20 best low-cost sewing machines

Characteristics in the rating

Every needlewoman wants her sewing machine to be multifunctional, practical, and convenient. But the device, endowed with such qualities, has a high cost and cannot afford novice dressmakers, especially Housewives. Most women are looking for inexpensive models, but with good characteristics.

What to pay attention to when choosing a sewing machine, so as not to make a mistake – experts say:

  1. The type of Shuttle. The classic is a swinging vertical Shuttle, which allows you to adjust the tension of the lower thread. More modern and easy to handle – rotary horizontal. Features of the rotary vertical Shuttle-reliability, high sewing speed, excellent stitching quality.
  2. Types of lines. By default, typewriters offer straight stitching and zigzagging. Depending on the modification, they can also include hidden (for hemming trousers), obmetochnaya (for processing edges), elastic (for knitwear), for stitches and applications.
  3. The execution of the loop.
  4. Control type. Electromechanical models are most suitable for novice users. They are characterized by a small number of sewing operations (up to 40 pieces) and a minimum of options. Electronic typewriters are more advanced devices: a wide selection of stitches, a horizontal Shuttle, various types of loops, automatic mode. Computers are equipped with modern stuffing, and are controlled by a processor. You can be sure of high-quality sewing on any type of fabric, rich equipment, advanced functionality.
  5. Needles. The Golden rule is that they must match the type of fabric.
  6. Additional options. The threader is useful for threading the top thread into the needle. A table to increase the working surface will be relevant for patchwork and creating large-sized products. The knee lever of lifting the foot is the lot of professionals, which you can not think about for beginners and Amateurs. The embroidery block is also the prerogative of specialists.

We present you a rating of the best inexpensive sewing machines. The following criteria were taken into account in the distribution of nominations in the top Category::

  • low price in the range of up to 15,000 rubles;
  • a relatively wide range of functions;
  • good quality characteristics;
  • positive reviews.

Important!You should not expect rich opportunities from the sewing units listed below, they are the best only in their price segment.

Best low-cost horizontal Shuttle sewing machines

These sewing machines are particularly convenient. The design is designed in such a way that the Shuttle does not swing in different directions, but rotates. This reduces vibration and noise levels. The bobbin is placed directly in the Shuttle socket, and through the installed transparent insert, you can control the remaining number of threads.

5 Brother CX5

20 best low-cost sewing machines

Opens the group of the best inexpensive Electromechanical machine Brother CX5. Despite the budget cost, it is characterized by the smoothest running, does not spoil even a delicate fabric. It handles silk and leather equally well. The sleeve platform helps to cope with rounded elements on clothing. The manufacturer has simplified thread filling as much as possible. The user changes the presser foot pressure and tension until they get the desired stitch: marking, zigzag, hidden.

Brother CX5 is suitable for the home, it does not contain unnecessary functions. In length, the stitch reaches 4 mm, in width – 5 mm. The case is made of durable plastic with decor. The accessories can fit in the roomy compartment. The work surface is illuminated by a powerful lamp. Needlewomen appreciated the raised wide pedal, the device is easy to control. Beginners praise the detailed instructions with clear symbols. There are also small hints on the case.

4 Janome Sew Line 200

20 best low-cost sewing machines

Another inexpensive sewing machine is the model of the popular Japanese manufacturer Janom SEV Line 200. The semi-automatic unit is useful for any housewife at home. The favorable price is complemented by attractive features, including 9 operations, various types of stitches, overlock, foot for sewing a zipper, reverse, etc.

In the Arsenal of the model there are additional elements, in particular compartments for accessories and a sleeve platform. The reviews mention as advantages the backlight and the ability to adjust the sewing speed. This machine is ideal for repairing things-it works quietly, the operation is simple, the functionality is up-to-date.

3 Brother G-20

20 best low-cost sewing machines

One of the best for beginners and Amateurs is the brother g – 20 sewing machine. Users note in their reviews that the model has up-to-date characteristics and an attractive price. Inexpensive sewing machine of the Japanese manufacturer offers 17 operations, lining, elastic and secret stitching. The device takes up little space and is extremely easy to operate. The instructions describe the features of working with fabrics of different densities and indicate recommendations for the thickness of the needle.

For the home, this model is just what you need: sew curtains, walk along the seam, fit trousers, etc. The lines are smooth and neat. The machine does not pull or tear the thread, when sewing, it does not tighten the fabric. Buyers also note the stability – it does not jump on the surface. Thanks to the built-in lighting, you can work at any time of the day.

Which Shuttle is better? Rotary horizontal, rotary vertical or swing? Their main advantages and disadvantages can be found in the following table.

Types of dropship



Rotary horizontal

+ The bobbin is inserted directly into the Shuttle, which is simple and convenient

+ You can see how many threads are in the bobbin and what color they are

+ More high-quality work

“The Shuttle is made of plastic, though very strong

– Not all types of threads are used

– High cost of a sewing machine

Rotary vertical

+ High sewing speed

+ Stitch skips, thread loops, and breaks are virtually eliminated

+ Large number of stitches produced

+ Use of various materials

– High cost of a sewing machine


+ The most common type of Shuttle, which means it is easier to carry out maintenance and repairs

+ Machines are more reliable and durable

+ The cost of cars is much lower

– Increased noise level

– Vibration when sewing

– Limited set of lines

2 Janome My Style 100

20 best low-cost sewing machines

The perfect price-performance ratio of the Janom typewriter makes it an undoubted favorite of the rating for beginners in the sewing art. The present functionality is quite enough to perform simple operations, their number in Janom MS-100 is 13. The model works smoothly, without vibrations and noise, which is very convenient for people who do not have a separate workshop. It responds clearly to pedal pressure, so it’s easy to adjust the speed. Despite not the greatest power, the machine perfectly copes with thick fabric, for example, jeans, folded in several layers. Thin materials also lend themselves well to processing.

Although Janome My Style-100 has most of the parts made of plastic, it is assembled efficiently and accurately. Compact, concise and stylish model will not take up much space and will fit into any interior. A convenient pull-out handle makes it easy to handle the machine both during transportation and during operation. The presence of a removable compartment guarantees the safety of accessories necessary for sewing, and the sleeve platform will provide comfort when sewing narrow details of the product (cuffs, legs, sleeves). Led illumination helps you see the stitching better, especially if the fabric and thread are dark in color.

1 Brother LX-1700

20 best low-cost sewing machines

Among inexpensive Electromechanical machines, the Brother LX-1700 is the best due to its wide functionality and excellent quality of materials used in its manufacture. The undoubted advantages include the presence of a puncture stabilizer and a significant number of stitches. The model performs 17 operations, which is enough for most tasks. With a good smooth ride, the machine makes 750 punctures per minute. It does not chew soft, thin fabrics and easily stitches thick ones. Additionally equipped with a reverse button.

The Brother LX-1700 is made of high-strength plastic that can last for many years. On the case there is a convenient handle, with which it is easy to rotate the machine during sewing. The installed illumination helps not only to see the seam better, but also to avoid accidentally injuring yourself in the process. The sleeve platform is formed when the front panel is removed, which additionally serves as a compartment for storing sewing accessories. The absence of noise will make it comfortable to spend hours at the typewriter.

Best low-cost vertical Shuttle sewing machines

These sewing machines are used not only in everyday life, but also in industry. The Shuttle in this model rotates counterclockwise. For the manufacture of the main parts, manufacturers use metal, which makes the mechanism wear-resistant and capable of sewing at high speed without the risk of tangling the bottom thread.

5 Proffi Grazia PH8716

20 best low-cost sewing machines

Novice craftswomen who are not ready to spend large sums on sewing machines recommend taking a closer look at Proffi Grazia PH8716. This simple device with mechanical switches has the most necessary functions. Hints are located on the case. The user adjusts the speed himself to achieve better stitch quality. Automatic threading makes it easier to prepare for work. There are 4 lines to choose from. The manufacturer gives a one-year warranty for the device.

A unique feature of the Proffi Grazia PH8716 is the bobbin winding system. It is simplified as much as possible in an Electromechanical device. The user changes the speed by using a smooth-running foot drive. A special compartment with a sharp blade cuts the thread, it is almost impossible to get hurt on it. Sewing supplies are stored in a small compartment. Seam patterns are selected using a large disk with symbols on the body.

4 Singer Simple 3210

20 best low-cost sewing machines

The Singer Simple 3210 Electromechanical machine perfectly copes with household functions: tailoring, fabric repair, edge marking. It looks simple, fits into the interior, and has simple controls. The device performs 10 main operations: 9 stitches and 1 semi-automatic loop. There are several options for zigzag, settings for sewing the bottom of clothes. Elastic and hidden stitches are added especially for capricious fabrics. An inexpensive model will not be able to master only coats and similar large products.

Even a beginner can fill a thread in seconds, Singer Simple 3210 does almost all the work on its own. The vertical Shuttle requires lubrication several times a year, and no other maintenance is needed. The controller on the case is responsible for switching modes. The model is not overloaded with symbols, only the most important hints are left. The sleeve platform is retracted. The main advantage of the machine is the convenience of use thought out to the smallest detail.

3 Comfort 835

20 best low-cost sewing machines

Straight from China came a high-quality machine Comfort 835. It is simple, compact, and suitable for the home. It is controlled by mechanical switches. The user adjusts the stitch length and thread tension. The device performs 12 stitches, including the popular zigzag and seam for delicate fabrics. Added a reverse sewing function. The device responds sensitively to pressing the pedal, goes smoothly on the surface. It can fix seams and perform various types of loops.

About Comfort 835 only positive reviews. Needlewomen note the ease of adjusting the speed of work and leveling the fabric. Many people like the vertical Shuttle, experienced craftswomen are used to it. Accessories are stored in a spacious drawer. A special system helps to quickly wind the thread on the bobbin. Taking care of the convenience, the manufacturer added a bright backlight. Taking care of the appliance couldn’t be easier: just wipe it with a dry cloth.

The most popular brands of sewing machines: “Brother”, “Jaguar”, “Janome”, “Singer”.

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