Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

The choice of TV should be approached very responsibly, because such a purchase, as a rule, costs a tidy sum. So that the money is not wasted, it is worth understanding what models exist in General, and what parameters should be paid attention to first. Do not blindly rely on reviews on the Internet: personal experience and knowledge of the characteristics in this case are much more reliable advisors.

  1. Selection criteria
  2. How to set up a TV correctly
  3. Best 55-inch TVs
  4. Samsung QE55Q900RBU 55 (2021)
  5. LG OLED55E9P 55 (2021)
  6. Hyundai H-LED55U601BS2S 55 (2021)
  7. TELEFUNKEN TF-LED55S01T2SU 55 (2021)
  8. Panasonic TX-55GXR900 55 (2021)
  9. Prestigio 55 Grace 3 55 (2021)
  10. BBK 55LEX-8127/UTS2C 55 (2021)
  11. SUPRA STV-LC55GT5000U 55 (2021)
  12. JVC LT-55M780 55 (2021)
  13. AKAI LES-55V90М 55″

Selection criteria

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

When you come to an electronics store, you need to have a good idea of how much money you are willing to pay for the product, where you are going to place it: a large TV is unlikely to fit in the bathroom or kitchen. It’s also a good idea to think about what image quality you need.

Modern TVs have several basic technologies that help the picture get on the screen.

  • LED system(light-emitting diode) is a thin-walled panel that operates at the expense of a liquid crystal medium through which electrical pulses pass. Such models are lighter in weight, consume less energy, and transmit the finest shades of color very well.
  • OLEDit has even better performance. The image is more contrasting: now dark details don’t disappear or get highlighted. Watching movies has also become more convenient, because the viewing angle has become wider.
  • QLED— even more advanced led quantum dot technology. Usually this name is Samsung. Other companies may have a different name for it.

Let’s not forget about the good old plasma, which was a real breakthrough, replacing the cathode ray tube.

The diagonal is an important parameter that determines where the TV will be placed: on the wall in the living room, on the refrigerator in the dining area, or in the bedroom on a small nightstand. A 55-inch TV is ideal for a hall or a very spacious bedroom. The ratio of height and width matters, because the placement should be incorporated into the composition of the room.

There is also such an indicator as the optimal viewing distance. It is generally assumed that this is 3-4 diagonals.

How to set up a TV correctly

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

It is best to first measure the distance from which you are going to look and evaluate potential candidates for purchase immediately at this distance. The most convenient size will probably be visible immediately. Too large a screen will not allow you to see the whole picture: your eyes will start to “jump” around the image, trying to see details around the edges, and they will quickly get tired. Too small won’t do either. You realize that you can’t see the small details, read the Ticker, and in General, there will be no effect of being present in a real cinema, which a person wants to get from a large-format TV.

So, when going for a purchase, you should bring a centimeter tape or tape measure.

The parameters that determine the image quality are as follows::

  • The resolution of the indicator measured in pixels. The higher it is, the better and juicier the image is. A 4K screen consists of 3840 pixels horizontally, 2160 pixels vertically-this gives the sharpest image.
  • Frequency — the number of frames per second, measured in Hertz (Hz). The best image gives an indicator of one hundred to two hundred Hertz.
  • There are also several types of matrix responsible for pixel reproduction: TN, IPS, and others.

The viewing angle will depend on the shape of the screen, which can be flat or curved. The latter gives a feeling of complete immersion in the reality of TV. For a comfortable viewing experience, models with a view of one hundred and seventy degrees or higher are suitable.

The presence or absence of smart support is purely due to the customer’s preferences — new models, of course, usually have this option.

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

In order for the purchased TV to meet expectations, you need to choose a device from a company that specializes in the production of such models. Samsung, Sony and LG have long established themselves in this field.

Additional features, such as 3D, timer, memory card, and the ability to rewind any movie or commercial, are not available everywhere, but they can generally be configured at the customer’s request.

HDMI connectors allow you to connect multiple devices at once using cables. Everyone has a sufficient number, even budget options. Often, customers take TVs with a couple of ports, and then they don’t know what to do – they can’t connect everything they want (for example, a set-top box, a game console, and an Apple TV). The optimal number is three of each type.

In addition to these criteria, you need to take into account such nuances as electricity consumption, which increases as the size increases, the service life of the TV (written in the warranty receipt), and the brand whose popularity is directly related to the price of the product.

As mentioned earlier, you should think about what room the TV will be placed in. For example, for the kitchen, it must have the ability to withstand temperature changes, be protected from dust and dirt. There are no special requirements for other rooms.

After studying all the parameters, you can go to the store to get acquainted with the assortment. It will not be superfluous to get a consultation from the seller, as well as a” test drive ” of the equipment right on the spot. The sound should be high-quality, without noise and rattling, the picture is clear, without blurring, and the buttons on the remote control are not jamming and easy to press. After analyzing the information received, you can safely make a purchase.

Best 55-inch TVs

Samsung QE55Q900RBU 55 (2021)

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

The case is black in color with strong legs for support and wall mounting. The weight is 21.2 kilograms. The QLED matrix is used, the refresh rate is two hundred Hz.

The total sound power is sixty watts, which is achieved by using six built-in speakers, each with a power of ten watts. Special signal processing is used to give the sound a special volume.

The abundance of features makes this TV mega-comfortable. SmartTV allows you to view web pages, YouTube videos, and play games. Install apps and record videos-now from your TV, not just from your tablet!

This model is equipped with an impressive set of ports. This set is represented by:

  • four HDMI sockets;
  • three USB ports;
  • one CI slot;
  • a wired Internet socket;
  • digital optical audio output;
  • dual antenna input for terrestrial / cable, as well as satellite TV.

Time Shift-an option that allows you to stop showing a TV program at any time, and even record it to continue watching when it is convenient. The light sensor changes the screen brightness depending on the light level. The image becomes more comfortable for the eyes, and energy consumption decreases. In terms of ease of operation, Samsung TVs generally rarely show any shortcomings. So Samsung of this model gets the highest rating. The organization of the menu is clear and accessible for people of all ages: both pensioners and young children.

I would like to add that when installed on a wall, the TV fits very tightly to the surface. Visually, it feels as if the device is an integral part of the wall itself. It is thanks to this method of fastening that the model can become not only a useful technique, but also an interior decoration.

Dignities: summarizing all the above, we can highlight the excellent image quality, extensive functionality. The display has an anti-glare coating — you can watch movies without being afraid that sunlight will interfere. Excellent sound will create the feeling of a movie theater.

LG OLED55E9P 55 (2021)

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

The panel is thin and has no protective glass. The electronics have changed. In TVs of 2021 there is a new processor – Alfa 9 Gen 2. It is slightly more powerful and has a large memory. The management interface has changed: WebOS is still used, but it’s already version 4.5. changes have been Made to the main page and menu. A useful smart home feature has been added.

Dimensions: 1226x753x220 mm, weight with stand — 25.8 kg, without-16.4 kg. The screen refresh rate is one hundred Hz, the sound power is sixty watts, there is a subwoofer and six speakers, the sound is surround and dense. Additional features are extensive. This is a multi-screen, built-in memory-8 GB, sleep timer, child protection, voice control, three USB connectors, Bluetooth.

Dignities: maximum picture quality, variety of functions, SmartTV.

Disadvantages: specific image processing, there is no backlight.

Hyundai H-LED55U601BS2S 55 (2021)

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

Stylish black case with a standard set of mounts and stands. The weight is only 13.6 kilograms. The frequency is sixty Hertz. There is a smart TV, a timer, the ability to rewind and protection from children and animals. If you can’t be at home when your favorite program is playing, you can easily record it on an electronic carrier.

The viewing angle is as comfortable as possible with a diagonal of 55 centimeters — one hundred and seventy-eight degrees. Sound — twenty watts.

Advantages: budget cost, pretty nice image, clear how to use it.

Disadvantages: not very powerful and juicy sound due to the limited number of speakers.


Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

A neat liquid crystal model, equipped with many modern features that make using the TV more comfortable and productive. Weight thirteen kilograms. Convenient menu — large and clearly visible font, remote control with large buttons.

The frequency is sixty Hertz, the overview is one hundred and seventy-eight, and the sound is sixteen watts.

Advantages: inexpensive, easy to use and multifunctional TV, which will be a great gift for any holiday.

Disadvantages: there is no composite connector (for a disc player, old set-top boxes, etc.).

Panasonic TX-55GXR900 55 (2021)

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

A regular flat screen with a light gray border. Small legs hold the TV around the edges. Weight-eighteen and a half kilograms. Sound power — twenty watts, two speakers included. There is such a cool option as voice control. All the usual features, such as a pause during the broadcast, wi-fi, etc. – are attached.

Advantages: large-format, pleasing to the eye image, practicality and simplicity put this brand on pride of place in the ratings.

Disadvantages: more expensive model. Not everyone is satisfied with this format of stand — you need a strong support, cats or children can easily dump the TV on the floor.

Prestigio 55 Grace 3 55 (2021)

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

The 55-inch TV, placed on a U-shaped stand, looks extremely elegant. Thanks to the thin frame, a wide viewing angle is created, so that you can watch movies from anywhere in the room. The brightness is equal to three hundred CD per square meter. Modern technologies help you use electricity economically, saving money for something more necessary.

Two small six-watt speakers provide good sound, which can be amplified by using a subwoofer or connecting headphones.

Advantages: cheap, especially for this year’s model. The modest number of additional options is compensated for by the high quality of the image — the color reproduction is balanced, the eye does not get tired of the constant flickering or loss of shades.

Disadvantages: the sound is too weak — you won’t be able to sing karaoke or create the feeling of a home theater, although an amplifier will help to correct the situation.

BBK 55LEX-8127/UTS2C 55 (2021)

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

The big screen stands on a large and heavy stand — you can’t drop such a design so easily! Full 4K resolution, excellent color reproduction, no glare on a black background, a frequency of 60 Hertz create the very image quality that is necessary for pleasant viewing and the so-called presence effect. The sound is suitable for home TV — sixteen watts. For those who like to turn on music channels at full volume, you will need an amplifier.

Like many modern models, this one has a smart TV, and you can also install apps from Google play, which greatly expands the TV’s functionality. For games, the model is perfect, any video games come with a Bang: animation, noise from special effects, and the smallest details are transmitted with absolute accuracy.

Advantages: excellent picture, compromise price.

Disadvantages: the sound is slightly muffled. Downloaded files cannot be sorted.

SUPRA STV-LC55GT5000U 55 (2021)

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

The smart model has a standard appearance: dark body, gray frame. With a fifty-five-inch diagonal and high resolution, the image is juicy, bright, and virtually light-free — even if you sit on the side of the screen. Wi-Fi, video recording, timer and other now familiar additions are also included.

Dignities: high quality for very little money, no ads in the app, and the ability to switch channels with your voice.

Disadvantages: quiet sound, you may need a Soundbar.

JVC LT-55M780 55 (2021)

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

The screen is made on an IPS matrix. It has full 4K UHD. The screen refresh rate is sixty Hertz. Scenes from action movies and westerns will not be impressive. There is a Smart TV, the menu works on the Android platform. Illumination-Direct LED. Wi-Fi catches perfectly. Easily connect image transmission from your smartphone using Miracast.

24p True Cinema technology is used to improve the quality of movies. There is a TimeShift function that allows you to pause viewing the program. There is child protection and a sleep timer. Video recording can be performed on a USB drive. You can set up satellite broadcasting using DVB-T2.

Advantages: the ability to perform many actions with the device.

Disadvantages: not an impressive sound.

AKAI LES-55V90М 55″

Best 55 inch TVs, TOP 10 rated TV with 4K and 8K 2021

If you need to buy a budget TV, and at the same time do not get angry, looking at the ripples on the screen, you should turn to this model. It combines practicality and modern technology. It is not massive — a thin panel, weighing thirteen kg. The frequency here is fifty Hz, the sound is provided by two speakers of eight watts each. All the necessary connectors are available in the process of operation, speakers, game consoles, laptops and other devices are connected to them.

Dignities: high-quality images for a relatively low price.

Disadvantages: audio problems often occur, especially if downloaded video files are being played. Most likely, you will need to purchase external speakers.

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