Best manual steamers-honest rating

Technical inventions make life more comfortable, which proves the appearance of steamers for clothing on the market of household goods. Due to its versatility and reliability, the device has become widely known and settled in many homes.

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  • For almost every housewifethe Ironing process is a tedious and time – consuming process.
  • Get rid of the need to regularly iron a large number of things by using an Ironing Board,a manual steamer will help – a universal device designed to simplify the care of clothes.
  • The device can easily handle items made of any type of fabric, ensuring that creases are carefully removed.

Features of manual garment steamer

It is worth noting!Modern models of steamers stand out for their functionality, concise design and reasonable price, which especially attracts buyers.

Besides,devices differ in the presence of such features and advantages, like:

  • fast and high-quality crease smoothing;
  • instant heating of water in the container;
  • Best manual steamers-honest rating

    convenient filling of the container;

  • easy Ironing of trousers with arrows;
  • disinfection and freshening of clothing;
  • compact and light weight.

What should I pay attention to when choosing?

When going to a specialized store for a steamer, you should pay attention to the following parameters::

  • power outputelectrical appliances;
  • steam supply and pressure;
  • the volume of the water container;
  • opening hours;
  • the heating rate;
  • duration of the warranty period.


  • gentle but effective effect on the fabric;
  • Best manual steamers-honest rating

    convenient filling of the tank with liquid;

  • not being able to spoil the item;
  • elimination of unpleasant odors;
  • preserving the original appearance of clothing;
  • no need to use an Ironing Board;
  • long service life.


Please note!The disadvantages of manual steamers experts call:

  • the volume of the water container;
  • low power and intensity of steam supply;
  • leaking a small amount of water on the fabric;
  • long-term steaming of clothing;
  • risk of getting burned by steam.

Rating of good models

  1. In order not to make a mistake in choosing a device and not to spend extra money, it is worth studying the main characteristics, features, pros and cons of popular models presented on the domestic market.
  • We present a rating of the top 10 devices that were popular according to customer ratings and reviews.
  • #1
  • Best manual steamers-honest rating

    Philips GC440/20 StyleTouch Pure

    A miniature model that combines attractive appearance, functionality and reasonable price.

    • A stylish steamer that is perfect for working with both regular and ultra-thin fabrics.
    • The innovative PureSteam technology allows you to quickly clean the appliance from lime scale, providing a powerful steam supply and a long service life.
    • That is why the owner does not have to clean the appliance manually and worry about the possibility of breakage.
    • Technical specifications:
    • power-1500 W;
    • maximum steam supply – 30 g / min;
    • tank capacity-0.2 l;
    • water heating time-60 seconds;
    • working time-10 min.


    • anti-drop system»;
    • protection against the formation of scale and plaque;
    • availability of non-stick soles;
    • vertical and horizontal steaming;
    • compact size.


    • the volume of the container;
    • heating the upper part of the device;
    • inability to set a constant steam supply.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating

    MIE Piccolo

    1. Universal gadget for comfortable Ironing of clothes without the need to install an Ironing Board.
    2. A good functional model that attracts attention for its compactness and beautiful design of the case.
    3. The electric appliance is equipped with an ergonomic handle, a roomy water container and an elongated spout with a steam iron.
  • For convenient control of the water level, the manufacturer has equipped the device with a transparent window.
  • Technical specifications:
    • power-1200 W;
    • maximum steam supply – 40 g / min;
    • tank capacity-0.5 l;
    • water heating time-90 seconds;
    • working time – 15 min.


    • presence of a button with a control indicator;
    • auto power off for prolonged non-use;
    • the optimal amount of capacity;
    • brush head included;
    • reasonable price.


    • specific smell of plastic;
    • slight water leakage;
    • manual winding of the electrical cord.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating

    Polaris PGS 1518CA

    • An ergonomic device that will help you steam clothes made of any type of fabric in a matter of seconds, without much effort.
    • A modern model with a brush attachment included for cleaning clothes from wool, lint and other contaminants.
    • Thanks to the high power, a stable steam flow is achieved, which means that you can get rid of wrinkles in less than a minute.
    • The device is able to eliminate creases in the vertical steaming mode, so the owner can forget about a bulky Ironing Board and a regular iron.
    • Technical specifications:
    • power-1500 W;
    • maximum steam output – 26 g / min;
    • tank capacity-0.26 l;
    • water heating time-35 seconds;
    • working time – 8 min.


    • selecting the hot steam supply level;
    • sophisticated descaling protection;
    • adapter for using bottled water;
    • comfortable filling of the container with liquid;
    • comfortable handle.


    • the need to wind the cord manually;
    • a small container for water;
    • slight heating of the handle.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating

    Philips GC351/20 Steam&Go

    1. An advanced device that can significantly simplify the regular care of your favorite things.
    2. Equipment for horizontal and vertical steaming of clothes made of any type of fabric at home.
    3. The spout of the device is equipped with a high-quality non-stick sole.
  • Thanks to this, you can use the device for Ironing clothes without fear of burning through the thin fabric.
  • For additional protection, a special glove is included with the equipment.
  • Technical specifications:
    • power – 1000 W;
    • maximum steam supply – 20 g / min;
    • tank capacity-0.07 l;
    • water heating time-60 seconds;
    • working time – 6 min.


    • not being able to burn through the fabric;
    • removable liquid container;
    • automatic constant steam feed;
    • long range operation;
    • ready-to-use indicator light.


    • long-term water heating;
    • small water tank;
    • sometimes there are water stains on your clothes.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating

    Philips GC362/80 Steam&Go

    • An attractive unit with a convenient handle, with which the user can easily iron their favorite things.
    • A device for horizontal and vertical steaming, equipped with a small removable container and a continuous steam supply function.
    • In the kit with the electric appliance there is a brush attachment – it lifts the fabric fibers for deep penetration of steam, which is especially convenient when steaming clothes made of dense fabrics.
    • In addition, the device allows you to quickly destroy pathogenic microorganisms and freshen your clothes.
    • Technical specifications:
    • power – 1300 W;
    • maximum steam supply – 24 g / min;
    • tank capacity-0.07 l;
    • water heating time-60 seconds;
    • working time – 7 min.


    • several ways of steaming;
    • performing disinfection;
    • compact design;
    • high-quality heating sole;
    • heat-resistant case.


    • the small volume of tank;
    • missing auto-off function;
    • drops remain on the fabric.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating

    Philips GC361/20 Steam&Go

    1. Compact model for fast and thorough smoothing of things in horizontal and vertical ways.
    2. A sophisticated device with SmartFlow technology that instantly heats the sole to the optimal temperature, safe for all fabrics.
  • The device is equipped with a removable tank, so it is convenient to fill it with tap or bottled water.
  • The device also has a long range, as it has a long cord.
  • Technical specifications:
    • power-1200 W;
    • maximum steam supply – 22 g / min;
    • tank capacity-0.07 l;
    • water heating time-60 seconds;
    • working time – 8 min.


    • topping up of water in the process of Stripping;
    • continuous automatic steam supply;
    • convenient filling of the tank with water;
    • long network cable.


    • a small amount of water is leaking;
    • small container size;
    • heating the handle.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating

    ENDEVER Odyssey Q-410/Q-411/Q-412/Q-413

    • A device that can completely replace the usual iron, as well as become a real home assistant for every housewife.
    • Electric appliance for steaming clothes, equipped with a small liquid tank.
    • The device produces a powerful steam jet, which destroys pathogenic microorganisms and allergens.
    • Complete with the main device, the user can find a clip attachment for smoothing the arrows and a brush that allows you to clean the fabric from dirt.
    • Technical specifications:
    • power-800 W;
    • maximum steam output — 18 g / min;
    • tank capacity-0.2 l;
    • water heating time-120 seconds;
    • working time-20 min.


    • rich equipment;
    • long working time;
    • convenient filling of the tank with liquid;
    • no drops on the fabric;
    • long electrical cable.


    • low power;
    • the volume of the container;
    • the heating of the housing.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating

    Monster MS-10813

    1. High-performance device for instant steaming of over-dried clothes.
    2. A stylish model presented in a white and pink case.
    3. For ease of operation, the manufacturer has equipped the gadget with a roomy water container – its volume will be enough to steam a large number of things.
  • Additionally, a thermal sleeve is included with the unit, which protects against hot steam.
  • Technical specifications:
    • power-900 W;
    • maximum steam supply – 20 g / min;
    • tank capacity-0.6 l;
    • water heating time-120 seconds;
    • working time-25 min.


    • selecting the steam feed rate;
    • steaming in two ways;
    • small size;
    • large liquid tank;
    • reasonable price.


    • water leaking onto the fabric;
    • short network cable;
    • inconvenient filling with water.

    Philips GC350/40 Steam&Go

    • A spectacular device that will help you easily get rid of creases on the fabric and refresh your clothes.
    • Steamer with removable water container, long electrical cable that provides a long range, as well as a brush for dense fabrics included.
    • The device has an ergonomic design and low weight, so it is convenient to take it with you on long trips.
    • Technical specifications:
    • power – 1000 W;
    • maximum steam supply – 20 g / min;
    • tank capacity-0.07 l;
    • water heating time-60 seconds;
    • working time – 8 min.


    • easy removal of the tank;
    • long electrical cord;
    • protective glove included;
    • filling the tank without interrupting the process;
    • fast heat up time.


    • the small volume of tank;
    • short-term work;
    • the absence of a system of “stop-drop”.

    Kitfort KT-916

    1. Steamer that guarantees instant smoothing of both small and hard creases.
    2. The device is vertical type, equipped with a light indicator and a small removable container for water.

    В комплект поставки входят две насадки, одна из которых снабжена жесткой щетиной для обработки плотных тканей, а другая – специальными зажимами, предназначенными для создания ровных стрелок.

  • Technical specifications:
    • power – 1000 W;
    • maximum steam supply – 20 g / min;
    • tank capacity-0.26 l;
    • water heating time-40 seconds;
    • working time – 9 min.


    • the optimal volume of the container;
    • rapid heating of the water;
    • elimination of bacteria;
    • auto power off when not in use;
    • equipment.


    • the smell of plastic;
    • difficulties in removing the tank;
    • the flow of water.


    If you have used the products discussed in this article, please leave a review in the form below.

    Your feedback will help someone make a choice. Thank you for sharing your experience!


    When choosing a steamer for home use, keep in mind that:

    • special attention should be paid to the power of the device, the volume of the tank and the intensity of steam supply.;
    • useful featuresareautomatic device shutdownin case of prolonged non-use and the system of protection from scale;
    • the water heating rate and the operating time of the device are also considered important parameters.

    Best manual steamers 2021-2022-choice of equipment 2021

    Not everyone likes Ironing clothes, because it is a long and not always convenient process. In addition, the irons are heavy and travel with them is very inconvenient.

    Fortunately, there is an alternative to the usual iron-a steamer. This device will quickly restore your clothes to their proper appearance.

    Below we understand what a steamer is, what functions, in addition to straightening wrinkles on clothes, it performs, and get acquainted with the best models of steamers in 2021.

    How does the steamer work?

    Clothing is treated with hot steam coming out of the steamer nozzles. Water is stored in a hermetically sealed compartment and comes out at high pressure when the valves are opened.

    When treated with steam, creases on clothing are smoothed out.

    The steamer is relevant where an ordinary iron does not cope well (delicate fabric; clothes embroidered with beads and rhinestones; curtains; artificial flowers; dry cleaning of furniture or car interior).

    Advantages of a manual steamer

    1. The fabric is not damaged by contact with metal: there are no creases, shiny spots.
    2. Clothes treated with a steamer will last longer.
    3. Easy and high-quality processing of hard-to-reach places.
    4. Large items (curtains, sheets) are easier and faster to process with a steamer.
  • Formal items “on the way out”: suits, jackets, evening dresses and other things of complex cut should be processed with a steamer, rather than an iron.
  • The steamer copes with cleaning clothes, furniture upholstery, curtains from dust.
  • Remove unwanted odors (such as dampness or tobacco).
  • Help in getting rid of moths.
  • Processing of hats and caps that are stale in the closet.

  • Processing of fur products, knitwear, chiffon, silk.
  • The steamer is much more convenient than an iron for handling things on a business trip, on a trip.
  • Steamer in the form of a kettle is useful for boiling water for tea / coffee.
  • With the help of this device it is possible to eliminate adhesive residues from labels on clothes, dishes or appliances.

  • It can work as a disinfectant for children’s toys, furniture, and Laundry;
  • Heats up quickly.
  • Very compact.
  • Disadvantages of a manual steamer

    1. As a rule, low power.
    2. Short continuous operation time.
    3. It does not cope well with coarse natural and dense fabrics (linen, cotton, cashmere, drape, tweed).
    4. Low steam flow, resulting in low performance.
  • Unable to completely replace the iron.
  • Does not get rid of stains (there is a steam cleaner for this purpose).
  • Sanitizing functions are not ideal.

  • It is not quite suitable for processing bed linen and blankets, due to the inconvenience of working in a horizontal position.
  • Useful tips for choosing manual steamers

    1. Choose oneconvenient design:

    Among the manual models, there are two main options: a steam brush and a steamer kettle.

    Steam brushit has a very small water tank (100-200 ml), low power (up to 1000 W) and a wide working surface. A manual steamer of this type can handle 1-2 items and is not quite suitable for coarse and natural fabrics.

    Steamer kettlewith a steamer spout, it has a large water capacity (from 500 to 800 ml), steams very slowly, suitable for knitwear, synthetics.

    Teapot with steamer attachmentit differs from the previous type in that it serves as an ordinary electric kettle, but when replacing the lid with a special nozzle, it can be used to treat crumpled clothes. Best suited for a business trip.

    1. Power output– an important indicator for a manual steamer, but it will always be lower than that of a floor steamer. For manual steamers, the power is no more than 900 watts.
    2. The capacity of the steam generator:when choosing a manual steamer, keep in mind that the larger the volume of the steamer boiler, the longer its operating cycle.

    Manual steamers usually use tanks with a volume of 50 to 800 ml. For example, a steamer with a 200 ml water tank can run continuously for 15-20 minutes. The cycle of operation of a small steam generator with a volume of about 50 ml is 7-10 minutes. Steam generators of manual steamers-kettles with a built-in closed heating Element work continuously for about 30 minutes.

    1. If you liked the appearance of the steamer and are ready to buy, check the indicator such asthe intensity of the steam.It must be specified in the instructions. This parameter is one of the main ones for the steamer and largely determines the quality of the result. Budget manual steamers are usually characterized by the lowest steam supply intensity (about 13 g / min). The average intensity is over 20-30 g/min.
    2. When choosing a steamer, it is better to give preference to the model with an iron,solewhich is made of metal with high thermal conductivity. Plastic soles are usually used in budget models.
    3. Multifunctionalitya manual steamer is always relative, as most people prefer to use the device at maximum power. Multi-mode steamers are more expensive and are suitable for special work, such as processing chiffon or organza.
    4. In order not to make a mistake with the purchase of a manual steamer, ask the consultant for important points aboutto water,which is required for the device to work:
    • regular or only distilled water;
    • whether it is possible to add water to the appliance when it is switched on during operation.
    1. The shape of the housing and working nozzle also matters. So, if the steamer has a narrowed working part at the end, or an angular nozzle, it handles men’s shirts and business suits better.
    2. A good steamer kit always includes a brush for cleaning clothes.
    3. Some manual steamers can make pleats on skirts or arrows on trousers, if the kit includes the necessary accessory. There are also attachments and boards for collars and pockets.
    4. From other pleasant accessories in the steamer kit can be a protective mitten against burns, hangers.
    5. A steamer is a device that uses electricity, high temperature and water, so you should pay extra for a high-quality device with a high degree of featuresfrom overheating, short circuit and with the function of auto-off at the time of the end of the water in the device.
    6. Availabilitydescaling filterit is very useful in the steamer, as it guarantees a longer service life of the device.

    Rating of manual steamers 2021

    5th place: Kitfort KT-916

    A budget model that has received quite a lot of positive reviews. Among the important advantages: power and the presence of a switch for constant steam supply. The tank capacity is enough for an average of 3-4 items.

    The kit includes three useful brushes, which is very useful for an inexpensive model. Among the inconveniences, it can be noted that the steamer tank is not very well removed and it is inconvenient to wash it.

    In addition, it is better to use purified water for this model.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating


    • Water tank capacity: 0.26 l;
    • Power: 1000W;
    • Case material: plastic;
    • Removable water tank: Yes;
    • Brush head: Yes;
    • Clip attachment: Yes;
    • Automatic shut-off: Yes;
    • Power cord length: 1.7 m;
    • Overall Dimensions (H*W*D): 25.8×12×12.5 cm;
    • Weight: 0.9 kg;
    • Maximum steam output: 20 g / min;
    • Additional information: antistatic nozzle with a patch for removing spools.


    • low-cost;
    • powerful enough;
    • large water tank;
    • equipment;
    • power adjustment;
    • high-quality plastic;
    • you can use tap water;
    • instant heating;
    • button with lock;
    • compact size;
    • comfortable.


    • the cord is too short;
    • steams thick fabrics for a long time;
    • it is inconvenient to open and remove the water tank.

    Manual steamer from the lower price category. The model is compact and light in weight, so it is convenient to use it. Unfortunately, the small volume of the tank of this device and, accordingly, the rapid flow of water, do not allow us to consider this steamer as a full-fledged home option. But the model is suitable for travel and business trips.

    The Polaris PGS 1412C steamer will easily clean up your dress in just 5 minutes. Well smoothes fine fabrics, things with ruffles. It heats up in just 15 seconds and has descaling protection, which will also be relevant on a business trip.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating


    • Water tank capacity: 0.09 l;
    • Power: 1200W;
    • Case material: plastic;
    • Removable water tank: Yes;
    • Brush head: Yes;
    • Power cord length: 2m;
    • Dimensions (H*W*D): 8.5×36×12 cm;
    • Weight: 0.7 kg;
    • Maximum steam output: 24 g / min;
    • Additional information: the limescale protection.


    • price;
    • power output;
    • compact size;
    • suitable for delicate items;
    • ergonomics;
    • convenient nozzle;
    • fast heating;
    • long cord;
    • appearance;
    • descaling filter.


    • small water tank;
    • the steam supply is too weak;
    • it warms up;
    • not perfect build quality;
    • not suitable for heavy cotton fabrics;
    • it is inconvenient to remove and insert the water tank.

    This model has advanced functionality, a beautiful appearance and, judging by the reviews, is reliable. In 20 seconds, the steamer is able to process one thing, one full tank of water is enough for 6-7 things.

    The absolute advantages of the model are: horizontal steaming (in fact, Ironing), the ability to top up water during operation, as well as an anti-drip system.

    The model is protected from scale, but judging by the recommendations of users, it is important to make sure that water does not remain in the tank after the device is running, otherwise it will be problematic to wash the steamer.

    Those who have decided not to skimp on the purchase claim that this model is worth the money.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating


    • Water tank capacity: 0.2 l;
    • Power: 1500W;
    • Case material: plastic;
    • Brush head: Yes;
    • Power cord length: 2m;
    • Dimensions (H*W*D): 17.2×29.7×13.1 cm;
    • Weight: 0.7 kg;
    • Maximum steam output: 30 g/min.
    • Additional information: water heating time-1 min., horizontal steaming, descaling protection, anti-drip system, adding water during operation.


    • large water tank;
    • powerful steam supply;
    • functionality;
    • easy operation;
    • water does not drip and does not leave stains;
    • there is a horizontal steaming system;
    • it is convenient to top up water during operation.


    • the high cost;
    • too heavy;
    • no protective glove.

    The steamer from the well-known manufacturer Tefal is well assembled, made of high-quality materials and has a fairly large tank.

    Due to its high power, the device produces a strong steam jet, but sometimes leaves water droplets. In terms of ergonomics, the model stands out from the rest, but you need to adapt to its management.

    For example, the steamer needs to “rest” if you are processing many things at once.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating


    • Water tank capacity: 0.2 l;
    • Power: 1500W;
    • Case material: plastic;
    • Removable water tank: Yes;
    • Brush head: Yes;
    • Automatic shut-off: Yes;
    • Power cord length: 3M;
    • Weight: 0.9 kg;
    • Maximum steam output: 22 g / min;
    • Additional information: water heating time – 45 s.


    • cheap;
    • powerful;
    • large tank capacity;
    • the water tank is being removed;
    • heats up very quickly;
    • the sprayer is made of stainless steel;
    • build quality;
    • long cord.


    • the steam supply is too weak;
    • sometimes it leaves drops of water;
    • you need to adapt to the control button.

    A hand-made steamer model with an ideal value for money ratio. By purchasing this steamer, you get 2 appliances in one. First, it can provide both vertical and horizontal steaming. Secondly, you can use it not only for clothes, but also for bed linen.

    Continuous operation of the device can take 20 minutes, and steam will be supplied automatically. During operation, you will have to add water to the tank, as it is small for this model.

    One “refueling” of water is enough for 1-2 things.

    In order for the owner of this steamer not to get burned during operation, he will have to wear a thermal protection glove, which is included in the kit, as well as a brush for cleaning things.

    Best manual steamers-honest rating


    • Water tank capacity: 0.07 l;
    • Power: 1300 W;
    • Case material: plastic;
    • Removable water tank: Yes;
    • Brush head: Yes;
    • Clip attachment: no;
    • Power cord length: 2.5 m;
    • Dimensions (H*W*D): 38 × 12×15 cm;
    • Weight: 0.66 kg;
    • Maximum steam output: 24 g/min.
    • Additional information: water heating time-60 sec., protective glove, heat-proof cover, refilling water during operation, horizontal steaming.


    • price / quality ratio;
    • power output;
    • automatic steam delivery;
    • ease of use;
    • can smooth out creases;
    • you can add water during operation;
    • dimensions and weight;
    • equipment.


    • small water tank.
    • on5th place– a budget model with an amazing number of features and a successful configuration (Kitfort KT-916);
    • on4th place– low-cost Polaris PGS 1412C, well-suited for travel;
    • 3rd placedue to the high price, the expensive Philips GC440/20 StyleTouch Pure model was taken over;
    • much cheaper steamer Tefal DR8086E1, which is well assembled, but requires skill when using, took2nd place;
    • the leader of the rating was the Philips gc362/80 steam&Go manual steamer, thanks to the perfect price / quality ratio.

    As a “total”, we note that the main advantage of manual steamers is mobility: a light body, a minimum of heavy metal and the necessary minimum of water for operation.

    So that the hand does not get tired of holding the device on the weight with one hand.

    If (suddenly) You are interested in a powerful steam supply mainly for Ironing horizontal, rather than vertical surfaces-pay attention to our rating of irons with a steam generator.

    15 best steamers-Rating 2021-2022 (Top 15)

    Steamers for clothing have recently appeared on store shelves, but their popularity is growing every year.

    With the help of a steamer, you can quickly iron clothes made of delicate fabrics or embroidered with beads and braid, put a jacket or down jacket in order, and remove creases from curtains.

    The device is useful, and it can be safely recommended for purchase. Our review, based on customer reviews, is devoted to how to choose the best steamer.

    Types of steamers

    Manual settings

    Simple and inexpensive devices for simple everyday tasks. Manual steamers do a good job with thin and delicate fabrics, but with natural (cotton, linen) and some dense materials, there may be problems.

    The undoubted advantages include compactness and light weight. That is why such steamers are optimal for use on trips or at home to quickly put light clothes in order before “going out”.

    Disadvantages: low steam supply capacity, short operating time due to the small volume of the water tank.

    Vertical (floor-standing)

    A typical design of a floor steamer is a mobile (on wheels) or stationary boiler, a rack-hanger and a steam hose with an iron.

    These devices are quite suitable for smoothing clothes made of almost any fabric (with the appropriate characteristics), they are used for vertical steaming of curtains, fur products.

    Pros: power, the possibility of long continuous operation, a good set of nozzles. The disadvantages include decent dimensions, heavy weight and limited length of the hose.

    What are the best parameters for choosing a steamer?

    • Power output. The higher it is, the faster the heating is. Manual steamers should preferably be considered from 1000 W and above, floor-standing ones – from 1500 W;
    • The intensity (output) of the steam. It directly affects the effectiveness of smoothing. Measured in grams per minute. More is better;
    • Volume of the water tank.The duration of continuous operation will depend on this parameter;
    • The material of the sole plate.The best option is metal. It is stronger and more durable than plastic, although somewhat heavier;
    • Length of the steam hose.The larger it is, the more convenient it is, but then the iron should have a heater. Otherwise, dignity will become a disadvantage;
    • Number of steam supply modes. In some models, there is an adjustment for different types of fabric. In fact, it is quite possible to do with a single mode;
    • Availability of protection from scale. You can use distilled water or choose a model with a special softening filter and use a simple tap water. Only people living in regions where water hardness is “off the scale” should not rely entirely on such a system.

    We offer you a rating of the best steamers that are widely sold in Russia at the end of 2021-beginning of 2021.

    If you carefully study the reviews, you can easily see that they are often completely contradictory. Surprisingly, the negative in the vast majority of cases is not associated with any incorrect operation of the device or its breakdown, but rather caused by excessively high expectations and incorrect ideas about what, in fact, the steamer is needed for.

    The main misconception is that the steamer will completely replace the iron or will iron even better without much effort. This statement may be relevant when comparing manual models with road irons. Indeed, compact and lightweight steamers will be a priority when traveling, and they can also boil tea. At home, that’s another matter.

    The very principle of steam treatment consists incarefulthe effect on the fabric, as a result of which it becomes softer, more elastic, does not stretch and is not covered with shiny stripes. The steam outlet temperature usually does not exceed 100°C.

    And it is naive to expect that things that are difficult to iron in the classic way will easily be dealt with with more delicate processing.

    Another myth is that clothes can be effectively cleaned with steam.Refreshing, getting rid of the smell is real, but steaming dirty clothes is a rather dubious decision.

    Rating of the best manual steamers for clothing (top 10): reviews, characteristics, review of models 2021-2021

    Any iron, even the most high-quality and modern, on some fabrics can leave shiny traces, creases, print internal seams on the front side, or even deform the material.

    In some cases, they are simply uncomfortable to iron (in the area of embroidery, sequins, buttons or outerwear). To simplify the process of caring for such things, I decided to buy a good manual steamer.

    But I came across a huge variety of these devices.

    My husband worked in a home appliance store for several years and helped me with the selection process.

    Based on the technical characteristics of the devices, customer reviews, as well as the reliability of the brand, we have created our rating of the best manual steamers for clothing.

    I have already purchased one of the steamers and enjoy using it. Why I chose it, and what other models are worthy of attention-read on.

    After a long selection, I got the following rating of manual steamers for 2021 and 2021:

    1. Scarlett SC-GS135S10.2. Kelli KL-316.3. RUNZEL VAG-150 Jatten.4. Philips GC300/20.5. Kitfort KT-916.6. MIE Piccolo.7. Polaris PGS 1518CA.8. Proffi PH8986.9. Tefal DT9130E0 Access Steam Care.10. Xiaomi Deerma.

    The best manual steamer for clothes. Our choice-MIE Piccolo

    • The volume of the water tank is 500 ml.
    • Intensive steam jet (40 g / min).
    • Long working cycle (15 min).

    The model is suitable for those who are going to use the steamer often. The volume of 500 ml (which is rare in manual models) is enough for 20 minutes of continuous operation. The best manual steamer in terms of price – quality ratio.

    The power of the device (1200 W) is enough to cope with popular types of fabric. There is an automatic shutdown function, but there is no steam power adjustment.

    The model perfectly copes with its main task. The Mie Piccolo steamer delivers a powerful steam jet (40 g / mi) that smooths out various creases on fabrics.

    You should also pay tribute to the manufacturer for the fact that, despite the half-liter tank, he created a fairly compact structure weighing only 1 kg.

    The combination of these characteristics with low cost makes this model competitive and popular among users.

    The set includes a brush for removing dust and lint from things; a Board made of heat-resistant material, with which you can smooth out small details of clothing; a Teflon mitten that protects your hands from high steam temperatures; a convenient lid with a spout for boiling water; a storage bag.

    Main features

    • Power: 1200W
    • Working time: 15 min
    • Heating time: 90 sec
    • Automatic shutdown: Yes


    Customer reviews regarding MIE Piccolo are positive. Users understand that the steamer will not be a full-fledged replacement for the iron, but as an assistant that can be taken on trips, it is a great option. Perfectly copes with cotton and delicate fabrics.


    • It copes well with its main task, has a powerful steam jet
    • Large tank capacity with low weight
    • Long duty cycle


    Best budget option. Kelli KL-316

    • Low price (530-1020 rubles).
    • Lightweight (0.7 kg).
    • Good power (1340 W).

    Kelly KL-316 entered the rating of manual steamers, because it has a low price and good performance. Its power is 1300 watts. Competitors with this capacity have a much higher price.

    The device has a convenient design that resembles a kettle. By the way, you can safely use this steamer to quickly heat water (for example, on the road). The device delivers steam in the amount of 20 g / min — this is enough to steam things from thin and light fabrics. The tank capacity is 200 ml.

    In the instructions for use, the manufacturer claims that this amount of water is enough for 18 minutes of continuous use, which is very commendable. You don’t have to “refuel” the device every 2 minutes.

    It is not recommended to fill the tank completely, since water begins to splash out through the spout when it boils and leave wet spots on clothes.

    The power cord does not rotate, which may seem like an awkward moment for some people. The device weighs only 0.7 kg, so the hand will not get tired during the processing of fabrics. The kit includes nozzles for removing dirt and dust from things, a measuring Cup. The heater is made of stainless steel and has an anti-corrosion coating that is resistant to oxidation.

    I can advise those who need a road steamer for infrequent trips.

    Main features

    • Power: 1300 W
    • Working time: 18 min
    • Heating time: 60 sec
    • Automatic shutdown: no


    Kelli KL-316 easy to cope with pleats on very light fabrics. For a low price, the user can get a practical and easy-to-use device.


    • Affordable price
    • Good power output
    • Lightweight construction
    • Multiple operating modes
    • Anticorrosive coating of the heater


    • The heating time -1 min.
    • The power cord does not rotate
    • If you fill it completely, the water starts to splash out
    • There is no automatic shutdown function

    Premium. RUNZEL VAG-150 Jatten

    • High-quality Assembly.
    • Steam is supplied at a pressure of 3.5 bar.
    • High power (1500 W).
    • Fast heating (25 seconds).
    • Volume tank (0.36 l).

    The cost of this model is not the highest among all steamers in this rating, but the technical characteristics are among the best. This device is an excellent example of the fact that a high-quality item does not always have to cost exorbitant money.

    Steam supplied under pressure is quite rare among manual steamers. In my rating, this is the only model that has this characteristic. Pressure in 3.

    5 bar and 40 g / min steam intensity are sufficient to provide a strong steam jet that quickly permeates the fabric fibers and straightens them.

    The LOCK&WORK system makes it possible not to constantly hold the power button to ensure steam supply.

    The manufacturer made a large enough tank for the manual model-360 ml. This is enough for 15 minutes of continuous operation. High power (1500 W) provides almost instantaneous heating of water (25 seconds). And all this fits in a comfortable case, weighing 1.1 kg.

    There is an overheat protection function. Steam is served in several modes. The kit includes a mitten that protects your hand from burns, a small Board for steaming difficult areas, tips with brushes, a measuring Cup.

    Main features

    • Power: 1500W
    • Working time: 20 min
    • The heating time: 25 seconds
    • Automatic shutdown: Yes


    The RUNZEL VAG-150 jatten manual steamer has mostly positive reviews. Users note that this powerful device easily copes with creases.


    • High power output
    • Steam is supplied under pressure
    • Overheat protection
    • Volumetric tank
    • Rapid heating of the water


    • A small length of the power cord (180 cm)

    How to choose a manual steamer for your home: useful tips

    Before choosing a manual steamer for clothes, you need to understand what advantages and disadvantages the device may have.


    • These devices are compact, easy to take with you on the road, do not need a lot of storage space
    • Even delicate fabrics tolerate steam treatment well, unlike Ironing with an iron
    • You can easily steam-process outerwear, complex areas of fabric: buttons, embroidery, inscriptions, ruffles
    • Steamers not only smooth the fabric, but also disinfect it, remove odors


    • Power is less than that of floor-standing vertical models
    • A small water tank, so you’ll need to replenish your water supply frequently
    • You need to monitor the position of the steamer when handling things (it must be vertical), otherwise water will spill
    • The steamer will not be able to completely replace horizontal Ironing, a regular iron, but will only facilitate the process of caring for things

    So, which one is better choose steamer and what characteristics you need to pay attention to:

    1. The power and intensity of the steam. Two interrelated characteristics determine the performance of the device. The higher the power, the device will be able to produce a more intense steam jet. To make the device really happy with the quality of steaming, it is better to choose devices with a power of 1500 W and a vaporization rate of at least 40 g/min. Should I buy less powerful devices? Yes, if the device will be used on the road and only on thin fabrics.
    2. The vapor pressure. If the indicator is high, it means that steam will penetrate more efficiently into the dented areas, and the process of straightening the material will become more efficient.
    3. Working hours without interruption. If you plan to use the device frequently and do not want to constantly top up water during the steaming process, it is better to choose devices with long continuous operation.
    4. Advanced functionality. Steam supply adjustment, auto-off, auto-cleaning, advanced equipment — these are not the primary features. But they are important if you want to make the processing process as comfortable as possible.
    5. Manufacturer. The most popular and popular models of steamers among customers are produced by the following brands: Runzel, Mie, Kitfort, Philips, Proffi, Vitek, Rowenta, Kelli, Tefal, Scaelett, Xiaomi.
    6. The weight of the device. An important parameter for manual steamers. The lighter the device, the more convenient it is to operate.
    7. Detailed instructions in Russian included. Despite the fact that using a manual steamer is not difficult, each model has a number of nuances, compliance with which makes the Ironing process not only effective, but also safe. In the operating instructions, it is written in detail how to properly steam things with a particular model, how to use additional functions. But to my surprise, not all devices have instructions for use in Russian (they write about this on the forums). All models presented in the rating are completed with a guide in Russian.

    Comparative table of technical characteristics of manual steamers

    Philips gc300/20 road model

    • Convenient for traveling.
    • Compact, portable model.
    • Great for delicate fabrics.

    The steamer has an ergonomic design: it is light (weighs only 0.72 kg), compact and easy to use. To start steaming, just pour water into the removable tank and press the button.

    The water tank here is small, its volume is 70 ml. On the one hand, this is a disadvantage of the device, because to smooth out the thing, you may need 2-3″refueling”. If you constantly interrupt the workflow, the total steaming time increases.

    On the other hand, the manufacturer has made the device compact in this way, so for those who doubt whether it is possible to take a steamer in their hand Luggage, this model is an excellent example of what can be done. The device does not take up much space.

    Mini steamer has a large radius of action. Its hot steam makes things fresh. It can also be used for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria and disinfection of various surfaces. The device is energy-efficient. It copes well with creases on thin, delicate fabrics, especially in areas with a complex texture. All this without the risk of damaging the fabric.

    There is an indicator light that indicates readiness for use. Included: brush, measuring Cup. The cord length is 2 m — this is enough for comfortable use.

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