20 best electric cookers

Characteristics in the rating

A stove top is essential for making most culinary creations. In the modern world, not gas, but electric devices are in increasing demand. Many foreign and domestic companies launch models with an original design and improved safety characteristics on the market. Well-known manufacturers of household appliances: Hansa, Gorenje, Darina, BEKO, Kitfort are trying to keep up with technological progress, developing new generations of electric cookers. In stores, the eyes of such a variety run away, even if the consumer knows the main characteristics that they will rely on when choosing. Very often, under the guise of promotional products, expensive new products, and other things, sellers try to get rid of low-quality or out-of-demand models. To choose a truly high-quality and reliable electric stove, pay attention to the following characteristics::

  1. Surface area. Plates can have an enamel surface, or they can be covered with glass-ceramic or stainless steel. The first type is the most inexpensive and unpretentious – it can be used to heat dishes made of any material, but it is quite difficult to care for. The second option has the most attractive design, fast heating, but requires careful treatment. Stainless steel plates have advanced functionality, look stylish and are very wear-resistant, but quite expensive.
  2. Type of hotplates. On standard plates (enameled, stainless steel), the hotplates are made of cast iron – the most reliable material, resistant to temperature changes. Some models are equipped with Express burners that warm up in a minimum amount of time. Glass-ceramic stoves usually have built-in halogen burners with a special lamp inside, which instantly warms up the stove. The rapid type works at the expense of a nichrome spiral, warms up in 10 seconds and is considered the most economical and durable. Hi Light-modern hotplates that take only 5 seconds to heat up, but consume more electricity.
  3. Size. You need to choose an electric stove depending on the size of your kitchen. In small rooms, it is better to buy a desktop model, or a standard stove with a narrow oven. Single-burner stoves are perfect for use in the country.
  4. Management. It can be mechanical, i.e. carried out using rotary switches, or it can be electronic and have a touch panel. The latter is less convenient to use, but it is better to be maintained.

The rating includes the best electric cookers in different categories. The following points were taken into account during the selection process::

  • customer reviews;
  • easy to use;
  • the reliability of the manufacturer;
  • combination of price and functionality;
  • quality of materials.

The best electric cookers with an enamel surface

Electric cookers with an enameled surface are in high demand. Such devices have built-in cast-iron burners that rise above the rest of the surface. Along the edges, as with gas stoves, there are edges that prevent liquid from spilling on the floor, if the dishes are accidentally knocked over. The designs of these models are strong and reliable, withstanding strong impacts from falling kitchen utensils. Repair of electric stoves with an enameled surface is cheap and simple, because it is enough just to change the failed hotplate.

4 Dream 15M

20 best electric cookers

In the last place of the rating is the model of the domestic manufacturer dream 15M. This electric stove has the best price in this category of products, it starts at just 5,000 rubles. The device also differs from similar ones in its smallest dimensions (50 × 43 × 49 cm), which were realized by reducing the number of burners: there are only two of them. The product is equipped with an oven with a folding door, in which double glass is installed to prevent burns.

The model has a fairly simple design. Judging by the reviews, it perfectly copes with its functions. Fast heating of the burners is ensured by the presence of high-quality heating elements, and the high-strength enamel coating is easily cleaned with a wet cloth cloth even in case of heavy dirt. Instead of the usual drawer for dishes, there is a lower stand that can withstand a lot of weight.

3 GEFEST 5140-01

20 best electric cookers

The electric stove with oven from GEFEST has quite compact dimensions – its width is only 50 cm. It will perfectly fit into a small kitchen. At the same time, the capacity of the oven is the most optimal-52 liters. It is equipped with lighting, a convenient folding door, double heat-resistant glass, a “grill” function and shades located at the top and bottom for even warming of food. The stove itself is covered with white enamel and has 4 burners of different sizes. For the convenience of the hostess, as well as protecting the walls from contamination, it is equipped with a lid.

At the bottom there is a storage box for pans, baking sheets, etc. Special legs allow you to change the height of the plate. All control takes place with the help of rotary mechanisms. Advantages: reliable manufacturer, compact dimensions, convenient oven, easy operation. Disadvantages: difficult to clean, resistant to damage, lack of protective function.

2 Hansa FCEW54120

20 best electric cookers

The second line is occupied by the FCEW54120 model from Hansa. The presented electric stove is an example of the best price-performance ratio. German technologies are combined here with high-quality European Assembly, which guarantees long-term operation. Hansa has an enamel hob with four hotplates, one of which is quickly heated. The oven is equipped with a grill function, lighting, skewer, non-stick baking tray and grill. At the same time, it is quite roomy (69 liters), as a result of which it is easy to bake a whole bird in it. Four heating modes and a mechanical timer allow you to perform a variety of culinary tasks.

The design of the electric cooker is compact (50 × 60 × 85 cm) and is made in a classic design. The safety of the user during operation is ensured by the double glazing of the oven door, as the outer glass always remains cold. The interior glass, thanks to the absence of joints with the door, can be cleaned quickly and easily. At the bottom of the product there is a drawer for storing utensils.

1 DARINA B EM341 406 W

20 best electric cookers

The leader of the rating is the most popular model among users – DARINA B EM341 406 W. This four-burner electric cooker is easy to operate and has an affordable price starting from 8,500 rubles. It is equipped with a mechanical type of control: adjustment is carried out by convenient rotary knobs. The structure is equipped with an electric oven with a folding door and internal lighting. The stove also has a bottom drawer for dishes, but it does not have a back wall.

The dimensions of the model are compact (50 × 56 × 85 cm) and allow you to install the device in small kitchens. The outer surface has a strong enamel coating, which is not afraid of various types of damage, even under strong influence, for example, high temperatures or shocks.

Best electric cookers with a glass-ceramic surface

The glass-ceramic surface is equipped with more expensive electric stoves. The plane of these devices is absolutely smooth, made of a single sheet. The sides of such products are either completely absent, or so low that they will not hold the liquid poured on the surface. Heating occurs only in the places where the burners are located, which are usually outlined with special lines. The rest of the surface always remains cold, so in order to cook in a “duck house” or cauldron, you need to purchase a stove with an increased cooking space (it can be in the form of an oval or a circle of large diameter). Care for glass ceramics is simple, and in strength it is not inferior to metal.

5 DARINA 1B EC331 606 W

20 best electric cookers

The device is a hit of sales of the Russian manufacturer. It is equipped with a work surface made of durable glass-ceramic for 3 burners. They are quite enough to meet the needs of a small family of 2-3 people. In the oven 50 l integrated thermostat, it maintains the set temperature even when the door is open, and a unique insulation creates a thermos effect and maximizes energy savings.

An excellent electric stove for your money – this is most often said by those who preferred this model. It fits even in the smallest kitchen – the width of the appliance is 50 cm, and the depth is 56 cm. Thanks to the height adjustment function, the compact electric cooker is perfectly suitable for installation in rooms with uneven floors. Its legs can rise up to 2 cm, which is enough to level the surface levels. Based on these characteristics, it is often purchased for installation in the country.

4 GEFEST 6560-03 0054

20 best electric cookers

Reliability and ease of operation – these two trump cards, coupled with an attractive price, made the model very popular on the market. The oven deserves special attention. It has a built-in convector, thanks to which the oven heats up very quickly. Moreover, the hot air warms up the entire internal volume evenly, which means that you can cook food in parallel on two levels. The developers of the equipment also took a responsible approach to the design of lighting – here it is two-point, which allows you to illuminate all the baking trays involved and control the cooking processes without opening the door.

Users deservedly distinguish among the advantages of the device a high-quality touch control. It is responsive to touch, and the table lock area reliably protects the burners from accidental switching on or changing the set modes during cooking.

3 Indesit I5VSH2A

20 best electric cookers

A major Italian manufacturer of home appliances skillfully balances between the best quality products and affordable prices. And all thanks to the idea of placing a device Assembly plant on the territory of Russia and thus significantly reduce logistics costs. The clearest confirmation is the I5VSH2A electric stove. It is equipped with a residual heat indicator and a sound timer, which is not found in most analogues of this price category.

Convenient mechanical switches regulate 6 heating modes, so you can find the ideal temperature for cooking a particular dish, as Housewives share in reviews. Several different modes are also available when using the oven. The most popular one is the grill. However, you should be careful with the oven-steam comes out when opening the door quite sharply.

2 Hansa FCCX54100

20 best electric cookers

The modern model of the Hansa FCCX54100 electric stove with oven is characterized by a stylish design, good technical characteristics and ease of use. It is equipped with 4 hotplates that quickly and evenly heat food. They are activated by convenient rotary mechanisms. The compact size of the stove is suitable for the smallest kitchen. Customer reviews indicate the durability of the equipment and the minimum number of breakdowns.

The oven is equipped with a grill function, a folding door and lighting. The glass-ceramic surface, which is quite easy to clean, is characterized by high strength and attractive appearance. A built-in residual heat indicator will indicate when the hotplate temperature is safe for humans. Dignities: beautiful German design, high surface quality, durability, easy maintenance, small dimensions, good reviews. Disadvantages: high price.

1 Gorenje EC 52 CLB

20 best electric cookers

The electric model is part of the Gorenje Classico line – one of the company’s most famous series. The first thing that catches your eye is an attractive design, reminiscent of the Rococo style. Such a plate becomes the highlight of classic interiors. The cooktops are equipped with Hi-light heaters: they are ready for operation in 10 seconds after switching on. In addition to single-circuit burners, a two-circuit heating zone is placed on the cooking surface, which allows you to fully cook in dishes of any size.

The stove is easy to clean: the smooth glass-ceramic surface is easy to clean, and the frame is slightly raised to trap runaway liquid. The reviews note that the speed of cleaning is especially valuable for those who chose the matte black color of the device. However, some users do not have enough in the configuration of a hinged lid, which would protect the walls from splashes during cooking.

Best electric cookers with stainless steel surface

Electric cookers equipped with stainless steel are very similar to enameled ones, but stainless steel is considered a more practical material. It is easier to clean, it does not form stains during operation, and the prepared food that gets on it does not burn. However, it is quite difficult to maintain the gloss of a product with such a coating. The surface is also very well-marked, because it is easy to leave fingerprints on it.

3 Smeg TR4110IX

20 best electric cookers

The premium version is designed for spacious kitchens and is designed for professional rather than home use. The cooking center has 3 built-in full-fledged cabinets, each of which has a different additional functionality and dimensions. So two of them are designed for simultaneous cooking on 4 levels, in additional to only 2. And different number of modes from 1 to 6. Among the similarities: all 3 oven capable of maintaining temperature range of 50 to 260 °C, and the door has 3 panes of glass for greater thermal insulation. The cooking surface is also larger than in standard cookers – 110×60 cm. On it there are 5 induction burners of different diameters.

With all its versatility, the control of the device is thought out to the smallest detail. It is carried out using an LED monitor and 5 buttons. In the comments, they say that all the commands and combinations from the menu are easy to learn intuitively.

2 Simfer F56VW07017

20 best electric cookers

The Turkish brand Simfer supplies the Russian market with high-quality household and kitchen appliances with excellent consumer characteristics. The F56VW07017 electric stove is an excellent example of the brand’s products – it is a reliable equipment with good functionality and modern design. The hob is equipped with 4 burners of different diameters, the power of which is regulated using classic mechanical switches. The surface of the device is resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures. The folding door oven has several operating modes to select the optimal cooking conditions. The model does not include a grill or convection function.

The design of the stove meets all standards of aesthetic harmony of kitchen appliances. The combination of black and white housing and stainless steel surface looks very attractive and is ideal for kitchens in the style of high-tech, minimalism or classic. The only “minus” of the product can be considered a slightly inflated price. No complaints were found about the quality of the stove.

1 Hansa FCEX54110

20 best electric cookers

The Hansa FCEX54110 stainless steel-coated electric stove, like a similar model with a glass-ceramic surface, differs from similar products in an incredibly stylish appearance and more “refined” dimensions. The technique combines aesthetic beauty and functionality in the best possible way. High-strength cast-iron hotplates significantly increase the service life of the appliance, and the expressive steel shade of the case harmoniously fits into the interior of any modern kitchen.

The model is part of the improved line of Hansa Integra freestanding slabs, which has gained great popularity among Russian buyers. Weighty arguments in favor of the device are its economy (corresponds to energy class A) and the large size of the oven (up to 70 liters). It is also worth noting useful additions: the stove comes complete with a deep baking tray with an innovative ProCook coating that prevents food from burning, and the structure itself is equipped with a spacious drawer on roller guides. In their reviews, users note an attractive design, high heating speed of the burners and the roominess of the oven. This is definitely one of the best models from a well-known manufacturer.

Best table top electric cookers

Desktop versions of electric cookers are very relevant, as they are mobile and suitable for use in various rooms where it is impossible to install a full-size device. These can be offices, construction sites, social facilities, dachas, as well as professional kitchens, where a table-top electric stove will serve as an additional device. Usually models are compact and equipped with one or two burners. You can connect the stove in any place where there is access to electricity.

4 Dream 211T BK

20 best electric cookers

The stove of domestic production Dream 211T BK is a desktop model of compact dimensions. It provides comfortable cooking and, despite its low cost, is highly reliable. The design provides for special legs that prevent heating of furniture under the device. On the surface there are two hotplates with spiral heating elements placed in recesses made of stainless steel.

The indicator light indicates when the stove has reached the desired temperature. It is controlled mechanically. The case is made in a beautiful glossy black color. The main advantages include low cost, optimal quality, good customer reviews, fast heating time, easy operation, compact size. Disadvantages: simple functionality.

3 Kitfort KT-107

20 best electric cookers

The modern portable Kitfort KT-107 model immediately attracts attention with its small dimensions and stylish design. In addition to the original appearance, this electric stove with a single induction type burner is distinguished by its safety (there is a function of protection against overheating) and a convenient control method (push-button panel). The design also provides for automatic power off when there are no dishes on the surface. There is a lock mode that excludes accidental launch of the gadget.

With a power of 1800 W, the tile has 8 different modes that allow you to change the heating power from the minimum (200 W) to the maximum value. The device is turned on by a built-in led indicator. Judging by the reviews, users highly appreciated the functionality and compactness of the device. Also, many people were pleased with the matte surface, which does not require excessive care, especially in comparison with glossy products. Buyers attributed noise during operation and insufficient length of electrical wiring to the disadvantages of the model, which is why the stove can only be placed next to the power source.


20 best electric cookers

The Gefest PE 720 table top electric cooker, which is quite simple, is in great demand among domestic buyers. Its main feature is fast heating of the burners. They are made of cast iron and have different sizes. The dimensions of the plate (50×34.5×9 cm) allow it to be used even in the smallest room. The surface is covered with white enamel.

Housewives are completely satisfied with this stove. Two electric hotplates ensure uniform heating of food and do not take much time for cooking. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the equipment will last long enough. Main advantages: excellent reviews, ease of use, optimal cost, fast heating, easy operation, does not take up much space. Disadvantages: the enamel surface is hard to clean from dirt.

1 Gorenje ICE2000SP

20 best electric cookers

The best of the desktop tiles is probably the Gorenje ICE2000SP tile. This compact and highly functional electric appliance will provide hot power in all conditions. Everything is perfect in the model: a modern design, a slider panel and a safe induction hob, which significantly saves electricity consumption during cooking. The equipment features incredibly simple controls – just swipe your finger to adjust the required temperature and select one of 8 modes. The glass-ceramic hob allows you to maintain a neat appearance of the product, making it extremely stylish and attractive.

The model is equipped with a timer, which can be used to set a specific time period of operation. The manufacturer also took care of safety – the hotplate automatically turns off when there are no dishes on the stove. The rounded edges and ultra-thin body make the Gorenje ICE2000SP one of the most convenient to operate. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, the structure is easy to transport in order to fully eat while traveling or in the country.

The best combination electrical oven

It is customary to refer to combined cookers as structures that combine two types of burners – electric and gas. This method allows you to use all the advantages of both types of food and is especially relevant in areas where there are interruptions in the supply of any of them. The cost of these models is often higher than that of other electric stoves, but the list of functionality that they offer is also an order of magnitude larger.

4 Bosch HXA090I20R

20 best electric cookers

A solid and technologically advanced device is one of the best combined options. The gas-operated hob is made of super-strong stainless steel. 4 burners of different capacities and diameters are equipped with electric ignition and gas control, which makes the equipment safe to use. The oven allows simultaneous baking on three levels. At the same time, the flavors of food do not mix, and at the same time you can prepare both sweet and salty dishes. The secret is 3D convection, which evenly distributes heat in a rather large internal space (66 liters).

To help Housewives, the company has developed a unique coating EcoClean Direct. This is a layer of ceramic microparticles that break down fat droplets during baking and baking. As follows from the reviews, it significantly facilitates the care of an electric stove, allowing you to save time and effort.

3 De Luxe 506031.00гэ

20 best electric cookers

The combined model De Luxe 506031.00 GE is designed for home use and is able to simultaneously prepare a set meal for the whole family. Three gas and one electric burners plus a large oven with a grill and a spit allow you to realize any culinary dream-from vegetarian dishes with all the benefits of fresh vegetables, to baked meat ham, pies and other delicious delicacies. The power of the electric hotplate is 1.5 kW. This value is sufficient to heat the surface to the required temperature and, at the same time, not consume much energy (energy class A).

Included with the stove are two baking trays of different depths, a grid and a box for dishes. The model is available in a traditional white color, so it is suitable for both classic and modern kitchen interiors. Customers highly appreciated the device’s performance. Most users recommend De Luxe 506031.00 GE in their reviews, considering this technique to be functional, safe and easy to maintain.

2 BEKO FFSS 54000 W

20 best electric cookers

The next Russian-made oven, BEKO FFSS 54000 W, is a great option for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of gas and electric cooking. The main feature of this model is the presence of 2 cast-iron “pancakes” with different diameters, although in most combined cookers the ratio of gas and electric burners is 3-to-1. The next indisputable advantage of the device can be called the “fast heating” technology used here, which provides almost instantaneous achievement of the set temperature. Thanks to this effect, you can significantly save time on cooking.

The stove is very easy to care for – the built-in steam cleaning function allows you to maintain cleanliness and destroys all pathogenic bacteria inside the oven almost without human intervention. The folding door is made of solid glass and has no screws or screws, which also facilitates the cleaning process. The model is equipped with rotary switches. The material of the cooking surface is high-strength white enamel. The warranty period set by the manufacturer is 2 years.

1 Gorenje K 5241 SH

20 best electric cookers

The BigSpace oven of a vaulted form of HomeMade, which the developers designed, inspired by the design of a classic wood-burning stove, is the hallmark of the device. This technology allows you to keep several advantages up your sleeve at once. First, the heated air circulates freely and is evenly distributed throughout the working space, completely baking the dish. Secondly, the design increases the capacity, so, in comparison with similar-sized devices, it has a much larger volume – 70 liters. Induction burners also have a special shape. The gas in them is mixed with air before being fed to the nozzles, thus increasing the flame temperature and cost-effectiveness of consumption.

Among customers, the equipment has earned approval in terms of strength, not least due to the triple coating of the inner surface of the oven and baking trays with high-strength pyrolytic enamel SilverMatte. It not only withstands high temperatures, but also serves as additional insulation.

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