23 best attractions in Sharjah

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The third largest in the UAE, the most conservative, the most cozy and the most peaceful – the Emirate of Sharjah is ideal for a family holiday. Many museums, comfortable beaches, natural monuments and active recreation – all this can be offered by the “cultural capital of the Arab world” (UNESCO), ” Healthy city “(who) and the world book capital 2021. What places are worth visiting while visiting here? Your attention is drawn to the best sights of the famous resort.

UAE’s capital of culture: top 23 attractions in Sharjah

Category place full name Rating
Best cultural sites in the UAE 1 Al Noor Mosque 5.0
2 Rain room 4.9
3 The king Faisal mosque 4.8
4 “The Heart Of Sharjah» 4.7
5 Embankment Of Al-Beheira 4.6
6 Mosque Of Sharjah 4.5
Nature and parks of the UAE 1 Sharjah national Park 5.0
2 Wasit Nature Reserve ecosystem Park» 4.9
3 Kalba Conservation Reserve 4.8
Best museums in the UAE 1 Museum of Islamic civilization 4.6
2 Classic car Museum 4.5
3 Mleha archaeological center (Mleiha) 4.4
4 Al Mahatta aviation Museum 4.3
Best beaches in the UAE 4 Al-Mamzar beach complex 5.0
2 Al Fisht 4.9
3 Al-Khan 4.8
Best UAE markets 1 The blue Souk al markazi 4.6
2 Al Arsa East market 4.5
3 Fruit market al Jubail (Al Jubajl) 4.4
Best water Parks and amusement parks in the UAE 1 The amusement Park of al-Montazah 5.0
2 Al Majaz Park 4.9
Best zoos and aquariums in the UAE 1 Desert Park 5.0
2 Sharjah aquarium 4.9

Best cultural attractions in the UAE

Al Noor Mosque

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 5.0

23 best attractions in Sharjah

This religious site can be safely called not just an original architectural landmark, but also, perhaps, one of the most famous in the entire Emirate. The picturesque building, made of white marble, was created in the likeness of the famous Blue mosque of Istanbul. The magnificent religious building was built in 2005 using innovative technologies. It was named after the son of the Emir of Sharjah.

The snow-white mosque admires not only its appearance, but also its interior decoration: all the walls of the building are lined with natural stone and masterfully painted by local artists. The religious site is traditionally represented by 2 prayer halls – for men (for 1800 believers) and women (for 400 believers).

The mosque gets a particularly spectacular appearance with the onset of the evening: special lighting gives the grandiose structure a sparkling gold hue. The al Noor mosque is open to members of all faiths. Opening hours as a tourist destination for guests of the Emirate are from 10 am to 12 PM every Monday. When visiting the mosque, it is important to observe several rules: entrance is possible only in closed dark clothing, inside you can not talk loudly, eat, drink or hold hands.

Address: Al Mamzar Corniche St

Rain room

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.9

23 best attractions in Sharjah

The arts Fund of the Emirate of Sharjah at the time contributed to the fact that unique and captivating installation “rain room” has found a permanent home. Today, the art object is exhibited in the middle East. The incredible art performance is the brainchild of the British company Random International, which loves bold experiments in the field of art. The installation is presented in the form of a huge space of almost unlit room with an area of 1,460 m2 .

Entering this room, visitors can hear the sound of rain. Moving along it, they try to intuitively protect themselves from the water jets falling from above. It’s really raining, but… you can’t get Wet, no matter how hard you try. It’s all about special sensors that respond to any human movement: they stop the flow of water in the place where the visitor is.

Thus, the installation surprisingly creates an incredible presence effect.: guests of the rain room can walk in a real downpour and still stay completely dry. The rain room constantly circulates about 1200 liters of clean water.

Address: Al Mujarrah SharqAl

The king Faisal mosque

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.8

23 best attractions in Sharjah

The huge structure with an area of more than 5000 m2 was built over 10 years (from 1976 to 1986). The cost of the project was estimated at $ 100 million, which at that time was considered a very impressive amount. This is a gift to the Emirates from the king of Saudi Arabia. The mosque accommodates about 16,500 worshippers, as well as many galleries, walkways at various levels, and even the international University of Islam.

On the one hand, it is a seemingly unremarkable religious object made in the traditional Arabic style. On the other hand, an unusual architectural structure, the “highlight” of which can only be noticed by an observant traveler. Walking around the perimeter of the building, you can see how it visually turns into the nose of a huge ocean liner, ready to go on a journey. It is for this reason that the king Faisal mosque is often caught in the lens of tourist cameras.

Address: King Abdul Aziz St-Al Soor

“The Heart Of Sharjah»

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.7

23 best attractions in Sharjah

A unique location located in the heart of the Emirate. This is a restored coastal area of ancient Sharjah with an incredible atmosphere and architectural flavor. The historical center of the ancient city, once considered a commercial part of it, has now turned into a district of arts and dynamic architectural development. And yet, a piece of antiquity was preserved.

Several museums in the traditional barjil wind towers, many art venues, old narrow streets, a market and the famous Fort – you can spend the whole day viewing all these objects (and completely free of charge).

“Heart of Sharjah” is the largest government project of historical type, implemented with the aim of restoring and preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the region. The 15-year reconstruction process is expected to be completed by 2025. Upon completion of the large-scale work, the finished architectural and historical monument will become a candidate for the UNESCO world heritage list.

Special attention should be paid to one of the most significant sites of the ancient area – Fort al-Hish – a traditional two-level fortification built of stone, Adobe and coral. This defensive structure appeared in 1820 and for many years was the residence of the ruling dynasty of Sharjah. In the early 1970s, the structure was almost completely destroyed as a reminder of the reign of Sheikh Saqr bin Sultan al-Kazimi. Only one tower remained “alive”, which today serves as a lonely reminder of the former greatness of the fortress.

Rebuilt in 1996, the building is now a Museum. On the ground floor there is a library, an internal entrance, and several expositions that tell about various aspects of Sharjah’s life. On the second floor – Armory, residential apartments of the ruler, rooms of the nobility, recreation rooms, etc.

The traditional Oriental flavor is complemented by local souvenir merchants, with whom you can safely bargain “in the fight” for unique handmade products. There is also a hotel where you can relax after a busy day of sightseeing, and several restaurants.

Address: Al Mareija

Embankment Of Al-Beheira

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.6

23 best attractions in Sharjah

Stretching for 3 km in length, al-Buheira smoothly skirts the Persian Gulf. It is a place of pilgrimage for thousands of tourists who visit the Emirate every year. The embankment is known for its fascinating views, a bright fountain show and well-developed infrastructure for a comfortable stay.

The promenade is ideal for leisurely walks and aesthetic relaxation at any time of the day: it offers an incredible view of the lagoon and the city at the same time. The unique mix of architectural styles and different historical eras is most clearly visible from here. In the evening, the promenade becomes a real visual highlight of the lagoon: a sea of colorful lanterns lights up, painting the water with bright colors. Along the coast there are many cozy cafes and restaurants where you can relax and eat delicious food.

Embankment of al-Buhaira – a truly fascinating place that is literally steeped in Oriental charm and romance. This is the perfect way to explore the resort.

Address: Al Buheirah Corniche, Corniche St

Mosque Of Sharjah

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.5

23 best attractions in Sharjah

Built in 2021, the mosque is a unique symbol of faith and a real architectural miracle. Despite the sufficient number of religious sites in the Emirate, we couldn’t help but present this one, because it really deserves attention. The largest mosque in Sharjah has opened its doors to residents and guests of the Emirate after more than 5 years of construction.

The impressive structure covers an area of more than 185,800 m2 and can accommodate approximately 25,000 worshippers. The magnificent execution of the architectural elements of the mosque is fascinating: minarets, columns and impressive domes were designed in a unique style. The structure looks concise, elegant and spectacular – it seems to float elegantly over the mirror tiles as if over a water surface.

The interior of the mosque is no less impressive: magnificent stained glass Windows, walls decorated with verses from the Koran, an unusual chandelier in the center of the hall and a magnificent carpet. The mosque boasts an excellent library that contains valuable Islamic works, and the collection hall features Antiques from various eras of Islam. There are also areas for representatives of other religions, outdoor areas, gardens, a gift shop and even a cafe on the territory of the religious complex.

Address: Al Tayy Suburb

Nature and parks of the UAE

Sharjah national Park

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 5.0

23 best attractions in Sharjah

A popular holiday destination for Emirati residents and a popular tourist destination. A huge natural oasis spread over an area of 630,000 m2-the national Park impresses with the brevity and beauty of the green landscape, well-groomed, clean and lots of entertainment.

Here you can perfectly relax with the whole family, staying for the whole day. Roller skates or bicycles for rent, as well as specially equipped areas for riding them, barbecue facilities, giant slides, a beautiful duck pond, several playgrounds for the youngest guests of the Park, retail outlets (here you can buy light snacks, drinks and delicious ice cream), the “tunnel of fear”, through which part of the bike paths passes, a colorful Arab-style coffee shop, and the most important object of the Park – Sharjah in miniature. The latter is represented by many famous buildings of the Emirate and the Khalid lagoon.

Address: Al Gharayen

Wasit Nature Reserve ecosystem Park»

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.9

23 best attractions in Sharjah

A unique ecosystem, home to about 200 different species of birds, small mammals, insects and reptiles, some of which can be found exclusively on the territory of the UAE. The Park combines several landscapes at once: from coastal dunes and salt marshes to swamps and lakes.

The ecosystem complex is part of a large-scale project of the Emirate’s environmental protection and protected areas Agency. Its goal is to restore a long-standing chain of wetlands along the Persian Gulf coast. Formerly a landfill site, it is now an incredibly aesthetic natural concept, a fully restored local ecosystem of about 200,000 m2, which is home to native bird and animal species.

The minimalistic design of the complex’s facilities with panoramic seamless glazing, which fits seamlessly into the concept, fully concentrates the attention of Park visitors on its inhabitants and at the same time does not create discomfort for animals. It’s all about the design features of the facades: they are made with a slight slope. This minimizes the reflection of the landscape for people and maximizes it for animals at the same time.

It is very comfortable to observe the inhabitants of the ecosystem, despite the hot desert climate: the roof is perfectly insulated, the glazing is shaded by its protruding part. If desired, guests of the reserve can get comprehensive information about its inhabitants, ride around the territory on comfortable Golf carts and watch birds through binoculars in one of the 8 comfortable shelters.

Address: Sheikh Salem Bin Sultan Al Qasimi St

Kalba Conservation Reserve

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.8

23 best attractions in Sharjah

Just a 1.5-hour drive from the center of Sharjah, almost on the border with Oman, there is a place that can not be called like any other. Kalba mangrove reserve is a unique combination of natural beauty and active entertainment. A unique eco-project and the oldest mangrove zone in the Emirates – a wetland of international importance and a habitat for endangered species.

Lovers of nature and outdoor activities will appreciate the possibilities of this tourist destination. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery, go in for water sports, have a picnic in the Park area (Al Hafiya Picnic Park) and visit any of the research centers located here (Kalba Bird of Prey center and Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation center). Beaches, mangroves, mountain ranges-all this is concentrated in one place. In the future, the reserve plans to open a rehabilitation center for turtles.

Here, the eco-resort Kingfisher Lodge has already started working in a test mode. Its guests are offered accommodation in luxury makeshift “tents” with excellent views of the ocean and mangroves, as well as services of Wellness and yoga centers, outdoor recreation areas, etc.

Best museums in the UAE

Museum of Islamic civilization

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 5.0

23 best attractions in Sharjah

This is a unique place where many exhibits are collected, each of which is a part of Eastern culture: ancient banknotes, household items, even ancient works of art. The Museum building consists of 6 parts. The first of them is the gallery of Abu Bakr, which presents incredible examples of Islamic architecture, ancient Koran, etc. The second gallery al-Faham showing and telling about the development of science in Islamic countries.

The third is a collection of clothing, jewelry, ceramic and wooden products from various eras. The fourth section presents valuable artefacts Dating back to the 13th and 19th centuries. The fifth section is entirely devoted to the 20th century and clearly demonstrates the influence of European culture on the Muslim one. Finally, the last part of the exhibition contains coins of various historical eras made of gold and silver.

Address: Corniche St.

Classic car Museum

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.9

23 best attractions in Sharjah

The vintage car Museum is one of the must-see places in the Emirate of Sharjah. The huge exhibition hall presents all kinds of car brands from different countries of the world. In total, the Museum has about 100 rare cars and about 50 motorcycles. The Museum’s oldest models are the 1916 Dodge and Ford Model T, and the newest rolled off the Assembly line in the 60s of the 20th century.

By visiting the Museum of classic cars, you can learn a lot of interesting information about the creation of any of the cars presented at the exhibition, and even see how each of the parts of such cars works and get to know the unique two – and four-wheeled models of their time more closely. You can find a lot of unusual cars outside the Museum. Just walk around the building: there are a lot of worn and already ruined old cars that are waiting in the wings and are only planned for restoration.

Address: Sharjah-Al Dhaid Road

Mleha archaeological center (Mleiha)

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.8

23 best attractions in Sharjah

Mlekh is a modest town of the Emirate – is recognized by historians as the oldest archaeological site in UAE. The first valuable artifacts were discovered on its territory relatively recently (in the 90s), when workers were laying a water supply system. Currently, this cultural and historical site has not yet become a tourist center, since it opened only recently – in 2016. But over time, the authorities of Sharjah plan to turn it into an important archaeological site.

The centre of archaeology Mlekh is a large complex consisting of several buildings. The main building contains most of the important artefacts – ceramics, jewelry, weapons of labor, etc. Within the Fort are some ancient tombs and a lot of treasures. Also in the archaeological center there are ancient residential buildings, many of which are interesting historical monuments.

You can go on an independent trip and see a unique valley of caves, a camel cemetery, or even visit the most authentic archaeological excavations.

Al Mahatta aviation Museum

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.7

23 best attractions in Sharjah

The origin of this Museum began in the 30s of the last century, when air navigation appeared in the Emirates, which played a key role in the development of the region. Despite its modest size, al Mahatta airport at that time was fully functional: fuel refueling, maintenance, passenger service and the necessary ground services – all this the facility could provide.

Part of the airport was eventually turned into a Museum. Today, its exposition is very impressive. The first section – the most important one-is represented by models of valuable samples of aviation equipment that landed in al-Mahatta several decades ago: the first plane that landed here, a representative of the British Royal Airlines airmail service, an old fuel tanker, etc.

The old inventions section is full of all sorts of techniques that amazed the minds of contemporaries at the beginning of the 20th century. The sports section collected items for recreation and self-development, which were used by employees of the old airport. The section of ancient instruments is represented by original samples of working tools of various professions: carpenters, barbers, etc.

The main object of this part of the Museum is a model of the old cinema of the Emirate (believed to be the first in the Arab Gulf). Here you can also see many original models of bicycles, vintage cars, even a replica of the railway steam engine in working condition. In addition to air transport, the al-Mahatta Museum also offers to see with your own eyes stuffed flying animals of all kinds, fossilized remains and even the skeleton of a petrosaur.

Address: Al Estiqlal St, Al Qasimia Area, Opp Sharjah Mega Mall

Best beaches in the UAE

Al-Mamzar beach complex

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 5.0

23 best attractions in Sharjah

The huge beach complex on the territory of more than 106 hectares is represented by 5 separate beaches, each of which can offer entertainment for every taste. Picnic areas, playgrounds for children, several swimming pools, sports areas where you can kick a ball and ride a skateboard, as well as bike paths – all this is available on al-Mamzar.

Sports equipment is available for active beach activities, such as snorkeling equipment, jet skis, etc. If desired, you can easily move from one beach of the complex to another-just use a specially plying train. Geographically, al-Mamzar is located on the border of two Emirates – Sharjah and Dubai.

Address: St Al Mamzar Beach – Al Mamzar – Dubai

Al Fisht

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.9

23 best attractions in Sharjah

Located North of the Sharjah Ladies Club women’s Wellness complex and stretching along Al Muntazah street, al Fisht public beach is the epitome of comfort. Low-rise villas and snow-white sand create an ideal atmosphere for a comfortable stay under the gentle rays of the sun and pleasant picnics. In the Park of the same name located here, you can walk along the green lawns, ride on slides, and relax with the whole family.

Important. Due to the strong current, swimming in this place is strictly prohibited.

Адрес: Sheikh Mohammad Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Square – Al Muntazah


Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.8

23 best attractions in Sharjah

A luxurious stretch of 600 m of sand offers the luxury of swimming in the azure waters of the Bay and a comfortable beach holiday. There is everything for a pleasant and relaxing pastime – sun beds with umbrellas, showers, picnic areas, playgrounds, a variety of sports equipment that can be rented at the water sports and surfing Center (equipment for kayaking, parasailing, flyboard, banana riding, etc.).

Address: Al Khaledia Suburb

Best UAE markets

The blue Souk al markazi

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 5.0

23 best attractions in Sharjah

Also known as Central or Golden, al markazi market is considered the largest (total area-80 thousand m2, about 600 shops) and the most famous market in the Emirate. Locals often buy food here, and visitors to Sharjah, among other things, come to see the architectural splendor in blue (traditional in Islam) colors: carved Windows, unique tiles, magnificent plant ornaments on a Golden background and an unusual air conditioning system through a whole network of Windows. The blue market is the most visited and most frequently photographed place in the Emirate.

But the Blue market of Sharjah is not only an original example of architecture: here you can buy excellent carpets, handmade silk, wool, jewelry, clothing. And the huge gold and spice departments are even singled out as separate markets, although in fact they are part of al markazi. The blue market operates 6 days a week (Friday is a day off).

Address: King Faisal Road

Al Arsa East market

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.9

23 best attractions in Sharjah

If you want to experience the incredibly colorful atmosphere of the Arab market, you should definitely visit the traditional Sharjah Souq Al Arsah market – the oldest in the UAE. Located in the historic quarter, Vostochny Souk immediately attracts the attention of many tourists with its unusual architecture: a large covered pavilion with many ancient shops, each of which is closed by a massive wooden gate.

Over the centuries, al-Arsa attracted many merchants from Iran, Pakistan, Persia, etc. In those early days, the al-Arsa market was a place where you could find exotic goods from all over the world. Bedouins often came here to exchange desert coal for food, cloth, etc. It is thanks to them that the Eastern market was then called the Coal market (al-Masduf).

At the Eastern market, you can buy excellent quality fabrics, masterfully made carpets, jewelry, original Souvenirs, unique handmade items by craftsmen from various Eastern and African countries.

Адрес: Al Sharq Street, Opp Old Souk, Shuwaihean

Fruit market al Jubail (Al Jubajl)

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.8

23 best attractions in Sharjah

This market is slightly inferior to the Blue one located next door (just cross the street) in its architectural splendor, but it is no less popular among tourists. On the shelves of al Jubail – all the fruit and vegetable variety from all over the world. Here you can profitably buy the freshest mangosteen, tamarind, dragon fruit, dozens of varieties of dates and mangoes, lychees, melons, watermelons, strawberries, coconuts, a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and much more.

The Council. The most convenient option is to purchase goods in mailboxes. This is very profitable, and, in addition, all the goods sold on the fruit market are absolutely fresh and very tasty.

Address: Al Jubail, Corniche Street

Best water parks and amusement parks

The amusement Park of al-Montazah

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 5.0

23 best attractions in Sharjah

This is not just a great way to hide from the scorching sun, but also an opportunity to have a great holiday with the whole family. An incredibly bright and fascinating man-made oasis located in the middle of the desert – a place where you can have fun all day. Al Montaza is located on an island in the middle of an artificial lake. The Park consists of three sections: water Park, attractions and greenery.

The green area is ideal for comfortable, relaxing walks – numerous areas of planted trees, flower beds, neat paths, picnic areas, cozy cafes and even a mosque. The incredibly beautiful landscape can be explored on foot, by bike or by sightseeing train.

In the amusement zone there is a Luna Park with expanse for children: they will be able to have fun on trampolines, carousels, ride electric cars and meet animals in a small zoo. But here – a real Paradise not only for children: several dozen attractions will delight even adults.

Based on an Arabic fairy tale, the Pearl Kingdom features 35 water slides for adults and children, a huge pool with artificial waves, and a play area for the youngest visitors. Every week, the Park hosts a new entertainment program, night shows. And twice a year – spectacular events with the participation of artists from different countries.

Address: Al Khalidiyah Bridge

Al Majaz Park

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.9

23 best attractions in Sharjah

In the Emirate, not so long ago, a very interesting and unusual place of rest appeared-al-Majaz Park. Located right on the shore of the Khalid lagoon, the Park attracts many tourists. Carefully designed, refined and comfortable landscape, a lot of children’s attractions (for this the Park was especially loved by children), a mini-water Park, a variety of cafes and restaurants with delicious food and courteous staff, incendiary music at several concert venues, which often host major cultural events, a Golf course and famous dancing fountains.

During the day, they create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and give the embankment a beautiful view. In the evenings, the fountains turn into a real show, or rather, as many as five shows. The most popular and unusual show program for the audience is “Ebru”: an unforgettable performance in the water marble technique. In addition, you can ride a Bicycle, mini-map or smart card around the Park, rent a Dhow boat, electric catamaran, and much more.

Address: Al Buheirah Corniche Road

Best zoos and aquariums

Desert Park

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 5.0

23 best attractions in Sharjah

This is an incredible diversity of fauna and flora of the Arabian Peninsula, represented in one of the largest wildlife centers on the planet. The Park was organized not only as a cultural and educational object, but also for the purpose of preserving rare animal species in the region.

The Park is a 1 km2 complex consisting of several zones: a wildlife center, two museums (Botanical and natural history), and a children’s farm. The Arabia wildlife center is the only one on the Arabian Peninsula that presents all the varieties of wild animals that live in this region (both existing and extinct). The spacious complex contains about 100 species of representatives (including rare ones) of the Arabian fauna in conditions close to their natural habitat.

Here you can admire a variety of animals: large predators such as leopards, caracals, sandcats, as well as harmless ungulates, representatives of the monkey world, nocturnal animals (rodents, bats, foxes), etc. There is also an impressive terrarium, aquarium and even an insect house with rare species of Scorpions and spiders in the wildlife Center.

Important. It is forbidden to take photos of animals in the Park. Malicious violators will be fined.

The natural history Museum is a recreation of the desert and marine ecosystems, where various natural processes (for example, a volcanic eruption) are clearly shown using modern technologies. There are also a number of interesting exhibits: dinosaur skeletons, historical fossils, etc.

The Botanical Museum presents unique plants that manage to survive in the conditions of a total lack of moisture in the Arabian desert – the largest on the planet. And finally, the last part of the Park, but no less interesting and important – the children’s farm. This is a kind of contact zoo, where all sorts of domestic animals are kept – donkeys, sheep, Guinea pigs. You can even show up on a camel.

On the territory of the Park complex it is very comfortable to stay thanks to the abundance of air conditioners and several cafes where you can relax and have a delicious snack.

Address:Al Dhaid Rd | Interchange 8

Sharjah aquarium

Tourist attraction rating (Sharjah): 4.9

23 best attractions in Sharjah

Sharjah aquarium is considered the first major government facility of this type. Two impressive floors with 20 tanks located on them, where a variety of marine life lives. Although the size of this aquarium, of course, is inferior to the famous Dubai, the local collection is very unusual and, of course, deserves attention.

Visitors to the Sharjah aquarium can get acquainted with the fauna of the Persian Gulf: there are seahorses, sharks, clownfish, mysterious Moray eels, eels, stingrays, etc. More than 150 species of various marine life live in conditions as close as possible to their natural habitat.

The unusual design of the object creates the illusion of walking on the sea floor. Water tanks are built into the walls and ceiling. A huge water tunnel runs through the territory of the water Park. Information monitors are installed in all the halls: each visitor can independently find out all the details they are interested in about a particular type presented here.

The created aquarium is an opportunity to preserve at least a small part of the marine flora and fauna, which is mercilessly destroyed by human activity and environmental disasters in the oceans.

Адрес: Al Meena Street, Al Khan Area, Near Sharjah Maritime Museum.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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