20 best armchair beds

Characteristics in the rating

The bed chair should not be chosen solely for aesthetic reasons, forgetting that you will have to sleep on it – periodically or on a permanent basis. So that the product does not disappoint, even before purchasing it, it is important to understand the mechanisms of transformation, fillers and upholstery. Their abundance leads to the fact that some models are suitable for daily sleep, others are created more for relaxing in front of the TV, and others simply decorate the interior.

In General, the ideal transformer does not take up extra space, easily moves to the side, has a roomy Laundry drawer inside. Its mattress provides the body with anatomical support, and folding and unfolding does not take much time and effort. A solid Foundation should be made of natural or high-quality artificial materials. In the rating, you can see which manufacturers and models have most successfully coped with the task of creating multifunctional furniture.

Best cheap armchair beds: budget 4000-8000 rubles.

5 MnogoMeb Leningrad

20 best armchair beds

How often the desire for comfort and beauty is faced with restrictions-the area of a small apartment, the lack of money to buy a sofa. The best way out of this situation is a budget armchair-bed “Leningrad” from MnogoMeb. To transform the product, the “French clamshell” mechanism is used. The hollow tube design is very light and easy to use by anyone: first you need to remove the pillows, get the mattress and in three stages lay it out with an emphasis on metal legs.

Over time, you may need minor repairs to the folding system. Parts are inexpensive, and you can put them yourself. The model is in demand among hospitable hosts as an extra bed. You can’t use such a device every day, because the built-in mattress does not have orthopedic back support, and there is no niche for storing sleeping accessories.

4 Stolplit Bit-2

20 best armchair beds

The soft chair with a large cushion is designed for two seats. Ideal for a children’s room and a guest room, you can play and sleep on it. Matting upholstery, which is popular in the furniture industry, is highly valued for its strength (the staggered interweaving of threads is almost impossible to break), as well as for maintaining its shape (textiles do not sit down, stretch or crumple). The product is laid out directly on the floor, that is, you will have to lie low on a 10-centimeter foam layer. If the room is cool or the quality of the floor covering leaves much to be desired, then the model is not the most suitable for sleeping.

Two conclusions can be drawn from the reviews. First, each person adjusts the comfort level by placing or removing a decorative pillow. The second point is important for pet owners. The upholstery attracts cats, they sharpen their claws, and the matting is very damaged from hooks. Care is simple-dry cleaning, vacuum cleaner, antistatic treatment.

3 Charm Design Coffee

20 best armchair beds

The folding chair can quickly transform into a bed due to the double folding mechanism: the seat must be lifted and pulled forward. The sleeping place is wide, 195×60 cm, and the armrests limit the space, creating an atmosphere of safety and comfort for the sleeper. This type of furniture is recommended for purchase in a Studio or small apartment due to its unobtrusive design with straight shapes, plain upholstery and thoughtful dimensions (80×72 cm and 72 cm in height). Moving the model is easy, it weighs only 28 kg.

The company “charm-design” promotes the idea of comfort at an affordable price, and this is very popular with consumers. Today, it is generally difficult to find cheap furniture, especially with such an attractive appearance. The reviews say that the product fits into a modern interior without any problems and does not attract attention; both when folded and unfolded, it pleases with convenience – in the process of sitting, reading, sleeping.

2 Best-Furniture Dallas

20 best armchair beds

The prepared sleeping place has an average rigidity without bends and dips. The design is strong, which is used by irrepressible children in their fun-jumps and somersaults are not terrible for the folding mechanism. Low sides protect against falling out during sleep, and a miniature linen drawer is good for storing sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. A large winter set with a blanket and pillow, unfortunately, will not fit there.

The quality of artificial leather is good, which is confirmed by numerous product owners. An elegant product created as if for the living room, but only at first glance. People also successfully fit it into children’s rooms, bedrooms, and balconies, which confirms the versatility of the armchair-bed. Ergonomic outlines allow you to use this model instead of a regular bed at least every day, and children can lie down across when the “transformer” is folded, and lying down to watch TV or read a book.

1 Charm Design Classic D

20 best armchair beds

Furniture factory “charm-Design” has been selling products for more than 20 years and positions itself as a powerful design team with its own design Bureau, working with the best suppliers of wood, fabrics and accessories from Russia, Germany, Austria. The products have been certified according to GOST R, PCT, and EAC. The manufacturer promises that the chair will qualitatively relax the body after a hard day’s work, and a huge number of modifications guarantee the selection of a suitable design for any home and office.

At the heart of a stable “Classic” is a deciduous and coniferous timber. The groove-stud joint with adhesive reinforcement (PVA) and natural shrinkage technology provides high strength and durability. Users really like the use of natural materials and the presence of a Laundry drawer with a depth of 210 mm. The price in the budget category of the review is the highest, but it is fully justified by the quality of materials.

The best armchairs-beds of the average price category: budget 8000-11000 rubles.

5 Lyon Hope

20 best armchair beds

A number of manufacturers strive to provide products with decent back support at low cost. The choice of material in this case is obvious – it is polyurethane foam, and the demand for it is always high. Raw materials are a product of oil refining, porous synthetics mostly consist of an inert gas phase. Our fellow citizens are more familiar with the name Porolon – a brand of elastic PU originating from the Scandinavian countries. The best feature of the material is its successful resistance to moisture and micro-organisms.

According to consumers, this filler has ideal hygienic parameters. It doesn’t get moldy, dusty, or allergic. The model presented by the Lyon factory is very comfortable, because it is softened with foam rubber-strong and airy at the same time, soft and elastic, taking the shape of the body. In terms of noise and thermal insulation, the substance surpasses many analogues. Minus one – there is no headboard.

4 Elegy VEGA-1

20 best armchair beds

One of the most beautiful, but not the most versatile models for sleeping. The folding transformation mechanism turns the chair into a three-section bed, and sensitive people are sure to feel the docking points. The solution is to use a roll-up mattress according to the size of the unfolded structure (188×54 cm), which entails additional costs.

The quality of materials deserves special praise: the facade is made of beech and cherry, and the decor is made of solid birch. The sturdy wooden legs are wide enough to support children turning in their sleep. A compact sleeping place is not suitable for a large adult, it is designed more for children and teenagers. Reviews boil down to one thing: the sleeping place is relatively comfortable, but narrow. It is not advisable to use the spread structure every night, rather in emergency cases, when guests have descended.

3 mobi Alma 31

20 best armchair beds

The chair-bed with a roll-out transformation mechanism and installation on bent-glued armor differs in the layout algorithm. When the elements are assembled, they lie in the case. If you pull the lower part from the front, the seat will roll out, then the pillow is thrown back to the vacant place and a place for sleeping is arranged. The advantages are numerous: the design works long-term and without problems, it can be used every day, the internal space allows you to store a considerable stock of Laundry (the volume of the box is 750x654x100 mm). It remains to make sure that the wheels do not spoil the floor covering (laminate, parquet, Board).

Judging by the reviews, the model is suitable for placement in a children’s or guest bedroom, it can be placed in the country or in the garden. The mattress can withstand up to 100 kg, so both a child, a teenager, and an adult will be comfortable to rest. Two matching decorative pads are a nice bonus, creating additional aesthetics.

2 Elado Amsterdam

20 best armchair beds

All elado furniture looks so unusual that it is suitable only for the most creative customers and the most innovative interiors. Fortunately, the brand’s designers produce related products in the same style: large sofas, coffee tables. If you put together a set, you get a surprisingly harmonious composition, as if it came down from the pages of a glossy magazine. The main focus is on the use of contrasting materials: eco-leather on the sidewalls and soft velour on the seat and pillow.

Faux leather made of cotton and polyurethane, does not have harmful contaminants, allergic potential and disagreeable smell. Velor coating is pleasant to the touch, allows air to pass through and retains heat, does not crumple, but there is also a minus-the pile collects hair and dust. The accordion mechanism is one of the most popular folding chairs among customers. The seat simply stretches on itself until it is fully straightened and transformed into a horizontal position. It is important that the upholstery quickly returns to its original position after manipulations, without deflections, pits and bubbles.

1 Elegy For Comfort

20 best armchair beds

The large rounded armrests are reminiscent of an 18th – century invention, the Chesterfield chair. In those days, a design was developed that corresponded to the status of a gentleman, and with the expectation that the cuffs of long coats would not crumple against the furniture. Owners of good taste will surely be happy to get a stylish product with a spring block at the base of the seat. But this type of filler should be carefully operated to prevent the occurrence of creaks, as well as breakage or sagging of springs. Children should not be allowed to jump or walk on the unfolded bed. The model is made in fabric or leatherette to choose from, soft natural shades, floral motifs, cage, prints, geometry are available.

In use, the armchair-bed absolutely justifies the name – the surface is surprisingly comfortable, soft and elastic at the same time. In a sitting position, the back and neck rest. After removing the load, the shape is restored instantly, but over time, the properties of the springs may weaken.

Best armchair beds in terms of price/quality ratio

5 Mebeliko Senator

20 best armchair beds

When an ordinary bed is too bulky, multifunctional furniture comes to the rescue. The textile-leather transformer is designed for rest and sleep in various body positions-sitting and lying down. The appearance of the” Senator ” combines simple lines and shapes in a minimalist style. There is a modification with straight armrests in the form of mini-countertops, as well as with solid decorative elements in the form of a wave. To be able to put a Cup or put a book, it is better to choose the first option.

There are very few reviews on the Internet for this model, so it remains to trust the manufacturer’s description and order the product you like blindly. A more reasonable way out (for residents of Moscow) is to visit a physical store and see for yourself the convenience of a chair-bed. Driving is easier, since you will have to walk from the metro station for half an hour. The company promises Muscovites free targeted delivery to the entrance, the service of lifting to the apartment will be paid.

4 MebelVia Santa

20 best armchair beds

“Santa” immediately attracts attention and makes you want to touch the upholstery. In the case of velvet corduroy, this is not surprising: the fabric is aesthetic, very strong and durable, “breathes” and retains heat, and most importantly-does not crease. The ability of textiles to hold their shape is critical in folding structures that transform from a chair to a bed and back again several times a day. The color scheme of the product on the official website is simply amazing: all shades of gray, blue, beige, Bordeaux, bright raspberry, black and lilac. Everyone will find the only correct shade that will fit into the interior.

A fuzzy surface is impractical, as it traps dust and fine dirt. It is necessary to prepare in advance that a vacuum cleaner and a slightly damp sponge will become loyal companions of the owner of corduroy furniture. Therefore, such a chic design has its price-both literally and figuratively – in terms of time spent on care.

3 Your Sofa Roger

20 best armchair beds

“Your sofa” is a modern production focused on the client. Clear warranty obligations (18 months) and effective resolution of disputes inspire confidence in the brand’s products. Each product goes through a full cycle of control Assembly: this is the only way to minimize claims to mechanisms and parts. And delivery is carried out through reputable transport services in strong cardboard boxes. The safety of materials complies with GOST and is confirmed by the Declaration.

The “Roger” series of armchair beds looks very stylish, like all the brand’s products. It is extremely functional and not loaded with excesses: there is only a frame covered with a medium-hard polyurethane foam mattress and a small textile curtain at the bottom, hiding the” inside ” of the structure. The velour cover is filled with hallcon filler – hypoallergenic, springy, quickly restoring shape and lush as a feather bed.

2 Hoff Comfort

20 best armchair beds

The model is simple, reliable and comfortable, perfect for a teenager’s room. Simple shapes are complemented by solid, restrained upholstery: gray, white and honey-brown shades are available to choose from. Pockets for your favorite books and magazines are designed in the side walls; wide pads on the armrests can be used for drinking coffee and other beverages. The “eurocook” mechanism allows you to put compact furniture directly against the wall, which is important in cramped living conditions. Unfolding does not affect the space on the sides and behind the product, you just need to push the seat forward and lower the backrest to the resulting void.

On the official website, the model is one of the most discussed. Consultants point out that you can not lie down on the bed with a weight of more than 75 kg, but the chair can withstand 150 kg. And buyers believe that the sample itself weighs too much-65 kg just can not move around the house, for example, during cleaning.

1 Moon Trade Dublin

20 best armchair beds

Stylish solid color model with the most comfortable level of fit and an excellent two-meter bed length. The product can be laid out daily, and the smooth accordion mechanism forms a smooth, uniform surface that is acceptable for supporting the entire spine. The base consists of several high-quality elements: metal frame, birch armor, spring coils. In combination with soft flooring made of polyurethane foam, this design ensures high rigidity, compatible with most types of body weights of adults and children.

The cover can be removed and washed or taken to the dry cleaners. Owners consider it a disadvantage that this option is not possible without the involvement of service specialists. On the other hand, this ensures an adequate appearance of the product, indistinguishable from the new one. Designers have made rectangular armrests – someone lacks a soft lining, and someone, on the contrary, uses these elements as a countertop. Reviews highly evaluate the products of Moon Trade.

Best-bed seats in the premium segment

5 Relax Madrid

20 best armchair beds

The orthopedic grid at the base solves several problems. First, it is much better ventilated. Secondly, the entire structure is lighter in weight than a solid base, which is important during transportation and rearrangement of furniture. The massive armrests are upholstered in high-quality dark brown eco-leather with contrasting beige stitching. Soft velour upholstery creates a pleasant atmosphere of comfort. The colors are calm and unconventional: mustard, emerald, mint, mouse, all shades of coffee with milk.

Reviews are not numerous, but from those that are available, we can conclude that the model has been successfully used. People like the “accordion” layout for the ease of assembling the mattress, the quality of materials, and especially the practicality of velour, from which the sheet does not jump off. Another plus – plastic feet do not scratch the floor. Delivery is carried out unassembled in three boxes.

4 Volly Tolly Milena

20 best armchair beds

The main idea of the brand boils down to the availability of designer furniture to improve everyday life. DS Group design Bureau is working on the recognizable appearance of furniture products. The functional chair-bed “Milena” looks bright and may well become an accent, a bright point of attraction for the eyes in the room. A whole series with sofas and armchairs has been developed, so it is possible to assemble a full-fledged ensemble. The average level of rigidity is achieved by using a polyurethane foam layer laid on a metal frame. In addition, the filler is offered to be changed with an additional payment of 6 thousand rubles for an independent spring block (only in the Seating area).

A pillow-roller with a crumb of polyurethane foam inside looks very unusual. It is good for health: it provides the correct position of the body in space, gives the neck support, eliminates deflection in the thoracic region. The pillow can be placed under the lower back or clamped between the knees-depending on your favorite sleeping positions.

3 Pinskdrev Malysh

20 best armchair beds

Products of the Belarusian brand are officially sold through Moscow salons, if necessary, you can arrange direct delivery from the manufacturer. “Malysh” is designed for a children’s room with great attention to detail. Streamlined shapes guarantee safety: an active child has nothing to hit. The best materials are used for the frame: solid wood, plywood, chipboard, chipboard. The filling ensures a comfortable daily stay on the bed all night – in the composition of elastic polyurethane foam for point support of the spine, sintepon and felt for thermal insulation.

Consumers like the model for a number of reasons. She has a very wide sleeping place, as much as 98 cm. The telescopic transformation is easy and opens up a large storage space for bedding. Only note: if the floor is uneven, for example, if there is a carpet on it, then the sliding part on the rollers gradually loosens.

2 Ascona Liten Casanova

20 best armchair beds

Ascona is known on the Russian market as one of the leaders in the mattress industry. Accordingly, with advanced manufacturing technologies, they have provided their chair-bed with the perfect mattress for every day. Under the textile coating is a multi-layered “sandwich” made of highly elastic OrtoFoam foam, an exclusive nano Pocket spring block and a high-density foam material on wooden slats. The developed model is simply a triumph of minimalism: a functional mini-chair without armrests in a three-dimensional case.

The 16-cm mattress is considered unique in height for compact chairs with an accordion mechanism. Anatomical body support with a 7-zone combination of independent springs is also a rarity for this type of furniture. The customer can choose the degree of rigidity of the sleeping place depending on the weight and personal preferences. In the most rigid versions, foam with curly cutting is laid in the middle.

1 Cardiff

20 best armchair beds

This model proves that a comfortable single bed can be a folding bed. The main thing is that the mattress unfolds without seams, is moderately rigid, and supports the spine well. A matching pillow is included – so you can provide a full-fledged place for one sleeper. A special feature of the series is a stylized 70s appearance. Pastel colors, soft curves, light wooden legs, quilted monochrome upholstery – all the elements add up to a cozy atmospheric thing. Just what you need for a modern interior in the Scandinavian style.

Exclusive products are sold through the designer furniture store, directly from the furniture factory to the buyer. The customer does not overpay and gets a first-class product cheaper, as there is no need to include in the price the cost of transport, warehouses, retail showrooms. The scheme is very profitable, and the art Nouveau style is finding more and more fans.

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