5 best pool vacuum cleaners with Aliexpress

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To clean the pool, you can pour out the water and wash the surface manually, but this takes a lot of time and effort. It is better to buy a special water vacuum cleaner. It is not necessary to choose the most expensive option, there are decent alternatives on Aliexpress. Manual vacuum models are most often found on the site. They are connected to a garden hose or filtration system. Also on the site there are robot vacuum cleaners for the pool. The main difference between these models is the high price. But for this money, buyers get a fully Autonomous device that is suitable for cleaning the deepest reservoir.

Top 5 best pool vacuum cleaners with Aliexpress

5 TOOYOUNG Swimming Pool Cleaner

5 best pool vacuum cleaners with Aliexpress

An absolute hit of sales on Aliexpress was a bright vacuum cleaner from the TOOYOUNG brand. It has a classic design: the brush is attached to an elongated handle, which, in turn, is connected to a garden hose or filtration system. As a result, a vacuum is created, and the flow of water pushes debris and leaves inside the bag. The handle length is 25.7 cm. All parts are made of plastic. The kit includes a brush, trash bag, quick-release hose and handle.

Customers praise this water vacuum cleaner in their reviews. It easily copes with algae and sand, and it is quite convenient to work with a hand brush. TOOYOUNG not only collects garbage, but also promotes water circulation. Due to this, it will not stagnate, the pool will remain clean for a long time. Delivery is fast, but the product packaging leaves much to be desired. Another disadvantage is the non-standard diameter, which will make it difficult to find and buy pull-out handles for the vacuum cleaner.

4 Mayday House Swimming Pool Cleaner

5 best pool vacuum cleaners with Aliexpress

The Mayday House store has a good quality nylon vacuum cleaner brush. The nozzle connects seamlessly to pipes and hoses with a diameter of 1.5 inches. Its dimensions– 50.5*8*15 see, the main part of the product is made of plastic. Due to its length, the brush captures a large area, greatly simplifying the cleaning of the pool. The bristles are quite hard, and the garbage hole is wider than most vacuum cleaners from Chinese brands. Thanks to this, you can clean a small swimming pool in a matter of minutes.

The Mayday House water vacuum cleaner has received positive reviews on Aliexpress. Users of the site note the high quality of workmanship and solid construction of the brush. It is wide and comfortable, fits snugly to the hose. In operation, the vacuum cleaner shows itself perfectly, removes all visible dirt. Despite all the advantages of the product, some buyers found the price too high. For the same amount, you can find a complete set with a hose on the site.

3 Prominent Pool Jet Vacuum Cleaner

5 best pool vacuum cleaners with Aliexpress

Prominent is one of the most affordable vacuum models on Aliexpress. This handheld vacuum cleaner comes complete with a 5-section telescopic handle, quick-release hose, and trash filter bag. Detailed Assembly instructions are on the website, usually it takes less than 5 minutes. The brush is small, but due to the vacuum, it effectively sucks up all the dirt from the bottom and walls of the pool. Of course, the smallest particles of sand can pass through the filter, but the vacuum cleaner removes large debris well.

The reviews say that Prominent is easy to use, takes up little space, and is easy to carry around the house or pool area. The build quality is high, the plastic is durable, there is no backlash or visible damage. This vacuum model is considered the best option for inflatable bowls. The disadvantages include the fact that a water vacuum cleaner is not suitable for large stationary pools. To clean such reservoirs, it is better to order an additional wide brush.

2 QJCRS Pool Cleaner Portable

5 best pool vacuum cleaners with Aliexpress

QJCRS is a vacuum cleaner with a round brush and a large garbage bag. It is easy to clean, you don’t even have to use special tools. Conveniently, this model is available in 2 versions of different sizes. Compact water vacuum cleaner (38*38*14.5 cm) is suitable for an inflatable bowl, and its enlarged version (41*38*15.3 cm) easily cope with the cleaning of a stationary pool. On the same page Aliexpress sells a classic net for manual garbage collection.

Judging by the reviews, QJCRS perfectly copes with the tasks set. The vacuum cleaner captures all sand, silt and leaves, cleans the entire surface of the reservoir, leaving no traces. The filter is easy to clean after use. The Assembly is high-quality, the plastic is solid. The seller’s work also does not cause complaints – he sends the goods at lightning speed and packs them well. There is only one drawback – the non-standard handle diameter, which is why the vacuum cleaner will not fit every hose.

1 DEVVIS ICleaner 200

5 best pool vacuum cleaners with Aliexpress

Robots are rarely found on Aliexpress, but the DEVVIS ICleaner 200 model is considered the best. Its power is 200 W, the device moves at a speed of 15 m per minute. The device is suitable for swimming pools with an area of 100-200 m2. It is also important that it is able to move independently on the walls. A remote control is used for control. The robot itself is connected to the network, the cable length is 15 m.

If you believe the reviews, the seller works flawlessly. It is securely pack the product and send packages quickly, respond to messages. The quality of manufacture and operation of the vacuum cleaner is excellent: even the smallest dust particles disappear after cleaning with this device. The only drawback of DEVVIS ICleaner 200 was the really high price. It costs tens of times more than manual vacuum cleaners. But for wide and deep pools, a robot is the best solution. Buyers are advised to pay extra for a one-year repair guarantee in the Russian Federation.

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