20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

Characteristics in the rating

Every year in the stores you can find new and exciting games for children. These are various interactive dolls, and smaller copies of household items or mini-characters with their own houses, a programmable constructor, robots, various racing tracks and Railways. The choice of the child is simply huge.

Any toy must meet the following requirements::

  • made of harmless materials;
  • it has a solid construction, small parts of which will not fly off during the game;
  • teaches your child something new;
  • it serves for a long time;
  • manufactured by a reliable manufacturer.

But, of course, the main task is to attract the interest of the baby. We have compiled the TOP 20 most popular toys for girls and boys of all ages. The rating presents real world hits that every child knows about. Selected products from the best manufacturers: Spin Master, LEGO and others.

The most popular toys for children under 500 rubles.

5 ABtoys jumping Frogs

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

ABtoys Bouncing frogs are a real hit of the season, settling among the toys of young children. The essence of entertainment: to become the most voracious of all. Frogs can also be played by adults together with children, it is suitable for family evenings. The set includes 4 figures and balls that you need to eat. The manufacturer assures that the entertainment will capture the child for a long time.

On the back of each frog there is a large lever, when pressed, it bounces and tries to catch the ball. The latter are sent to the player’s compartment. However, the balls are very small, you can not give them to babies. Parts of the toy are easy to lose, although parents say that any small round objects will do. The plastic is not very high-quality.

4 Joy Toy Smart phone

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

The smart phone is suitable for the smallest children who learn simple things. The toy has several large buttons, each with unique melodies and interactive entertainment. There are 3 modes available: letters, numbers, and shapes. The phone encourages correct answers to questions. The child develops memory, hearing and thinking. The toy is made of high-quality plastic, does not slip out of your hands.

Parents write that kids like to listen to music. Older children are more interested in buttons and bright colors. The manufacturer recommends the phone for children from 3 years old, but buyers say two years. Kids are happy to learn, fulfill the toy’s requests, and listen to praise for correct answers. The sound is not regulated, the ringtones are loud.

3 Dream Makers Who am I?

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

Dream Makers is a domestic adaptation of the popular American game, which has taken its rightful place on the shelves. The product involves guessing objects and creatures depicted on the card attached to the head. It is designed for children from 5-6 years old who are able to ask the right questions. The box contains 100 cards of varying difficulty, and each round takes 20 minutes to complete.

Parents write that a simple game at first glance fascinates for a long time. It is suitable for boys and girls up to adolescence. Reviews talk about fun evenings and unforgettable gatherings with a group of children. And very young children can learn words from picture cards. The images are simple and understandable for children.

2 My Little Pony

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

Cartoon My Little Pony knows every little Princess. The American manufacturer decided to please the girls even more and released toys in the form of their favorite characters. Baby pony is a novelty that quickly became a real hit of the season.

The manufacturer recommends buying figurines for children over 3 years old. An important bonus is completely safe materials. It is made in very soft colors and is pleasant to the touch. Girls love playing with ponies. You can buy accessories.

1 Shopkins Shoppet

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

Shopkins are small collectible toys that look like funny vegetables, fruits, and other products. All characters live in a fictional Shopkins store. This toy immerses children in a special world with interesting miniature figures. In total, the collection includes more than 150 different items in the categories: sweets, vegetables and fruits, beauty products, appliances, kids, etc. The Shopkins figurine can be a small toaster, shampoo, egg, cake, watermelon, cabbage, etc.

Playing in the set, the child develops his creative thinking and imagination. He comes up with his own storylines and exciting adventures. Each character has its own character, which is described in the booklets. They also indicate in special colors which thumbnail is common, rare, very rare, or limited.

The most popular toys for children under 1,000 rubles.

5 1 TOY Balloon with activities

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

A balloon with activities from 1 TOY attracts with a variety of melodies and sound elements. On the surface there are several buttons with images of sea inhabitants. When pressed, a light comes on and the sound of an animal is played. Kids can shake and roll the balloon to listen to songs. Inside the toy sits a fish, it rotates. The product is powered by batteries, they are included in the package.

Parents write that the balloon is suitable for both girls and boys. It develops fine motor skills, trains perseverance, imaginative thinking, and curiosity. The toy is large and comfortable to hold. However, it is too heavy for the smallest ones, and it can roll away. The sound is not regulated, and the ringtones are very loud.

4 K’s Kids Octopus Rivet

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

Octopus Klepa from K’s Kids is the most popular for playing in the water. It is made in the form of a large sea dweller with a crown and balls on tentacles. Octopus starts fountains, turns bathing into a fun process. The product is suitable for children up to one year, develops motor skills. Together with their parents, children learn to count to 8.

The reviews say that the octopus instantly attracts the child’s attention with its non-standard bright color. But you need to make sure that the spray does not get into your eyes. Interactive elements are powered by batteries, but only when the product is in contact with water. Over time, the paint is erased, the coating is afraid of detergents. After a couple of years, the tentacles begin to buzz, and the toy is not designed for long-term use.

3 POLESIE Playhouse

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

Polesie’s Playhouse is the best for your child’s learning. The wheelchair is made in the form of a large building on wheels with slots on the roof. They are placed figures: squares, triangles, trapezoids, etc. Kids should lower the molds into the correct holes. From the house they get through the door, the guys quickly learn to open the lock. The entrance is “guarded” by several figures, they can be played separately. Or just roll the house behind you.

Parents write that such toys develop tactile sensations, fine motor skills, imagination, and coordination. Older children learn shapes. The house is made of durable plastic, it is not afraid of careless handling. When the sorter gets bored, the gurney is used to transport other toys.

2 in 1 TOY Interactive honey

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

One of the few stuffed animals is an Interactive Bunny with a few buttons on its stomach. The product says phrases related to the color of the drawing (flowers, lollipops, heart). Interactive elements glow and a melody plays. It is convenient to hang the Bunny on the crib by a loop behind the ear. The toy is powered by batteries, they are included in the package.

Parents advise you to buy the product at a discount, saying that the product is not suitable for growth. The Bunny is designed for the little ones who are just getting to know the world around them. Each button has only 5 phrases, and older children quickly memorize them. But the details are soft, the melodies are quiet. The right ear rustles, develops tactile perception of the child. The toy is big and solid.

1 Bear and horse Play Smart

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

The bear and horse from Play Smart are one of the most versatile toys in this category. She knows 8 fairy tales and 10 songs, captivating children for a long time. The elements are illuminated to the beat of the melody and have a pleasant diffused light. The product is made of high-quality safe plastic. A bear cub on a swinging horse immediately attracts the child’s attention.

Parents write that the parts have rounded corners, the product is absolutely safe. Note the volume control, which is especially useful for lullabies. The toy is suitable for boys and girls, and is used instead of a night light in the dark. She can design butterflies, the moon, and rainbows on the wall. Only the contacts sometimes go away, the product is afraid of rough handling.

Lanson Toys Mad Jenga

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

“Mad jenga” is a modern Board game that develops coordination of movements, a sense of balance, spatial thinking and ingenuity. The principle of the game is simple: first you need to build a tower of funny colored blocks, on the ends of which a funny smiley face is drawn. After that, the players take turns carefully taking out one bar at a time, placing them on top. At the same time, the structure becomes higher and more unstable. The game continues until one of the players, pulling out the “wrong” bar, does not bring down the entire structure.

Despite the low price, all elements of the game are made of high-quality plastic with the use of hypoallergenic dyes. The brand of inexpensive toys Lanson Toys belongs to the solar hypermarkets of children’s goods “Bubl-Gum”. All products under Bubl-Gum’s own brands are produced under strict quality control. And exactly in the same factories and from the same materials as toys of world brands: Hasbro, Zapf Creation, Spin Master and others. However, things and toys of the “Bubl-Gum” brands are cheaper than expensive “branded” ones with comparable quality. This is achieved by saving on costs (there are no costs for large-scale brand advertising and maintaining the cumbersome infrastructure of large foreign companies) and the ability to sell products through their own stores.

The most popular toys for children under 3,000 rubles.

5 Interactive robot Happy Cow Smart Dog

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

A radio-controlled robot toy in the form of a cute dog will appeal to both girls and boys. The realistic appearance of an interactive pet is very well complemented by the best functionality. An unusual dog can Express emotions and make sounds. It moves back and forth, can make turns, shake its head and wag its tail. And the toy is also able to execute commands. The dog’s paws bend, which increases its maneuverability. The child’s delight is guaranteed!

The toy is absolutely safe. The case is made of cast plastic, it will fully withstand the recruitment of even the most active young user. The robot dog is controlled using a wireless joystick, similar to a gamepad. The toy is powered by a lithium polymer battery. One charge is enough for 30 minutes of active play. This robot will appeal to both toddlers and teenagers.

4 Furby

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

More recently, the American manufacturer Hasbro has released a more advanced Furby Connect model to replace the world-famous Furby Boom toy. It has advanced functionality: it knows more than 1000 words, dances to fashion hits, sings songs, eats, sleeps and, most importantly, communicates with the child with pleasure. Furby is an animal with a fictional appearance, big rubber ears, bright glowing eyes and a tail. It looks very cute and pleasant to the touch, because it is completely covered with fur.

In this version, in order for the pet to fall asleep, you need to wear a special mask from the kit. When the baby touches the toy, it begins to respond with movements. The manufacturer can choose from four colors: blue, pink, turquoise, and bright pink. Some functions are performed by connecting to a special app on your smartphone.

3 Magic Tracks

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

Every parent and child has probably heard about Magic Tracks. It is so popular that many children around the world dream of having such a toy at home. So, it is a set of a large number of multi-colored parts made of special flexible plastic in the brightest shades. They are easily attached to each other at any angle and create a track.

The set includes 2 racing cars, after which the real fun begins on the track. They develop very fast speed while simultaneously producing sound and light effects. If you turn off the lights, the sight is simply mesmerizing. To make it even more interesting, a small Builder can add various obstacles to the circular track (serpentine, dead loop, etc.). the Parts are made of high-strength material that does not break and bends perfectly. To decorate the track in the set are bright stickers.

2 Barbie game with fashion

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

World-famous Barbie dolls are the favorite toys for girls of all ages. Just recently, a new line of Fashionistas was launched, which includes dolls in the most fashionable outfits. Each of them has a unique and memorable appearance. A little lady can choose a Barbie to suit her taste. All of them have beautiful hair, mobile hands and feet, incredibly refined makeup.

Girls love to make dolls hairstyles, invent whole stories while playing with them. It perfectly develops imagination and creative thinking. Many people create new costumes for their toys by learning how to sew. Barbie Fashionistas can be dressed in a casual style, a sophisticated evening dress with jewelry, summer shorts with a top, etc. Either way, they all look amazing.

1 set for creating a 3D Magic Princess castle

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

A unique set for children’s creativity 3D Magic – a real hit of the season. It is intended for children from the age of 14, but many experts agree that it is quite suitable from the age of 10. It is a set of unique gels of different colors, which must be applied to the mold, and then placed in a special UV lamp. After a while, the child will get a real 3D drawing.

For the most creative, there are additional stencils for modeling any object. With this set, children will learn to do something with their own hands, develop imaginative thinking and intelligence. The lamp turns on only when the door is tightly closed, so it can not harm the child. Gels are made from safe materials. 3D Magic does not take up much space, it is durable and safe.

Lucy&Leo Breakfast cooking Set

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

The Breakfast set from the European brand Lucy & Leo is made of rubber wood. The set includes food figurines, a cutting Board, a tray and a knife. Everything you need to prepare Breakfast! The toy trains fine motor skills, develops spatial thinking, introduces the child to the surrounding objects. And the role-playing game format helps to train communication skills — all this meets the principles of the methodology of the famous teacher Maria Montessori. Natural materials, glue and paints are absolutely safe for the child, even if he decides to “try” the prepared dish.

Lucy&Leo is the number one wooden toy in Europe. This is a kind of Lego among wooden “razvivashek” for kids. Toys are made in China, under the strict supervision of European specialists. Psychologists and early development specialists work on each new product to make the toy really “sticky”. That is why Lucy&Leo toys keep children from 1 to 6 years old interested for a long time (real “anti-gadgets”!), and parents themselves are happy to join the game (even dads!).

The most popular toys for children under 7,000 rubles.

5 B kids fungus

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

The fungus from B kids fully justifies the high cost. The toy is designed for children from 1 to 6 years old, all elements are disconnected, each has interactive functions. Along with the fungus are balls that need to be thrown into the hat. Music plays, phrases are spoken. There are logical tasks, a maze. At the base of the mushroom sits a snail that glides along the path.

Parents note the complex development of the baby. The gears are spinning, and there’s a piano on the back of the hat. You can play with mushroom elements while lying down. The snail is removable, it is convenient to study separately. Not only balls from the manufacturer, but also any round objects of the correct size will slip through the holes. Only the fastenings are unreliable, children often accidentally detach the figures.

4 Fisher-Price Laugh and learn steam Train

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

The train from Fisher-Price deserves to be called the hit of the season, it stays with the child for several years. The toy knows dozens of phrases, songs and melodies. When you click on the buttons, interactive elements light up, and parts of the train rotate. The direction of the game depends on which of the figures controls the transport. The child learns colors, shapes, and numbers. The toy gradually “gets smarter” along with the baby.

The difficulty of learning is set by parents. A total of 4 levels are offered, each with numerous interactive elements. The train is made in bright colors, the figures fit comfortably in the baby’s hand. You can play with most of the elements separately, and roll the locomotive behind you. Only the joints creak and the material feels flimsy.

3 Spin Master Hatchimals

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

A real hit of the season among interactive toys were incredibly cute and smart Hatchimals. These are small penguins or dragons placed in an egg. After the purchase, the child can not immediately start playing – first you need to wait until the baby hatches. This period is very touching, you can hear the heartbeat of the future pet and his sighs. After hatching, the cub sings a festive song, which means that it is born. Then the child will have to become a real parent – he needs to take care of, feed, play with Hatchimals and go through three stages of his growing up (from infancy to adolescence).

Over time, the pet learns to walk, talk, repeat words, dance and play with its owner. Special lighting effects of the eyes indicate the cubs ‘ desires (for example, scratching their belly). Hatchimals come in different colors, you can choose a specific one based on the color of the shell. Children have the option to restart the growth stage if they want their baby back. Playing with such a pet teaches the child to take care.

2 LEGO Boost 17101

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

A real legend among educational games is considered to be the LEGO constructor. The manufacturer is constantly developing new technological additions to its kits. LEGO BOOST is a unique electronic construction kit consisting of 847 parts. It is designed for assembling various programmable items: a robot, an auto repair shop, a guitar, a cat, and an all-terrain vehicle. You can read the instructions and manage ready-made creations through the free mobile app.

And GRS with an interactive constructor is something completely new for children. The recommended age is from 7 to 12 years. It strongly develops dexterity, logical and creative thinking, interest in design, robotics and programming. All parts are made of the safest materials and are resistant to wear.

1 Baby Born Zapf Creation

20 most popular toys for children-rating 2021

Baby Born is an interactive doll that repeats the behavior and movements of a small child. Externally, it is very similar to a baby, and the functionality allows it to eat, go to the toilet, cry, move its arms and legs, etc. The set includes many additional attributes: a purse, a bottle, a pacifier on a chain, a diaper, a pot, a spoon, a plate, clothes and jewelry.

For any girl, playing with such a doll is a real pleasure. Her height is 43 cm, and her weight is 1.9 kg. Young children learn to take care of the baby-feed him, change clothes, change diapers, rock him and communicate with him. Experts believe that such an activity prepares a young lady for motherhood. Made by Baby Born from high-quality wear-resistant plastic. This doll will last more than one year. There is a baby to choose from-a boy in blue clothes or a girl in pink.

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