Best exercise bikes for home-Rating 2021

An exercise bike is a really profitable and reasonable purchase. It is incredibly useful for those who want to exercise, but can not do it regularly due to lack of money or time. Externally, such a device is similar to a conventional two-wheeled Bicycle and is an imitation of it, but somewhat modified. There are different designs for simulators, which allows you to choose the right option for both beginners and advanced users. Our experts devoted an article to this topic and made a rating of the best exercise bikes for the home. Cardio training at home will definitely bring health benefits and help keep the whole body in good shape.

Best exercise bikes for your home

In the modern market, exercise bikes are presented in a wide range. There are different reviews about them, each model has its own individual characteristics. Because of this, potential buyers have a problem with how to choose an exercise bike for the home, so that it is effective and helps to achieve the set goals, and the money was not spent in vain.
Next, we present the TOP 8 exercise bikes. Each of them is ideal for use at home. These models have a sufficient number of functions, and their appearance fits into any interior of the room.

1. DFC VT-8301

Best exercise bikes for home-Rating 2021

Not knowing which exercise bike is best to buy, you should pay attention to a stylish model designed in dark colors. There is a separate stand for a glass, pedals are provided with straps for fixing the feet. In addition, the structure has compensators for floor irregularities and rollers for transporting it if necessary.

The exercise bike is equipped with a belt loading system. It can detect your heart rate both during and outside of your workout. The device works independently, and you don’t need to charge it. The maximum permissible user weight in this case is 120 kg. The structure itself weighs about 28 kg. The average product price is 13,500 rubles.


  • informative display;
  • placing the heart sensor on the steering wheel;
  • steering wheel angle and seat position adjustment;
  • low weight of the structure;
  • one-year warranty.

The only oneminus signit is considered to have only one color in the assortment.

2. Carbon Fitness U804

Best exercise bikes for home-Rating 2021

A good exercise bike for the home is made in gray. It is equipped with a Cup holder and high-quality transport wheels. Especially for the convenience of the user, there are controls for changing the position of the seat and steering wheel, located next to these elements.

The structure can withstand no more than 140 kg of human body weight. There is an impressive list of built-in programs, among which the most frequently used ones are: time/distance training, constant heart rate, constant effort, fitness assessment. The number of load levels in this model reaches 16.


  • reliability;
  • suitable for professionals;
  • lots of training programs;
  • the wide seat;
  • nice screen.

The display shows information about the speed of pedaling, the distance covered, the current speed and the number of calories spent.

The lack ofthere is only one identified here – not the most detailed instructions in the kit.

3. DFC B3.2

Best exercise bikes for home-Rating 2021

The model with straps on the pedals and compensators for surface roughness also often hears positive reviews in its address. The details of the structure are painted in gray and black, which looks very modern.

The vertical exercise bike works without a network connection. A magnetic load system is provided here. If necessary, during training, the athlete can measure his own pulse-sensors for this are located directly on the steering wheel. You can buy an exercise bike cheap – only 8500 rubles.


  • smooth transition between speeds;
  • compact dimensions;
  • sufficient workload for beginners;
  • favorable price;
  • minimal noise during the class.

The disadvantagepoor performance of the heart rate monitor appears.

4. Clear Fit CrossPower CS 1000

Best exercise bikes for home-Rating 2021

An interesting exercise bike for the home in its appearance resembles a sports bike. Here, the seat is on the same level as the steering wheel, which ensures a large load.

The product is a vertical spin bike. This model is perfectly suitable for professionals due to its characteristics: athlete weight up to 180 kg, quick start program, belt load system, flywheel for 20 kg. The price of an exercise bike is quite consistent with its features – 45 thousand rubles on average.


  • power consumption display;
  • comfortable seat;
  • the ability to adjust the steering wheel to fit height;
  • silent operation;
  • high-quality Assembly.

Minus signsome users call only the large weight of the design of this exercise bike.


Best exercise bikes for home-Rating 2021

One of the best exercise bikes for the home belongs to the vertical type. Its design features black and gray colors. The case of the design is not soiled, so it always looks presentable.

The model is able to measure the pulse rate during the entire workout, giving the correct results. If the load is exceeded, the system automatically emits a signal. This exercise bike runs on batteries. A magnetic load system is provided here, and the maximum permissible user weight is 130 kg.


  • fitness assessment program;
  • creative appearance;
  • a decent load;
  • ability to set goals;
  • not bulky.

The disadvantagethere are periodically appearing creaks.

Eliminate squeaks in the pedals will help the usual lubricant.

6. DFC 917ES1

Best exercise bikes for home-Rating 2021

Positive reviews about this exercise bike primarily indicate its unusual design. The folding model takes up minimal space in the room and easily hides in a corner if necessary. Rollers for transportation are not provided here, since the low weight of the product allows you to carry it manually. But the manufacturer has equipped such a simulator with compensators for unevenness of the floor.
An inexpensive exercise bike for the home with a magnetic load system can withstand the user’s weight up to 120 kg. The structure itself weighs about 13 kg. The device operates independently, receiving power from AA batteries. For convenience, there is an LCD display that displays information about energy consumption, distance covered and current speed.


  • simple design;
  • strength;
  • compact dimensions;
  • high-quality manufacturing materials;
  • comfortable seat.

The only onethe disadvantageyou can call the lack of straps on the pedals.

7. UnixFit SB-380

Best exercise bikes for home-Rating 2021

The red and black exercise bike attracts attention with its long frame, comfortable Cup holder and adjustable handlebar. Additionally, there are compensators for surface roughness and wheels for moving around the rooms.

The vertical spin bike can support up to 100 kg of an athlete’s body weight. In this case, an inertial load system is provided. The weight of the flywheel is 8 kg, and the entire structure weighs about 23 kg. The seat is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. In addition to the main parts, the kit includes a water bottle with the brand’s logo. Buy an exercise bike for the home will be possible for about 15 thousand rubles.


  • high-quality Assembly;
  • multiple load levels;
  • informative screen;
  • accurate heart rate measurement;
  • suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes.

As aminus signusers of the UnixFit exercise bike themselves highlight the low location of the seat.

If the user is taller than 175 cm, they will not be able to fully extend their legs even when the seat is at its highest point.

8. UnixFit BL-350 Black

Best exercise bikes for home-Rating 2021

The rating is completed by a model with a lot of positive reviews about its appearance. It is made in black, has a standard design: compensators for unevenness, Cup holder, wheels for moving, straps on the pedals.

The exercise bike weighs about 23 kg and can support 120 kg of an athlete’s weight. The seat and steering wheel adjust to the user’s height if necessary. Here, the manufacturer has also provided several training programs, among which there is a user and fitness assessment.


  • matching price and quality;
  • compact size;
  • comfortable lightweight design;
  • availability in all stores;
  • moderately wide seat.

The disadvantageit is considered soiled corpus.

What kind of exercise bike to buy at home

Having considered the best exercise bikes for the home, the motivation to play sports and lead an active life appears by itself. But to achieve your goals, the simulator must be convenient and suitable in all respects. Two main criteria – the maximum load and the number of built-in programs-will help you better navigate the wide list of product items presented above. So, the Clear Fit CrossPower CS 1000 and SVENSSON BODY LABS CrossLine BHM can withstand more weight, and the carbon Fitness U804 stands out with an impressive list of features.

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