it has good performance, easy operation and quiet operation – 44 dB. It is equipped with an easy window exhaust system, which allows you to fix the warm air outlet on any window without purchasing additional accessories.

Users most of all appreciate the simplicity of operation and compactness of the device. Unlike other air conditioners, even mobile ones, it takes up minimal space. With its direct purpose, it copes perfectly – a room of about 20 square meters cools down in just 15 minutes, so it is suitable even for a small house. But for some customers, it still seems a little simple – just two blowing modes, no remote control.

1 Electrolux EACM-10HR/N3

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

The Electrolux EACM-10HR/N3 mobile air conditioner features a stylish design and versatility. After purchasing one appliance, the owner receives cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification systems. Although the device does not have high power, losing in this aspect to competitors, but the model has efficient cooling. At the same time, consumers are pleasantly surprised by the low noise level (44 dB) and economical power consumption (class “A”). Condensate drainage is not required, as moisture is released as steam through the air duct. Thanks to the automatic temperature control function, human involvement is minimized.

Users in reviews are flattering about such properties of Electrolux EACM-10HR / N3 as low energy consumption, great functionality, reasonable price. Many experts consider this mobile air conditioner to be the best solution for an apartment or small house.

Best cheap wall-mounted air conditioners: budget up to 20,000 rubles

This group of air conditioners already belongs to split systems. This means that the kit will include 2 units – outdoor and indoor, which allows you to keep the noise level at an acceptable level. But there is also a significant drawback-it is necessary to plan the installation of such a system even at the repair stage, since it is necessary to lay communications between the blocks. But, after these temporary inconveniences, you will get a fairly powerful and functional system that will not spoil the interior of the room. More advanced systems will be considered later, but for now, let’s take a look at the rating of budget split systems.


20 best air conditioners for your apartment

This split system immediately attracts attention with its stylish, modern design in black. For many buyers, even this becomes a weighty reason for purchasing a Chinese-made model. But the advantages do not end there. The budget split system has simply excellent functionality – an ionizer, the ability to control via Wi-Fi, a warm start, memorizing settings, and several speeds. All this is successfully combined with quiet operation of no more than 33 dB.

User reviews confirm that the model is just great. It is economical and easy to use, but it also has all the necessary options. Many people note the non-standard design, rapid cooling and overall improvement of the microclimate in the apartment. No difficulties in setting up do not arise even for those who are not particularly versed in split systems. Surprisingly, there is not a single negative review about the model.

3 Hisense AS-10HR4SYDTG

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

The Hisense as-10HR4SYDTG wall split system benefits from high-quality air purification. The manufacturer has equipped the model with a filtration system with a photocatalytic element. The composition also includes a filter containing silver ions. For comprehensive neutralization of air is a function of the plasma cleaning. In this way, it is possible not only to get rid of dust and unpleasant odors, but also to destroy bacteria, viruses and pathogens. Power the device enough for cooling or heating rooms up to 30 sqm, the energy efficiency of the air conditioner belongs to the class “A”, and the noise level is in the range 29 to 40 dB.

The main advantages of the split system Hisense AS-10HR4SYDTG users consider high-quality air purification, quiet operation, efficient cooling of the room, reliability.

Which air conditioner should I choose?

First, you should pay attention to the type of air conditioner, because almost all the characteristics and installation method depend on it. The first, simplest type – mobile-is made in the form of a monoblock, in which both the compressor and all the control electronics are adjacent. Such systems are as simple as possible to install (window or wall), or do not require it at all, as in the case of monoblock systems on wheels that can be moved around the room. The main disadvantage is the high noise level caused by the compressor operation. Also, as a rule, mobile systems are less powerful and have reduced functionality.

The second type, which is now more widespread, is the split system. Its essence is that there are two separate units: an external one with a compressor, and an internal one with an electronic filling, through which air exchange takes place. Such a system is quite efficient and at the same time low-noise, so it is more suitable for an ordinary apartment.

Indoor units also differ in design. There are quite a lot of them, but for an apartment it is worth considering only two of them: wall and floor-ceiling. The first one is more popular and therefore has the greatest variety. A floor-and-ceiling indoor unit is used in cases where it is impossible to install the unit on the wall – thin walls or lack of the required margin on the sides. Also, you probably met such a type as multi-split systems. But here everything is simple – this is a modification of the usual split system, in which the internal units are from 2 to 7. Thus, this type is perfect if you need to cool several rooms.

2 Ballu BSE-09HN1

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

This model has several advantages at once-affordable price, attractive design. In General, this is a standard air conditioner that performs its main task well, but is not stuffed with many additional functions, as rivals. Advantages of the model:

  • The best air purification system, including a deodorizing filter that cleans the air from unpleasant odors and tobacco smoke.
  • There is a filter with vitamin C. The benefits of it, of course, are doubtful, but it clearly does no harm.
  • There is an air flow control function from the remote control, which is very convenient.

1 Electrolux EACS-07HG/N3

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

As you may have already noticed, the models in this rating are quite close to each other, both in terms of functionality and cost. However, the leader still managed to stand out. And first of all, it differs in appearance. Agree, an interesting design is quite a rarity in the budget class of devices. Undoubtedly, a rather nice remote control also pleases, which is important, because it is with it that the user has to deal most often. The advantages also include:

  • The best energy efficiency in cooling consumed a total of 655 watts of power.
  • The presence of a plasma filter that perfectly copes with dust, odors, pollen and smoke.
  • There is a system that prevents the formation of ice on the external unit of the air conditioner.
  • The most compact size of the indoor unit.

Best wall-mounted air conditioners with inverter (split systems)

So we got, let’s say, to the “elite” among split systems – models with an inverter. But what is it? An inverter is a frequency Converter that allows you to smoothly change the power of the compressor. Conventional air conditioners are either running at full capacity or turned off. These models can also vary the cooling or heating force. Thanks to this, the device can adjust the temperature more precisely and cool the room faster. In addition, they produce a little less noise, but at the same time are more energy efficient. Do you think that everything can not be so wonderful and without a single trick? You think correctly, because inverter air conditioners are much more expensive than traditional models.


20 best air conditioners for your apartment

Against the background of other inverter split systems, the cost of an air conditioner from a well-known South Korean manufacturer seems quite low. At the same time, everything is fine with the quality, technical characteristics and functionality. In addition to efficient cooling, the manufacturer provides a ventilation mode that can be used as a heat pump at an outdoor temperature of at least-10C. The model is equipped with deodorizing filters, a self-diagnosis system, and an automatic temperature maintenance option. All information about the operating mode is displayed on the display.

From the reviews, you can understand that the air conditioner is made conscientiously – from high-quality materials, without gaps and backlashes. The device performs all the functions declared by the manufacturer correctly, there are no difficulties in operation. Given the quite affordable price, users definitely recommend it for purchase.


20 best air conditioners for your apartment

Next up is one of the most affordable inverter air conditioners. Despite the price difference of almost 20 thousand rubles, this model copes with its direct task no worse than many more expensive and famous rivals. In addition, most users note a very convenient remote control, with which you can get to the desired function in 1-2 clicks. Yes, of course, it does not Shine with design, but even a child can cope with it! The main advantages of the model include the presence of an anion generator that has a bactericidal effect and the function of remembering settings, which allows you to create a couple of necessary presets and then simply switch between them.

2 Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-SF25VE / MUZ-SF25VE

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

Imagine that you came from the street, where the heat is sweltering, to your home apartment and… it’s also hot there. An air conditioner like our silver medalist can save you in this situation. Despite the ascetic design, the Mitsubishi air conditioner works just fine. The main advantages include:

  • The largest volume of air cooled in a minute is 10.3 m3 /min.
  • Better energy efficiency-consumes almost 200 watts less than competitors.
  • The longest communications are 20 meters. This will allow you to install the indoor unit of the split system far enough away from the outdoor one, which gives you more room for action.

1 Toshiba RAS-13N3KV-E / RAS-13N3AV-E

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

The Toshiba RAS-13N3KV-E / RAS-13N3AV-e wall split system is an elegant and very useful element in any interior. Thanks to the inverter control of the compressor power, a comfortable microclimate can be created in a room with an area of up to 35 sq.m. The model is characterized by quiet operation (26-40 dB), although the power of the device is quite impressive (3.5 / 4.2 kW). The manufacturer used a safe type of refrigerant (R 410A), which does not destroy the ozone layer. A deodorizing filter is used to purify the air, effectively eliminating odors.

In reviews, users note a good price-quality ratio of the Toshiba RAS-13N3KV-E / RAS-13N3AV-e air conditioner. All functions have been working properly for many years, and the device is quiet both indoors and outdoors. The model quickly cools and heats the room, for which it was included in our rating.

Best floor and ceiling air conditioners

We already mentioned this type of split system at the very beginning of the article, when we found out what types exist in principle. Now it’s time to dwell on them in a little more detail. So, let’s start with the fact that floor and ceiling air conditioners are all the same split systems with accompanying pros and cons. The main difference lies in the installation method. Contrary to logic, this type is attached either to the ceiling or … to the wall. However, the wall mount should be literally a couple of centimeters from the floor. Simply put, this type is similar in location to traditional radiators.

The main advantage of such a module is its high performance-it is enough even for rooms with an area of about 100 m2 . In addition, according to professionals, when installed just above the floor, the air conditioner better captures all the nooks and crannies, which is extremely necessary for rooms of complex configuration.

4 Hyundai H-ALC3-18H

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

This floor and ceiling air conditioner is good for everyone – high performance, many different options, excellent dehumidification mode (up to 1.8 l / h). The manufacturer took care of the design development – the device looks stylish and modern. The air conditioner works quietly – in night mode, the volume does not exceed 34 dB, so you can safely install it in the bedroom, without fear that the hum will interfere with sleep. All necessary settings can be set from the remote control.

In reviews, users often note that, despite the functionality, it is very easy to deal with the operation of the device – it takes no more than ten minutes. There are no complaints about the quality of manufacture or Assembly of the device, its operation does not arise – the air conditioner effectively cools and dehumidifies the air. So the model is completely worth the considerable money that sellers ask for it.

3 Hisense AUV-18HR4SA

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

If you need to create a comfortable atmosphere in a large apartment or room with an area of up to 50 square meters, then you should pay attention to the Chinese split system Hisense AUV-18HR4SA. High efficiency equipment provides a powerful compressor (5 kW). The manufacturer has applied advanced air distribution technology (4D Auto air). Blinds are automatically switched to one of 4 modes. Thanks to the fault self-diagnosis function, the user can maintain the device in a timely manner. The manufacturer used R 410A refrigerant, which is safe for the ozone layer, in the split system.

Users highly appreciated the quality of the split system Hisense AUV-18HR4SA. Most of the praise was given to such properties as performance, automatic temperature maintenance, and self-diagnosis of malfunctions.

2 Royal Clima RC-G22HN

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

The Royal Clima RC-G22HN floor and ceiling split system is in high demand in the domestic market. One of the reasons for its popularity is an affordable price with good equipment and functionality. The device is designed to create comfort in a room with an area of up to 20 square meters. m. in Addition to the cooling and heating mode, the device has the option of ventilation, dehumidification, maintaining a set temperature. A deodorizing filter and ionizer are responsible for air quality. The split system is controlled by a remote control, it belongs to the “A” class in terms of energy efficiency, and the noise level during operation does not exceed 40 dB.

Domestic consumers in reviews indicate such advantages of the Royal Clima RC-G22HN split system as an affordable price, multi-stage filtration, quiet operation, sleep mode and turbo. Some users do not have enough power of the device.

1 Shivaki SFH-184BE/SUH-184BE

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

This air conditioner can not be called the owner of an exquisite design. But this is not important, because he copes with his task not just well, but perfectly! Its performance is designed for rooms with an area of up to 53 square meters. meters, so for an ordinary city apartment it is almost certainly enough with your head. The advantages of the model are very high power (5300 W for cooling and 5900 W for heating) and a high dehumidification rate of 1.9 l/h.

In the reviews, customers write that they did not have to regret their purchase. In addition to the large service area, they offer economical power consumption, a convenient remote control, and fast cooling even in the hottest weather conditions. The disadvantages include only a high level of noise.

Best air conditioners for children’s rooms

Children are not our little copies, as it may seem at first glance. They differ significantly from adults not only in their relative lack of intelligence, but also in a different physiology, which is why they require a special approach. This also applies to the choice of air conditioning in the children’s room. First of all, it is necessary, of course, to dismiss mobile air conditioners and consider only split systems. After all, while many functions can be accessed in both types, only the latter are relatively silent. And this is very important to ensure a restful sleep.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the presence of adjustable air dampers. They should be used to divert the flow of cold air from the child’s bed and workplace to avoid catching a cold. Here it is also worth mentioning models with a two-band motion sensor, which will automatically divert the flow from the child. Of course, such systems are much more expensive than simpler analogues.

Third, the air conditioner must be equipped with an inverter. This, again, reduces the noise level and also provides a more constant temperature. For the same reason, it is worth choosing models with the possibility of both cooling and heating, which is especially useful in the off-season.

And finally, air purification. Agree, the atmosphere in the city can hardly be called even relatively clean. Because of this, it is worth paying attention to air conditioners with several types of filters. Of course, the cheapest models also partially purify the air, but they are not able to cope, for example, with viruses, bacteria or unpleasant odors.

Examples of a good air conditioner for a children’s room will be models from our rating.

4 Midea MSEAAU-09HRFN1 / MOA01-09HFN1

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

This inverter air conditioner is designed specifically for the children’s room, as you can guess even from the bright design with a beautiful winter picture. The functionality provides everything necessary to create an optimal microclimate in the children’s room. There is a motion sensor and an infrared sensor that detects the temperature in the child’s area, ensuring that it is maintained at a favorable level. Additional advantages – quiet operation, anion generator, deodorizing filter, convenient adjustment of the air flow direction. The air conditioner is sold in two colors – blue and pink, so it will appeal to both boys and girls.

Many parents in reviews call this air conditioner a real decoration of the children’s room. They are satisfied with its quality, cooling efficiency and temperature maintenance. And with an infrared sensor, they can be sure that their child will not catch a cold from the cold air currents.

3 Toshiba RAS-10N3KVR-E / RAS-10N3AVR-E

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

A good set of technical specifications at an affordable price is available in the Toshiba RAS-10N3KVR-E / RAS-10N3AVR-e wall-mounted inverter split system. The device is perfect for working in a children’s room. Its power is enough to create a cozy atmosphere in a room up to 25 square meters. m. you can Adjust the operation of the air conditioner using the remote control, the device does not emit noise (26-39 dB), has energy efficiency class “A”. The split system perfectly cleans the air in the room thanks to plasma and deodorizing filters, anion generator. The presence of security systems prevents unauthorized changes in operating modes.

Users highlight a number of advantages of the Toshiba RAS-10N3KVR-E / RAS-10N3AVR-e split system. This is an affordable price, excellent air purification, fast achievement of the set temperature regime. The disadvantage of the device is its large overall dimensions.

2 Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN25VG / MUZ-LN25VG

20 best air conditioners for your apartment

The Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN25VG / MUZ-LN25VG premium split system allows you not only to create a comfortable environment for children in the apartment. The Wi-Fi option provides parents with the opportunity to control the microclimate in the children’s room via a smartphone or laptop. The device has everything you need to ensure optimal temperature conditions and maintain clean air on an area of up to 20 square meters. m. the function of remembering settings can Significantly facilitate the task of parents. Thanks to the 3D I-SEE sensor, a three-dimensional picture is created, on the basis of which you can make adjustments depending on the nature of children’s games.

In reviews, parents praise the Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN25VG / MUZ-LN25VG air conditioner for remote control, high-quality air purification, quiet operation and efficiency. Only the high price can be attributed to the disadvantages.


20 best air conditioners for your apartment

This AUX air conditioner meets all the requirements listed above. Especially striking is the silence with which the system operates – only 26 dB at maximum load. And this, by the way, is about 10 dB quieter than similar models “for adults”. Other advantages include:

  • Children’s design. Boys, of course, are unlikely to be thrilled, but girls will like it.
  • High volume of air flow – 9,5 cubic meters/min.
  • In addition to the fine filter, there is a deodorizing filter and an anion generator.
  • Smart Eye technology that tracks the temperature near the child.
  • Quite low cost for such equipment.
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