8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

If the nails are layered, the girl can no longer feel 100% confident. After all, such a cosmetic defect negatively affects the appearance, makes you complete and doubt your own attractiveness. Because of the nails – this is a fairly common issue, and journalists.we decided to find out what ways there are to deal with it. In this article, you will find a description of the likely causes of the defect and the most effective methods to fix it.

Highly exfoliated nails-symptoms and characteristics of pathology

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

Nails are plates that are made up of Horny tissue and cover the tips of the fingers and toes. They are capable of regular renewal and self-healing, growing back, even the damaged nail acquires a normal structure. But this is not always the case. Sometimes the horn plates undergo dystrophic changes. Such changes are characterized by the fact that the marigolds are thinned, split into separate layers or layers.

Do you want to know if your nails are really flaky or if you just accidentally damaged the plates? Pay attention to the structure of all the nails – if all of them have persistent violations of integrity, splitting the nail plates into separate scales that peel off in layers, then this is a systemic problem, and not an accidental one-time damage that led to the separation of the stratum corneum.

If the nails are exfoliated, there are additional signs:

Increased dryness and brittleness. Marigolds are very fragile and can not withstand the slightest mechanical impact.

The surface of the plates is rough and whitish.

Healthy Shine, the so-called natural gloss, is absent.

Nail growth is slowed down several times, that is, the growth rate is less than the standard 0.1-0.12 millimeters per day.

If the nails are layered, the disease can take three forms::

Plates are split along the nail – from its base to the tip. This form of the disease is called onychorexis.

Nails are layered in the transverse direction, as a rule, only the free edge of the plate is affected, but the process can also occur on the bed that is adjacent to the end phalanx of the finger.

The most severe form of the disease is complete or partial detachment of the plate from the bed. This pathology is called onycholysis.

If the nails are very layered, this is not only a cosmetic defect, but also the cause of unnecessary psycho-emotional experiences and a decrease in the quality of life of a woman who wants to always look healthy and well-groomed.

Reasons for the fact that the nails are layered, ways to eliminate them

Nails never begin to exfoliate for no reason, no reason at all. Of course, a person may have an innate tendency to develop such a defect. However, in most cases, this is a symptom of some kind of disorders in the work of internal organs or systems. Those specialists who practice the methods of Oriental medicine, when making a diagnosis, focus mainly on the condition of the nail plates, skin, tongue and whites of the eyes, in order to find out exactly what pathological processes occur in the patient’s body. However, the problem with nail plates can occur not only because of disorders in the body. Also, the nails often exfoliate in those people who expose them to the negative effects of external factors.

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

External reasons for the fact that the nails are exfoliated

Let’s look at what can cause the problem, and start with possible external (exogenous) influences.:

Negative conditions of professional activity. Nails are made up of layers of keratin, which makes them strong and elastic. Between the keratin layers there are layers of moisture and fat. Normally, the structure of nails is characterized by increased strength, the layers fit tightly together, there are not even the smallest gaps between them. If you often come into contact with toxic, corrosive, abrasive substances, and do not use special protection (do not wear gloves), the nails can begin to exfoliate very quickly. After all, aggressive action forms between the layers of nail plates first small cracks, gaps, which are then transformed into cavities, as a result of which the nails are layered. Even the fumes of caustic chemicals can damage the nail plates. So wearing gloves is a mandatory condition for the protection of tissues of the hands.

Also, the reason that the nails are exfoliated can beother occupational diseases of musicians people who play keyboards or stringed instruments.

Nails are often very much layered in Housewives. Women who provide a comfortable family life often come into contact with water, household chemicals, alkaline solutions, hot and cold water, and damage their nails while working in the garden or in the garden. In this case, in order to fix the problem, you can use a comprehensive approach. The first thing to do is to start using rubber gloves. They should correspond to the size of the hands, so that the fingers are not cramped, the tissues are not pinched and do not experience oxygen deficiency. Second, you can replace household chemicals with safer cleaning products.

Nails are often exfoliated by those who, for one reason or another, constantly expose them to mechanical impact and traumatization (bruises, compression, etc.).

Nails are layered in women and men who have a habit of picking, scraping, tearing something off with their nails, and not with tools designed for this purpose. If you smoke, this bad habit no less negatively affects the condition of the nails. Also, another type of bad habit that leads to stratification is biting your nails with your teeth in stressful situations.

Usinglow-quality or cheap decorative / care productsfor nails and manicures, it can also cause the plates to become very layered. Keep this in mind if you regularly use products that promote dehydration and degreasing of the nail plates.:

Nail polishes that contain formaldehyde or its derivatives.

Solvents for varnish that contain acetone or the substance itself in its pure form.

Polymer preparations for building up or correcting the shape of nail plates.

Violation of the technique of removing a resistant polymer coating. Application of sharp metal objects; removal of the coating in the direction from the free edge to the base; strong pressure with the tool on the plate bed; excessive cutting of the coating with a nail file or buff; independent use of the device for cutting gel Polish.

Violations when performing a hygienic manicure. Incorrect treatment of nail plates with manicure tools. For example, filing the free edge with a nail file when the nails are wet or wet; moving the file from left to right (or Vice versa), while moving the tool only in one direction.

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

Internal reasons for the fact that the nails are exfoliated

Let’s look at what internal, i.e. endogenous factors can contribute to the problem.

If the nails are layered, this may be a sign of an independent problem, for example, a disease of the nails and closely located tissues. Usually, the toenails suffer more from the fungus, since it is there that ideal conditions are created for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms – it is dark, warm, and humid when the feet are in shoes. But the fungus can also affect the nails on the hands, as well as the skin around them. Effectively get rid of the disease and eliminate the reason why the nails are exfoliated, only the use of special antimycotic drugs, which should be prescribed by the doctor after the diagnosis, will help.

Also, if the nails are very exfoliated, this may be part of the symptom complex for a variety of dermatoses, diseases of internal organs or somatic pathologies.:

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

Disorders in the endocrine system.

Iron deficiency in the body.

Disorders of the Central nervous system.

Also, the nails of people who have been exposed to internal or external intoxication – food, chemical, or medicinal-are very exfoliated.

Often the reason that the nails are exfoliated is unbalanced or simply poor nutrition. If you are on a diet, suffer from anorexia or bulimia, lose weight, eat poorly, and eat mainly in public catering establishments, the condition of your nail plates will change for the worse. To correct the situation, change your lifestyle and make your diet more diverse. You should not have avitaminosis, hypovitaminosis, protein deficiency, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, silicon, zinc, phosphorus, selenium.

Non-compliance with the drinking regime is one of the likely causes of a cosmetic defect. If your nails are very flaky, think about whether you drink enough clean water during the day. Juices, teas, compotes, soda do not count, as well as liquid culinary dishes such as soups. All of the above is perceived by the body as food, since it has a taste, smell, color, and a different composition from water. At the same time, the human body needs regular water (including mineral water without gas), otherwise dehydration may occur. In the chronic form, this condition of the body is reflected primarily on the skin, hair and nails. These organs suffer from a lack of moisture, as it is directed primarily to vital structures. As a result, the nails become dry, easier to be negatively affected and eventually begin to exfoliate. In order not to bring your body to dehydration, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day. If your physical activity is increased, you are engaged in hard work or sports, drink more water-about 2.5 liters. If you periodically have a thirst, it means that you need to quench it with clean water. It is especially useful to drink water at room temperature immediately after waking up half an hour before the first meal.

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

Strongly exfoliate nails-diagnosis and comprehensive treatment will help

The first thing to do as soon as you find a problem is to seek help from a doctor – a General practitioner, dermatologist, or mycologist. This should be done in order to find out the exact causes of the pathology. After all, if you start treatment without knowing what contributed to the damage to the nail plates, you will not be able to quickly get rid of the cosmetic defect.

The doctor may prescribe such diagnostic measures:

Laboratory tests to detect infection with pathogenic microorganisms.

Spectral analysis of tissues for trace elements.

Blood tests – both General and biochemical.

Also, if the doctor does not have the data to make an accurate diagnosis, he can refer you to other specialists of a narrow profile, prescribe a full examination of the body. After the differential diagnosis, a comprehensive treatment will be prescribed, which may include the following components::

Taking medications to treat a disease that causes a problem with your nails.

Salon procedures – sealing of nail plates, strengthening with gel.

Taking vitamin and mineral complexes, food supplements, dietary supplements, And other herbal remedies.

Treatment with paraffin therapy or natural wax.

The use of natural therapeutic mud.

Hardware physiotherapy, for example, diathermy, ultraphonophoresis with vitamins A and E.

Non-hardware physiotherapy – massage, including the one that can be performed independently at home.

Baths for hands.

Use of local cosmetics – oils, serums, creams.

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

If the nails are layered, normalization of the diet and lifestyle will help

When you layer your nails, you need to start by improving your overall health. If you have passed an examination that did not reveal the presence of serious diseases that can cause the problem, then you can slightly change your lifestyle for the better and not resort to drug therapy.

What can be done to ensure that the nails that exfoliate, came to a normal state:

The most important thing is to provide the body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates through food. Food is the main source of nutrients, including those that the human body does not produce. For example, polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are not synthesized by our body systems, but they are present in fish oil. These substances are very useful for hair, skin and nails, especially those that are layered and suffer from other disorders. Experts, in particular cosmetologists, advise you to eat more greens, cereals, vegetable fats, fermented dairy products. As well as lean meat, fish (including sea fish), vegetables, fruits, and fresh juices. There are also habits that will be useful to give up. Stop or limit the consumption of salty, spicy, smoked, fried, or sweet foods. Snacking on the go and in public catering establishments is highly undesirable.

The second important point is compliance with the drinking regime. The use of sugary carbonated drinks, coffee, and black tea should be limited. It is better to give preference to regular drinking water, as well as green tea, decoctions of medicinal herbs, fruit drinks and compotes.

The rejection of bad habits. On the condition of the nails, which are very layered, such a step may not be seriously affected, but the overall recovery of the body will have a positive effect. Therefore, if you smoke or consume excessive amounts of strong alcohol, it is better to leave these bad habits in the past.

The acquisition of useful habits. Take care of nails that are exfoliated, more carefully than you do in a normal situation. And also increase your physical activity, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the General condition of the body will improve, which will affect the health of the nail plates.

Also, do not forget to take care of the state of your nervous system. If there are any significant violations in this regard, it will not fail to affect the condition of the nails. Try to get a good night’s sleep, avoid overwork, avoid stress, and avoid conflicts.

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

Intake of vitamin and mineral complexes, food supplements, dietary Supplements and other herbal remedies

If you tell your doctor that your nails are peeling, then most likely, as part of complex therapy, he will prescribe you to take special vitamin and mineral complexes. Taking such pharmaceutical products is a help to the body from the inside. By eliminating the lack of nutrients, you will see that the nails exfoliate much less. And if you use other methods of treatment along with taking medications, external effects on the tissues, the problem can be completely eliminated.

The choice of vitamin and mineral supplements should be approached responsibly, since the complex should be well balanced and focused on improving the health of nails, hair and skin in the first place. Before buying the drug, discuss your decision with your doctor. Doctors often prescribe to patients who havewhich strongly exfoliate the nails, such vitamin and mineral complexes:

21 Centuty Hair skin and nails (advanced formulation).

Vitamin complex AE.

Solgar Complex for Skin, Nails and Hair (improved formula with MSM).

Pharma Group Handmade omega 3 complex.

Complivit with vitamin D3.

Cortez hair, skin, nails.

Doppelhertz vitamins for nails.

Amrita balance beauty Balance – radiant skin, strong nails, luxurious hair.

Amrita balance Family.

Brewer’s yeast in capsules.

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

In addition to vitamins and minerals, you can take monopreparations that are designed to improve the condition of nails, for example, collagen, calcium, Vitamins A and E, magnesium, zinc, iron, etc.

Herbal teas are also very popular among people who have exfoliated nails. They can replace the usual black tea or coffee – the process of getting rid of the problem will go faster. For example, you can buy such herbal remedies:

The power of Russian herbs-tea for strengthening nails and hair growth.

Avita has a good heart of nature – tea, to restore nails and hair growth.

Dr. Seleznev-herbal tea No. 1 for strengthening nails and hair growth.

There are many other herbal remedies available in various forms of release-teas, balms, tablets and capsules. You can take one or more remedies if your nails are exfoliating too much and you want to speed up the healing process. The main thing is to consult a specialist and follow the dosage recommended in the instructions.

Hardware physiotherapy – diathermy, ultraphonophoresis with vitamins A and E

If the nails are very exfoliated, hardware physiotherapy procedures will help to normalize their condition faster. Such medical measures are carried out by a specialist as prescribed by a doctor in a clinic that is equipped with appropriate equipment.

The most popular methods of physical therapy prescribed for patients with exfoliating nails are diathermy and ultraphonophoresis. Let’s look at what their benefits are and why after undergoing treatment, the nails are layered much less.

Diathermy, which is also known in medical circles as endothermy, thermal denetration is a technique that is based on heating tissues with a high-frequency electric current.The effectiveness of the procedure is as follows:

The current that passes through biological tissues intensifies the movement of ions. As a result, the lymphatic system works more efficiently, eliminates inflammation, removes toxins that poison tissues and prevent their recovery.

The current contributes to the fact that the vessels expand, a larger volume of blood flows to the tissues, the supply of oxygen and nutrients increases, healing takes place faster, and the degree of pain that can occur in the fingers if the nails are strongly layered longitudinally decreases.

The procedure is painless, the patient practically does not feel the effects of current.

Ultraphonophoresis with vitamins A and E is a technique for injecting drugs into the deep layers of tissues using an ultrasound machine. Accordingly, this procedure is highly effective, since useful components, in our case vitamins A and E, go directly to the focus of the disease. Metapoetries prescribed to patients who have nails due to local problems.

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

Non-hardware physiotherapy – massage, including the one that can be performed independently at home

Nail massage is a simple procedure that can be performed at home or at work, allocating only 5-10 minutes to it. Massage sessions are especially effective in the morning and before going to bed. But you can also spend them in the middle of the day, when there is a free minute.

How to massage your fingers if your nails are very flaky:

Wash your hands, if possible – treat with an antiseptic drug.

Apply a small amount of moisturizer, vegetable oil, or massage oil to your fingers.

Use the thumb, index finger, and middle finger of the working hand to wrap around the tip of the little finger of the other hand.

Make stroking, squeezing movements in the area of nail growth.

Massage the remaining fingers of the hand, then perform the procedure on the other hand.

Wash your hands, apply a nourishing nail preparation.

If you often deal with typing, play the piano, this can also be considered a massage method. Just make sure that the nails that are layered are carefully trimmed so that when they come into contact with a hard surface, their structure is not damaged even more.

Salon procedures-sealing of nail plates, strengthening with gel

If the nails are layered, you can give them first aid, stop the process of destruction of the Horny layers and protect them from negative external influences. The beauty salon can offer you two cosmetic methods::

Nail sealing, which involves applying a special preparation to the nail plates. This substance will cover the nails with a thin transparent film for 2-3 weeks. This time you can use to improve the health of the body and eliminate the causes of aesthetic defects. Also, during this period, the free edges of the nails will have time to grow, there is a high probability that the condition of the overgrown nail will be satisfactory.

The strengthening of the gel.This technique also allows you to protect vulnerable tissues from negative effects. The advantages of the gel are that it lasts longer – up to four weeks, and also makes it possible to perform a color decor, that is, to make a full-fledged manicure, despite the fact that the nails are very layered.

These salon treatments also have drawbacks. After sealing or strengthening with gel, you will not be able to treat your nails with topical medications. The protective coating creates a barrier not only for negative factors, but also for nutrients or reducing substances that cannot enter the nail plates.

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

If the nails are flaky, treatment with paraffin, ozokerite or natural wax will help

One of the most effective methods of therapy in case the nails are very exfoliated is heat treatment, thermal procedures. The carriers of heat in this case can be different products – paraffin wax, mineral wax, natural beeswax. These substances can be supplemented with various additives – oils, extracts and extracts from medicinal plants, liquid vitamins in capsules or ampoules. Additional supplements increase the effectiveness of medical procedures, as the tissues are affected not only by heat, but also by nutrients that heal and restore their structure.

But even if no additional components are added to the heat carriers, there will still be three factors of influence at once-thermal, physical and chemical:

The melted heat carrier covers the tissues with a dense layer, through which air does not penetrate. The substance gradually gives off heat to the nail plates and the skin and subcutaneous structures. Warming the skin causes many interrelated physiological reactions. Due to this effect, blood circulation and lymph outflow improve, metabolic processes are activated, tissues receive more nutrients and oxygen that enter through the bloodstream. After the procedure, the excretory function of the tissues improves, thanks to which there is a cleansing of toxins and waste products.

The air-tight film creates a greenhouse effect on the skin. The skin sweats, releasing moisture. But it cannot evaporate and is absorbed back, leaving all harmful substances on the surface of the protective layer. Thanks to this, the moisture content of the skin remains at the proper level.

As the heat carrier cools down, it contracts, resulting in a double massage and compression effect. Massage enhances the effectiveness of heat exposure.

Under a dense cover of paraffin, wax or ozokerite, the pores of the skin open, improving not only the excretory function, but also the flow of nutrients into the deep layers of tissues. Therefore, for heat treatment, it is most advisable to use beeswax, which has a rich component composition.

It turns out that you can use heat treatment not only when the nails are layered, but also as a prevention of the occurrence of such a problem. The only drawback of this type of exposure to tissues is the presence of contraindications, which may be present in some groups of people:

In pregnant women.

In people with elevated body temperature, fever, General ill health.

In people who are prone to frequent and / or uncontrolled bleeding.

Those who suffer from severe atherosclerosis.

In those with impaired blood circulation in the extremities.

In people who have been diagnosed with malignant neoplasms.

If you have no contraindications, and you are not afraid to work with hot materials, you can start treating nails that are very flaky, paraffin, wax or ozokerite.

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

What can be used for heat treatment:

Ordinary cosmetic paraffin that you can buy at the pharmacy. As a rule, it is sold in large bars. In order not to expose the substance to repeated melting, it is recommended to divide the bar from the very beginning into small pieces of about 30-50 grams – this is how much paraffin will be needed for one cosmetic procedure. If the nails are very flaky, you will need to do from 5 to 10 sessions of heat treatment, so you use all the paraffin without any residue. But this drug, if it does not contain any special additives, is inexpensive, on average – 100-200 rubles.

Special paraffin, to which manufacturers have added additional components-chocolate, oils, vitamins and plant extracts. Such a tool can cost a lot, but the pleasure of the procedure will be significant, since there will be a combination of thermal procedures and aromatherapy.

Regular beeswax that you can buy at the store. However, it is better to buy such a substance directly from the manufacturer – from a beekeeper who sells his goods on the market. In this case, the wax will be unrefined, and depending on which part of the hive it is taken from, it will contain useful additives-honey, pollen, parchment, which are rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Wax is good because it is a natural product, unlike paraffin-a product of the oil industry. And also the fact that it is inexpensive. The disadvantage of wax is a higher melting point, and you need to handle the liquid substance more carefully so as not to get burned. As well as the fact that the wax is highly flammable, keep it as far away from open flames as possible.

Also, if the nails are very layered, you can use ozokerite, which we will discuss in more detail later.

To increase the efficiency of the procedures, you can add the following components to the heat carrier::

Liquid vitamins. As a rule, During such procedures, b vitamins are used, as well as vitamins A, E and C.

If the nails are layered,the sequence of the procedure will be as follows::

Remove the decorative coating from the nails, if any. To carry out treatment if the nail plates are covered with varnish, shellac, gel Polish, is completely useless.

Remove jewelry from your fingers.

Perform a light scrub of the skin of the fingers, paying great attention to the area around the marigolds. This will increase the effectiveness of the treatment procedure.

Disinfect your hands using a pharmacy product or alcohol.

Heat the heat carrier. To do this, you can use a special device for melting paraffin. You need to spend money to buy it, so if you want to avoid additional expenses, use an alternative option – a water bath. To do this, prepare two containers – one (a metal pan) of a larger diameter, the other (a saucepan, a ceramic bowl) – a smaller one. Fill a large container with water, put a smaller container in it, put a portion piece of heat carrier in it, and put a large pan on the fire. Heat the product so that it starts to melt.

As soon as the product changes its consistency from solid to semi-liquid, remove the smaller container and place it on the table. Check the temperature of the substance by smearing or dripping it on the inside of your wrist. If there are acute unpleasant sensations, wait a little, letting the paraffin cool down a little.

If necessary, add other medicines to the preparation, mix the mixture thoroughly.

Slowly dip your fingers into the bowl. The substance should cover at least the first phalanges of the fingers, but you can also touch a larger surface.

You can apply not one, but several layers of paraffin, dipping your fingers in the composition as soon as the first (second) layer dries.

As soon as the last layer of the substance sets, you need to put on a protective bag made of polyethylene on your hands. To prolong the effect of the brush, it is recommended to place it in ordinary mittens or in special thermal plates.

The duration of the procedure is not strictly regulated. If you have limited time, you can set aside 15-20 minutes for paraffin therapy. If you don’t like what 2-3 hours. It is most advisable to carry out treatment shortly before going to bed. Some experts recommend leaving such a tight mask on your hands all night. Paraffin and wax are removed from the skin, nails, even if they are exfoliated, without difficulty. The substance leaves in dense crusts, just slightly pick up the edge. After the procedure, you need to wash your hands and apply any care product to the nail plates, if there is none, just lubricate the skin and nails with a regular moisturizing or baby cream.

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

Now let’s talk about ozokerite, as this drug is not as familiar to most users as paraffin and wax. Ozokerite is a natural carbohydrate of organic origin. It is extracted from the bowels of the earth in a mountainous area, so the second name of this substance is mountain wax. Its composition is close to oil, as well as to petroleum bitumen.

The properties of ozokerite, both thermal and therapeutic in General, are much higher than those of paraffin. Consider what exactly distinguishes a mineral wax from paraffin or beeswax:

Low thermal conductivity.

Increased heat capacity, excellent ability to retain heat in itself.

In heat treatment, several layers of molten ozokerite are used, and the layer that comes into contact with the skin or nail plates is hot, but tolerable. Layers that do not directly touch the skin can be very hot, as heat is transferred to the lower layers and the surface of the body very slowly. Therefore, when applied in layers, no thermal burns can occur.

Ozokerite can be reused, and it is necessary to add approximately 25% of the new substance to the original amount of the substance.

In the same way as paraffin wax, ozokerite, cooling down, contracts. It decreases in size by about 1/10. Therefore, there is a therapeutic effect of massage and light compression.

The chemical effect of ozokerite is due to the fact that this substance contains components that are similar in properties to natural antibiotics. These substances can penetrate the skin, they enter the bloodstream and have a medicinal effect on the tissues.

Ozokerite has a complex effect:

The substance helps to reduce puffiness and does not cause allergic reactions.

If the nails are very layered, then there will be no problems with the use of ozokerite. The technique of performing a cosmetic procedure is almost the same as when using paraffin or wax. Except for one point. Before applying melted ozokerite to the skin and nails, the preparation should be brought to a temperature of 100 degrees and sterilized for 10-15 minutes. Then cool to a comfortable temperature.

As you can see, both paraffin, wax, and ozokerite need to be transferred from a solid state to a semi-liquid state using high temperature. However, what to do for those people who have contraindications to conducting thermal procedures or who are simply afraid to use such methods on their own? There is a way out – if the nails are very flaky, you can use cold paraffin. This cosmetic product, which can be purchased at a stationary store or IM, is completely ready for use and does not require heating. Just apply cold paraffin wax on your fingers, put on thermal gloves and relax for 20-25 minutes.

Application of natural therapeutic mud

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

If the nails are layered, you can try to restore their health with the help of therapeutic mud. This method of therapy has been known for more than a century and is successfully used to combat a wide range of diseases and disorders.

Therapeutic mud, which is of natural origin, contains a huge complex of useful substances:

Rich organomineral composition, which contains many organic and inorganic compounds.

Multiple biologically active ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin and nails, which are highly exfoliated.

Minerals, salts, and trace elements that heal the body’s tissues.

As a result of mud treatment, you can get the following effects::

Improve blood and lymph flow.

Activation of metabolism, metabolic processes.

Relief of inflammatory processes and acceleration of tissue healing.

Accelerated cell regeneration.

Destruction of pathogenic microflora, which contributes to the fact that the nails are very layered.

To get treatment of nail plates with mud, you can go to a beauty salon, visit a sanatorium, or buy a drug in a store and perform the procedures yourself at home.

The use of local cosmetic products – oils, baths

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

When the nails are very exfoliated, you can use affordable folk remedies or purchased cosmetics in order to eliminate this problem as quickly as possible. Let’s start with the simplest – with vegetable oils. Such substances are rich in vitamins and other nutrients that will help restore the health of the nail plates. Some oils act directly on the nails, as they have a suitable molecular weight for this. Other drugs nourish the skin around the nails, as a result of which there is a General improvement of tissues.

There are several ways to use natural vegetable oils:

Compress and massage. Take any vegetable oil that is at hand. It is better, of course, to use not sunflower oil, but at least olive, castor, burdock, linseed. You can buy them both in the grocery supermarket and in the pharmacy. Oil will not require much – only 20-50 milliliters. Heat the product in a water bath to a temperature of 38-40 degrees (but not more, otherwise the oil may lose its healing properties), apply to the entire surface of the nail plates from the tips to the base, as well as to nearby tissues with a cotton swab. Wrap the first phalanges of your fingers with cotton pads or halves of disks, secure such mini-compresses with a wrap of food foil. If you often do extensions or just manicure with gel, acrylic or shellac, you can have special tips for removing the resistant polymer coating. They can be used instead of foil. The compress should be left on the nails for 15-20 minutes, after which the pads are removed. You don’t need to wash your hands after that, just RUB them together so that the non-absorbed oil is distributed over the entire surface of the skin. If your hands are too greasy, wipe them on a towel or paper napkin.

Bath and massage.You will need approximately 100 milliliters of oil, but do not be afraid of unnecessary expenses, as the product can be drained into a separate small container after use and reused. Heat the oil in a water bath, dip your fingers in it and wait for 20 minutes. After the recommended time has elapsed, you need to get your hands wet with a napkin, there is no need to wash off the oil with soap and water.

You can add any fat-soluble components to vegetable oil for baths or compresses, for example, an oil solution of vitamins A, E, C, D, B, which are available in ampoules and are inexpensive. You can also use honey, any other components that do not contain liquid, as it will not mix with oil, as a result of which the texture of the drug will be heterogeneous.

Nail baths that are layered can also be made from other natural products, mixing and combining components to suit your taste.For example, you can use such combinations of products that are in the kitchen of any hostess:

Take a bag of gelatin, add warmed water or fresh warm milk to it, let it brew and swell. Add the pulp of a quarter banana, lemon juice and a teaspoon of sea salt to the gelatin. Submerge the upper phalanges of the fingers in the mixture for 15 minutes, then wash your hands.

Take natural honey in the amount of several tablespoons, dilute with Flaxseed oil, add freshly squeezed citrus or vegetable juice. The bath is made for 20-25 minutes, after which the remnants of the product are washed off from the skin and nails under running water.

Take 200 milliliters of natural yogurt (without additives, flavorings and dyes), add one teaspoon of iodine to it. Keep nails that are exfoliated in this mixture for 10-15 minutes.

Take various herbs and herbs that are currently in season, or that you can buy at the supermarket. Nettle, thyme, dill and parsley, coriander, as well as onion and garlic greens are suitable. Chop the ingredients, mix in a container, add two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Mix the mixture well so that the juices and butter do not separate. Dip your fingertips in the tub for 15-20 minutes, then wash your hands with soap and apply a moisturizer.

You can use red pepper, not Bulgarian, but hot. Suitable as a fresh product, and dry, crushed. Pepper should be brought to the consistency of gruel with the help of kitchen tools and vegetable oil. In this mass, you need to immerse the phalanges of the fingers to the base of the nails. The duration of the procedure is 5-10 minutes. But if you feel a strong burning sensation before the end of this time, finish the procedure earlier, then thoroughly wash your nails and fingers under running water.

And the last recipe, more universal-evaluate the content of your refrigerator. Maybe there are a few carrots, apples, cucumbers and tomatoes, eggs, a bag of sour cream? All this you can use in order to make a bath for nails that are layered. Just carefully grind the solid ingredients, mix the juice and cake with the flowing components, warm it up in a water bath – the composition is ready. You can even use it for a mask or nail compress, the method of application does not really matter.

Exfoliate nails-expert advice and procedure guidelines

8 tips for highly exfoliated nails-expert material

No matter what method or combination you choose to forget about the discomfort that nails cause when they are exfoliated,follow the recommendations of doctors and cosmetologists:

Be sure to hold a preliminary consultation with a specialist, visit at least a cosmetologist. This will help to avoid such unpleasant complications as allergies to the drugs used or the occurrence of side effects in the form of even greater deformation of the nail plate.

Continuous and systematic treatment. All procedures should be performed regularly, according to a pre-arranged schedule. If you are taking medications or applying them yourself, an unexpected break in treatment can negate all your efforts. If you carry out cosmetic procedures, take herbal medicines, it is also unacceptable to deviate from the schedule, because biologically active substances must accumulate in the body in order for the effect to be truly noticeable.

If you perform cosmetic procedures yourself at home, do them at least 1-2 times a week. The best time to eliminate the causes of exfoliating nails is in the evening. Massage, make baths, nail masks for 1 or 2 hours before you go to bed.

If you use folk recipes for strengthening nail plates, the description of which indicates salt, red pepper, citric acid or other rather aggressive components,follow the rules of the three ” don’T»:

Do not modify the recipe to suit your taste (that is, do not add extraneous, even potentially useful ingredients to the mixture).

Do not exceed the recommended dosage of the mixture components.

Do not exceed the recommended time for the procedure, because this can cause more harm than good.

If you perform any thermal procedures – paraffin therapy, body wraps, etc., be sure to make sure that you have no contraindications to them. For example, if you have dilated blood vessels on your hands, exposure to heat may be undesirable. If there are no restrictions on the use of such methods, carefully monitor the temperature of the products used, it should not be too high, otherwise you risk getting a heat burn.

Some products used in cosmetic procedures can stain the nail plates. For example, iodine, extract from nut shells or juices of some berries. Therefore, before using the new recipe, it is recommended to try the drug on one or two nails, for example, on those on the little fingers.

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