Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

Headphones designed to connect to a personal computer or laptop and equipped with a built-in microphone (in other words, a classic headset) are quite convenient products. It will be perfect for Skype conversations. During multiplayer games, they allow you to stay in touch with your team at all times.

Thanks to such equipment, you can get rid of the so-called acoustic feedback, which necessarily occurs when you connect a microphone and speakers at the same time. Similar models can also be used as classic headphones, for example, for listening to music or watching movies.

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

However, such equipment also has a number of disadvantages. Due to the compact size of the product, the quality of the microphone leaves much to be desired, respectively, it is suitable only for conversational communication. To connect to the system unit, which is usually installed under the table, you need a fairly long wire. It can cause additional interference, But recently headsets equipped with a Bluetooth module have begun to appear. It allows you to get rid of inconvenient wires, but there is one important point associated with such headphones – the connection can suddenly break due to a dead battery.

When developing our rating, we took into account not only these points, but also analyzed user reviews to determine people’s preferences. In addition, the ratio of price and quality of models was taken into account. We hope that this review will be informative and useful for you, and after reading it, you will be able to purchase the most suitable model for yourself.

  1. Top 3 models of gaming headphones
  2. 3. HyperX Cloud Stinger
  3. 2. SteelSeries Arctis 5
  4. 1. Sennheiser PC 373D
  5. Best computer headphones with USB connection
  6. 3. Plantronics Audio 648
  7. 2. Logitech Stereo Headset H390
  8. 1. Sennheiser PC 8 USB
  9. Best overhead computer headphones
  10. 3. Sony MDR-XB450AP
  11. 2. Marshall Major II
  12. 1. Denon AH-MM400
  13. In conclusion, a useful video

Top 3 models of gaming headphones

3. HyperX Cloud Stinger

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

This headset is characterized by a low cost and quite acceptable sound quality. This is an overhead model, which is also equipped with a fairly good microphone. The key advantage of this model is the excellent transmission of both high and low frequencies. This allows you to hear almost every rustle during the game, so you can get a certain advantage over your opponent. Drivers are installed automatically on your computer. The microphone has good noise reduction, in order to turn it off, just turn it up until it clicks.

The model is made of reliable plastic, very pleasant to the touch. You can adjust the volume of the headphones and microphone using the ergonomic lever that is located on one of the bowls. When manufacturing, a special foam made using HyperX technology is used, which remembers the shape of the head. This allows you to use the model continuously for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. The product is quite strong, it can withstand physical exertion well.

  • High sound quality;
  • Very comfortable fit on the head;
  • Long wire;
  • The microphone has the function of suppressing extraneous noise.
  • The wire sheath is not braided, but rubber;
  • You won’t be able to remove the microphone from the headset.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 5

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

This model belongs to the average price category, but it perfectly performs the functions assigned to it. The design is more reminiscent of classic headphones for a mobile phone, the manufacturer decided to give the model a more modern appearance. In terms of convenience and comfort of operation, this product is one of the best on the market. The headphones have excellent sound transmission, and a special application is also included to fine-tune it. However, it should be borne in mind that this model is designed for use during games, so you should not expect super-high quality music when listening to it. The audio range ranges from 20 Hz to 22 kHz and has a sensitivity of about one hundred decibels. The microphone is extendable and has a reliable noise reduction system.

The sound control allows you to adjust their combinations in the game. There are often times when constant conversations in voice chat seriously distract from the gameplay, then you can easily remove these annoying tasks with a slight movement of your hand. It is worth noting that the microphone consists of two elements – one is directed directly to the user, the other-out, it is designed to capture external noise, after which the system will suppress them, making the voice clearer. You can connect the microphone using the 3.5 mm or USB connector, all drivers are installed automatically, but you will have to download additional software from the manufacturer’s official website yourself.

  • Comfort and lightness of the model – almost not felt on the head;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Durability and reliability of the Assembly.
  • The sound insulation quality leaves much to be desired.

1. Sennheiser PC 373D

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

This is one of the most expensive models on the market, but they are characterized by high-quality sound transmission, excellent workmanship and a very beautiful appearance. Although the products are quite durable, the model has a small mass. Reliable plastic was used in production, which will not break even with strong bending. The ear pads are soft and comfortable, and the bowls are large enough for extra comfort and excellent sound insulation.

The main positive quality is the ability to reproduce sound, which undergoes additional processing using a special unique technology created by the manufacturer of this model. Regardless of what is happening on the computer monitor, the sound remains perfectly clear all the time. Headphones perfectly convey the details of any sounds. The bass lines are not highlighted too clearly, more emphasis is placed on the midrange. During operation, the model supports one of the most advanced sound technologies Dolby Surround 7.1. to perform fine-tuning, there is a special application.

  • Excellent build quality;
  • Good audio transmission;
  • Reliable microphone.
  • Very high price.

Best computer headphones with USB connection

3. Plantronics Audio 648

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

This model will be fixed not through the head, but through the back of the head, which may cause some pressure on the ears. You won’t be able to adjust the headband. It is convenient to use a microphone here, the position of which can be changed within a fairly wide range. On the supply cable there is a convenient control panel equipped with four buttons at once – one of them is used to answer incoming calls, for example, via Skype, and pressing it again interrupts the conversation. Another button is used to mute the microphone, and two more are used to change the volume level of the headphones. The cable is quite long-more than two meters.

This model is made of high-quality plastic, the ear pads themselves are made of comfortable foam rubber, which can retain its original shape for a long time. It greatly reduces the degree of discomfort from pressing headphones to your ears. When the device is initially connected, the model automatically installs several driver components, and this operation is performed quite quickly.

  • Perfectly kept on the head;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • The microphone filters out extraneous noise well, and when talking, the voice is transmitted very clearly and clearly;
  • Quite a long power lead;
  • Connecting via the connector
  • The case material is quite soiled, there are several sharp cuts;
  • The volume control is quite heavy;
  • The price is too high.

2. Logitech Stereo Headset H390

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

The focus of this headset is precisely on the quality of the microphone and ease of use, which allows you to wear it on yourself throughout the working day in the office. The headphones have a classic appearance, the build quality is very high and neat. The design is designed in such a way that they will look great on both a girl and a man. The appearance is very stylish. The headband is made of plastic, but there is a soft lining on the upper part, which makes the use of the product even more comfortable even during long conversations.

The headband arc is made of several elements, which allows you to adjust its dimeter, and it is quite wide, it will not break even under serious physical exertion or due to long-term operation. Closer to the bowls themselves, the headband turns into small areas where the headphones themselves are placed. On the outside, they are additionally decorated with rings made of glossy plastic. The headphone bowls are medium in size, but they are quite large for high-quality sound transmission, but they will not make the design too heavy. The headphones are attached on hinges, rotated so that they fit as tightly as possible to the head. The microphone is rotary type, located on the left side, transmits sound well, suppresses most extraneous noise, providing a clear sound.

  • Small weight;
  • It interacts well with any operating system;
  • Long-term warranty.
  • If adjusted incorrectly, it will put a lot of pressure on the head.

1. Sennheiser PC 8 USB

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

This is one of the best models from this manufacturer, in addition, the design is characterized by a small weight – only 84 grams. The headphones are almost invisible on the head, which allows you to wear them on yourself all day long. Another important advantage of this product is the presence of one of the most modern microphone noise reduction systems. The sound of the voice is not distorted at all, but all extraneous sounds will be removed.

Some users talk about not quite the right shape of the headband, which is why they are too pressed on the temples and the back of the head. However, this problem is quickly solved by the quality and adjustment of the product. The wire is double, which is also not very convenient, it is much easier to work with equipment equipped with a single wire. By themselves, the headphones are light and compact, they produce quite decent sound, which will be perfectly suitable for Skype conversations or using other programs, as well as for games, listening to music and watching movies. Models can be connected via a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, and no special drivers are required.

  • Low weight;
  • Excellent sound suppression;
  • Acceptable sound;
  • Low price
  • All the controls are located on the product cord, and they are not very convenient to use.

Best overhead computer headphones

3. Sony MDR-XB450AP

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

This is one of the most comfortable models in the process of operation, during the manufacturing process, special attention was paid to the quality of the bass and ease of use. The weight of the design is 165 grams – it does not seem heavy, so you can wear headphones for several hours in a row. The body of the product is made of aluminum, which ultimately allows you to get a reliable design that is resistant even to severe physical exertion. The model operates in the range from 5 to 22,000 HZ with a sensitivity of 102 decibels.

Bowls are made on the basis of special technology, they have a special design that provides excellent sound insulation. The microphone is characterized by a clear orientation, gives the interlocutor only a clear voice. The design itself is attractive and has a long service life, the aluminum body gives the product even more style.

  • One of the widest frequency ranges used;
  • High level of sensitivity for both the microphone and headphones;
  • Reinforced wire that can withstand any load for a long time;
  • Excellent sound quality, and not only low frequencies, but also all the others-it turns out a fairly balanced sound.
  • The cord is not very long;
  • There is no separate plug for connecting the microphone.

2. Marshall Major II

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

The design of this model may seem a little outdated, but it is rather a tribute to the classics. In any case, the headphones from this manufacturer can not be confused with any other-they still retained the wire fasteners of the cups. The connectors are made of yellow metal, which also gives them an additional appeal and vintage look. The headband is additionally decorated with artificial leather with an embossed manufacturer’s logo. The weight of the product is insignificant, so this model will sit perfectly on your head for several hours. Connectors for connecting the cable are located on each of the bowls, and the free socket can be used to connect another pair of headphones.

The sound is transmitted perfectly regardless of the format, and if desired, these headphones can be connected not only to a computer, but also to a smartphone. Their bass is not too deep, and all frequencies are well optimized for each other. The microphone is reliable with a noise reduction system, along with headphones there is a convenient application for fine-tuning music playback.

  • Beautiful original appearance;
  • It is possible to connect another pair of headphones;
  • Good balanced sound;
  • There is a spring on the plug that protects the wire from breaking;
  • There is a folding mechanism.
  • The kit does not include a storage case.

1. Denon AH-MM400

Best headphones for your computer, top 9 headphones rating 2021

This is one of the best models of overhead headphones for connecting to a computer, which can only be found on the Russian market. These headphones have a closed acoustic design, which provides passive sound insulation, so they will be almost silent for others, but for the user, the sounds of the environment will be much quieter. These headphones are perfect for home and office use. It is worth noting that this model can also be used for professional sound recording – the sound from the phonogram that sounds in headphones will not fall into the field of action of the microphone.

The model has a serious sensitivity, so you will have to configure it using a special application. It is very sensitive to power. This model has a convenient folding mechanism that allows you to take it with you on the road, and it also has a beautiful appearance.

  • The highest power can reach 1000W;
  • Neodymium magnets were used in the manufacture of speakers;
  • A case and adapter are included with the headphones.;
  • The cable can be disconnected if necessary;
  • Excellent sensitivity;
  • Good noise reduction at the microphone;
  • The output is high-quality and surround sound.
  • The high price;
  • A large mass.
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