Best DVRs, top 10 DVR rating 2021

Best DVRs, top 10 DVR rating 2021

Video recorders are now used by most motorists – this is one of the most useful gadgets for vehicles. You can use it to record everything that happens directly in front of the some cases, such videos allow you to confirm that you are right in the event of an accident. It is very important to choose the most suitable product. The rating of the best DVRs includes only those models whose recordings can be used as evidence during court proceedings.

Both domestic and foreign models are represented in the top 10 – all of them are high-quality and durable. When compiling it, we took into account the opinions of customers and reviews.

When choosing such a device, you should pay attention to a number of key points:

  • The permission in which the recording is being performed;
  • The viewing angle allows you to capture the maximum of what is happening around the car;
  • Impact sensor-detects the moment of impact;
  • Battery capacity;
  • The presence of built-in memory;
  • GLONASS or GPS orientation.
  1. Top 10 DVR models
  2. 10. CARCAM Т1
  3. 9. Prestige DVR-338
  4. 8. AdvoCam FD Black-GPS
  5. 7. Finevu CR-2000S
  6. 6. Datakam G5-CITY MAX-BF
  7. 5. Sho-Me Combo 1
  8. 4. TrendVision MR-710GP
  9. 3. Neoline X-COP 9000
  10. 2. Street Storm STR-9970BT
  11. 1. Roadgid X7 Gibrid GT
  12. In conclusion, a useful video

Top 10 DVR models


Best DVRs, top 10 DVR rating 2021

Inexpensive, but quite functional model. It has separate settings for photo and video recording. The battery has a low capacity – in offline mode, it can only work for about 10 minutes. No internal storage is provided – all files are recorded only on the memory card. The video clips are only 30 seconds long, but switching is almost instantaneous, which allows you not to lose a single frame.

On the case there is an led that informs the user that the DVR is turned on. Under the control panel is a high-quality microphone, the volume of sound recording can be adjusted. The screen has a diagonal of 2.4 inches, under it is a panel with settings buttons. The device is attached to the windshield by a special suction Cup.

  • High recording quality;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Low price;
  • Just configure it;
  • Ability to set the date and time on recorded files.
  • You should clear the memory card as it fills up;
  • No charging cable available;
  • The mounting is not very high-quality-the grooves sometimes break off;
  • It does not always work stably at low temperatures;
  • Images and audio are recorded with some delay;
  • It is not possible to record the vehicle number;
  • Low battery capacity.

9. Prestige DVR-338

Best DVRs, top 10 DVR rating 2021

This is one of the best and inexpensive DVRs available on the Russian market. For its price, it has quite high performance: a 1.4 CMOS sensor with a maximum resolution of 2.0 megapixels. The device allows you to record files in high quality 1920*1080 Full HD, recording format. avi. The video is not compressed, so it will weigh quite a lot: one 3-minute video clip will take up about 300 MB of memory. If desired, you can choose the duration of the video-from 1 to 3 minutes.

The display is wide-angle with a 120-degree viewing angle, which is quite enough for viewing not only in front of the hood, but also on the sides. The display diagonal of the device is 1.5 inches, due to which you can easily view files, there is a night mode, for which special infrared LEDs are provided. Recording starts automatically as soon as it is turned on. The design is equipped with a high-quality built-in microphone, which provides clear sound recording. There is no internal memory, and the DVR supports MicroSD memory cards up to 32 GB in size.

It is best to install a fairly roomy map, as it will fill up quite quickly. If desired, you can upload files to your computer using the mini-USB connector, the connection cable is included. The built-in battery is quite weak, but its operation will be quite enough to save the last recorded file.

  • Thanks to its small dimensions, it easily fits under the rear-view glass and does not interfere with the view;
  • Records well in night mode;
  • Low price;
  • It is very easy to understand the settings.
  • You have to constantly check how full the memory card is;
  • The display sometimes fails;
  • The case is unreliable;
  • The location of the settings buttons is not quite right.

8. AdvoCam FD Black-GPS

Best DVRs, top 10 DVR rating 2021

This is the first model in this review that has a GPS function. The device will use it to track the location of speed cameras. The shooting quality is high-Super Full HD, despite this, this DVR is not too expensive.

The design provides a display with a diagonal of 2.7 inches, it weighs about 62 grams and has not very large overall dimensions. The recorder can be installed behind the rear-view mirror, so it will not interfere with the view at all. The case is made of reliable Softtouch plastic, additionally decorated with a glossy plastic insert, which makes it more attractive. The device is assembled very efficiently, the buttons have no backlash at all. There is a button on the side to force the device to restart.

There is no illumination here. In the lower part of the case there is a high-quality microphone and two ports-mini-USB and HDMI, which allows you to display the image on the screen without copying it to the computer’s hard drive. On one side there is a slot for installing an SD memory card, its maximum possible size is 64 GB. There are enough buttons on the device, each of them performs its own function, so the DVR can be set up quickly and easily.

The bracket on which this device will be mounted has its own power port that goes under the interior upholstery, so you don’t have to connect anything directly to the recorder itself. The holder is equipped with a hinge that adjusts the angle of the camera lens position. The battery capacity is higher than that of the models discussed earlier, so it will last approximately 15 minutes of shooting with the lens turned off. The device starts working immediately after the car’s engine is started. The model has good optical performance. The lens is made on the basis of a system of six lenses that allow you to achieve a viewing angle of 170 degrees, but this leads to some distortion of objects located on the side.

  • Small dimensions;
  • Good photo and video quality;
  • The camera has a resolution of 3 megapixels;
  • Turns on automatically with the engine;
  • There is no need to clear the memory card automatically;
  • In case of sudden braking or impact, a separate file is created;
  • Large viewing angle.
  • It is not always possible to see the license plate of a car located on the side;
  • The motion sensor doesn’t always work;
  • Fasteners sometimes fail;
  • Communication with GPS is periodically disrupted;
  • Sometimes it doesn’t see the memory card – the problem is solved by rebooting the device;
  • The night mode is very mediocre.

7. Finevu CR-2000S

Best DVRs, top 10 DVR rating 2021

This is one of the best DVRs in the middle price segment, it has a very attractive appearance. The case is made of durable plastic, the parts are tightly fitted to each other, there is no backlash during operation. The video quality is high-Full HD. No illumination is provided, except for a few infrared LEDs that allow recording at night.

The device is equipped with two memory card slots at once – microSD and SD. The video output allows you to connect the device directly to your computer or TV via the USB port. On the back of the surface is only a display with a diagonal of 3.5 inches.

  • High-quality video recording;
  • GPS works instantly;
  • Sound is recorded in a wide range, the microphone does not allow its distortion;
  • Works well in night mode.
  • Due to the high quality of recording, the device is seriously heated;
  • The original appearance is too striking both in the Parking lot and while driving;
  • The impact sensor is too sensitive for Russian roads – it works too often.

6. Datakam G5-CITY MAX-BF

Best DVRs, top 10 DVR rating 2021

This model has a fairly wide viewing angle compared to previous models of this manufacturer. The case is made of high-quality black matte plastic, which is equipped with horizontal inserts of glossy materials on the sides. There are several air vents on the end parts, as high-quality recording (Full HD format) causes heating of the structural elements. On the surface of the device there are several indicators at once – about switching on, starting recording, communication with the GPS satellite, and so on.

The device does not have internal memory, despite the rather high price, but there are two slots for microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB. It connects to the computer using the HDMI connector. The device has a rotary mount, power is supplied through the bracket, and it is very easy to remove the DVR.

  • Very high quality recordings both during the day and at night;
  • Long power cord;
  • Two memory card slots;
  • Convenient system of settings;
  • Audible notification when approaching traffic cameras;
  • Reliable and high-quality microphone.
  • After some time, it automatically resets the settings to factory settings;
  • High cost.

5. Sho-Me Combo 1

Best DVRs, top 10 DVR rating 2021

This model perfectly performs not only the functions of a DVR, but also works perfectly as a radar detector. In the latter case, false positives are not excluded, but you can easily get rid of them using the settings. Alerts work very steadily, all databases are regularly updated, and the radar detector reports both stationary video recording posts, tripods, and cameras in patrol cars.

The design includes a 2.7-inch LCD screen. Video is recorded in Full HD format, the camera does not have a rotary mechanism, captures in the most common resolution. avi, there is a photo mode. The battery allows you to work offline for up to half an hour with the display turned off.

  • Notifies you of approaching cameras in a timely manner;
  • Conveniently attached to the glass, can be easily removed if necessary;
  • The device is characterized by reliable Assembly.
  • Significant dimensions;
  • High price.

4. TrendVision MR-710GP

Best DVRs, top 10 DVR rating 2021

This model records video in SuperHD format with a resolution of 2304*1296. The frame rate is up to 30 frames per second. The function of the video matrix is performed by a CMOS sensor with high sensitivity and low noise. The lens of the device is 1.65-megapixel light-sensitive, includes a system of 7 lenses and is equipped with an infrared filter, which allows you to record a clear picture even in low light.

The DVR has the function of a Parking system – to do this, you need to connect an analog rear-view camera to it. When you move backwards, the image will be displayed. The viewing angle is 147 degrees, due to which several traffic lanes are simultaneously captured.

  • The mount does not have a suction Cup, so the recorder will be securely held on the glass even in severe frosts.;
  • Supports memory cards up to 128 GB;
  • Sufficient cord length;
  • Very convenient management and configuration.
  • The battery lasts about 25-30 minutes in offline mode;
  • It takes a long time to warm up at low temperatures;
  • Doesn’t always make contact from satellites;
  • Poor recording quality in night mode.
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