5 best Huawei headphones

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High-quality headphones allow you not only to enjoy the soulful sounds of your favorite music. The choice of headset depends on the convenience of use, and safety for hearing, and the aesthetics of the accessory.

Under the Huawei brand, the world has already seen a lot of high-quality and affordable equipment, including some of the best accessories on the market. Thanks to the latest developments used to create headsets, these devices will become the most reliable and loyal companion for every music lover.

Modern headphones are not only equipment for sound reproduction, today they are subject to many requirements that justify their cost. Headsets, as a rule, are equipped with a microphone for comfortable communication, when it is not possible to hold the phone in your hand, their design should be stylish and practical – many music lovers, among other things, appreciate the visual side of the accessory.

Huawei devices offer a wide range of models for every audiophile: wired and wireless options, moisture protection, and a variety of colors. In search of the best sound and comfortable use, it is recommended to test and try on different models to determine the most comfortable ones.

The rating includes headphones of various types and costs, in order to highlight their advantages and disadvantages in the most objective way.

Top 5 best Huawei headphones

5 Huawei AM116

5 best Huawei headphones

The non-trivial design and optimal shape of the headphones allow you to use them to listen to music and watch videos on most modern media devices: computers, iPods, tablets, smartphones, and so on. The rugged cable is able to withstand daily active use of the accessory, and powerful speakers with a sensitivity of 123 dB provide loud and clear sound of the headset. The keyboard unit on the cable allows you to quickly adjust the volume and manage incoming calls. Unlike wireless solutions, this model transmits audio with minimal quality loss.

Users note in reviews that the microphone does not always work correctly with Android smartphones, however, the quality of music played remains at a high level when connected to any gadget. Among the disadvantages, there are difficulties with reproducing high frequencies, while medium and low ones sound realistic. The Huawei headset is the best choice for those who want to get the highest sound quality within a given budget.

4 HUAWEI AM61 Sport Lite

5 best Huawei headphones

Cheap Huawei in-ear wireless headphones with long battery life, high-quality sound, comfortable fit with additional fixation by silicone horns. There is water protection, allowing you to run with headphones in the rain and not be afraid of getting into them sweat and splashes of water. The sound is moderately bass, detailed, enveloping, rich. In reviews, music lovers say that the high frequencies are slightly raised, but this is corrected by adjusting the equalizer.

The AM61 battery lasts for 11 hours. Synced with your phone via Bluetooth. They are ideal for sports – they are lightweight, waterproof, and fit securely in your ears. Complete ear pads with silicone horns that provide a stronger attachment. Your ears don’t hurt even after hours of listening to music, the main thing is just to choose the right size ear pads. The build quality is pleasing – the buttons are pressed without backlash, there are no gaps in the case.

3 Huawei AM60

5 best Huawei headphones

This headset will be the best choice for athletes: it is comfortably fixed on the neck of the owner and will not interfere during intensive training. Sound quality and impressive autonomy make it an indispensable source of music not only for athletes,but also for active people. The built-in noise-canceling microphone allows you to communicate for up to 6 hours within a radius of up to 10 meters from a connected smartphone. The wide frequency range of 20-20000 Hz makes these wireless headphones popular among connoisseurs of high-quality sound, and the minimum weight of 18.1 grams determines the choice of fans of comfortable listening to music. The device can interact with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, including an iPhone.

Customer reviews indicate a high quality of Assembly and materials-wireless headphones have a good level of strength and reliability. Owners of the device positively assess the sound quality, the balance of high, medium and low frequencies, as well as the convenience of ear pads. According to the assurances of users who have already purchased this gadget, the cable connecting the headphones is soft enough and does not irritate the skin on the neck.

2 Huawei Honor FlyPods

5 best Huawei headphones

The device is harmoniously fixed in the ear, does not fall out and does not rotate. Sufficient autonomy of the wireless headset and IP54 class moisture protection allow you not to part with the accessory under any circumstances. A state-of-the-art microphone makes speech clearer when communicating with a headset, suppressing extraneous noise. The headset supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology and is controlled by touching the left earpiece. The charging case quickly replenishes the device’s power charge in the absence of power outlets. Thanks to the minimal size and ergonomics of the case, it is easy to carry in your bag or pocket. The small weight, only 40 grams, and dimensions of the accessory make listening to music and communication simple and convenient for the owner.

In the reviews, you can see a positive assessment of the stability of the Huawei FlyPods connection and praise for high autonomy. A high-quality connection to the audio source is maintained even if the distance from the smartphone is up to 20 meters. The clarity and power of sound received the highest score among the owners of headsets of this model.

1 HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

5 best Huawei headphones

A great alternative to AirPods due to the presence of active noise reduction, wireless charging of the case and a pleasant price. These are earbuds that fit comfortably in your ears, do not fall out when you actively move your head, and demonstrate very powerful bass and pleasant sound by the standards of earbuds.

The case is larger than its counterparts, supports wireless charging and quickly collects scratches. Over the wire, it charges via the USB Type-C port. Headphones without a case play for 4 hours, and the case itself is able to charge them up to 5 more times due to its own resource. Wireless connection of headphones to your phone/laptop is provided by Bluetooth 5.1. the active noise reduction System works correctly and allows you to cut off external noise almost completely. These are some of the best truly wireless headphones when measured in terms of sound quality and breadth of functionality.

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