Best branch shredders, top 10 rating of garden shredders

Best branch shredders, top 10 rating of garden shredders

To clean the suburban area from excess branches, scraps of shrubs, fallen leaves and tops of agricultural plants, you can use a special device called a chopper. This product allows you to quickly get rid of everything superfluous without harm to the environment.

  1. What are shredders for garden waste are there?
  2. Top five best electric shredders
  3. 5. AL-KO Easy Crush MH 2800
  4. 4. Wolf-Garden SDE 2800 EVO
  5. 3. Patriot Garden PT SE24
  6. 2. Viking GE 250
  7. 1. Bosch ATX Rapid 2000
  8. Top five best gasoline shredders
  9. 5. MTD 465 (MTD ROVER 464 Q)
  10. 4. Patriot Garden PT SB76
  11. 3. Champion SC2818
  12. 2. VIKING GB 370
  13. 1. Patriot PT SB 506 (732107070)
  14. In conclusion, an interesting video

What are shredders for garden waste are there?

All shredders can be divided into two classes – electric and gasoline, and they are also classified according to the type of knives used:

  • The disk system is best suited for working with grass or leaves, and it will also recycle thin twigs. Thick branches should not be loaded, as this may cause the knives to break.;
  • Milling knives are equipped with a gear – they will quickly grind branches up to 7 cm in diameter, but soft debris will wind up on the knives or it will simply jam.

Best branch shredders, top 10 rating of garden shredders

When forming this rating of the best shredders presented on the Russian market, we took into account a number of features: price-performance ratio, service life duration, equipment performance, frequency of breakdowns, and so on.

Shredders appeared in Russia not too long ago, so there is little information about them, it is not enough for a full-fledged choice. We hope that our top-10 rating will help you purchase the most suitable equipment that will serve faithfully for many years to come. The rating is conventionally divided into two parts – in the first one we considered electric models, in the second – gasoline ones, since they are too different from each other to be in the same top.

Top five best electric shredders

5. AL-KO Easy Crush MH 2800

Best branch shredders, top 10 rating of garden shredders

This equipment is equipped with a reliable cutting mechanism that allows you to grind branches up to 4 cm in diameter. Also, the design provides a large diameter funnel, thanks to which it will be very convenient to load garden garbage. The frame is quite wide, the unit is equipped with large-diameter wheels, due to which it will stand steadily on the ground surface during operation. The capacity of the garbage collector is 48 liters – this is quite enough for a small plot of land.

The chopper is equipped with a knife chopping mechanism, which allows you to process not only dried garbage, but also freshly cut grass or branches. The motor power is 2.8 kW, and it is protected from overload by a special 16 a fuse. A large garbage bag can be placed in the garbage bin, which makes it easier to transport it later. To ensure that all work is absolutely safe, the container has a closing contact. The case is made of hard plastic – it is not afraid of direct sunlight, moisture, high and low temperatures.

  • High power output;
  • Large diameter wheels provide good stability on uneven surfaces;
  • High-quality plastic from which the case is made;
  • It works very quietly;
  • Reliable and absolutely safe operation.
  • The quality of the supplied knife leaves much to be desired, but it can be replaced if necessary.;
  • The power cable is quite short – you have to use carriers.

4. Wolf-Garden SDE 2800 EVO

Best branch shredders, top 10 rating of garden shredders

This is a fairly good garden chopper, which is perfect for large-area suburban areas planted with fruit trees and berry bushes. It perfectly copes with large volumes of freshly cut leaves, branches and twigs, the maximum diameter of the loaded material is 40 mm. The unit will be a good helper in the production of compost. The funnel has a significant diameter, which makes it easy to load large volumes of grass and branches into the product.

The container is installed immediately under the chopper, so the device has quite acceptable dimensions. This makes it easier to store the device. The garbage bin has a mount for garbage bags. The equipment is equipped with a powerful motor that drives a chopping system of two blades. The motor is reliably protected from overheating and other overloads, automatically shuts off when the power is turned off, not allowing the engine to fail. The chopper is absolutely safe due to the presence of an emergency engine stop system.

  • Thoroughly grinds the plant material, making it suitable for making humus;
  • Reliable motor with multiple degrees of protection.
  • Knives quickly become clogged, which means that they will have to be constantly cleaned.;
  • Weak attachment of wheels.

3. Patriot Garden PT SE24

Best branch shredders, top 10 rating of garden shredders

This is a model from a German manufacturer that has long established itself in the market of gasoline equipment and electric tools. The main performance indicators of the product are high motor power, which is about 2.5 kW, which provides good performance.

The speed of rotation of knives at maximum revolutions is about 4500 per minute. The weight of the device is only 14 kg, which makes it easier to transport it around the site, it is able to work from an ordinary household electrical network. The kit includes a stand on wheels, a pusher for grass and branches, as well as a screwdriver and a hex key for assembling the device – they will also be useful if you need to clean the unit.

  • A good helper in the suburban area;
  • Rich equipment;
  • Reliable build quality;
  • Wide frame and large wheels;
  • It doesn’t make too much noise during operation;
  • There are no harmful exhaust gases.
  • If there is no electricity, you will not be able to use it for its intended purpose;
  • The length of the cord is small, which is why you have to resort to extension cords.

2. Viking GE 250

Best branch shredders, top 10 rating of garden shredders

One of the most powerful electrical devices, which is characterized by a long service life. The unit is versatile, which allows it to cope with both rough branches and young growth. The design works quietly enough for its power-more than 3 horsepower, besides it almost does not vibrate. The loading funnel has a significant diameter, which allows you to quickly lay large volumes of vegetation, and there is a splash protection system.

In addition, there is a function of locking the knife: when the protective cover is opened, a mechanical fuse is triggered, stopping the operation of the motor. The undercarriage is wide, which makes it easier to move and prevents it from turning over even on uneven surfaces. The knives are arranged according to Multi-Cut 250 technology, work according to the rotary and breaking principle, there is a crusher. The engine is reliable and powerful, which ensures long-term operation of all elements of the device. The knives rotate at a speed of 2800 revolutions per minute.

  • It takes up a minimum of free space during storage;
  • Grinds very efficiently;
  • The wheels are comfortable, easy to roll from one place to another.
  • When chopping fresh grass or small twigs, the knives quickly become clogged;
  • Noisy;
  • The set does not include a push rod.
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