Best Polaris irons-Rating 2021

The modern Polaris company, which has existed for more than a decade, surprises its fans with high-quality and affordable equipment. Its products always evoke only positive emotions among customers. The manufacturer pays special attention to irons. They provide fast and comfortable Ironing of any items, without causing inconvenience to the user. Our experts have compiled a rating of the best Polaris irons, which will help potential buyers make the right choice. Based on the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the equipment, it will not be difficult to decide on a purchase. In addition, Polaris products save consumers money quite well, since they are sold at a price that is affordable for each person.

TOP 7 best Polaris irons

Judging by the reviews of modern Housewives, a really good iron should be powerful, convenient and easy to use. Our editorial team presents to our readers a list of models that meet all these criteria. They perfectly cope with a number of everyday tasks and make life easier for their owners.

Cheap models should never be considered low-quality or low-functional, since the manufacturer creates suitable models for people with different budgets, without depriving them of decent characteristics.

1. Polaris PIR 2267AK

Best Polaris irons-Rating 2021

Gold in the rating of the best Polaris irons gets a model made in bright colors. It looks especially attractive in turquoise and lilac versions. Here, as on other products, the buttons and the liquid tank are located on the handle, and the control wheel is located on the body.

The iron operates at an even power of 2200 watts. Constant steam in this model reaches 30 g/min, while the steam stroke here consumes 130 g / min. Additionally, the manufacturer has provided interesting features: vertical steaming, automatic shutdown and spraying. There is also a reliable leak protection system.


  • a great Shoe;
  • high build quality;
  • measuring Cup included;
  • fast heating;
  • possibility to use as a steamer;
  • affordable price.

Minus signthere is only one-not the longest wire for connecting to the network.

2. Polaris PIR 2186

Best Polaris irons-Rating 2021

The model with the standard design form has a semi-transparent body. The water here is poured through a convenient tank located on the spout. Control of the iron is carried out as usual, by means of buttons on the handle and a round regulator under it.
An inexpensive Polaris iron can perfectly iron clothes, as well as act as a steamer. Its power is 2100 watts. As for steam, the indicators here are as follows: constant steam – 25 g / min, steam shock – 115 g/min. The device also has a spray function.


  • nice body color;
  • Express a willingness to work;
  • favorable price;
  • easy to use;
  • powerful enough steam;
  • a long wire.

The only onethe disadvantagethere is a weak anti-drip system.

Iron in rare cases begins to leak with prolonged vertical steaming.

3. Polaris PIR 2888AK

Best Polaris irons-Rating 2021

The stylish Polaris PIR iron looks like a graphic design. It is made in three colors at the same time-black, white and blue. The lid of the liquid container is transparent here, so it will not be difficult for the user to keep the water flow under control.
The device with a power of 2800 W is equipped with a ceramic sole. The PIR 2888AK iron provides: vertical steaming, leak protection, spray function and auto-off. Constant steam is consumed at a rate of 50 g / min, and the steam stroke rate is 170 g/min.


  • attractive design;
  • perfect smoothing of the folds;
  • high-quality vertical steaming;
  • large liquid storage tank;
  • working self-cleaning system;
  • descaling protection.

The disadvantageyou can only name a frequently found marriage on sale.

4. Polaris PIR 2695AK

Best Polaris irons-Rating 2021

An iron with a sufficient number of positive reviews has a truly attractive appearance. By weight, it is quite light, since some parts are made of plastic.

The product is suitable for vertical steaming. The flow rate for steam shock here is 190 g/min, with constant steam – 50 g/min. The power indicator of the iron is 2600 watts. Among the additional features, it is worth noting automatic shutdown and sprinkling.


  • functionality;
  • fast preheating to maximum temperature for operation;
  • moderately long wire;
  • a convenient orifice for flow of fluid;
  • quite powerful steam.

Disadvantagesnot detected.

5. Polaris PIR 2460AK

Best Polaris irons-Rating 2021

The Polaris iron has a ceramic sole, and plastic inserts are present in its body. There is only one main button, which greatly simplifies the use of the technique.

The device is equipped with the functions of constant steam supply and steam shock. It is made using the unique Smart Heat technology. The length of the cord for connecting to the network reaches 3 meters. The steam flow rate for this model is 45 g/min.


  • quality of manufacturing materials;
  • ready-to-use indicator;
  • long wire;
  • excellent power output;
  • availability of a steam generator.

The disadvantagebuyers call an inconvenient measuring Cup included.

6. Polaris PIR 2442AK

Best Polaris irons-Rating 2021

A two-color iron with a logo and basic information on the case is compact in size. The buttons, regulator and water tank cover are highlighted in the same color, which makes the design look stylish and does not cause any inconvenience during operation.
The model operates at a power of 2400 W and provides a steam shock with an indicator of 145 g / min. There is a spray function, as well as an automatic shutdown after a few minutes of inactivity or when the liquid in the tank runs out. You can buy a Polaris iron for 1500 rubles.


  • light weight;
  • quick preparation for Ironing;
  • excellent operation of the auto power off function;
  • matching price and quality;
  • easy to operate.

Complete with the iron, the manufacturer includes instructions in Russian, which you can refer to if you have absolutely any questions in the process of using the equipment.

The disadvantagea short cord protrudes.

7. Polaris PIR 2490AK

Best Polaris irons-Rating 2021

Completing the rating is a good Polaris iron with a classic design and translucent inserts in the case. Here, the control buttons are located both on the handle and under it. The cord is attached to the back of the handle in a ball-shaped way.

The product with a cermet sole provides constant steam with a flow rate of 45 g / min. The power of this model reaches 2400 watts. It is created using the “Smart Heat ” technology. Other functions of the iron: spray, anti-drip system, self-cleaning.


  • reliable protection against leaks;
  • fast heating;
  • the perfect slide on any material;
  • possibility of vertical steaming;
  • automatic shutdown in case of inactivity.

Minus signthere is only one detected here – an excessively loud squeak when notifying about inactivity.

Which Polaris iron is better to buy

A review of the best Polaris irons helps to make sure of the quality and capabilities of such equipment. Each model has a lot of advantages, which is why buyers are confused in the choice. But it will not be difficult to understand this issue if you pay attention to two main criteria-power and steam function. Thus, the first characteristic is better expressed in the PIR 2695AK and PIR 2888AK models, while the second characteristic is better expressed in the PIR 2695AK and PIR 2460AK models.

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