5 best DEXP TVs

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From the first days of their introduction to the market, Dexp TVs of Russian-Chinese production have always aroused curiosity. Buyers are excited about the opportunity to purchase a technically powerful model with almost double savings, but at the same time they are afraid of another “dummy” with exaggerated capabilities. We got acquainted with the opinion of professionals, studied reviews on independent resources, compared them with the descriptions on the official website and selected the top five devices. In our opinion, their characteristics fully correspond to the stated capabilities, and the quality of Assembly and components is worth paying attention to any of the presented models for this price tag.

Top 5 best Dexp TVs

5 DEXP F22D7200E

5 best DEXP TVs

The economy-class TV quickly responds to commands and reads “heavy” files from a flash drive. On the back of the case, there are all the necessary connectors: from a USB port and composite AV to a coaxial S / PDIF output and a CI/PCMCIA slot. The Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) with a diagonal of 55 cm gives the most pleasant image in detail of all those presented in the selection.

According to reviews, it becomes clear that this is one of the best models for a children’s room or kitchen. First, it is inexpensive. Secondly, it can easily connect to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. And the third reason can be considered the high-definition standard Full High Definition, due to which the eyes practically do not strain when watching videos. The power of the built-in speakers (2x3w) can upset demanding audiophiles, but the manufacturer solved the problem with preset modes (music, movies, etc.), which are conveniently placed on the remote control buttons.

4 DEXP H32D7300K

5 best DEXP TVs

All the possibilities of cable, terrestrial and satellite TV are open to the owner of Dexp H32D7300K equipment. Built-in digital tuners DVB-T and-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S2 reliably receive the signal and broadcast on a 32-inch screen. The function of recording TV programs to external media is implemented, which is especially convenient to use with a timer. This feature saves avid fans of TV series and shows from being disappointed when their favorite episode is missed, and they don’t have the patience to wait for an episode to be uploaded to the Internet.

According to users, for this amount, the image quality is quite decent. However, if the image still seems too sharp, detailed settings allow you to achieve acceptable quality. The device weighs very little – only 3.5 kg with a stand, so it will be very easy to move it to another room. It is noted that the best sound can be caught when you are directly in front of the TV, but when you shift to the side, the sound is not perceived so well.

3 DEXP F40D7300C

5 best DEXP TVs

Direct LED back light technology provides a special arrangement of LEDs. When they are placed behind the matrix, the viewer perceives the color spectrum in its entirety. Thanks to the wide coverage and fine transfer of shades on the meter screen, any scene looks great, but you should understand that such highlighting consumes a lot of energy and requires a certain thickness. By attaching the TV to the wall, you can fully enjoy not only the rich picture, but also the effect of surround sound – for this, the signal undergoes special processing.

The owners and praise, and some criticize the device. TV looks quite solid, the cost is acceptable even if it is presented as a gift. People like to use all its features by connecting flash drives and hard drives. Setting the time zone to +7 causes some difficulties, but the Dexp service center offers to solve the problem by flashing. In addition, the menu has the option to update the SOFTWARE via USB, which simplifies the task.

Dexp was founded in 1998 and initially built PCs. With further development under the same brand, an OEM project was launched, and close cooperation with large enterprises in China and Taiwan was initiated. According to unofficial information, the brand belongs to the largest digital retailer in Russia DNS. The Dexp range includes a huge number of devices, the main advantage of which is a democratic cost combined with modern characteristics. TVs are no exception, including both simple models with a minimal set of necessary functions, and flagship high-tech devices.

2 DEXP U55D9000K

5 best DEXP TVs

We understand that this sounds incredible, but the DEXP brand managed to offer a 4K TV with a diagonal of 55 inches, smart controls on Android and Dolby Digital for just 34 thousand rubles. For comparison, price tags for TVs with the same characteristics, but with a more promoted name on the case, start at about 60 thousand rubles. On a huge panel with amazing contrast and color reproduction, any image becomes a discovery – according to some reviewers, they have not seen a better matrix even from famous competitors.

The device sees all video files, launches applications quickly, and the list of features includes working as a PC monitor, TimeShift, recording content on a flash drive, and child lock. Support for the DLNA standard allows you to simplify the interaction between different devices – TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc., combining them into a single home network. The Edge LED side illumination provides high brightness (300 CD / m2) and excellent contrast ratio (4000:1), while leaving the manufacturer to make the TV ultra-thin. As a result, the device looks very presentable.

1 DEXP U75D9000H

5 best DEXP TVs

Even the top – end DEXP solution – the U75D9000H model-cannot be called prohibitively expensive, especially if you take into account its parameters. Ultra-high-definition playback on a nearly 2-meter (1.9 m) diagonal, the maximum possible viewing angles (178°) – and this is not a commercial cinema, but a home TV. The 4K format is undoubtedly good in itself, but in a company with HDR technology, it can work wonders, bringing the image on the screen closer to reality.

Correct color reproduction and natural contrast are the main, but not the only trump cards of this worthy device in all respects. There are plenty of opportunities to connect to any of the devices, be it a keyboard, mouse or hard drive: 4 HDMI ports, two of them are 2.0 standard, and another one supports ARC, 3 USB 3.0 connectors, 3.5 audio output, CI/PCMCIA slot, Ethernet input. Both the filling and the design show that the TV belongs to the premium segment: the body is quite thin (83 mm), the frames are also minimal, and the metal supports look very elegant. It is also important that the device, although it has impressive dimensions, does not sin with excessive “appetite”, as indicated by the indicator of the maximum possible power – 260 watts.

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