Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Previously, the TV was a luxury, but now it is in every family, and sometimes several at once. The larger the diagonal, the more enjoyable it is to watch a movie, TV series, or play your favorite game using video game consoles.

If you haven’t purchased a large TV yet, we recommend that you purchase one. Will help you our ranking of the TOP 10 best TV 55 inch 2021 – 2021! What to buy, reviews, prices, pros and cons of each model will be considered. Enjoy reading it!

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Rating of the 10 best 55-inch TVs 2021-2021

It’s time to pay attention to the model range itself, presented in this article, that’s actually it:

  • Sony KD-55XF9005;
  • Samsung QE55Q6FAM;
  • Sony KD-55XF7596;
  • Samsung UE55MU6400;
  • LG 55UJ630V;
  • Philips 55PUS6412;
  • Hisense H55N5300;
  • Haier LE55Q6500U;
  • LG 55UK6100;
  • Samsung UE55KU6510.

Now let’s take a closer look at each one.

Sony KD-55XF9005

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

This model belongs to the premium segment and the quality of technology smells a mile away. The main difference is the almost frameless screen, which creates an impression in the complete absence of them and gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the virtual world and cinema.

Screen resolution UHD (4k) 2160p
HDR support yes
Operating system Android

Price:129999 rubles.

This model was selected for installing third-party applications, watching certain videos, and installing a video game console. Generally speaking, I am very happy with the purchase. Of the big advantages, I note the amazing detail, complete immersion in the process of whatever it was and the quality, which is probably the best to find.

QLED Samsung QE55Q6FAM

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

I think every console gamer and movie lover is familiar with the QLED format, and it is in THIS TV that you get access to all the charms that you will admire over and over again. Among the significant differences, we can highlight image quality, loud and deep sound, voice control function, which, by the way, is quite useful in this model, and application optimization.

Voice control support yes
Screen type QLED
Sound power 20 W
UHD screen resolution yes

The cost:84,999 rubles.

Dear customers who have paid attention to this model, if you are sure of the need for this TV, then, of course, I recommend buying it.

Here you will find high-level optimization, video detail, QLED format and much more that you will appreciate.

It is necessary to mention the support for One connect, game mode and sound from Dolby-also a good addition to the overall picture.

Sony KD-55XF7596

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

A great option for lovers of a kind of exotic. After all, this model has an innovative design, a practical lack of frames and a convenient desktop stand, but this is just a drop in the ocean from the list of all the advantages. The device received HDR backlighting, Miracast support, and Dolby audio.

Aspect ratio 16:9
Built-in audio Dolby Digital Plus
Support for 4k UHD TV yes

Price:74999 rubles.

If you need a TV set for home use, then this one will come in handy. It contains everything you need: HDR, HDMI 2.0, Miracast, Smart TV. True, you will have to pay quite a round sum for the functionality, but we assure you – it’s worth it.

Samsung UE55MU6400

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Since the majority of the consumer audience is not interested in ” template TV models”, we present you a model that harmoniously combines, if not everything, then much. Do you want HDR? Please! Do you want more 4K, UCW, TV guide and, let’s say, game mode? So they are also present here. The screen will allow you to enjoy every frame and moment spent in front of it.

DLNA support yes
UHD TV format (4K) yes
Sound power 20 W

Price:71,999 rubles.

For such a device, the price is quite high, so for all its sophistication, the viewing angles are quite small, it does not support Miracast, but it supports DLNA and game mode, which ordinary users do not need from the word at all. The image quality is at 5, but given the cost, you can put a specific four. As for the sound, everything is not so bad, it seems to be loud and does not hiss.

LG 55UJ630V

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

This model positions itself as an excellent combination of price and quality. For a relatively low price, you get a large and bright display, with a resolution of UHD (4K), HDR backlight and, of course, Smart TV based on WEB OS. It should be noted the low power consumption – only 155 W and support for Miracast, DLNA and Simplink

Screen refresh rate 50 Hz
Permission UHD (4k) 2160p
Operating system WEB OS

Price:53,999 rubles.

We couldn’t get enough of buying this TV. Both 4k resolution and excellent acoustics and Miracast, economical and pleasant design, but sometimes the matrix does not cope and the image is far from smooth. You can also note from the significant disadvantages-the wi-fi receiver built into the TV itself is quite weak, it catches signals periodically, if at all.

Philips 55PUS6412

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Beautiful design, the ability to choose from several colors. The display will surely delight its future owner with wide viewing angles, high frame refresh rate and, of course, 4k resolution. Speaking of sound, let’s call it moderately loud and deep, with a noise reduction function. It should be noted that the functionality of the Android operating system differs.

HDR support yes
Screen resolution UHD (4k) 2160p
Refresh rate 50 Hz

The cost:46,999 rubles.

We put it in the living room as the main TV. Well-thought-out design and acoustics system. The matrix is bright, transmits colors well, of course, the UHD format, and supports HDR illumination. Functional smart tv based on Android, good optimization of third-party applications.

Hisense H55N5300

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

A great option with a bright display and good color reproduction, in a diagonal of 55 inches and a resolution of UHD 4K perfectly combines technology and elegance. The base of the model is based on the structure of a 4-core processor and the VIDAA operating system, which is widely known in a narrow circle.

Screen type Direct LED
UHD 4K resolution yes
Operating system VIDAA

Price:34,999 rubles.

Bought a model in the living room, as the main TV. After almost six months of use, we can’t say anything against it. The combination of additional functionality, sound quality and a wide screen creates a good impression and in General there is nothing to complain about.

Haier LE55Q6500U

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

The model is on the border of the budget and premium segment, which has a wide range of functions, a color and color-rich matrix. The TV has perfectly adapted to the conditions of the home habitat and will feel good in the hall or in the kitchen of your home.

Sound power 20 W
Operating system Linux
Refresh rate 60 Hz

Price:46999 rubles.

A great option for the home, which has all sorts of functions that are useful for the layman, but as disadvantages, you should note the lack of HDR and Miracast, although the cost of this TV is suitable for 50,000 rubles. I believe that this model has an excellent screen, but low functionality.

LG 55UK6100

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

This TV, which has a modest design in black color scheme, a diagonal of 55 inches and a resolution of UHD 4k, has collected a set of advantages over other competitors in this price range. Regarding the functionality, we note the presence of HDR backlighting, support for Miracast and HDMI 2.0.

Screen type Direct LED
Operating system WEB OS
Screen resolution UHD (4k) 2160p

Price:422.99 rubles.

The picture is bright and juicy, the matrix with a resolution of UHD 4K pleased. Of course, the presence of HDR is also a big plus. Nice design in black. Small frames and viewing angles are no longer pleasing, but not critical. At its price, it will fully meet your expectations.

Samsung UE55KU6510

Nice design, small frames and wide viewing angles – the minimum that attracts most buyers. This model uses Any View Cast technology, the resolution is UHD (4K), but without support for HDR. The number of HDMI 2.0 ports also did not offend-as many as 3 pieces. The maximum power consumption of this TV is quite low – only 150 watts.

Screen type Direct LED
UHD 4K resolution yes
TimeShift Support yes

Price:32,999 rubles.

It was bought in the living room as a second TV, it is used often and over the past 4 months only pleases, but there are also some drawbacks, although small things, but the lack of HDR support is upsetting. A lot of ports is quite important, since we often use additional connections.

Comparative table of the presented products

We offer you to get acquainted with the comparative characteristics of TV sets. Based on this information, you can choose which candidate to give your preference to.

Model number Operating system Sound power (W) HDR support Miracast Support Screen type
Sony KD-55XF9005 Android 20 there is yes Direct LED
Samsung QE55Q6FAM Tizen 40 there is no QLED
Sony KD-55XF7596 Android 20 there is yes Direct LED
Samsung UE55MU6400 Tizen 20 there is no Edge LED
Philips 55PUS6412 Android 20 there is yes Direct LED
LG 55UJ630V WEB OS 20 there is yes Direct LED
Samsung UE55KU6510 Tizen 20 there is no Edge LED
Haier LE55Q6500U Linux 20 no no Direct LED
LG 55UK6100 WEB OS 20 there is yes Direct LED
Hisense H55N5300 VIDAA 20 no no Direct LED

Lists of the best!

Let’s look at a few additional TV positions:

  • price / quality;
  • best for gaming;
  • the cheapest with OLED.

We suggest that you go to the description of each category.

Price / quality-LG 55UK6100

If you are a fan of movies, video games and similar amenities, but do not like to overpay for unnecessary quality, then this model will definitely suit you.

The main advantages of this TV are UHD (4K) 2160p resolution, support for HDR backlighting, and, of course, everyone’s favorite Miracast. As for the ports, here you will be satisfied, because 3 HDMI 2.0 and 2 USB are enough in full.

The conclusion can be made simple – for an adequate price, you get a personal friend in the form of a new TV, it will never let you down.

Price:42299 rubles.

Best for gaming-Philips 55PUS6412

He pleases and pleases everyone, and what, we will now find out. The first is the most banal thing that can be found in a TV purchased for video games – UHD 4K resolution. The next point is already more interesting-support for HDR, Miracast and 2-way illumination. And finally, the “game mode ” function.

Price:64,999 rubles.

Cheapest with OLED – LG OLED55B7V

This model is found in a number of premium TVs and has acquired all the features and options available to the user that the devices in the segment below cannot boast of. Note the HDR backlight, Miracast support, voice control, and Dolby Digital audio. The most important advantage is the OLED display, which perfectly conveys the image quality and fullness of colors.

Price:99999 rubles.

What do you need to know before buying a TV?

There are quite a lot of different opinions on this issue and each of them has the right to exist, but here we have put the whole puzzle together for you so that you can read the submitted material comfortably and pleasantly.

First, an item that deserves quite a lot of attention –screen resolution.

In our rating, we have selected the highest quality and best of the best models with mainly UHD resolution. We do not recommend buying devices with this parameter that cost less than forty thousand rubles.

The image quality is not the best there. Do not forget about the HDR backlight, which is necessary in any case.

The second paragraph –operating system. Of course, most people will say that it doesn’t matter, but when you pick up a TV and are an active Smart TV user, for example, you like Netflix, iVi or HBO, then look carefully at this moment. Some of the most popular ones are Tizen, Linux, and Web OS.Android is much less common, but we recommend that you buy it.

Last aspect and third in the list –functionality. In the case when you use all the options and load the TV to the full very little, but all you need is at least the minimum: game mode, if you are a fan of xBox or PS, Miracast, USB HID. This set must be present at least partially.

Best 55-inch TVs, top 10 big TV ratings

At first glance, it may seem that choosing a TV is a fairly simple task, but people often face significant difficulties in the process of purchasing this product. First, people immediately run their eyes because of the large selection of these products, and secondly, the price range is very wide.

So that you can decide exactly which TV will be the most suitable for you, we decided to make a rating of the best models of large sizes that are only found on the market today.

But before we start directly analyzing the specific characteristics of each model, let’s figure out which parameters are most important.

This is where we’ll start our review of the best TVs in 2021 with a diagonal of 55 inches.

How to choose a large-screen TV?

The correct choice of a product depends on a huge number of parameters, and the question of price is not always in the first place.

It is quite natural that high-quality products will not be cheap, but we have tried to include in the rating mainly models that differ in an acceptable cost, so that most readers can afford the products. The first thing you should pay attention to is the type of screen.

Kinescope designs are already a real archaism, so it’s not so easy to find them on sale, although they are much cheaper compared to other products. The advantages of these models include a very long service life.

Liquid crystal TVs also have quite an acceptable cost, and the picture quality is very good, the color reproduction is quite natural.

Unfortunately, such products burn out quite quickly and do not perceive the impact of direct sunlight very well.

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

LED displays are equipped with led backlighting of the matrix, which allows you to provide a small thickness of the models, in addition, they are characterized by low power consumption. On sale, you can also find plasma TVs that work on the basis of gas-cell technology.

Although they consume significantly more energy, the image quality is much higher here. One of the latest technologies is laser. TVs made on its basis are characterized not only by a long period of operation, low energy consumption, but also by very high image quality.

If not for the high cost, these TVs would be the most popular today.

A TV with a diagonal of 55 inches will simply look awkward in a small room, so it is advisable to install it in a medium or large room. These models are often used when creating a home theater system.

It is very important to pay attention to the screen resolution, which at this size will play a leading role. The optimal indicator in this regard will be Full HD-products with this parameter will provide a fairly good image quality, but the cost will be quite acceptable.

If the buyer plans to spend a little more money, then in this case it is better to give preference to models with a resolution of Ultra HD 4K.

When choosing models for inclusion in our rating of the best TVs with a diagonal of 55 inches, we were guided by all the above parameters, took into account a number of other factors, which will be discussed in the review itself.

In addition, we relied on user reviews and product value for money.

We hope that the review will be informative for you, and after studying it, you will be able to choose the most suitable model that will delight you with an excellent image for many years.

With a budget of up to 40 thousand rubles

4. Hyundai H-LED55U601BS2S

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

It looks quite neat for its price category. The front frame looks monolithic, it is made of high-quality plastic with a matte finish, painted to match metal.

Some users note some controversy of this paint, as it can glow a little, the Gap separating the inner edge of the frame from the image area is in the range from 2 to 3 mm.

The back panel is made of sheet steel, the coating is also matte, but the color is black. The front surface of the matrix is almost smooth, but there is still a slight matting.

Anti-glare coating is not provided here, so it is advisable to place the TV so that it does not get direct sunlight. A tinted plastic cover is provided on the underside. It covers the infrared receiver of the control panel.

The stand that comes with the TV includes two elements that are made of high-quality high-strength plastic. They are supported by special rubberized legs that will not slide on the surface.

All connectors are located on the back panel, they are located in special niches. Because of this, it is not as easy to reach many of them as it may seem at first glance, so you will have to use adapters and extension cords. The TV itself runs on the Android 4 platform.

4.4. There are a large number of pre-installed applications that are designed not only for comfortable operation with the TV itself, but also for playing various types of content.

The device has a large number of different codecs built in, which allow you to play almost all existing formats.

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  • Excellent resolution for its value;
  • Decent sound quality;
  • Fast operation of the operating system;
  • There are a large number of connectors.
  • The connectors are not very convenient – it is difficult to reach them.

3. JVC LT-55M780

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

It has a Smart TV function, which is very unusual for a TV that is quite affordable. In addition, users note surround stereo sound, which is developed on the basis of Dolby Digital technology.

The TV also has a fairly powerful built-in Wi-Fi module that provides a stable high-speed Internet connection. Thanks to this feature, the TV is able to work with such popular streaming services as Netflix or Youtube.

Among the connectors, a USB 3.0 slot is provided, with which it will be possible not only to play various kinds of multimedia files from external media, but also to record television broadcasts. This device works on the basis of a high-power Quad-core processor.

Built-in memory here is 8 GB, there is even support for external hard drives up to 1 TB.

The menu here is very clear and convenient, so you don’t have to go through the settings for a long time to find out how to search for channels.

As with most devices running on the Android platform, there is a pre-installed PlayMarket app, through which you can download various applications. If necessary, you can connect a wired or wireless mouse and keyboard to the TV.

The Assembly is very high-quality, despite the fact that the case is made of plastic. All its elements are tightly fitted to each other, which eliminates the ingress of dust and dirt under the case.

  • Good image quality;
  • There are many features specific to more expensive products;
  • You can record TV broadcasts;
  • Stable operation of the operating system.
  • Not too convenient remote control.

2. Shivaki STV-55LED17

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

This model appeared on sale quite recently-just a few months ago, but users have already managed to evaluate its positive characteristics. In particular, in the process of manufacturing this TV, LED backlight technology was used, thanks to which it was possible to achieve an excellent result in terms of screen thickness.

This design is one of the thinnest in its price range. The design is strict and neat, so the TV will fit very seamlessly into any interior, regardless of the style in which it is decorated. The Assembly is high-quality, although the case is made of plastic.

Even heavy dirt will not be noticeable on it, and it also perfectly resists all kinds of physical exertion.

In terms of functionality, the TV has a built-in satellite tuner that supports the DVB-S2 standard, which is characterized by increased channel bandwidth.

It is quite enough to connect a satellite dish directly, after which you can watch a huge number of different channels without an amplifying receiver. The stand has a special niche where you can lay all the cables, hiding them from the viewer’s eyes.

It itself is weighted, although it is made of plastic, due to it it is possible to significantly increase the stability of the TV itself. The matrix with led illumination will display light well, there is no glare.

  • No flashes or dead pixels were detected;
  • High-quality brightness, which can be adjusted automatically by the light sensor;
  • Low weight;
  • One of the most tonic;
  • Good sound from the speakers.
  • It is inconvenient to use the remote control by touch.

1. LG 55UJ620V

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

This is the only model among budget TVs that has a 4K resolution. The developers also did a good job on the appearance, making it very interesting and original.

The case is made exclusively of plastic, the frames on the front side are narrow, which ensures almost complete immersion of the viewer in what is happening on the screen. The display itself is matte, it does not show glare and reflections, so it can be used even in very bright rooms.

The rear part has a depth of 9 cm. As mentioned a little earlier, the image quality is very high. The screen is designed on the basis of an IPS matrix, it has an led backlight located around the perimeter.

Local dimming is not provided, which negatively affects the image of dark and black shades. The response time is 14 MS – quite enough to use this TV as a full-fledged gaming monitor.

The TV is equipped with a Smart TV function, there is a Wi-Fi module and a built-in browser. If there is no Wi-Fi channel in the house, you can connect the device directly to the modem via the Ethernet connector. This product operates on the basis of WebOS 3.

5, there are slightly fewer pre-installed apps than on Android, but there is an LG Content Store where you can find a large number of useful or entertaining programs. The TV has two speakers with a power of 10 watts each. These indicators will be quite sufficient for medium-sized premises.

There are quite a lot of interfaces here, so you can connect a variety of external devices.

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  • It is very convenient to operate both from the panel and via the remote control.;
  • The picture is very clear;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Excellent color rendering.
  • Dark shades are not very well transmitted.

TV sets that cost up to 80 thousand rubles

3. Samsung UE55MU6500U

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

The maximum resolution of this TV is 3840×2160 pixels, which is quite consistent with the 4K UHD format. The viewing angles are very wide – the image will not be distorted even if the viewing angle is up to 178 degrees.

There is an led backlight located around the perimeter of the screen, and the image refresh rate is 100 Hz – a very high indicator even for premium models. There are a large number of different connectors – as many as three HDMI jacks, two USB ports, one of which is 3.

0, Ethernet and a Wi-Fi module are provided. The TV’s display is curved and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. due to this technology, the viewer is completely immersed in what is happening on the screen. The matrix here is of the liquid crystal type, so the TV is quite thin.

You will not be able to hang it on the wall, however, the image quality is very high. Sound quality is provided by a pair of stereo speakers, each with a power of 10 watts.

The TV has a Smart TV function that allows you to view content online. The device runs on the Tizen operating system, which is based on the Linux platform.

There are a lot of applications for it, and most of them are free. There is a Time Shift option, which allows you to stop playing the program at any time, and continue viewing at any convenient time.

The case is plastic, painted in silver color.

  • Very convenient and ergonomic remote control;
  • The curved shape of the screen allows you to immerse yourself in what is happening on the display;
  • Convenient stand;
  • Very high image quality.
  • A completely black background may show slight highlights.

2. Sony KD-55XE8096

Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Top 10 best 55-inch TVs for early 2021: reviews and specifications

If you are going to buy a TV with a diagonal of 55 inches, then let’s look at what you should pay attention to before buying such a TV.


First of all, please note that now most TVs with a diagonal of 55 inches have a resolution of 4K, i.e. 3840×2160 pixels.

Now there is much more 4K content, including video game consoles, YouTube, and many other services.

At the same time, not all TVs normally cope with normal 4K playback on their own, but they also have the appropriate this case, you should use an external TV box. in many cases, this will be more profitable for the price.

Internet connection

When receiving content over the network, please note that most TVs must be connected via Wi-Fi, as you will not be able to view 4K content with a good bitrate through the existing 100 Mbit network ports.

Therefore, the presence of the 802.11 ac Protocol for the TV and router is simply necessary.

The screen

You will have to choose between LCD, represented by IPS and VA matrices, and OLED. The latter are more expensive, but they have better brightness, contrast, viewing angles, and response time.

And now the rating of the best TVs with a diagonal of 55 inches at the beginning of 2021:


Best 55-inch TVs: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget


  • Type: OLED TV
  • Diagonal Size: 54.6″ (139cm)
  • Screen format: 16:9
  • Permission: 3840×2160
  • HD resolution: 4K UHD, HDR
  • The HDR standard: Dolby Vision, HDR 10
  • Local Dimming: Yes
  • Stereo sound: Yes
  • Refresh rate index: 100 Hz
  • Smart TV: Yes
  • Operating system: webOS
  • The year of the creation model: 2021
  • Progressive scan: Yes
  • NICAM stereo sound support: Yes
  • DVB-T support: DVB-T MPEG4
  • DVB-T2 support: Yes
  • DVB-C support: DVB-C MPEG4
  • DVB-S support: Yes
  • DVB-S2 support: Yes
  • Teletext: Yes
  • Sound power Power : 40W (2×10 + 2x10W)
  • Speaker system: 4 speakers
  • Subwoofer: Yes
  • Surround sound: Yes
  • Audio decoders: Dolby Digital, DTS
  • Automatic consistent volume level (AVL): Yes
  • Supported formats: MP3, WMA, MPEG4, HEVC (H.265), DivX, MKV, JPEG
  • Inputs: AV, HDMI x4, USB x3, RS-232, Ethernet (RJ-45), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, WiDi, Miracast
  • Outputs: optical
  • The connectors on the front/side panel: HDMI, USB
  • Version of the HDMI interface: HDMI 2.0
  • Wi-Fi Support: Yes
  • 24p True Cinema support: Yes
  • DLNA support: Yes
  • Built-in memory: 8 GB
  • Sleep timer: Yes
  • Child protection: Yes
  • Management: by voice, universal (multi-brand) remote control
  • Possibility of mounting on the wall: Yes
  • VESA mounting standard Size: 300×200 mm
  • Dimensions with stand (WxHxD) Size: 1228x752x220mm
  • Weight with stand Weight: 17.8 kg
  • Dimensions without stand (WxHxD) Size: 1228x707x47mm
  • Weight without stand Weight: 16.3 kg


The quality of the image. Convenient operation. Responsive interface. Very cool smart features-browser, various applications for watching TV and movies online. Mauger now otkazyvaetsya from Balint.

– image quality (4K HDR, black, white, brightness, contrast)
– sound quality via built-in speakers (Atmos)
– design (strict, black, concise, frameless)
– supports Dolby Vision, Atmos, and HDR10 formats
-remote control
– no logos on the front panel
-Russian price for gray sellers

– “Maximum” MEGOGO subscription for 90 days

Great TV!
+ Build quality.
+ Image quality, Screen. (As for the budget, this is a great choice)
+ SMART TV WebOS 4.0 is a fast system, I didn’t expect it myself.
+ Remote pointer is impressive, convenient!
+ Black is not really black.
+ No glare or ghosting.
+ An incredible number of TV settings.
+ Thin frame of the screen.
+ Excellent sound surround bass.

14 best 55-inch TVs-2021 Rating (Top 14)

TVs of all sizes can not be found on the market. There are compact for the kitchen, medium for bedrooms and relatively small rooms, huge king size versions, whose place is in respectable homes where solid owners of plump purses live.

And there is in some sense a universal and incredibly popular diagonal-55 inches. The 55-inch TV is big, but not too big. Perfect for the role of the main family-wide entertainment center, the basis for creating a home theater.

Do you like the size? Then we offer you to get acquainted with our new rating of the best modern TVs 55ʺ — from simple and inexpensive to premium high-tech, the price tag of which is not affordable for everyone, but it still won’t scare off real aesthetes.

What do you need to know before buying a 55-inch TV?

Our review will not cover models withFull HD screen. The reason is simple: the leading TV manufacturers, in fact, have already abandoned this format for the size of 55ʺ.

Of course, you can find it, but these are either old, still unsold versions from well-known brands, or frankly budget products based on cheap components of unknown origin.

Although we know that “legs grow” usually because of a large stone wall in the East.

It is now more profitable for a potential buyer to pay attention to4K devices, which perfectly reproduce content in both UHD 2160p and lower resolution, and even know how to scale it.

In the rating, the company of classic 4K LED TVs will be made up of advanced Triluminos, QLED, Nano Cell models with upgraded led illumination with quantum dots, as well as the most highly “quoted” OLED panels on self-illuminated pixels to date.

Rating of the best 55-inch TVs-Top 14

Even the best TVs with a 55-inch display diagonal have a fairly high price spread – with relatively identical characteristics at first glance,the highest price tag can be 3-5 times higher than the minimum.

At the same time, just saying “no overpayment for the brand” will not work – this situation is observed in each of the manufacturers, so in order not to lose the choice, you need to understand the difference between a budget TV and a TOP-class model.

If you do not go into details, then any LCD TV consists of four main blocks:

  • Power plant. It provides all nodes with electricity, changes extremely slowly from generation to generation, and does not affect the image.
  • Sound. The principle of operation of speakers has not changed since their invention. Sound quality manufacturers achieve due to the design of resonators and other auxiliary systems. If you want to listen to high-quality sound, even for top-End TVs, users buy additional separate sound systems.
  • Display matrix. It just shows a picture – in fact, it is a lot of multi-colored light bulbs that turn on or off. The image quality here is most affected by the response time – how quickly a particular light bulb can change its color. Then there is the display resolution, and the higher it is, the more powerful the processing unit should be.
  • Image processing device. Gives the matrix commands on what to show and how to show it. Usually this is just a processor and an additional set of chips, but it is precisely the instructions sewn into them that determine which technologies will be used to process the video signal.

The budget models will often be the matrix of the lower class– with a lower resolution and longer response time, and not such a high-quality filling for video signal processing.

However, keep in mind that when viewing videos in digital quality, the difference may not be immediately visible.

The best “measure” when choosing a TV here will only be watching videos recorded in several formats and in different quality, as well as the main TV programs.

It should also be borne in mind that the same characteristic of a budget and top-End TV will look a little different.

For example, such a popular feature as Smart TV, a budget device will simply be used to show videos from Youtube, and a full-fledged Android or similar operating system is sewn into the premium model.

There will also be a difference in the number of USB and HDMI inputs – you can connect more different devices to the Top models at the same time.

The last thing to stop at is what ismedium-priced TVs.

Most often, these are flagships or similar models of previous years, which somewhat fade into the background with the release of new ones, but do not lose their popularity.

They just don’t have the latest “bells and whistles” for which connoisseurs of high-quality video buy Top-end premium TV models.

As a result, if the difference between a TV budget and the middle class often is in electronic filling and less frequently as the matrix, the Top model pulled ahead just at the possibility of “undiscovered feel” and appreciate the few affordable quality new developments.

What to choose from this depends only on the intended scope of use of the TV, the desire to understand its settings and the financial capabilities of the buyer.

Which 55-inch TV is better to buy?

The first thing you can recommend is to pay close attention to the appropriate models from our rating of the best 55-inch TVs. There are really very worthy candidates for home “registration”. However, there are certain nuances that you should know more about.

Not the best way to choose the perfect TV remotely. Before you place an order, there is a reasonto visit a good retail hypermarket of electronics, preferably taking a flash drive with you, where test videos and backgrounds are recorded.

Having outlined the circle of applicants, it is worth asking the seller to turn off the store demo mode that embellishes the picture, and it is better to take the remote control in your own hands.

You will only have to rely on your own taste, at the same time checking whether the copy you like reads the usual video and audio formats.

It is quite possible to focus ononline reviews, but this should be done with caution. Some clearly have a veiled advertising character, and sometimes they are outright black PR, designed to discredit competitors. Wild, wild domestic marketing!

It is clearly necessary to clarify such a technical parameter asthe refresh rate of the display.

The fact is that many stores and even some “experts”, whether out of some Mercantile motives, or out of naivety or ignorance, interpret it very loosely, attributing 100, 200 Hz and even more to quite ordinary screens.

In reality, the standard for household TV is 60 Hz (50 for the European broadcasting system). And only premium and some models close to them have matrices with a real frequency of up to 120 Hz.

Confusion in the minds of all sorts oftechnology of smoothing of dynamic scenes.

They are mostly software-based. they can finish drawing intermediate frames, insert black, and make the backlight flicker in a range that is invisible to the eye.

In other words, they Refine the incoming content as much as they can, but they don’t change the physical characteristics of the display. By the way, when the movement on the screen looks too blurry or twitchy, it is often recommended to disable all these improvers.

Best TVs of 2021 with a diagonal of 55 inches

Considering the best TVs of 2021 with a diagonal of 55 inches, we will immediately make a small reservation. Since there are no perfect TVs in nature, most likely we will be talking about the optimal choice of TV in 2021.

But the concept of optimal choice is also different for each user.

Some people need a TV for watching movies, others use the TV as a monitor for games, others need Smart functions built into the TV, and someone wants to have a TV equipped with all the above-mentioned functions, so to speak, a universal TV. So we will slowly, in order, try to consider which TVs have the above characteristics and are, for today, the best choice. And the main thing is that for many people they are the most profitable in terms of price.

The best UHD 4K TV for cinema in 55 inches in 2021 is LG OLED 55C8

Every year, the manufacturer of LG TVs pays special attention to ADVANCED technology, improving and developing technical characteristics. The OLED 2021 TV range is no exception.

The independent light source in OLED TVs is the matrix itself, all eight-plus million pixels, so we get the highest contrast, which in turn leads to a deep black color. With all this, OLED TV.

they have some of the best viewing angles, which allows you to enjoy the picture when watching movies with the whole family, regardless of the location in front of the TV screen.

In the 2021 OLED TV models, the peak brightness was raised, and the anti-glare filter was improved, so that the TV perfectly copes with external lighting.

OLED TVs in 2021 (with the exception of the B8 model) are equipped with a powerful alpha 9 processor, which is 35% more powerful in the CPU and GPU parts. Two times higher steps, namely four-step noise reduction, which is the most important change in terms of image quality.

Thanks to the algorithm, noise reduction works smoothly, which allows you to improve the gradation of shades and improve the image with distortion. Plus, it solves another problem with displaying low-bit signals — the non-linearity of displaying a palette of very dark faces, without losing details in the shadows.

An improved contour processing algorithm, an adaptive color enhancer-all this should make the image more voluminous, and the dynamics – with fewer artifacts.

The Alpha 9 also supports high frame rates of up to 120 frames per second with 4K UHD resolution via USB and 2K HD resolution via HDMI 2.0.

The OLED LG 55C8 TV supports DolbyVision, Technicolor, HLG and HDR10 HDR formats. Technicolor will have an additional, expert mode based on an alternate white point (0.300, 0.327). Thus, the color reproduction should be maximally similar to professional monitors for the film industry.

OLED LG 55C8, like all TVs of this technology, have a risk of OI (afterimage). However, every year the manufacturer reduces the risk of getting OI. Models of OLED 2021 TVs have received an additional option with the ability to darken static areas on the screen, for example, such as channel logos:

OLED TV has three functions to reduce the risk of burns. We recommend that you enable Pixel Shift Screen Refresher and to set the adjustment of the brightness of the logo on Low/Low.

  • Thanks to improved OI protection measures from OLED TV manufacturers, most users are unlikely to encounter this problem.
  • Overall, the LG C8 is the best 55-inch TV for watching movies in 2021.
  • A more budget-friendly alternative is the OLED LG 55V8 TV in 2021.

If the LG OLED55C8PLA doesn’t fit your budget, the LG B8 OLED TV offers very similar specs at a more affordable price. The OLED LG 55B8 model uses a processor called α (alpha) 7 instead of α9.

Both models offer very good image quality and overall performance, but the C8 offers more advanced image processing capabilities.

The LG B8 has a lower peak brightness for HDR compared to the C8 (591 cd / m2 on the B8 versus 683 cd / m2 on the C8), and the A7 processor is incompatible with 4K HFR (High Frame Rate) content at 120 frames per second, unlike the A9. The motion compensation mechanism lags slightly behind the A9, but is better than last year’s LG OLED TVs.

Like all OLED TVs, the backlight doesn’t flicker. This helps the movement look smoother, but causes some blurring. If you want to minimize blurring, you can enable the BFI option-insert a black frame, available on all LG TVs from DECEMBER 2021.

Best movie TVs of 2021 with a diagonal of 55 inches, built on LCD technology, Samsung 55Q9FN

The Samsung 55Q9FN model, which is the top LCD TV in 2021, has all the flagship features to win the title of the best LCD TV for watching movies.

Its main difference is the introduction of real local dimming (FALD) – the LEDs are located at the back of the matrix and are divided into zones.

In the 55-inch Q9FN TV, there are 320 such zones, which at present is a record figure for 55-inch TVs. This significantly increases the contrast and improves the display of HDR formats.

Especially when watching movies in dark conditions. Local TV dimming is very effective at creating extremely bright small shades in dark scenes.

Samsung Q9FN is equipped with a powerful Q Engine processor. This processor can create colors using a 16-bit color matching process and uses three-dimensional color control. It also has HDR mastering, which uses 16-bit multi-curve processing in an HDR image based on dynamic metadata.

This model uses an updated version of quantum dot technology, the panel structure was updated to reduce diagonal light leakage by 40%, and the anti-glare filter, with the high-profile name Ultra Black Elite, was significantly improved to reduce reflection and increase black depth. The Samsung 55Q9FN is ultra HD Premium certified and can handle most versions of HDR, except Dolby Vision, which Samsung doesn’t support.

One Connect now contains not only all the electronics, but also supplies power to the panel itself.

When the TV detects that a new device is connected to the One Connect connector via HDMI, it automatically identifies this device and installs it in the Smart Hub, and also downloads remote control codes, which allows you to use one remote to control this connected device and the TV. Very convenient.

The Samsung 55Q9FN TV is capable of delivering one of the highest peak brightness levels. On the L20 window, the brightness in HDR was over 1600 CD / m2. But even in some real scenes, the brightness reached almost 1500 CD / m2.

The viewing angles of this TV are less successful, this is inherent in VA matrices, Samsung tried to improve performance in this area. But still inferior to OLED TV.

Overall, the Samsung 55Q9FN is one of the best LCD TVs in reproducing dynamic scenes. There was no visible jitter on 24 fps content, which is mostly contained in movies, and the TV also handled 50 and 60 fps content expertly.

The 2021 Sony 55XF9005 4K (UHD) LCD TV is the best budget alternative to expensive TVs.

The Sony 55XF9005 TV model was more successful than the previous year’s Sony HE9005 model. And in the rating of the best budget TV of 2021, it takes one of the first places.

The XF9005 TV has received a more powerful 4K UHD X1 Extreme video processor, which improves pixel response, dynamic scene processing, and increases brightness by an average of 100 CD / m2. the X1 Extreme should better handle low-quality material and supports Dolby Vision.

The local dimming level and color gamut remained at the same level as the 2021 HE9005 model. The anti-glare coating works well to reduce the overall amount of reflections and provides very good performance.

The X-Motion Clarity option was also added — “local insertion of a black frame”, which is applied not to the entire screen, but within the darkening zones, for additional reduction of soap/blur of the image. Works with many uplavnyalki presets (MotionFlow).

On Sony TVs, more accurate color reproduction directly from the box is an important factor, and for most people, this TV can be used immediately without the need for calibration. Some of the stumbling blocks on Sony TVs are the Android OS. Many people would like to have a more powerful processor (CPU) on Board, for more “fast” operation of the OS.

The TV has a FALD backlight, but the number of local dimming zones is only 48 zones. This is much more modest than on the top model Samsung 55Q9FN, but given the price difference between these models, the FALD LED on the Sony 55xf9005 TV works quite well and justifies itself.

A wide color gamut allows you to display rich colors in HDR content quite well. The TV’s color accuracy for less saturated colors is also pretty good, so the overall HDR image will be accurate.

The Sony X900F can display 24p movies without distortion, regardless of what sources they are transmitted from. To achieve this, you need to set “Motionflow” to “True cinema” and set CineMotion to High/Tall. This is not required for direct 24p sources.

Best TVs for the games of 2021 with a diagonal of 55 inches

Samsung Electronics in 2021 paid special attention to the gaming characteristics of its TVs, thereby attracting the attention of users who want to use TV. as a monitor in games. Hence, quite rightly in the ranking of the best gaming TVs in 2021, Samsung takes the lead.

Samsung 55Q7FN.

Samsung 55Q7FN TV based on the second generation (according to the manufacturer) of quantum dots, has outstanding characteristics for reproducing high-quality images.

Increased the peak brightness, expanded the color gamut, added support for HDR 10+ format, a screen with an anti-glare layer Ultra Black Elite, to improve the reflectivity and black level.

It would seem that what else is needed? But Samsung in 2021 went even further and decided to improve the gaming characteristics on its TVs as much as possible.

We improved the pixel response, lowered the already low input lag level, but decided not to stop there.

Samsung’s 2021 TV models now support 120 Hz FreeSync for smooth gaming, VRR, and finally the latest game mode, Motion Plus. This is big news for gamers.

In addition, Samsung will implement” Fast FRC ” (frame rate compensation), allowing users to use the Samsung motion compensation system together with the game console.

Fast FRC is supported by Samsung 55nu8000 and QLED 2021 LCD TVs.

This year, Samsung decided to surprise everyone and introduced a special mode in the menu that is responsible for improving movement in games called Motion Plus Game, which does not affect the increase in input lag in games, i.e.

when you enable this mode in games, the latency continues to be low. On average, models 18 years old have a delay of 14 MS.

As on the usual motion Plus tab in game mode we have two sliders and in this case we get three advantages:

  • Interpolate games with low liquidity (30fps) to 120fps, as if the game had almost 60fps initially.
  • Game interpolation with high fps (60fps) to 120fps to significantly reduce image blurriness/increase clarity (blur Reduction).
  • Improve the sharpness of low-or high-fps game movement thanks to the flickering backlight (Clear Motion LED). But unfortunately in this case, there are also some disadvantages associated with visible flickering and reducing the brightness of the screen.
  1. But in other modes of Motion Plus Game, the image is just as bright and pleasant.
  2. The merit of Samsung is that they used a relatively fast graphics processor.
  3. Such a wide selection makes Samsung the best gaming TVs in 2021.

A more budget-friendly alternative as a gaming TV is the Samsung 55NU8000 TV. Just like the Samsung 55Q7FN model, it has all the newfangled gaming characteristics, yielding to the older model only in peak brightness, color coverage and the absence of an anti-glare Ultra Black Elite layer.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that all the TVs listed in the review can also be called the best smart TVs of 2021 with a diagonal of 55 inches.

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