25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

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Among all the resorts on the black sea coast, Gelendzhik is especially popular. It is conveniently located near one of the most beautiful bays, which has a unique climate and incredible landscapes. Gelendzhik is located between several mountain slopes, which makes it fascinating to visit not only to relax, but also to learn a lot about the history and culture of the country. Our experts have compiled a rating of the best attractions in Gelendzhik.

Rating of the best attractions in Gelendzhik

Category place full name Rating
Best architectural attractions in Gelendzhik 1 Dolmens 5.0
2 Gelendzhik Embankment 4.9
3 Fountains Of Gelendzhik 4.8
4 Flap gate lighthouse 4.7
5 Lighthouse on a Thick Cape 4.6
6 Solar and Lunar dolmens 4.5
Best natural attractions in Gelendzhik 1 Safari Park 5.0
2 Safari Park funicular 4.9
3 Skala Parus 4.8
4 Waterfalls on the Janet river 4.7
5 The Aquarium Of Noumea 4.6
6 Olymp Park 4.5
7 The Funicular Olympus 4.4
8 Old Park in Kabardinka 4.3
9 Sosnovy Bor 4.2
10 Juniper grove in Kabardinka 4.1
Best religious attractions in Gelendzhik 1 Ascension Cathedral 5.0
2 The Church Of Mikhail Of Chernigov 4.9
3 Church of the Transfiguration 4.8
4 St. George’s Church 4.7
Best cultural attractions in Gelendzhik 1 The Museum Of Noumea 5.0
2 Zolotaya Bukhta water Park» 4.9
3 Dolphinarium Of Gelendzhik 4.8
4 The Water Park Behemoth 4.7
5 White horse gallery» 4.6

Best architectural attractions in Gelendzhik


25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

This is an important architectural and historical monument located on the territory of modern Gelendzhik. The landmark deservedly receives the title of the main heritage site. Almost 120 similar dolmens have been preserved in the region. And some of them are located near the village with the big name “Vozrozhdenie”, so our experts recommend visiting it with a guided tour.

According to historians, it is believed that dolmens appeared during the late bronze age, that is, the oldest of them is more than 5 thousand years old. And where they came from and what they were intended for, modern science is unknown. There are a significant number of versions about their origin and function.

Gelendzhik Embankment

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

The second position among all the attractions of Gelendzhik is occupied by the promenade, which is one of the longest in the world. The length of the tracks exceeds 14 kilometers, so only lovers of an active lifestyle can cross it. Almost all the paving stones are a light shade, and along the edges there are large flower beds, as well as a number of parapets and lanterns.

The length of the gentrified part is 8 kilometers, and on its territory there are a number of attractions for tourists, including monuments and fountains. There are entertainment centers around, a number of cafeterias and restaurants, and one of the parts is an excellent viewing platform aimed at the Gelendzhik Bay. There is also a Bicycle rental service at the beginning of the road.

Fountains Of Gelendzhik

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

Fountains occupy the third position in the rating of architectural attractions of Gelendzhik. Hydrotechnical compositions represent a real highlight of the city. In addition, they are all very colorful, which complements the composition of the squares on which they are located. The most romantic is the fountain called “hearts in Love”. It is believed that if you throw a coin in it, there will be a future spouse.

On the embankment of the village of Kabardinka there is another hydraulic structure, the model for which was the Moscow “Friendship of Peoples”. It includes a huge multi-level composition, which is installed in the Central part of the bowl. It includes a number of dolphins and mermaids, and its General orientation is representative of the Baroque style.

Flap gate lighthouse

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

Among the colorful sights of Gelendzhik, the sash lighthouse will stand out in particular. It is located on Lermontovsky Boulevard. To reach it, you can use public transport, getting off at the station “Sosnovaya Roscha”. The architectural landmark of Gelendzhik dates back to the beginning of the XX century, and the construction was completed in 1906. In shape, it strongly resembles the superstructure of a sailing ship. The facade is decorated with a significant number of carved cornices.

Anchors are located in front of the arched entrance. This structure has a long history, for example, during the great Patriotic war it was going to blow up. However, the former head (at that time P. T. Sokolov) forbade dismantling, so the attraction has been preserved until now.

Lighthouse on a Thick Cape

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

Tolstoy Cape is one of the ends of Gelendzhik Bay, and it is here that the next attraction of the city, which has been added to the rating, is located. The lighthouse is located near the beach, so it is often considered a symbol of the embankment. It appeared on the territory of Gelendzhik during the development of the Bay in the XIX century. However, it was damaged and rebuilt several times.

It acquired a modern appearance in 1985, when it was reconstructed. The lighthouse is located on a large promontory, from where you can see almost the entire Bay and part of the city. However, it will be difficult to reach it because of the steep cliffs. And the building itself is located on the top of a hill, so you can see a number of landscapes of Gelendzhik from above. Sea excursions are conducted past it.

Solar and Lunar dolmens

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

Not far from Gelendzhik is the mountain Neksis, with a height of only 400 metres away. It has a complex shape that is strongly reminiscent of the Bactrian camel. And its name is derived from the Adyghe language, which is not typical in this region. Moreover, it is believed that Nexis is a “connection” from Latin, so the origin of the name is very mysterious. Among the ancient tribes, the rock was considered magical.

On its top there are 2 interesting sights – Sunny and Lunar dolmens. Ancient religious buildings on the territory of mount Nexis are considered the most famous in the region. According to historians and ethnographers, solar dolmen is the epitome of masculinity, and the Moon − female. Moreover, the latter differs in design from other ancient temples, since it is not monolithic.

Best natural attractions in Gelendzhik

Safari Park

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

Among the natural attractions of Gelendzhik, the Safari Park stands out especially. This is a huge Park with an area of about 160 hectares, where animal rehabilitation is carried out. Most of the animals that live here, met with the cruelty of man and received a number of injuries. Their behavior may be somewhat aggressive or unpredictable, but specially equipped enclosures make it safe to visit.

It is home to wild boars, Cougars and leopards, as well as foxes and bears. Experts tried to bring their living conditions as close as possible to natural ones. There is also a private terrarium where reptiles live. Gelendzhik Safari Park receives visitors almost every day, and it is a great place to visit with your family.

Safari Park funicular

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

The second position in the rating of natural attractions of Gelendzhik is occupied by the cable car, which runs between the lower and upper parts of the Safari Park. With the help of modern cabins, you can climb to a height of up to 640 meters, from where you can enjoy a beautiful viewing platform. The journey length is more than one and a half km and takes at least 20 minutes.

This is the highest cable car on the entire black sea coast. Moreover, the trip takes place in open funiculars. From the height, you can enjoy a view of the beautiful panoramas of the Bay and Park. Therefore, you should have the courage and try to climb the funicular. However, driving over a precipice can be too scary, as open booths move over a cliff.

Skala Parus

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

Not far from Gelendzhik there is a small rock, which strongly resembles a sail in shape, hence its name. It stands perpendicular to the coastline of the Black sea and is almost entirely in the water. This is a large sand layer that has separated due to erosion from the main part of the rocks. In the 1970s, this landmark received the status of a natural monument.

The height of the structure is almost 25 meters, which reaches the level of a nine-story building. However, the width of this rock surface is no more than 1 meter, which made it very popular and unusual. There are cracks all over the rock, and the lower part is occupied by a small hole. An opinion about the reasons for its appearance has not yet been formed. Skala Parus is located near the village of Praskoveyevka.

Waterfalls on the Janet river

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

Not far from the already mentioned village of Vozrozhdenie there are waterfalls. The small Zhane river 15 kilometers South of Gelendzhik forms a cascade of rocks, along which a stream of water boils. And together with the tributaries, a picturesque valley is formed, including a number of waterfalls. And their capacity is usually highly dependent on the weather and precipitation, and during a drought, the water flow can even dry up.

The strongest water movement occurs during snowmelt. And the cascade, although not very high, nevertheless attracts the attention of tourists. The total number of waterfalls is almost 400, and each of them stands out from the rest. And under the “Emerald” is a small bowl, which, according to local legends, allows you to strengthen the marriage. You can visit these waterfalls by driving along the don highway.

The Aquarium Of Noumea

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

In the center of Gelendzhik, on Revolyutsionnaya street, there is another natural attraction – the Oceanarium. It has not yet managed to acquire a long history, because it was opened in 2007, but it has been receiving visitors for 12 months. The aquarium is distinguished by the highest requirements for ecology and other parameters in aquariums where fish live. So, every day the water passes a whole series of checks on a variety of characteristics, so that the conditions of keeping the inhabitants are close to natural.

You can observe the life of marine inhabitants as part of the excursion. There are both oceanic and freshwater fish, including sharks, Moray eels, piranhas and other orders of inhabitants of the depths. There is even a decorative pool where carp live, and each of the aquariums is additionally equipped with an explanatory sign. The entire walk will be accompanied by a musical arrangement.

Olymp Park

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

Olymp open-air Park is located not far from Gelendzhik and Kupriyanova gap. It consists of two zones connected by a cable car, which is especially colorful in the evening, when the lights are turned on. An important feature is that there is a strong temperature difference in the territory due to changes in altitude. The upper part of the Park complex is located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level.

The lower Park is located near the Markotsky ridge. For tourists with children, it will be very interesting to visit the zoo and the farm where crocodiles are raised. In a small pond, you can try to catch trout. It will then be prepared in an adjacent cafe. There are also other infrastructure facilities, such as a bowling alley, and even the opportunity to feel like a sommelier in the tasting room of Daman wines.

The Funicular Olympus

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

The second funicular in the rating of attractions in Gelendzhik is the place that connects both parts of Olymp Park. The total length of the cable car exceeds 1,150 meters, and the short journey is suitable only for brave visitors, since the trailers are fully open. The speed of ascent does not exceed 1 m / s, so you should prepare and take warm clothes.

However, Alpine equipment from an Austrian company was chosen for the funicular, which is extremely reliable. At the top of the Park there is an observation deck, where you can see panoramas of the city and the coast. And to get the most complete range of impressions, you should try to ride the cable car in the evening, when the city is lit up with hundreds of lights.

Old Park in Kabardinka

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

On the territory of the village of Kabardinka, which is not far from the city, there is a small Park dedicated to architectural themes. This important landmark is actually an exhibition that belongs to the architectural art. On its territory there are various structures inherent in a particular culture.

There are full-fledged reconstructions of ancient temples and Oriental pavilions, which immerse you in the traditional atmosphere of the sacrament. And the pagoda from Japan is a great place for reflection in the shade. There is even an Orthodox chapel that combines the styles of Russian and Byzantine architecture. The Old Park is located in the village of Kabardinka on Chernomorskaya street.

Sosnovy Bor

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

The ancient relict forest located in the vicinity of the city is also an extremely important tourist attraction to visit. It is located around the village of Divnomorskoye and is deservedly considered a natural monument in the Krasnodar territory. Janetski boron is one of the largest on the territory of the Russian Federation massifs, where it grows pitsundskaya pine. This breed has long been included in the Red book, since it was actively cut down for the production of furniture.

The woodland itself is located directly above the sea coast, so some grow on the cliff. Their characteristic feature is the long needles, which creates a very pleasant pine smell in the forest. For tourists, the solid wood is of interest primarily as a place where you can breathe the air filled with phytoncide. Oxygen containing such substances contains virtually no bacteria.

Juniper grove in Kabardinka

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

Another natural attraction of the region is a grove of juniper trees on the territory of the village of Kabardinka. The total area of woodlands filled with vegetation is almost 1000 hectares. And most of it is located near the Sheskharis forest area. Evergreen juniper is a plant that actively cleanses the air from bacteria.

In addition, the atmosphere here contains a significant amount of phytoncides, which has a beneficial effect on health. Tourists come here to relax and breathe really clean air. On the territory of the juniper grove grows a significant number of species, some of which are listed in the Red book. And you should come here in the spring, when everything starts to bloom.

Best religious attractions in Gelendzhik

Ascension Cathedral

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

The main religious attraction of Gelendzhik can be safely called the ascension Cathedral. It is located on Pervomayskaya street 4A at the Sberbank transport stop, its construction was completed in 1909, and in terms of architectural direction belongs to the eclectic style. Its design is characterized by components of ancient Russian and Byzantine architecture.

The ascension Church in Gelendzhik was perfectly preserved during the Soviet Union. It was closed several times and handed over to the faithful. After the restoration, which was carried out at the end of the century, the appearance of the temple has become much better. In addition, the complex includes a large bell tower.

The Church Of Mikhail Of Chernigov

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

In the second position is the Church, which was consecrated on the territory of Tonkiy Mys in 1913 in honor of the famous Prince Mikhail of Chernihiv. However, the fate of this temple was extremely sad. After the end of the Civil war, the local authorities disbanded it, and also confiscated all its property. The club was located in the preserved building, and then a transformer station was installed.

By 1995, the structure was almost completely destroyed, and it was transferred to the ownership of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. After the beginning of restoration, it was not possible to restore the former appearance of the Church of Prince Michael, so it was necessary to rebuild it. As a result, the size of the dome has changed. In addition, the number of storeys of the building was slightly lower. The Church is located on Chernihiv street, near the post office.

Church of the Transfiguration

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

The third position is occupied by a tourist attraction located on the territory of Gornaya street, very close to the cemetery. The Transfiguration Church of Gelendzhik has an extremely interesting history. The Church was built on the site of a former chapel, which was built before the revolutionary period. And in the period of the Soviet Union, this particular Church became the main object for believers.

In 1990, the institution received the status of a temple. Initially, the area was increased, and then the bell tower was completed. And its development was completed thanks to the addition of a Sunday school and chapel. The facade will be interesting for connoisseurs of beauty due to the presence of mosaic images of all Saints. Often pilgrims come here to ask for help from the icon of the Mother of God.

St. George’s Church

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

The fourth position is occupied by a modern Orthodox Church, which is located on the territory of Gelendzhik. It was consecrated in honor of St. George the victorious. This is one of the youngest churches in the city, which began construction in 2015, and in 2017 it was consecrated by Patriarch Kirill. This place is not only newly built, but also looks very modern.

An unconventional, light blue Shrine, covered with gilding on the domes, stands out on the territory of Gelendzhik. It is an ornament of the city, and since the Church is located in a convenient location, on the territory of Krasnogvardeyskaya street, it will be very easy to visit.

Best cultural attractions in Gelendzhik

The Museum Of Noumea

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

The main cultural attraction of Gelendzhik is the local history Museum, located on Ostrovsky street. It was founded in 1909, when the city was still considered a summer village, which was used as a summer residence for noble families. The founder of the Museum was the hydrographic scientist Mikhail reinike, and the first exhibition was placed in his dacha.

Among the first exhibits were a number of archaeological artifacts. The Museum complex has been closed or relocated several times in its long history, and during world war II it was partially destroyed by an aerial bomb. At the moment, it is located on the territory of the embankment in a new building. Its complex includes the Korolenko house Museum, several memorials and nature departments. The collection contains more than 86 thousand exhibits.

Zolotaya Bukhta water Park»

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik water Park is an important attraction in the region. It was opened in 2004 and is currently the largest in Russia. The total area exceeds 15 hectares. The square has more than 8 swimming pools, 10 rides and more than 40 slides. All of them are grouped by difficulty level, so visiting the water Park is quite safe.

The length of the main descent reaches 137 meters, and the height of the slides is almost 25 m. The Zolotaya Bukhta water Park contains a number of water complexes and attractions that are popular in the world. There are even pools with an artificial wave generator up to 1.5 meters high. In addition, there is a large outdoor disco and an arboretum. Each of the visitors will be able to play water Polo and soccer. A safe entertainment complex has been prepared for children. The water Park is located on Turisticheskaya street.

Dolphinarium Of Gelendzhik

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

The next attraction, located in the third position, is a great place to relax for guests with children. Trained sea animals are able to show full-fledged performances, during which everyone can get acquainted with their grace and intelligence. Dolphins, seals and other inhabitants of the deep will show their skills in passing the obstacle course and acrobatic tricks, including ball games, and even balance on difficult areas.

Especially smart individuals will even draw, making up full-fledged pictures. Gelendzhik Dolphinarium is a great place where you can book therapy, as well as take a number of memorable photos. The shop at the Dolphinarium sells Souvenirs, including t-shirts and keychains.

The Water Park Behemoth

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

On Lunacharsky street in Gelendzhik, there is another water Park, named after a huge animal. The water and entertainment complex is located almost in the city center and welcomes all visitors without a break or weekend. The complex has 3 swimming pools, 17 slides, and a very well-developed infrastructure. It is located in the open air and is especially popular during the tourist season, when many guests come here.

The area of the water Park reaches 1.5 hectares. At the same time, the cost of tickets is not much different from the “Golden Bay”, so the water Park will be located at the end of the rating. This is a great place to spend your holidays with children. Each child will be able to swim in one of the shallow pools, the water of which is regularly filtered. But it should be borne in mind that there are many age restrictions, and a child aged 9-12 years can be very boring, judging by the reviews.

White horse gallery»

25 best attractions in Gelendzhik

A unique cultural complex has also been added to the list of attractions in Gelendzhik. A characteristic feature is that all the exhibits displayed in the halls are made from various waste materials, and we tried to make them as non-standard as possible. There are a number of unique works on the territory, which have a high value in terms of aesthetics.

The Museum was created by Nina Nikiforova, who transforms various industrial and waste products into full-fledged interesting objects. According to her, the main goal of establishing the White horse gallery is to take care of the environment. A part of the exhibition is presented in the open air, including in the pavilion and a large exhibition hall.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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