7 best Internet service providers in Volgograd

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The choice of provider is very important, as the stability of the connection depends on it. Many companies with loud advertising slogans promise attractive conditions at first glance, but in fact they may not correspond to reality. In order not to get into a mess, you need to study the information in detail. When evaluating the company’s services, pay attention to the connection speed, variety of tariff plans, availability of round-the-clock support, private sector service, and additional features, such as hosting with movies, parental control, antivirus, etc.

The editorial staff has studied all the offers and prepared a rating review of the 7 best Internet service providers in Volgograd.

Rating of the best Internet service providers in Volgograd

Category place Internet Service Provider rating
Rating of the best Internet service providers in Volgograd 1 “Beeline» 5.0
2 “Domy» 4.9
3 Powernet 4.8
4 Volgaspot 4.7
5 Smit34 4.6
6 Netbynet 4.5
7 “MTS» 4.4


7 best Internet service providers in Volgograd

The company is one of the most popular in Russia and has offices in various regions, including remote ones. For Volgograd residents, the company offers home Internet connection and cable TV, free rent of a set-top box at the time of signing the contract. When you move, you can connect to a new address for free, just contact the call center or make an online request. If necessary, you can use a free voluntary block for up to ninety days. Among the additional services, antivirus software is in high demand, which is connected for a small fee.

From the tariff plans, we will select “Bombic”, where the data transfer rate is 100 Mbit / s, Wi – Fi router is included in the price – 400 rubles; “Starter” is slightly cheaper – 300 rubles per month, but the speed in it is slightly lower-50 Mbit/s. Rates for “Fantastic” and “Fantastic MAX” not only provide home Internet, but digital TV: the first is 500 R and gives a 100 Mbit/s, 79 channels, and the second is 700 R, gives everything the same, but more channels – 179. Wanting to connect home Internet, TV and mobile communication is worth paying attention to pricing plans “Double-Unlim” 600 R – 100 Mbps Wi-Fi router, 152 channel, unlimited 4G, 1000 minutes, 300 SMS, and up to two SIM-cards; “Family” for 900 R – 100 Mbps Wi-Fi router, 152 channel, 4G unlimited data, 2000 minutes, 300 SMS, and dual SIM support.

Phone number of round-the-clock technical support:8-800-700-8000. Website: volgograd-beeline.ru.


7 best Internet service providers in Volgograd

Another well-known provider in the country that has earned the trust and love of users. According to the company itself, according to their data, nine out of ten customers are satisfied with the Internet speed and stability of work. All this is provided by the high bandwidth of our own networks. For the convenience of customers, the Mobile TV app is available Дом.ги”, which allows you to watch your favorite programs on any gadget, both at home and outside its walls. Technical support works around the clock without holidays and weekends, monitoring and detecting failures. The TV includes 85 HD channels. Nine thousand Wi-Fi hotspots make it possible to work all over Russia, including in remote regions. Additional services include subscribing to video services, enabling antivirus software, and increasing the speed of your Internet connection. When making a connection via the site – each client receives a bonus.

From tariff plans highlight “Domy S” for 650 R with support three to four devices, 75 Mbit/s and the channel 131, 31 of which are in HD-quality; “Domi L” is 650 R and includes support for up to five devices, 100 Mbps, 154 channel, of which 44 in high quality; “Domy XXL” worth 1000 R and supports up to eight devices, offering speed of 300 Mbit/sec, 193 channel, 70 of which are in HD.

Phone number for connecting in Volgograd: +7 (8442) 597-683. Website: volgograd.domru.ru.


7 best Internet service providers in Volgograd

The company started working in 1997. Currently, the provider provides digital TV with support for HD and 3D TV channels, high-speed Internet access via Ethernet technology, which provides up to 10 gigabits/sec via optical or copper cable, and digital telephony. Both individuals and legal entities can become clients. The connection is free of charge. With the help of proprietary software, auto-tuning is performed. The company also offers a video surveillance service – “Smart home”. Payment is free of Commission, and a wide range of methods allows you to choose the most convenient one for your client. Dr. Web antivirus is available for an additional fee of 500 rubles.

From the tariff plans, we recommend taking a closer look at Giga for 900 rubles per month. Includes 500 Mbit / s, 102 TV channels on the computer, of which 25 are in HD quality; “Turbo” costs less-750 rubles and offers a speed of 250 Mbit / s, 102 TV channels on the computer, of which 25 are HD; “Convenient” will cost 600 rubles/month. It has 100 Mbit/s available, 102 TV channels, 25 of which are in high quality. The special feature of this tariff is that you can connect your antivirus software for free.

Phone: 8-800-5500-800. Website: powernet.com.ru.


7 best Internet service providers in Volgograd

The company is a leader in the field of digital TV and home Internet connection in the private sector. If you have a house, cottage or cottage, then it is better to contact this company for the service, as it guarantees the absence of any obstacles in terms of traffic volume. For connection, special equipment is used that is sent to the base stations to receive and transmit the signal. This technology provides a connection in any private home. Attach all elements on the facade or roof of the building. They also provide optical Internet to the private sector. The service of wired Internet and digital TV in apartment buildings is also presented on the website.

The TV package includes more than 160 channels, of which 34 are in HD quality. The archive function allows you to view recordings for the last seven days, and thanks to Timeshift, the client can rewind ads and enable pause. The set-top box is sold or taken out in installments with the right to buy out during the year. From the provider’s tariffs, you should select “Unlimited” with a speed of up to 20 Mbps/seconds; Prestige for 690 rubles, up to 90 Mbit/second; “Tera” for 990 rubles (optical Internet).

Phone number in Volgograd: +7 (8442) 31-93-93, +7 (8442) 31-94-94, +7 (8443) 77-93-93, +7 (927) 066-93-93. Website: volgaspot.ru.


7 best Internet service providers in Volgograd

The company is a team of professionals with many years of experience in the IT field. Offers favorable terms of cooperation and a high level of service. The main business area is computer, local area and Wi-Fi networks for individuals and legal entities. Fiber-optic backbone lines support data transfer rates of up to one Gigabit per second, so that any type of data is transmitted in real time with minimal delays and maximum quality. The company uses only modern equipment. The coverage area is constantly expanding, including all new areas, localities, and private sectors.

Popular service packages include “Simple” (Internet plus interactive TV); “Second Bundle” for 120 rubles / month. with dedicated IP (connection – 860 rubles, usage-700 rubles) and 105 channels; “Third Bundle” for 180 rubles (TV plus 122 movie channels), dedicated IP (connection – 1080 rubles and 900 rubles usage); “All inclusive” for 270 rubles per month (Internet without borders, 152 channels), dedicated IP (connection – 1420 rubles, usage-1150 rubles/month).

Phone: 8-937-555-11-22, 8-960-872-47-65, 50-80-99. Website: smit34.ru.


7 best Internet service providers in Volgograd

Among the providers of Volgograd, the company stands out favorably, providing such additional features as: wide bandwidth, which allows you to use high-speed Internet and high-quality TV; simultaneous connection for several PCs, which is convenient for family use; unlimited tariffs and special offers. Among the advantages, it is worth highlighting our own innovative developments, which formed the basis for the quality of services provided and high data transfer speed, as well as connection stability.

The following rates are popular: “Internet 50” for 350 rubles / month, including 50 Mbit / s plus a Wi-Fi router. “Internet 100” for 500 rubles / month, including 100 Mbps plus a Wi-Fi router.

Contact phone number in Volgograd: 8-800-555-91-67, technical support: 8-800-550-88-88. Website: netbynet.ru.

7 best Internet service providers in Volgograd

No less large and popular company than the first in the rating-review. Provides all types of services: fixed mobile connection, Internet access, TV programs viewing. Many services are already firmly included in the” consumer basket ” of many residents of Russia. In addition to high-quality service, the company is constantly improving, releasing advanced ideas to the market and launching innovative projects. Today, customers can find the right information, make online purchases, pay for travel, book tickets to concerts and movies, manage their finances, and so on. It is important that the provider offers a wide range of tariffs so that people with any income can use all the services.

Select the following packages: “Home Internet and TV” for 550 rubles / month. with a speed of 100 Mbit / s and 138 digital channels (the price includes renting a set-top box, unlimited communication and a discount for your friends). The first month is free; “All MTS Super-TV” for 550 rubles / month, including home Internet, interactive TV and mobile communication as a gift. This includes unlimited mobile Internet, 1000 minutes and SMS, unlimited calls in Russia to MTS numbers, as well as 100 Mbit / s, 138 channels, a discount on communication for your own and a free first month.

Connection phone number: 8-800-250-00-80. Website: volgograd.mts.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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