5 ideas for compact storage at home

There is always not enough space in the closets to store clothes and expensive things. This is especially important if you live in a small apartment. But there are proven secrets for compact storage, which we will tell you about today!

The main thing is to put your outfits together correctly

5 ideas for compact storage at home

The vertical method of clothing placement is one of the most economical in terms of space use. So everything is in plain sight and it is convenient to get what you need. This is especially true for t-shirts and underwear. In addition, wardrobe analysis is welcome. For example, to divide things not only into seasons, but also in sets at once. You need to keep things on hangers in the order in which you are going to wear them. It is better to immediately put socks in piles or one in one. Everything will be comfortable to carry, while saving space.

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5 ideas for compact storage at home

The main trick is to wear only what really suits your face and likes. And you need to get rid of everything superfluous, without regret. A special method of storing things is also welcome. It is recommended not to put clothes in the usual piles, but to roll them into rolls.The advantage of such a scheme is that it is easy to get one thing without making a mess.

It is better not to throw away Shoe boxes

5 ideas for compact storage at home

After buying shoes, there are always boxes left. So it’s better not to throw them away. It is better to use them for shelves in the Cabinet, because such things serve as excellent dividers. If necessary, you can put underwear or tights in them. These are the little things we often can’t find in the closet. Because of them, the dressers are constantly in some kind of chaos and confusion.

Canopy on the door

5 ideas for compact storage at home

The doors of lockers or nightstands should be used as much as possible. They can easily be equipped with a special canopy. It is ideal for storing the necessary small items. For example, toys for a child or handkerchiefs.

2 rods in the Cabinet optimize space

5 ideas for compact storage at home

You can use bars in 2 rows. Then on one you can place trousers and jeans, and the second is ideal for blouses and sweatshirts. If you want, you can sort your outfits by type: blouses, trousers, suits, dresses, and so on. But it is important to leave free space for long models, as it is better not to place the barbell under them. There may be coats, long dresses, or Maxi skirts.

To properly organize your space, it is better to keep strict records. To sign box to hang the stickers to bright pictures. Such little things make life much easier.

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