Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

Very many people in their lives have faced the following situation: the day before they had to drink alcoholic beverages, and today they need to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. In this case, it is always possible that the traffic police inspector will want to check the amount of alcohol in the blood. It is quite possible that the test will not show anything, but in any case, you will have to spend a decent amount of time and nerves. To prevent such a development of events, you can use a device such as a breathalyzer.

These devices will quite accurately show the amount of alcohol currently contained in the body. Today, a significant number of models of such devices are on sale. They differ from each other in the principle of operation, overall dimensions, additional characteristics, and so on. To help you choose the best products, we decided to make a rating of the best breathalyzers in 2021. In it, we will tell you only about the best models that are available on the Russian market, and also give a number of useful tips regarding the choice of these products.

  1. How to choose a proper breathalyzer for personal use?
  2. Low-cost products
  3. 5. KOTO BAT001
  4. 4. Breathalyzer IPEGA PG-IH209
  5. 3. Airline ALK-HW-03
  6. 2. Delta at-300
  7. 1. Alco Stop AT 109
  8. Personal devices
  9. 3. GARIN DAT-1
  10. 2. BLAST BAT-250
  11. 1. Ritmix RAT-303
  12. Professional devices
  13. 2. AlcoHunter Professional X
  14. 1. Infrakar at-101
  15. In conclusion, a useful video

How to choose a proper breathalyzer for personal use?

One of the key indicators is the frequency of use of the device – according to this parameter, breathalyzers can be divided into three groups: individual, special and professional. The first ones are able to perform no more than 5 checks during the day, for special ones this indicator should not exceed 50, for professional ones it is more.

Special attention is paid to the accuracy of the equipment – here everything lies only on the conscience of the manufacturer. For example, it happens that individual breathalyzers are much more accurate than professional breathalyzers. You also need to calibrate and test the device from time to time for understating or overstating the results. Today, breathalyzers based on semiconductor and electrochemical sensors are most often used. Such elements are able to produce the most accurate results and withstand extreme loads for a long time.

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

The principle of operation of the product is simple: it is based on changing the parameters of the sensor when it is affected by alcohol vapors. The percentage of error depends directly on the sensor type. In particular, for semiconductor devices, this parameter is 20%, and for sensor and photometric devices-about 10%. Another error depends on the concentration of vapors. If it is insignificant, then it will be quite problematic to determine the exact value.

When we selected products for inclusion in the best breathalyzer rating, we mainly took into account all the factors mentioned above. However, we also took into account some other factors – the price-performance ratio and user reviews. We hope that our review of these products will be quite informative and useful for you.

Low-cost products

5. KOTO BAT001

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

This electronic product is able to give a result about the presence of alcohol in the blood in just 6 seconds. This device was developed exclusively for individual use, it is equipped with a digital electronic display. As an additional indication, the device has a visual and audible signal. All the indicators displayed on the screen will be displayed for another half a minute, then the data is reset, and after another couple of minutes, the device turns off automatically. This breathalyzer has a thermocatalytic sensor that allows you to calculate the degree of intoxication with very high accuracy. The error in this case will be minimal. As users note, this breathalyzer is very convenient to use.

The device is placed in a case made of high-strength plastic, it does not leave fingerprints and other contamination. The handle has an ergonomic shape, so the device is easy to hold in your hand. With the help of this breathalyzer, you can make up to 8 measurements during the day – this is quite enough even for a large company.

  • Decent measurement accuracy with minimal errors;
  • Powered by a lithium-ion battery;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Long service life.
  • Quite often there are defective copies – they don’t want to turn on, they are automatically turned off.

4. Breathalyzer IPEGA PG-IH209

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

Although this device is characterized by a very reasonable cost, it allows you to provide excellent measurement accuracy, fast operation. The device itself is simple and quite informative, so it was included in our rating for a good reason. The device can be used not only for personal use, but also in office settings, when the Manager thinks to control his subordinates. Directly on the case is a dock connector, through which the device can be connected to Apple products-iPhone, iPad and some others. Analysis of a person’s condition takes only about 5 seconds, after which not only digital variables are displayed on the device’s display.

In addition, diaplay is painted in the corresponding color-green, yellow and red. Such alarms allow you to instantly assess the degree of intoxication. In addition, the breathalyzer has the ability to process and record data. As users note, the product is also interesting in that it absolutely does not need to connect power. If you sync the device with your smartphone, it will immediately switch to measurement readiness mode.

  • Does not need power supplies;
  • It works quickly;
  • Good measurement accuracy;
  • Reasonable cost of the device.
  • To work with the device, you need a smartphone that runs on the iOS operating system.

3. Airline ALK-HW-03

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

The portable device is designed to calculate the total volume of ethyl alcohol vapors in the air exhaled by a person. A state-of-the-art ultra-sensitive NM sensor is used for this purpose. The device allows you to achieve maximum accuracy, the range of its operation is in the range from 0 to 2 ppm, and the measurement results are almost instantly displayed on the liquid crystal display. It is quite large and has led illumination, which makes it comfortable to use the device even in low-light conditions.

The kit includes five mouthpieces at once, so the device can be used not only for individual use, but also for checking friends or relatives. Determining the actual degree of intoxication will require a small amount of time – the device will warm up for about half a minute (especially for the sensor) and about 4-5 seconds will be spent on the test itself. The displayed results will be recorded on the screen for 10 seconds.

  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Excellent workmanship and Assembly;
  • Long service life;
  • The most modern sensor is used, which allows you to get very accurate information.
  • The ergonomics of the device could have been better thought out.

2. Delta at-300

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

The appearance of this device was developed by Chinese designers. The result is a beautiful and very stylish model, which stands out favorably for its attractiveness among many other similar devices. There are also no special complaints about the quality of the internal filling. A carefully calibrated semiconductor sensor is responsible for the accuracy of the readings here. after turning on the device, it comes to working condition in about 20 seconds. The liquid crystal display has a backlight, so you can work with this device even in the dark. Immediately after switching on the product, the automatic self-diagnosis system comes into operation, which does not allow the influence of extraneous factors.

An audible notification is triggered if the exhaled air contains more than 0.25 mg/l of alcohol. The product runs on three finger batteries, and one set is enough for a very long time, but the manufacturer completes the breathalyzer and a network adapter.

  • Compact dimensions;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Advanced functionality;
  • Reasonable price;
  • It can be used in the dark.
  • Calibration is not always accurate.

1. Alco Stop AT 109

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

One of the most popular models, and most drivers note that the device is very easy to use. There were practically no reviews concerning the inaccuracy of the results – this is usually due to incorrect exhalation. Deviation from the norm of the blood alcohol content is determined using a semiconductor sensor. This device does not require any special preparation for operation, and it is also not necessary to recharge it, since it is powered by batteries. On the front panel, in addition to the working display for displaying test results, there is also another built-in clock monitor.

It is worth noting that such a breathalyzer can also be used as an alarm clock. Some users note that the battery charge is consumed quite quickly. The measurement accuracy is really excellent, which allows you to use the device not only for personal use.

  • Extremely fast measurement speed;
  • It is controlled by a special microprocessor;
  • There is a built-in clock and alarm clock, as well as a timer;
  • Automatic shutdown and diagnostic functions are available;
  • Powered by batteries.
  • Not detected.

Personal devices


Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

One of the most affordable electronic models among all those presented today on the domestic market. The device is only suitable for individual use. The fact is that the installation of individual mouthpieces is not thought out here – you will need to exhale air into a special slot in the case. After switching on, the device undergoes a self-diagnosis for some time and warms up, and the user will be notified of its readiness for operation by means of a characteristic sound signal.

According to users who preferred this model, the speed and accuracy of measurements are at a very high level. It only takes 10 seconds to get the data. In addition, this model is equipped with a flashlight, so you can carry it with you if you want. The device is powered by two finger batteries. Energy is used sparingly, and after just 10 seconds of inactivity, the device simply shuts down.

  • Low cost;
  • Excellent quality of production and Assembly;
  • Warms up within a few seconds;
  • On one set of batteries, it can work for a long time.
  • It is only suitable for one person, as there are no individual mouthpieces.

2. BLAST BAT-250

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

Another very compact model, which also has an ergonomic body – it fits comfortably in the hand, all the controls are located in the most suitable places. Overall dimensions allow you to carry the device with you in your pocket at all times. To fully measure the alcohol content in the exhaled air, it is necessary to use a disposable individual mouthpiece. There are only five of them included with the device – enough for personal use.

If you plan to test several people, for example, employees of the company, then the necessary number of adapters will have to be purchased additionally. This device allows you to determine the level of alcohol content with maximum accuracy up to tenths of a ppm, and the measurement limit is 2.5 ppm.

  • It responds quite quickly and displays the result on the display;
  • Screen illumination is provided;
  • Power is quickly turned off if the device is not being used;
  • High-quality sensor;
  • Well-designed ergonomics of the body;
  • Reasonable price.
  • Total of 5 mouthpieces included;
  • Batteries must be purchased separately.

1. Ritmix RAT-303

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

Indeed, the most popular personal breathalyzer, which is very practical, it is powered by ordinary batteries. The device is equipped with a large monochrome display, the results are displayed on it in just 20 seconds. As users note in their reviews, at such an acceptable cost, the accuracy of data is quite decent.

The device is easy to use and compact in size. The design is calm, almost never gives out false information

  • Reasonable price;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Easy and convenient to use;
  • Power is turned off automatically;
  • There is a battery charge indicator and a clock.
  • Batteries have to be changed quite often;
  • The device is intended exclusively for self-monitoring.

Professional devices

2. AlcoHunter Professional X

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

These products of domestic production often occupy high places in various ratings. This is the latest generation model, which is a modified version of the Professional+device. The creators of the equipment were able to take into account all the shortcomings of the previous version, so this breathalyzer turned out to be more accurate, reliable and convenient to use. According to experts, the product is able to record even ultra-low concentrations of alcohol in the exhaled air (up to 0.01 ppm). The measurement accuracy is very high, and the interface is user-friendly.

The device is equipped with a full-color LCD display, it also has an extended measurement range. Without pre-calibration, the device can perform up to a thousand tests. All these characteristics make the device quite suitable for use by road service employees.

  • Very convenient to use;
  • Excellent measurement accuracy.
  • The high price;
  • The breathalyzer warms up for a long time;
  • Mouthpieces are loosely fixed.

1. Infrakar at-101

Best breathalyzers, top 10 rating of good breathalyzers

In the leaders of this part of the review was a model with an electrochemical sensor, which has increased sensitivity. The sensor can detect even a concentration of 0.05 ppm. The purge quality control system independently determines the required air volume. Up to 48 completed tests are stored in memory.

The display is convenient, informative, and displays all the information very large – it will be clearly visible even to people with poor eyesight. You can also store the user’s name and the exact time of measurement in memory.

  • Just use it;
  • Very informative device;
  • Speech accompaniment of the results is provided.
  • The price is somewhat high.

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best breathalyzers available on the Russian market has come to an end. If you have any experience with such devices, please share it with other readers in the comments section of this article so that they can learn how to use this device correctly as quickly as possible.

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