6 best opticians in Moscow

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

It is very important for a modern person in a frenzied pace of life that all the necessary services are at hand. It is essential that the services provided are provided at the highest level, and that by applying once, you can get the full package without delay and at adequate prices. Optician shops belong to one of these services.

According to statistics of the Ministry of health of Russia, more than 20 million residents of our country have vision problems, which is 1.5 times more than 15 years ago. This means that the need for corrective optical devices and the number of patients are increasing, and as a result, there are more and more salons providing services for the selection and sale of glasses. But it is very difficult to choose the one that really meets your requirements from a variety of establishments.

There are a lot of user reviews on the Internet. You can use them to find out which salons you should avoid visiting. And our experts have compiled a rating of the best opticians, whose service is rated “excellent”, they really work professionals, and you will certainly be satisfied with the result.

6 best opticians in Moscow

Rating of the best opticians in Moscow

Category place product name rating
Rating of the best opticians in Moscow 1 Glavlinza 4.9
2 Lorgnette-M 4.8
3 Outlet 4.7
4 Adela 4.7
5 Optik City 4.6
6 Icraft Optics 4.5


The main advantage of Glavlinza salon is that you will never encounter counterfeit goods, as all products are purchased directly from well-known world manufacturers. It is officially imported into our country and has all the necessary certificates of conformity. There is a huge range of contact and color lenses, men’s, women’s and children’s frames, lenses for glasses.

You can immediately purchase storage accessories and care products, and our friendly, qualified staff will always help you choose. These are covers, cases, lens solutions, wipes, sprays, antistatic agents. In the store, you can check your eyesight on licensed equipment, which is carried out by an optician-consultant.

Many customers noted the convenient location of the salon, which is located in a large shopping center and is easily accessible from anywhere in Moscow, a variety of models of sunglasses, favorable prices and different ways of ordering: directly in the store, by phone or through the official website.


  • certified product only;
  • vision check before purchase;
  • convenient location;
  • large assortment;
  • competitive prices.


  • not detected.


The second place in the rating is occupied by the salon, which has shown itself to be at its best throughout the entire time of operation, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews from grateful customers. The professionalism and attention of employees can be appreciated as soon as you cross the threshold of “Lornet-M”. You will immediately be offered to pass a vision check, and this service will not cost you anything, and you do not have to purchase the product without fail. The consultant will help you choose lenses and frames.

A wide variety of corrective, computer, driver’s, and sun glasses are presented. The company is proud of the spectral filters developed by its specialists, which help to combat age-related changes, improve the condition, and protect the eyes from damage. For her research activities in this area, she was awarded three prestigious international awards.

The salons are located in different districts of the capital, and it will not be difficult to get to each of them. Consumers were very pleased with the discount provided on the site for any of the company’s products.


  • the production of glasses with spectral filters;
  • attentive staff;
  • free vision check;
  • rich selection of lenses, frames and accessories;
  • favorable prices.


  • not detected.


“Outlet “is a real Paradise for fashionistas and fashionistas in Moscow. It is an official salon that sells frames of well-known premium brands, taken out of production. Despite the fact that the complete set may differ from the original one (which you will be warned about before buying), the set is guaranteed to include a case and a napkin.

You will always find glasses to suit your face type. There are both men’s, women’s and children’s models, as well as unisex ones. Lenses to choose from: polarized, anti-glare, mirror, gradient. Colors range from standard to pink, orange, and yellow. It is worth noting that the cost of glasses is 60% lower than the usual retail prices.

Qualified optometrists-consultants will offer to check your vision on high-tech equipment absolutely free of charge. You can also order delivery of the selected product, and if you need it urgently, the courier will be at the specified address within 3 hours. The company provides a service for on-site fitting of glasses.


  • products of world brands;
  • vision testing on innovative equipment;
  • huge selection of frames;
  • low prices compared to other points of sale in Moscow.


  • not detected.


Certified products, highly qualified consultants, a huge selection of frames, lenses and related accessories, convenient location – all this is the Adela salon included in our rating. All products are delivered to Russia with official permits. The company cooperates with suppliers from Germany, France, Japan and South Korea.

Customers will be offered ready-made glasses of various shapes, contact and colored lenses and solutions for their storage. If necessary, corrective glasses will be made as soon as possible according to the client’s medical parameters.

The company offers to order the product in the company’s showroom or on the official website, and the prices for it will be the same everywhere. According to reviews in the salon, you can buy products of different price categories: from economy to premium. A bonus program is provided for regular customers, and during the promotion period you can buy points with a discount of up to 50% of the original cost.


  • products of world famous manufacturers;
  • custom production in the shortest possible time;
  • rich range of ready-made glasses;
  • get great deals, discounts, and promotions.


  • vision checks are not performed.

Optik City

More than 30 Optik city salons are located in close proximity to public transport stops. They are easily accessible by car or metro. In all stores, you can check your eyesight, and in specialized salons, an experienced ophthalmologist will select corrective glasses for serious diseases, such as high-grade astigmatism, myopia, and strabismus. Also, the client can undergo a free computer diagnosis with subsequent recommendations of the optometrist.

The range of glasses and lenses is quite impressive. There are ready-made copies, you can also order them by prescription. If necessary, glasses of any complexity are repaired, as well as ultrasonic cleaning from any types of dirt.

Special attention is paid to children in the salons. Here you can buy frames for any age, check your eyesight, order corrective lenses for individual indications, and consult an ophthalmologist. And the choice of sunglasses and sports glasses will not leave any child indifferent.


  • extensive network of salons throughout Moscow;
  • free vision diagnostics;
  • lens repair and replacement;
  • admission of qualified optometrists;
  • after-sales service for 2 years.


  • not detected.

Icraft Optics

Completing the rating is a network of salons that are located in more than 100 cities of Russia. They offer customers a full range of services, which includes qualified consulting, selection of lenses and frames according to individual preferences and medical indications, warranty service of the purchased product.

Unique offer of the company “Aykraft Optika” was rated by many customers. The price indicated on the price tag already includes frames, lenses and the work of the master. The range includes products of our own production, as well as products of world premium brands. In addition to making new glasses in the salons, you can order repair and painting of old frames, cleaning of lenses, replacement of parts.

Anyone can undergo a free computer diagnosis to clarify the state of visual function. When the order is issued, the customer receives the packaging from the lenses. This ensures that the wizard installed exactly the ones that were selected and paid for. Customers noted the fast production, favorable prices, convenient location of salons.

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