Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

Winter fishing is quite a serious challenge even for experienced Amateurs, who are usually not afraid of bad weather and precipitation. Gear here often fades into the background, and the need for comfortable, warm and comfortable clothing that could resist the cold well comes to the fore. Equipment usually includes a winter suit, which includes a jacket, a well-insulated jumpsuit, which was produced using only the most modern technologies.

Today, a large number of companies are engaged in the production of such products, each of which seeks to release something original to the market in order to bypass competitors. In this top 10 ranking, we tried to collect the best costumes for winter fishing. When forming the rating, we took into account a number of parameters:

  • Quality of the materials used to make the suit;
  • The quality of tailoring;
  • How well the suit matches the stated characteristics;
  • The cost;
  • Model range.

In addition, we took into account the feedback of users who have already purchased such costumes and decided to comment on their quality.

  1. Top 10 best winter fishing costumes
  2. 10. TRITON Slide-40
  3. 9. SEAFOX CROSSFLOW fishing float Suit
  4. 8. Suit NOVA TOUR FisherMan Hito
  5. 7. Ryobi-Ryobi new Suit
  6. 6. Costume HUNTSMAN pole V
  7. 5. The suit winter Norfin Extreme 2 Camo
  8. 4. Alaskan Pioneer
  9. 3. Alaska Jaeger D
  10. 2. NORFIN Discovery
  11. 1. Adrenalin Republic Rover -35
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Top 10 best winter fishing costumes

10. TRITON Slide-40

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

The model is preferred not only by anglers, but also by hunters, as well as just lovers of outdoor activities. The suit is made of modern materials, which makes it a versatile garment in winter. The outer part is made of 100% nylon with the addition of polymer compounds-the material is called Taslan. It is characterized by an increased level of strength and durability. The outer layer resists abrasion well, and the membrane fabric can easily withstand numerous bends. In addition, it has high rates of moisture protection and steam removal. The material does not allow wind to pass through itself, and from the inside it reliably protects both clothing and the body from excess moisture.

Insulation here is represented by another innovative material Shelter, which is an interweaving of ultra-thin fibers. With their help, it is possible to perfectly preserve the heat of even a sweaty body. It also protects the skin from the accumulation of excess moisture. The insulation dries out within just a couple of hours, after compression it restores its volume. As a lining, fleece is used, which is a very soft material with a small pile. It allows the body to breathe, has high thermal insulation qualities. The suit consists of two elements-a medium-length jacket and trousers made in the form of bib overalls, in addition, they have elastic inserts. The product is additionally equipped with a windproof bar that does not allow cold air to penetrate under clothing.

  • The versatility of the suit;
  • It is made from the most modern materials;
  • Good resistance to abrasion and other physical exertion;
  • It dries very quickly;
  • A windproof bar is provided.
  • It’s quite expensive;
  • To unbutton your trousers, you have to fully open your jacket, which in winter temperatures is fraught with hypothermia.

9. SEAFOX CROSSFLOW fishing float Suit

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

The main distinguishing feature of such a suit is the presence of a center of gravity. If a person falls into the water, the suit itself will turn him over to the correct position. It is made of materials that do not allow water to pass through. The suit is designed for active fishing, when a person constantly moves between holes.

It consists of a jacket and overalls, and its production uses Crossflow technology, which allows air to pass through well and allows the skin to breathe. The color is yellow, which makes it very easy to detect a person when they get into the water. The overall is made of Dacron and special insulation Hollofil 11. These materials perfectly retain heat and do not allow cold air to enter the body.

  • The presence of a center of gravity, which provides additional security;
  • Does not allow water and cold air to pass inside;
  • Painted in a bright color;
  • The production technology does not allow body sweating;
  • It keeps the human body temperature well during prolonged exposure to cold water.
  • Some models allow water to pass through the belt area;
  • Not too tight collar, under which cold air will pass;
  • Withstands temperatures as low as -20 degrees.

8. Suit NOVA TOUR FisherMan Hito

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

Very reliable and practical clothing, in which you can spend at least the whole day in the cold, even if without much movement, as is often the case when fishing. The suit has a high degree of wind protection, practically does not get wet even in a Blizzard or in the rain. On the jacket and overalls there are a large number of large, medium and small pockets that can be adapted for storing baits, live bait. The jacket also has special insulated pockets for hands, which allows you to make fishing even more comfortable. The products are distinguished by the presence of a special heat-reflecting lining, which perfectly protects the body and limbs from freezing even in the most severe frosts.

Trousers are semi-overalls: it has a high back and chest part. If you have to bend down, then you can not be afraid that the wind will blow under the jacket. The straps are tight, the fasteners are adjustable in length. On the fly there is a two-lock zipper, which can be undone both from above and from below – this is quite convenient. The bottom of the pants has zippers and an internal insert. Thanks to this solution, trousers can be tucked into boots or pulled over shoes. There is an elastic drawcord at the waist, so the overall can be adjusted to fit the figure. All pockets on the trousers are equipped with zippers. In turn, the zipper of the jacket is very wide, from the outside it is closed with a flap on rivets. The sleeves have tight cuffs with cutouts under the thumbs, the ties are fixed with Velcro. Inside there is a foil lining, which does not release heat, but allows steam to pass through well.

  • Very warm products – can withstand even very low temperatures;
  • Every detail is thought out – the suit turned out to be very comfortable to use;
  • Made of high-quality materials, resistant to abrasion;
  • All locks are equipped with reliable zippers;
  • Foil lining on the jacket.
  • At temperatures above -10, a person in this suit begins to sweat a lot – the likelihood of colds increases.

7. Ryobi-Ryobi new Suit

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

It is characterized by excellent water resistance, due to which the suit will perfectly withstand heavy rain and heavy snowfall. It copes well with any winter weather conditions, removes body fumes and prevents the penetration of cold air to the skin. In addition to the membrane fabric, the suit is equipped with a double layer of insulation, the temperature range is very wide. For convenient use under the suit, it is enough to wear thermal underwear. At a lower temperature, you can add a sweater. Best of all, this suit is suitable for winter spinning or ice fishing in the middle frost. It is not intended for tall people.

The jacket here is a sporty type, it will look tight even on a slender person. The zipper is large – it does not jam and functions for a long time. Outside, the zipper is additionally closed with a thermal protection flap with Velcro. On the left side there is a pocket for all sorts of small things. The jumpsuit is a little baggy, but it covers the back and chest well, protecting them from the wind.

  • High-quality tailoring;
  • Bright, perfectly visible against the background of snow;
  • It is comfortable to stand on your knees, which is an important quality for winter fishing.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Heavy compared to other models;
  • Quickly absorbs moisture;
  • The breast pocket in the coverall is not very convenient.

6. Costume HUNTSMAN pole V

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

The product is of domestic production, so it is designed for the Russian harsh climate-the suit is able to withstand air temperatures up to -40 degrees. Like most of the models in this review, it includes two elements-a jacket and a jumpsuit. The jacket has an adjustable hood with a sun visor. The inner surface of the jacket is lined with fleece, the same can be said about the pockets. The zipper is double-locked, which is quite convenient even in extremely low temperatures. The jacket has two slash-type chest pockets, as well as two patch pockets. On the inside there is one internal pocket that closes with Velcro.

The cuffs are knitted, they do not tighten the wrist too much, so it will be comfortable to pull fish in them. Windproof strap fastens with buttons. A reflective edge runs along the waist, so the angler will be clearly visible from a distance, even in complete darkness. The pants have adjustable straps, a zipper also with two locks. A special Radotex material is used as insulation here. It not only retains body heat well, but also lets steam pass through, so you won’t be able to sweat in such a suit.

  • A very warm model;
  • Practically not blown even in strong winds;
  • The outer fabric does not get dirty;
  • State of the art insulation;
  • It can withstand quite low temperatures.
  • The hood is fastened with rivets.

5. The suit winter Norfin Extreme 2 Camo

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

It is made of non-rustling fabric of camouflaged shades. The fish will practically not see the angler, due to which the catch will be significant. The shape is suitable not only for fishing, but also for hunting. The suit can withstand temperatures up to -35 degrees. The jacket is equipped with a two-way clasp, which is additionally equipped with a flap on the buttons.

The collar is high, protects well from wind penetration, and has a fleece lining. The hood has a visor, the jacket has a pocket for a mobile phone. Inside there is a pocket for documents, the cuffs are elongated, made of elastic materials. In the waist area there is a lock of an adjustable type. The straps of the jumpsuit are adjustable, and there is also a retainer at the waist. There are soft inserts on the knees that can be removed if necessary. As a heater, waterproof polyester Thermo Guard is used, it passes body vapors well.

  • Availability of light protection patches;
  • The seams are taped with waterproof compounds;
  • Comfortable hood;
  • The clasp is equipped with windproof flaps.
  • Heavy weight that makes it difficult to travel long distances;
  • When the wind is strong, it blows through.

4. Alaskan Pioneer

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

The suit has a wide range of sizes, has good water resistance, and can withstand heavy snowfalls, thaws, and water ingress. It is not blown by winds, on the sleeves there are convenient adjusting Velcro, which easily replace the standard cuffs. The hands are not pressed too tightly – this problem is well solved with the help of fishing gloves.

Zippers do not allow water to pass through them, they are additionally equipped with overlays. The chest pocket is warm, perfect for storing matches, documents, mobile phone and other items that need to be kept warm. The hood has an original shape, it can be adjusted to rise from the sides and in the back. The lining can be unfastened, which makes it versatile-the suit is designed for use both in winter and in autumn or spring. The trousers are equipped with zippers on the sides, which make it easier to pull on the boots.

  • Very warm;
  • It doesn’t weigh much;
  • Not blown by the wind;
  • There are reinforced areas on the elbows, knees;
  • The collar is not blown, high;
  • Large number of pockets;
  • Passes the evaporation of the body.
  • Does not restrict movement.
  • Not too reliable zipper on the jumpsuit;
  • The jacket is not anatomical;
  • There is no waist tie;
  • It’s not suitable for long traffic transitions.

3. Alaska Jaeger D

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

Not too expensive, but long-lasting and effective model. With its help, you can enjoy hunting, fishing and just a trip outside the city in the cold season. The price is quite reasonable not only for experienced fishermen and tourists, but also for beginners. The outer poly Taffeta fabric has a special impregnation based on polyurethane materials. This material is able to protect a person well from snow, rain and wind. The insulation material here is a sintepon, the density of which is only 150 grams per square meter. It can withstand low temperatures up to -20 degrees. For the Siberian regions, the suit is unlikely to fit, but for European frosts it will be quite suitable.

The products are well suited not only for relaxing holidays in the bosom of nature, such as walking or fishing, but also for active loads, for example, in a suit it will be very comfortable when skiing or during fast cross-country movements. The hood here is removable, it has a sun visor and a rather high collar. As a result, the jacket reliably protects not only the user’s body, but also the face, head and neck, even in a heavy snowstorm. The cuffs and lower parts of the trousers are fastened with Velcro, which perfectly protects the wearer from blowing wind. Side inserts are made of knitted materials, and together with the straps, they allow you to fit the suit strictly in size and shape. As a result, the product fits snugly to the body, which also protects against frost. There are many external pockets for all sorts of small things like gloves, boxes of bait or ammunition, and so on.

  • Excellent workmanship;
  • The materials are resistant to abrasion;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Reliable protection against strong wind;
  • Suitable for both relaxing and outdoor activities in winter.
  • It can only withstand temperatures up to -20 degrees.

2. NORFIN Discovery

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

It is manufactured by a world-famous Latvian company that has been manufacturing similar products for more than 20 years. During this time, many different models of winter clothing were developed. Only the most up-to-date materials are used for this purpose. In particular, a special membrane fabric is used for this suit, which is characterized by excellent characteristics in the field of water resistance and breathability. Clothing can withstand temperatures up to 35 degrees below zero – such indicators were achieved thanks to a special lightweight insulation type Holofil. Unlike standard synthetic fabrics, which are used in most similar suits, the material is absolutely hypoallergenic, easily withstands washing, has a small mass and good thermal insulation. Products do not restrict movement.

The jacket has a two-level adjustment in terms of volume, so it can be easily adjusted to its size, get rid of unnecessary cracks through which the cold can get to the body. If necessary, the lower Velcro flaps can be hidden under a high collar. The zipper is equipped with two locks, it also closes with a double flap, which even better protects the person from snow and wind. There are a lot of pockets here – there are as many as 12 of them on one jacket, and they are also present on the pants. The overall is adjustable in the waist area due to two movable clips.

  • There are plenty of pockets;
  • Very comfortable, light weight;
  • Well suited for lovers of spinners;
  • Excellent quality of tailoring;
  • It is made of the latest materials.
  • The price is too high.

1. Adrenalin Republic Rover -35

Best fishing suits, top 10 rating of good winter suits

We are glad to present the leader of the review of the best costumes for winter fishing. It is made on the basis of the patented PROtec+material. It is characterized by a significant margin of safety and original structure. Due to it, the suit will retain its water-repellent and breathable qualities throughout its entire service life, regardless of the ambient temperature. The material is made on the basis of recycled polyester, which is absolutely harmless to human health, and it does not irritate the skin at all. The suit does not blow at all, even in a strong wind: all the seams are well taped. There is a lumbar skirt, which does not allow cold air to penetrate under the jacket. The main zipper is closed by a double flap on rivets.

The inner lining is soft to the touch and fits nicely to both skin and clothing. Thermal insulation is at a very high level, so even for a long time you can stay in the cold motionless and not freeze. The suspenders of the jumpsuit are rubberized, so they will not pull on the shoulders if you need to sit down. Both the pants and jacket have reflective inserts. The ergonomics of the pockets are well thought out: if they are completely filled with heavy or bulky objects, they do not begin to pull clothes down or restrict movement. In such a suit, it is convenient to ride a snowmobile – nothing is bullied.

  • Optimal value for money and product quality;
  • Clothes are absolutely not blown through;
  • It can withstand even very low temperatures well;
  • Long service life;
  • It is made of materials that are resistant to abrasion and can withstand repeated washing.
  • A pair of rivets that would fix the collar on the hood is very lacking.

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A suit for winter fishing is not a luxury, but a real necessity for a lover of fishing in the cold season. With its help, you can protect yourself from colds, do not get wet if you get into water. In the comments, you can share your opinion about the chosen model, tell us what it is good for or, on the contrary, what you didn’t like. This will greatly help other users choose their costumes.

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