8 best window cleaning robots

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

More recently, we were surprised by robot vacuum cleaners. And now robots that can clean Windows are increasingly appearing on store shelves! Unfortunately, so far not all such devices inspire respect. Some of them can easily fall off the glass, after which they most often fail (however, in this case there is a safety cord). In order not to purchase such a copy, we recommend that you read our review. It consists exclusively of the best models that perform well in real life, and not just on paper.

Rating of the best window cleaning robots

Category place product name price
Rating of the best window cleaning robots 1 Bist Win A100 28 900 ₽
2 HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic 24 988 ₽
3 iBoto Win 289 15 350 ₽
4 HOBOT 188 15 783 ₽
5 Ecovacs WINBOT 950 25 519 ₽
6 REDMOND RV-RW001S 13 990 ₽
7 Windoro WCR-I001 11 990 ₽
8 Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 17 500 ₽

Bist Win A100

One of the most stylish robot windscreen wipers. Its body is made of high-quality plastic, which is pleasant not only to the eye, but also to the touch. At the same time, the manufacturer did not become sophisticated, making his creation square. This means that the device will clean even the corners of the window without any problems. And the creators of this device claim at least a five-year service life (not to be confused with the warranty period, which is equal to the usual year).

The device turned out to be quite heavy — the scales under it will show 2 kg. However, this does not prevent it from being securely fixed to the glass with the help of a vacuum. Just in case, it is recommended to use the safety cord included in the kit. Also in the box with the product you will find an extension cord of the power cord — a nice bonus. By the way, this hints that this instance can also work in wired mode, and not just with the help of a battery.

Since we are talking about the battery, it is impossible not to note the fact that it is made using lithium-ion technology. This means that the vacuum cleaner can be used from time to time — the self-discharge of the battery is minimized. The battery capacity is 650 mAh. Not much, but the manufacturer needed to reduce the weight of the device by all means. A full battery charge lasts for half an hour of operation.

The high cost of the device is not only due to the possibility of wet and dry cleaning. This instance turned out to be very smart. It can automatically detect the cleaning area. This robot is also able to avoid obstacles. You can select one of the four operating modes by pressing the buttons on the complete remote control. The buyer will also receive polishing and cleaning rags.

This is probably the best robot windscreen wiper. I am glad that it can work on any surface — even on tiles and mirrors.


  • There is a safety cord;
  • It holds perfectly on Windows and mirrors;
  • It can be operated with the help of a battery and an electric network;
  • Four operating modes are available;
  • A reliable battery is used;
  • Controlled by remote control;
  • Decent cleaning speed.


  • Very high cost;
  • Not suitable for heavily soiled glass;
  • Unable to sync with your smartphone.

HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic

Another very interesting robot is the window cleaner. It differs from its counterparts in the body, which is almost completely painted blue. Like the above example, the HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic has a square shape. This means that it should even wash the corners of the window well. Another similarity is that this model can provide both wet and dry cleaning.

Usually, manufacturers of robotic windscreen wipers do their best to reduce the weight of their creations. The creators of the HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic managed this in the best possible way — the weight of this instance does not exceed 1.2 kg. At the same time, the device received everything you need, even an ultrasonic sprinkler! The device dimensions are 24x10x24 cm. Therefore, it can be placed even on relatively small Windows. You can also use it to clean tiles and mirrors.

In total, this model offers three modes of operation. The cleaning speed is approximately 2.4 sq. m/min. I am glad that the product allows you to wash even frameless surfaces — it will automatically detect what is close to the edge. As expected, a vacuum mount is used here. If you are afraid for the purchased item, then you can use the safety cord supplied in the kit. And you can also avoid relying on the battery, which has a capacity of only 650 mAh, by using an extension cord of the power cord. This will allow you to increase the duration of work from 20 minutes to infinity.

In the box with the robot, you will find a cleaning agent, a cleaning cloth (in the amount of three copies) and a remote control. At the same time, you can also use a smartphone to control the device — you just need to install the appropriate application on it.

In short, this is another great robot wiper. It is also quite noisy (measurements show 66 dB), but there is nothing to be done about it.


  • A wonderful appearance;
  • Wet and dry cleaning services are available;
  • It can work both from the mains and from the battery;
  • Reliable vacuum mount;
  • The kit includes a safety cord and an extension cord;
  • Remote control and smartphone are used for control;
  • The device turned out to be quite light;
  • There is an ultrasonic sprinkler.


  • The high cost;
  • This robot is still not particularly smart;
  • Not very long battery life.

iBoto Win 289

Another windscreen wiper robot that can work both from the power grid and with its own battery. The latter is made using lithium-polymer technology, so you can not wait for self-discharge. The battery capacity is small, so you can only count on 20 minutes of battery life. It is also necessary to note the presence of an extension cord in the kit.

This model weighs only 1350 g. It is attached to the glass using a vacuum. At the same time, the manufacturer claims that his creation is able to work on a mirror and tile. Cleaning speed does not exceed 2 m/min, but more many buyers don’t need to. I am glad that the product has received a number of automatic functions. For example, an iBoto Win 289 must avoid an obstacle if it gets in its way. The robot should also stop automatically when it reaches the edge of the surface. This instance is also able to boast of independent determination of the cleaning zone. In case of any problems, the robot starts sending light and sound signals.

The device has three operating modes. You can switch between them using the remote control or the app on your smartphone. Strictly speaking, it was the support of the latter that made the robot wiper quite expensive. Although we must admit that it is cheaper than the models discussed above. At the same time, it is not inferior to them in many ways! Here, even the kit is very similar — it includes a polishing cloth, four cleaning rags, a safety cord, a charger and the accessories already mentioned.

It remains to add that the noise level caused by the operation of this model does not exceed 58 dB. Also note that iBoto Win 289 is not particularly small. Therefore, we do not recommend buying this robot for cleaning very small Windows.


  • It is possible to work both from the mains and from the battery;
  • Reliable vacuum mount;
  • A variety of automatic functions;
  • Wet and dry cleaning is possible;
  • A safety cord is included;
  • You can control with a remote control and applications;
  • Not very heavy weight.


  • Not for small Windows;
  • Does not clean the space along the frames.


This windscreen wiper robot is notable for its relatively small size. Yes, its height reaches an impressive 29.5 cm, but the width does not exceed 12 cm. As a result, the device feels great even on a relatively small window. I am glad that such dimensions still allowed the manufacturer to build a high-quality motor, with the help of which the vacuum effect is achieved. But we still recommend using a safety cord at first. You don’t need to buy it separately — it is included in the package.

The manufacturer of this model was generous with as many as 12 cleaning rags! The buyer will also receive a remote control, which allows you to select one of the three available operating modes. And in the box there is a locking ring and an extension cord of the power cord. The latter can be useful if you don’t want to rely on the built-in lithium-polymer battery, which is enough for about 20 minutes of battery life.

HOBOT 188 can not be called a budget robot window cleaner. In this regard, it should not be surprising that it has received a number of automatic functions. For example, it can independently determine the cleaning area. It also stops automatically when it reaches the edge of the window. However, this device can not be called particularly smart-in this regard, it is inferior to competitors who opened our rating.

The manufacturer claims that his creation can be used on tiles and mirrors. He is also proud of the fact that the HOBOT 188 is capable of dry and wet cleaning. But most of all, the speed of cleaning is striking. It can reach up to 4 sq. m / min! Once the process is complete, sound and light notifications will start. It’s just a pity that this model does not support communication with the smartphone, and no notifications will be sent to it.


  • The weight of the device is only 930 g;
  • The kit includes a safety cord;
  • It is controlled by a convenient remote control;
  • Very large number of rags included;
  • Three operating modes are available;
  • High cleaning speed;
  • Both wet and dry cleaning is supported;
  • It can work both from the mains and from the battery.


  • The robot wasn’t particularly smart;
  • You may not be able to reach the corners;
  • On Windows with wooden frames does not see the border of glass;
  • The appearance will not suit everyone.

Ecovacs WINBOT 950

Another robot window cleaner, sold for 23-25 thousand rubles. At the same time, it does not have the best characteristics. That is why it does not open our review at all.

Let’s start with the fact that this model is capable of operating without connection to the mains. However, the 600 mAh battery used here only lasts for 15 minutes. That’s why the included power cord extension will definitely not be superfluous. But the manufacturer also managed to screw up with it! The fact is that its length is only 1.5 m! As a result, many owners of Ecovacs WINBOT 950 have to use their own extension cable, or buy it additionally.

The complete remote control is used to control this device. Unfortunately, the device supports only two modes of operation, so there is really nothing to choose from. Also, some frustration is caused by the inability to clean tiles or mirrors. At least, none of this is stated by the manufacturer, and not every buyer will want to experiment.

The device has sound and light indications. They can determine the cleaning area themselves. Also, the creators of Ecovacs WINBOT 950 assure that their creation can safely work on frameless surfaces. As for the noise level, it does not exceed 64 dB. By the way, a safety cord is supplied with the windscreen wiper robot. It would be strange to see such a device without it. There are also four cleaning cloths and one polishing cloth in the box. Also, do not forget the cleaning agent. Of course, it will end quickly, but such a bonus is still pleasant.

It remains to add that this robot vacuum cleaner turned out to be too big, and its weight reaches 2300 g. Therefore, it is not intended for every window. We also recommend that you check your offline operation immediately. The fact is that the warranty in this case applies only to the device itself, and not to its battery. If the device is not able to provide even ten minutes of cleaning, then it is better to immediately hand it back to the store, since in the first days after purchase this can be done without much difficulty.


  • It can work both from the battery and from the network;
  • Both wet and dry cleaning is available;
  • Can wash frameless surfaces;
  • There is a safety cord;
  • Easy remote control.


  • The device turned out to be large and heavy;
  • Only two modes of operation;
  • Short-term offline operation;
  • The safety cord and extension cord are very short;
  • Very high cost.


8 best window cleaning robots

Many devices under the REDMOND brand can boast the ability to sync via the corresponding application on the smartphone. The RV-RW001S window cleaning robot is no exception to the rule. However, if the remote control seems more convenient to you, then so be it — it is also included in the package.

As is the case with other windscreen wiper robots, it uses a vacuum grip on the surface. The weight of the device does not exceed 1 kg, so it is securely held. Moreover, the manufacturer claims that its device can clean not only Windows, but also tiles, and even mirrors! In total, the device received four operating modes. It is unlikely that at least one such robot can boast a large number of them. However, we can not say that the REDMOND RV-RW001S can do absolutely everything. For example, it is not capable of dry cleaning — the manufacturer stated only wet cleaning. Also, the device can not be called high-speed. But it has a high-quality lithium-ion battery, the charging time of which does not exceed 60 minutes! It’s just a pity that its capacity is only 500 mAh. It is unlikely that the operation of the device will be any long. However, no one bothers to connect it to an outlet. This can also be done by using a four-meter extension cord of the power cord.

As expected, this robot wiper has light and sound indications. He really needs them, since the device has very little “brains”. He seems to be determines the area of cleaning, but when there are obstacles, the problems begin. That is why this model is not used in shopping centers and other similar buildings. Buyers also Express some dissatisfaction with the fact that sometimes this device still crashes. In this regard, the safety cord included in the kit does not look superfluous at all. Also in the box with the product you will find as many as 14 cleaning rags, a charger and a locking ring.

It remains to add that the small size of the robot did not reduce the noise at all. If you make the appropriate measurements, you will see a figure at 72 dB.


  • Can be used on small Windows;
  • Four operating modes;
  • It can be controlled using a remote control and an app;
  • Very large number of cleaning cloths included;
  • There is a safety cord;
  • Easy to find in Russian stores.


  • The high level of noise;
  • Not particularly quick-witted;
  • Vacuum coupling is not reliable;
  • Not very long offline operation.

Windoro WCR-I001

It is a rare case when a window cleaner robot exists in three color variants. The yellow model is the most popular, but the red one is also in high demand. And only the gray version looks the least advantageous. Unlike the examples discussed above, Windoro WCR-I001 uses a magnetic type of adhesion to the surface. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer needed to save money by all means, because the cost of this model is only 12 thousand rubles. In fact, you are offered two blocks at once, which must be placed on different sides of the window, after which they begin to hold together due to the magnetic attraction to each other.

Many modern windscreen wiper robots are capable of working with a wired connection to the power grid. This model, alas, is not like that. It functions exclusively with the help of a battery. But the manufacturer has introduced a battery that can last up to 100 minutes of continuous cleaning! The capacity of the lithium-polymer battery was 2000 mAh. It may seem that this has seriously affected the weight. However, this is not the case. It was affected by the design of the device. It is because of her that the scales under the robot show, I’m afraid to say, 3200 g.

The device has some automatic functions. In particular, it is able to independently determine the cleaning area. However, you should not hope for anything serious. As for the control, it is assigned to the complete remote control. Also included with the window cleaning robot are a charger, cleaning agent, 12 rags and a scraper. In short, there is everything you need!

Unfortunately, this is not the device that will provide you with the perfect result. Yes, and it is very heavy. This must be why it is not bought as often as the models discussed above.


  • Three colors to choose from;
  • Not very high cost;
  • The noise level does not exceed 60 dB;
  • Decent battery life;
  • Easy remote control.


  • Reliability raises questions;
  • No safety cord;
  • It can’t be operated from the power grid;
  • Quite a lot of weight.

Xiaomi Hutt DDC55

Its own robot wiper is also available in the range of Xiaomi. Its Hutt DDC55 has a vacuum grip on the surface, and for control in this case, a remote control is used. Unfortunately, smartphone support is not announced. This is strange, because the Chinese are trying in every possible way to promote the development of the so-called “smart home”.

This robot is only 13.5 cm wide. The height is much higher, 29 cm. These parameters allow the robot to operate on almost any window. It is also impossible not to note the weight, not exceeding 1140 g. it seems That such a baby will definitely not fall from the window. And even so, the safety cord will save you. Interestingly, its length reaches 8 m!

As expected, the robot is able to automatically determine the area of cleaning. Then he begins to carry out clean — with a speed about 3 m/min. Cleaning can be either wet or dry. At the same time, it is not necessary to place the device on the window, it is not afraid of either tiles or mirrors. It’s nice that this model doesn’t make too much noise. Measurements in close proximity show approximately 65 dB. Well, as for the battery life, it is no more than 20 minutes. Well, it would be silly to expect more from a 650 mAh battery. By the way, the fast charging technology is not implemented here — the process lasts 150 minutes. That is why many owners of Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 use it connected to the power grid, since this possibility is stated. That’s just an extension cord will have to take your own — in the box with the product it is not. But there is a spray gun. Also, the Chinese were generous with 12 cleaning rags.


  • Extremely fast cleaning speed;
  • It can work both from the battery and from the network;
  • Small size and weight;
  • The kit includes a long safety cord;
  • It is controlled by a convenient remote control;
  • Not very high noise level.


  • Long battery charging time;
  • Doesn’t have a special mind;
  • I would like to be able to sync with your smartphone;
  • There is no extension cord included.


Of course, many readers will think that a window cleaner robot is a useless thing. Well, what prevents them from completing the task they are solving themselves? Now try to remember how often you wash the Windows in your apartment. It is possible that you do this too rarely. And this is not to mention how much such a device can be useful to some office center. In short, such devices definitely have the right to exist.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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