20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

Characteristics in the rating

Sports watches are often called models with the appropriate design. Aliexpress is also inclined to this classification. However, the term implies something more. Real sports watches are multifunctional gadgets that help you analyze the physical activity of athletes and people who are fond of sports.

In terms of functionality, there are 3 groups of sports watches::

  • fitness trackers;
  • sports heart rate monitors;
  • “smart” watches.

The devices of the first two groups are ordinary chronographs with additional functionality. By design, they are closer to what we used to call a wristwatch. By type of movement, they are quartz, less often mechanical. They are also called non-computer clocks. Models from the third group-smart watch, are equipped with a whole list of additional options. They can be universal or focused on a specific type of activity: swimming, running, Cycling, Hiking, mountaineering, diving.

Before you buy a gadget, you need to decide on the sport for which they are needed. Experienced athletes recommend always taking a watch “for growth”. Because if you are interested in running, you can easily switch to Cycling, and then skiing, Hiking. However, it doesn’t always make sense to pursue functionality. If you are not going to storm mountain peaks, search for treasures on the ocean floor or discover new continents, a simple model with a pedometer, heart rate monitor and chronograph may be enough for you. In our selection you will find the most interesting sports watches for various purposes. All of them have good reviews from customers and are the best on Aliexpress in terms of price/quality ratio.

Watch the best of sporty style with Aliexpress

This watch group has limited functionality. As a rule, this is a stopwatch, timer, backlight and moisture protection. You can wash your hands in them, but you can’t always swim and dive. The case can be shock-resistant. Most models have a decent weight and significant dimensions. This sports watch is more suitable for everyday wear, rather than for serious training.

5 SANDA 739

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

SANDA has an excellent reputation on Aliexpress. And this is one of the most stylish men’s models in our review from this brand. The watch boasts the best degree of water protection for this price category. The instructions indicate that they will easily survive a 30-meter dive under water. You can really swim in them, and dive too. There is protection from impacts, and they are not afraid of dust.

The design is original, but it has hints of the popular sports watch from G-Shock Casio. For some, this may even seem like an advantage. The case is made of high-quality polished hypoallergenic steel. A SEIKO quartz movement is installed, and customers have only positive reviews about its operation. Standard functionality: stopwatch, countdown of days of the week, chronograph, alarm clock. There is a good backlight that will help out in the dark.

4 Skmei 1231 sport Compass watch

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

If you love Hiking – take a closer look at This model of the popular skmei brand on Aliexpress . In addition to 3 alarm clocks, a countdown timer and high-quality Led lighting, there is a compass. Before using the watch, you need to calibrate the movement. They do this with a simple click of a button. When set up correctly, the clock does not lie, it accurately counts down the time and shows the cardinal directions without errors.

This is a high-quality budget sports device. In bright light, the monitor is easy to read, in the sun the glass, of course, glares. The bracelet is semi-rigid, made carefully-the holes are well punched, there are no burrs. The hardware is metal. A sports watch with a compass is suitable for fishermen and hunters.


20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

Massive clock with timer, alarm and backlight. The strap is soft and high-quality. But this is not a woman’s watch. On a strong male hand will be just right. And they are quite heavy in weight. The seller presents the model in two different designs. These sports watches look the best – not cheap and even more interesting than in the photo in the catalog.

The watch is a quartz watch, and you can follow the time using the hands or the display. The dials are all readable, and the buttons work well. The watch can easily withstand short-term immersion in water to a shallow depth. The alarm sound is quite loud, the backlight is decent, seconds go by. The seller sends them with Aliexpress in a box. Such a thing is not a shame to give.

2 Megir MN2002

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

Megir is a Chinese brand that initially focused on quality. In the domestic market, its products are known as Megir, in Japanese – Nakzen, in Europe – Ruimas (bought out the old Swiss brand). The presented quartz chronograph has minimal moisture protection, as befits a budget sports watch, and a quartz movement.

The chronograph itself is fully functional, that is, all the counters on the dial work. The strap is silicone, soft. These watches on Aliexpress are sold in white and black, they are suitable for female and male audiences. The case doesn’t look bulky. The product arrives from Aliexpress in a box with Russian-language instructions. In reviews, customers write that this is really the best sports watch in the budget price segment.

1 Naviforce NF9110BYBN

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

Naviforce is a popular brand on Aliexpress. The quality of its products is improving every year, and now the manufacturer’s products are among the leaders of the rating. The model presented in the review, like other Naviforce watches, is made of metal and has a warranty. The manufacturer offers men’s watches with Japanese quartz movement Seiko Quartz . They are distinguished by the best design in a sporty style. The watch looks more spectacular than in the picture. They come in a box. The size of the model is larger than usual, and it looks bulky on a small hand.

All dials are working, not fake. They show the time, date, and day of the week. There’s no chronometer, just a stopwatch. On the case there is an inscription that the watch can withstand a depth of 30 meters, but you should not dive with them, and swim too. Water resistance of 3 Bar allows, except that, to wash your hands in cold and hot water. Of the minuses, buyers call the strap – for many it seems too rigid.

Best sports watches-chronographs from Aliexpress

Such watches are called instrumental watches. They help you accurately measure the time of a jog or bike ride. And if you don’t need a watch that counts calories, measures pressure, altitude, and depth, then you can limit yourself to the models in this section. Why pay for unnecessary functions if you run on one route and its parameters are known in advance? The section also includes highly specialized watches for fishing and tourism with more extensive functionality.

It is only important to choose a model where the readings are clearly readable. If you plan to use the watch in the dark, pay attention to the presence of illumination. And of course ergonomics – this indicator is important for training. Ease of use depends on the weight, location of buttons, and screen size. But keep in mind that a $ 20-30 watch is always a compromise. Don’t expect super quality and functionality from them.


20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

SUNROAD fishing watches have a thermometer, digital barometer, altimeter, echo sounder in their Arsenal. Units of measurement can be selected, but the usual millimeters of mercury are not present here. The device helps the fisherman track the weather, reminds them of the best time for fishing. A sports watch can remember the six best places for fishing. Moreover, they record not just a point, but all parameters, including air pressure, temperature and depth of the reservoir. Water protection here is at the level of IPX-4, so it is better to protect the watch from waves, but they are not afraid of splashes

The setup mode is intuitive, but the instructions will come in handy. First, you need to know the altitude of your region above sea level. Many measurements are made using a barometer. To understand this, the sign that is in the box helps. The strap is not included. The price of the model is very pleasant, the quality of execution is decent. The watch measures pressure accurately and is easily checked by a barometer.

4 Casio AE-1200WHD-1A

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

One of the most inexpensive models from Casio continues to surprise fans of the brand with its functionality and best quality. The watch belongs to the military class. The materials used are inexpensive. The case, “glass” and strap are all made of plastic. This is not to say that this is a minus, because thanks to such materials, the watch turned out to be very light. During sports, they absolutely do not interfere, for which they are loved by men.

The design has a touch of sporty retro. A massive square case, several dials – everything is made taking into account the trends of the modern retro trend. The current time is displayed in a window in the form of a scope. on the main dial, you can configure the time display for different time zones. Working map-shows the country when changing the time zone. The clock’s backlight is classic. Water protection is minimal. In the reviews on The aliexpress website, customers claim that this is the original.

3 NORTH EDGE Altay-B 2 version

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

Among the most necessary equipment for a hike, an important place is occupied by a good sports watch. The best choice for tourists is considered by many to be the Altay – B model from the popular brand NORTH EDGE. The watch is presented on the Aliexpress website in several designs. The device has a built-in barometer, thermometer, altimeter and even a compass. With it, even an inexperienced tourist will know exactly the ambient temperature, pressure, sunrise and sunset time. The watch has many functions. The only thing missing is a heart rate counter.

The device looks great. Evil tongues say that the design, and the functionality, the Chinese manufacturer spied on branded men’s watches Suunto Core. They really have a lot in common, but the price of the “Chinese” is much more pleasant. So many people believe that in the category of outdoor / ABC watches, this model for men is the best, as they write in reviews to the seller of the product.

2 Spovan Y7034R-W

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

In the world of sports watches, not only wrist models have the right to life, but also pocket models. This is proved by this device from Spovan. It doesn’t have a bracelet, but it has a special clip-on carabiner, thanks to which the sports watch can be carried in a pocket, backpack or belt without fear of losing it. The case color can be selected from the 4 options offered. But the unusual form factor is not everything, the watch has the best functionality.

In addition to the standard set for all models: timer, calendar and alarm clock, there are many interesting things. The watch can measure humidity, altitude, temperature, and atmospheric pressure. Even a built-in compass is available here. With such a device, you don’t need weather forecasts, their owner is a weather forecaster for himself. The watch will tell you the exact time of sunrise and the battery level equally accurately. This is the most functional model that is suitable for fishing, mountaineering, Hiking and just walking in the woods.

1 CURREN 8346

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

CURREN has been active in the sports watch market since 2009. It is also quite successful on Aliexpress-the company is among the top brands and has more than 170 thousand subscribers in its store. And this is for less than 2 years of work on the site. This recognition is due to the fact that all accessories with its logo are of high quality and stylish design. That’s how this sports watch works. They have luminous hands, can withstand water pressure up to 3 Bar and look just great. They look very harmonious on a man’s hand.

There are a lot of positive reviews about the chronograph of this model – both the countdown itself and the reset of indicators work properly. The strap is claimed to be leather, but the material is not natural. However, it is not so easy to determine this, everything is so well done. The only thing missing from this sports watch is a beautiful box. But the seller, as a rule, sends an additional inexpensive watch as a gift.

Best sports watches-heart rate monitors from Aliexpress

In many cases, you can only estimate the intensity of training by heart rate. There are heart rate monitors that can take data from the hand, and sports watches with chest sensors to measure the pulse. On Aliexpress, both models can be purchased relatively inexpensively. The best options are shown in the rating.

5 Isport HRM002

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

For running, the best option is a sports watch with a heart rate monitor and pedometer. These are the two indicators that are most important when practicing this sport. They are also suitable for Cycling. The kit includes an elastic chest strap, so the device records the blood pressure level clearly. It is worn well, does not slide while driving, and starts transmitting data immediately after switching on. The size of the belt is more massive than it seems in the photo, suitable for large men.

If you use the device for running, the sensor picks up the signal without any problems. When practicing in the gym, they may lose it, since the optimal distance is up to 1 meter. But the model has significant advantages over inexpensive fitness trackers – one battery is enough for 12 months of operation. Then you just need to replace it. There is also a dial-it is quite large. And the accuracy of heart rate measurements in such sports watches is the best, especially considering the price.


20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

The most accurate heart rate indicators are provided by sports watches with chest straps-sensors. This accessory is necessary for men and women during long training sessions. The length of the belt is adjustable and ranges from 66 to 95 cm. The settings are simple and clear, and there are instructions. The monitor reads well, the numbers are large. In reviews, customers write that the quality of the model corresponds to the price – everything is modest, but functional and neat.

Sports watches are the best alternative to an inexpensive fitness tracker. The advantages of the model will be especially appreciated by people who are engaged in running. The sensor transmits the signal perfectly at close distances, but when it is a meter away, it loses it. With the correct settings, the device accurately measures your heart rate – it easily passes the tonometer test. Additionally, there is an alarm clock, a timer, and you can also measure the distance traveled.

3 Xonix HRM3

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

Xonix specializes in the production of sports watches with heart rate monitors. On Aliexpress, the line is represented by both inexpensive and more advanced models. This watch has advanced functionality. The display is shockproof, with led illumination. There is a calendar, stopwatch, chronograph, support for multiple time zones. The clock can count down steps. This sensor records the distance traveled during the day. Your heart rate is measured accurately. The most positive reviews about the work of the heart rate monitor.

The calorie counter also deserves attention, it is also available here. Degree of water protection-up to 10 Bar. So you can safely swim in the pool without removing the watch. The color of the strap can be chosen – here the manufacturer has pleased both male and female audiences – there are options from black to white and even purple. On the hand, all the colors look even prettier than in the photo.

2 Xonix HRM1

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

This sports watch measures your heart rate by placing your fingers on the screen. On both sides of the display there are special sensors that read the heart rate. Simple, convenient, and you don’t need to wear extra straps with sensors. In addition to this function, there is a chronograph, stopwatch, alarm clock, high-quality illumination.

The watch is well made and looks solid. On the Aliexpress page, they are positioned as sports watches for diving. This is an exaggeration. However, the water resistance really pleases. It is 10 Bar. This figure is enough to safely swim in the pool. Only here the settings of the modes need to be carried out on land, and not in water.

1 Ezon T007A11

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

This is the best model for running and Cycling. Such watches are not afraid to get caught in the rain, because they are not afraid of short-term immersion in water. A water permeability of 5 Bar is sufficient for this purpose. The model has been constantly receiving positive reviews since the start of sales. This sports watch can count calories, has an alarm clock, stopwatch and other standard functions. The kit includes a chest sensor that reads the heartbeat.

You can enable or disable audio alerts that sound every hour. Another plus is the screen lock. If desired, the watch will show only the time, without switching to other modes. The numbers on the display are large and clearly visible. There is a backlight. In General, this is a very high-quality product.

Best smart sports watches from Aliexpress

Sports smart watches have a number of the most useful features. Some consider this category to be the best, while others do not like the short life of gadgets without recharging. Undoubtedly, the main advantage of such equipment is its versatility, which is far from being achieved by ordinary sports watches.


20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

According to the characteristics of this sports watch can compete with a regular smartphone. The gadget can make calls, download various add-ons from Google Play. There are 2 cameras for taking photos and videos. The picture is very good, considering that this is still a watch. A new feature is the face scanner, which can be used for unlocking. However, we are more interested in the sports qualities of the device. Here the manufacturer also did not disappoint. It is possible to track 9 modes. Built-in sensors help you count calories and steps, evaluate the quality of sleep, and determine the speed of movement.

Fitness and sports enthusiasts will appreciate the availability of GPS, which allows you to track the distance traveled and record routes. The system works under control of Android 7.1. On Board 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. The 900 mAh battery lasts for a maximum of two days. You can order this model from Aliexpress together with a Power Bank (optional).

4 KOSPET Prime

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

The battery capacity is very important for sports watches, and this model has as much as 1260 mAh. The battery life is 72 hours. This is the best indicator for a smart watch. The case is made of plastic, and the upper lining is ceramic. The screen is large, made using IPS technology . There are 2 cameras, face unlock function (may malfunction in the dark), LTE . There are nine training modes here.

Among the useful add – ons for athletes, there is a heart rate sensor , GPS , GLONASS, and A-GPS . So you can track both the state of your body, training in the gym, and running on the street. Support for a SIM card is provided, now you can not take a bulky phone for a jog. And if you download your favorite music, the workout will become more enjoyable. However, you can also listen to music online, because you will have Internet access not only at home. The watch is sold on Aliexpress for about a year, during which time the reviews about their work are positive.

3 Huami Amazfit Bip

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

The most painful part of smart watches is their autonomy. Few models can run on a single charge for more than a few days. But not Amazfit Bip. The manufacturer claims 45 days of operation on a single charge. Of course, this indicator largely depends on the use of the gadget. However, no matter how hard you try to shrink the battery, it will last a week. From the point of view of convenience, this is the best sports watch for every day. They support 4 sports modes: 2 types of running, Cycling and walking, there is a GPS module (if it works continuously, then the charge will last for 22 hours of operation).

The design resembles the outline of a premium Apple Watch, but everything is simpler here. The case is thin and light, so the model is suitable for both men’s and women’s hands. The display is square, and it remains always on. You can track your workouts without being distracted by unlocking the screen. There are also disadvantages – it is difficult to install applications, and the number of dials is limited.


20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

HUAWEI offers a stylish and fashionable accessory with smart stuffing and the best combination of useful features. The watch does not look large, it is suitable for both sports and daily wear. On Aliexpress, there is a selection of designs, so you can choose an option for any style of clothing. All of them look expensive and solid. The watch is worn perfectly – it practically does not scratch, does not collect fingerprints, is not afraid of water (you can dive to a depth of 50 meters).

Very pleased with the autonomy of the gadget. At least 10 days you can not think about charging. This was achieved thanks to the replacement of software. The model uses OS LiteOS-HUAWEI’s own development. There is also the largest selection of sensors: barometer, altimeter, gyroscope, accelerometer and optical heart rate monitor. With the function of a sports watch, the device copes perfectly. It accurately tracks your physical activity and collects data on your sleep quality. The seller has a lot of positive reviews about this model.

1 Xiaomi AmazFit Pace

20 best sports watches from Aliexpress-rating 20120

This popular model of smart sports watches is designed for active people. The bright and high-contrast screen allows you to view information in any weather conditions. Without straining your eyes, you can get all the data about the state of the body. The functions are well thought out. It is worth raising your hand, and the backlight is activated. GPS works perfectly. There are no problems with the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone.

Depending on the work they do, the watch can last anywhere from 35 hours to 11 days on a single charge. The model has sensors for heart rate, acceleration, light, geomagnetic sensor and gyroscope. The watch keeps sleep statistics, there are many useful reminders, and there is a function for offline listening to music. If you love smart accessories-this is what you need.

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