5 surefire ways to keep your child\’s home safe

Children are not only the flowers of life, but also a source of constant concern for parents. No matter how Mature and independent the baby becomes, we always find a reason to worry. If everything is clear with the street — do not talk to strangers, do not take anything from strangers, do not get into someone else’s car, then what to do with an inquisitive baby at home? We recommend that you read the tips that will protect your child and allow him to freely explore the world of the home.

5 surefire ways to keep your child's home safe

Protection from electricity

5 surefire ways to keep your child's home safe

Pay special attention to protection from electricity. We advise you to remove bare or weakly protected wires from the house as much as possible.

In modern apartments, some of the electrical equipment is hidden in the baseboards, so we advise you to check them periodically — a child’s palm can easily slip through and get the cable even from the most secluded places. Tighten the sockets tightly, attach special plugs with a key to them. Remember, electricity is one of the most serious threats to a child’s health.

Safe furniture

5 surefire ways to keep your child's home safe

The curiosity of young children manifests itself in the desire to touch, touch, and feel everything. They can grab both your hand and the Cabinet door, dropping a fragile or any heavy object on themselves. We recommend that you additionally check the furniture in the apartment for stability. If the nightstand can tip over, then fix it, and then your climber will definitely not hurt his arm or leg.

Sharp corners are the enemy for a child. When the baby is just starting to walk, he will not always keep his balance. Therefore, buy special soft pads for sharp corners, which will protect both you and the child from damage.

5 surefire ways to keep your child's home safe

Despite the fact that doctors often recommend to ventilate the room for children to overdo it here is not worth it. First, because of the draft, it can get sick, and secondly, this action will eliminate the possibility of accidents. Many children like to look out of the window or chase insects in the summer, and a mosquito net will not always support the weight of your child. Additionally, it is advisable to purchase special locks or removable handles that will allow you to open the window only with the help of mom or dad.

Hide your chemistry

5 surefire ways to keep your child's home safe

Many small explorers like not only to touch objects, but also to taste them. This applies to such substances as cosmetics, perfumes, creams, balms and other household chemicals. With this item, you should be extremely careful, because taking certain substances inside is extremely dangerous for your health. That is why such products should be kept away in closed lockers or on the highest shelves.

Kitchen stove

5 surefire ways to keep your child's home safe

One of the main dangers for a child in the kitchen is an open fire. To prevent this, we recommend purchasing a special protective panel in the store. It will not interfere with you standing at the stove, and the child will not be able to get burned.

Also, do not forget about other dangers, such as:

  • 2. Make sure that the child can’t open it while you’re distracted for a minute.
  • Boiling water. Do not leave a kettle or hot food in an accessible place.
  • Matches. Be sure to remove them higher, otherwise, at least, you risk getting a bonfire under the table.

We hope that our tips will help you and make your baby’s stay at home comfortable and safe!

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