Best sony video cameras-honest rating

The global market presents a huge number of various video cameras to consumers. Modern manufacturers strive to make their products perfect and stand out from the competition. One of the most successful companies can safely be called Sony.

Video cameras produced under the name of this brand are popular with users with high image quality, even in budget models. That is why today we invite readers to review the rating of the best Sony video cameras from the editors of ” Eskpert.Qualities”.

These devices have different characteristics, but they also receive positive comments from their owners.

Best Sony video cameras

Sony video cameras are presented to customers in a wide range. They rightfully deserve the respect of users, because they have many necessary functions and perform serious tasks. Such devices allow people to record videos in a completely different environment, storing in their memory the most important moments from life.

To decide on the choice, our rating of Sony video cameras will come to the aid of users. It is compiled based on reviews and actual device capabilities.

1. Sony FDR-AX53

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

The first place is occupied by a video camera, which is good not only for its characteristics, but also for its appearance. It is really attractive and convenient not only for beginners, but also for experienced users. This model looks compact, there are no extra elements on the case.

The device works with an optical zoom of 20x and records video in UHD 4K. It features an 8.29 MP sensor, an optical stabilizer, a color viewfinder, and an HDMI output. This model also has several shooting modes: sunrise and sunset, portrait, beach, landscape, fireworks, snow. You can buy a model in Moscow for 46,500 rubles, but the price may vary in other regions.


  • high resolution;
  • the lack of rigid attachment;
  • the lens itself “follows” the subject of shooting;
  • modern stabilization system;
  • audio in PCM format.

There is only one negative here – the autofocus slows down somewhat.

2. Sony FDR-AX33

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

A small model with a huge number of positive reviews is equipped with a rotary screen, under which are the main control buttons and connectors. It is convenient to use it thanks to its design, which fits in any hand.

The 10x optical zoom video camera works with an 8.29 MP sensor. It weighs about 600 g. video Recording is performed in UHD 4K format. Additionally, the device provides: input for a microphone, NFC and Wi-Fi. The white balance here is set manually, automatically, or by preset. The average price of a video camera is 45 thousand rubles.


  • excellent stabilization;
  • long-term offline operation;
  • easy to use;
  • excellent shooting in all light conditions;
  • face focusing;
  • high quality display.

For some users, the lack of backlighting is a disadvantage.

3. FDR-AX700

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

An interesting Sony FDR video camera has an elongated shape. It is sold only in black and looks quite solid. The control buttons here are located on both sides of the case, which is why you will have to press them with all your fingers, which is easy to adapt to.

A lot of positive feedback about this device comes about an excellent optical stabilizer. In addition, the features of the model include a 14.2 MP matrix, as well as support for microSD, SD and MS Duo memory cards. You can control the video camera remotely by using a smartphone with a special pre-installed application. This device can be purchased for 78,000 rubles.


  • rewritable memory;
  • high resolution;
  • powerful battery;
  • amazing optics;
  • “smart” digital zoom;
  • ability to select the shooting quality manually.

The only drawback can be called shooting in Slow Motion for just a few seconds.

4. HDR-CX625

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

Sony’s small video camera has a flip-up and swivel display. It fits in one hand and does not cause any inconvenience when shooting for a long time. The main part of the control buttons is located in the part that covers the display when folded.

The model has very unusual characteristics: optical magnification of 30x, support for MS and microSD memory cards, weight 360 g, Wi-Fi. In addition, this camera is equipped with a 2.29 MP sensor. There is an optical stabilizer, and the video is recorded in Full HD format. The approximate price of the device is 22,500 rubles.


  • compact design dimensions;
  • excellent zoom;
  • easy to operate for beginners;
  • excellent stabilization;
  • high image quality in all lighting conditions;
  • a decent autonomy.

For shooting at night, it is better to immediately purchase a separate device with infrared illumination, but it will cost almost half the price of the camera itself.

5. Sony HDR-CX405

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

Another compact and inexpensive Sony HDR video camera has a classic appearance. It is equipped with a rotary display and a special strap on the other side for convenient holding of the design in the hand.

Most of the positive feedback about this device comes from a 30x optical zoom. In addition, the 2.29 MP sensor should be noted here, as well as recording in Full HD format. Video is saved to microSD memory cards. You can buy a video camera for 16 thousand rubles.


  • matching price and quality;
  • there is a night shooting mode;
  • excellent shooting in bright sunlight;
  • decent optical stabilization;
  • good macro photography;
  • excellent sound recording.

As a disadvantage, people note that the menu is not very convenient.

6. HXR-MC2500

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

Rounding out the rating is a Sony HXR video camera with a luxurious view. This model is quite large and heavy in weight, but it is convenient to use it due to the correct placement of buttons and other structural elements.

The characteristics of the model are pleasantly pleasing: optical magnification of 12x, 6.59 MP matrix, built-in memory of 32 GB, support for SD and MS Duo memory cards. In addition, it is worth noting the recording of video in Full HD format. The structure weighs almost 3 kg. From the interfaces here there are: AV and HDMI outputs, USB, NFC, Wi-Fi. The average price of a product reaches 56 thousand rubles.


  • excellent stabilizer;
  • long stand-alone operation;
  • no dust or dirt in the image;
  • solid appearance;
  • easy to use menus.

There is only one drawback – sometimes defocusing occurs.

Focus problems most often start during an interview, when the camera is stationary for a long time.

Which Sony video camera to buy

Based on the top best Sony video cameras from our experts and your own preferences, it will be easier to decide on a specific equipment option. If you still have any doubts, we recommend that you read the reviews directly in online stores.

5 best Sony video cameras-Rating 2021

* Review of the best in the opinion of the editorial staff . About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The Japanese company Sony is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of multimedia equipment. It is especially known for its cameras.

Sensors created by this manufacturer are installed in smartphones, cameras, and almost all other devices that are only capable of taking photos and videos.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Sony cameras themselves are of the highest quality and functionality.

For fans of high-quality camera work-even if you are shooting a walk in the woods or a celebration with the closest people-we have compiled a rating of the 5 best Sony video cameras that are practical and functional.

Rating of the best Sony video cameras

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

Why it works: Support for video shooting in 4K, powerful zoom.

The company itself calls this model not just a camera, but a camcorder, taking it to the next level – the level of professional shooting. And this is not surprising.

The compact and lightweight device, which weighs just under a kilogram, is capable of recording at 4K 30 fps (or Full HD 120 fps), supports 12x optical and 198x digital zoom, and supports manual adjustment of shooting parameters.

The heart of the camcorder is a 14.2-megapixel CMOS sensor with a physical size of 1″. It is complemented by a fixed lens with a focal length from 9.3 to 111.6 mm (which is just due to optical zoom) and an aperture of f/2.8–f / 4.5. installation of filters with a diameter of 62 mm is supported. This is complemented by a mechanical image stabilizer to eliminate the shaking effect when shooting with your hands.

The camera is also equipped with a 3.5-inch 1.5-megapixel LCD touch screen and an advanced viewfinder.

  • Low weight of the device, only 935 grams;
  • Rich delivery package, including a lot of useful accessories;
  • Support for shooting videos in 4K UHD resolution.
  • Low frame rate when shooting at maximum resolution;
  • There is no media included (no memory cards, no internal storage of the device itself);
  • The H. 265 codec is not supported, which reduces the “weight” of high-resolution video.

Sony FDR-AX100E

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

Why it works: Support for ultra-high-resolution video recording, low weight.

The FDR-AX100E is similar in many ways to the FDR-AX700 model. However, it is equipped with a less powerful image processing processor. Otherwise, the technical characteristics of this model are similar to the parameters of the rating leader.

In particular, the FRD-AX100E model is equipped with a 12.4-megapixel CMOS sensor with a physical size of 1”. It is complemented by a lens that supports 12x optical zoom and 160x digital zoom. The aperture is f/2.

8–f / 4.5. you can manually set the exposure and focus, but you should use automatic focus modes – there are five of them, and they work well even during zooming. A mechanical image stabilizer is also available.

An LCD touch screen for easy use is also available. There is also a viewfinder.

The video camera can shoot in 4K, while providing maximum image sharpness. Although the frame rate in this mode is only 25pro fps.

  • “Honest 4K” with increased clarity of objects in the frame;
  • Possibility of detailed manual adjustment of all shooting parameters;
  • There is a night shooting mode and infrared illumination.
  • Slow autofocus;
  • The proprietary format of the “Shoe” to connect external devices, you will need the adapter;
  • Proprietary format of connectors for connecting remote control devices, standard lancs will not work.

Sony FDR AX-33

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

Why it works: ultra-Compact video camera with support for ultra-high resolution shooting.

Despite the fact that the FDR AX-33 video camera is considered by the manufacturer to be an “Amateur” device, professional operators will also appreciate it. A high-performance image processing processor installed in the device allows you to receive an “honest” 4K video stream. And at the same time, the device weighs only 600 grams!

The device is based on an 8.29-megapixel CMOS sensor with a physical size of 1/2. 3”. It is complemented by a fixed lens with a focal length of 3.8-38 mm (10x optical zoom is supported) and an aperture of f / 1.8–f/3.4. there is also a digital zoom, 120x. Manual focus and exposure settings are supported, but there are also automatic modes of operation.

The video camera is also equipped with a mechanical image stabilizer, which is complemented by an electronic one, and a 3-inch LCD touch screen for convenience (there is also an electronic viewfinder).

  • Low weight, only 600 grams, hands do not get tired during long-term use;
  • High-quality dual (optical plus electronic) stabilization system;
  • High detail at a resolution of Full HD at 50 fps.
  • The appearance of strong noises when zooming, it is better not to use this function;
  • Not the best quality “picture” in the dark;
  • Added 4K for a check mark – the speed is too slow to use this feature regularly.

Sony HDR-CX625

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

Why it works: Low mass and high zoom.

The main advantage of this video camera is a large optical zoom. It is higher than the previous models in the rating, and is 30x. In addition, digital zooming up to 350x is also supported!

In General, the HDR-CX625 is quite a good mid-range camera. It is equipped with a 2.29-megapixel CMOS sensor with a physical size of 1/5. 8”, which is complemented by a non-removable lens with a focal length of 1.9-57 mm and an aperture of f/1.

8-f/4. Manual focus and exposure settings are supported, but for those who don’t want to “bother”, the camera offers several different automatic modes of operation. The maximum video stream resolution is Full HD 60 fps.

The device is also equipped with an optical image stabilizer, a 3-inch LCD touch screen and a digital viewfinder. There are intelligent modes of operation, including face focus and timelapse.

  • Huge zoom – 30x optical and 350x digital;
  • Good stabilization performance, even when zooming in;
  • Tiny dimensions and a weight of only 300 grams.
  • Overheating when used in hot weather;
  • Poor quality of the “picture” in low light, no illumination (neither normal nor infrared);
  • Poor quality of the LCD screen matrix.

Sony HDR-CX405

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

Why it works: a Budget video camera with excellent zoom.

Despite the fact that this video camera is cheaper than other models in the rating, it boasts excellent zoom capabilities. The installed lens and image processor provide 30x optical and 350x digital zoom, respectively. It is worth noting that the stabilization system also works when zooming.

Like the previous model on the list, the Sony HDR-CX405 is based on a 2.29-megapixel 1/5. 8-inch CMOS sensor. It is complemented by a non-removable lens with a focal length of 1.9-57 mm and an aperture of f / 1.8-f / 4. Manual focus and exposure settings are supported. The video camera is capable of shooting with a resolution of up to Full HD 50 fps. There are many intelligent operating modes and parameter presets.

The camera is very light – only 215 grams. It is equipped with a non-touch 2.7-inch LCD screen and a digital viewfinder. There is a face-based focus mode.

  • Long battery life – up to 2 hours of continuous use;
  • Excellent stabilizer performance (both mechanical and digital));
  • Good operation of automatic devices (autofocus, white balance, and other parameters).
  • Poorly suited for shooting in low light conditions;
  • An inconvenient format .MTS when shooting in Full HD 50 fps;
  • Extremely inconvenient settings menu.

Sony video cameras: review of the best models in 2021

There are a huge number of different video cameras on the world market. Moreover, they differ not only in price and quality, but also in functionality.

Professional video cameras allow you to get the sharpest image in HDR format, even in low light conditions. All devices differ in both weight and size.

Based on user reviews, a rating of the best Sony video cameras was compiled.

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

How to choose a Sony video camera

Not all people can boast of legibility in technology. Often, customers enter the store, and their eyes just run away from the variety that is now presented.

Without having any idea about the characteristics of a video camera, it is quite problematic to buy a really worthwhile thing. Do not rely too much on the help of consultants.

It is much better to read some recommendations before going to the store that will help you decide on your choice.

People are already so used to always and everywhere shooting everything that sometimes it seems to them that a regular camera on a smartphone, tablet or laptop is not enough. However, for Amateur shooting, they are quite acceptable.

But for professional shooting, a good video camera is simply necessary! You may need it, for example, to create high-quality content on a YouTube channel, for your own video blog, and, of course, for shooting a movie.

Many users come to the conclusion from their own experience that even inexpensive video cameras shoot much better than other devices with the video recording function. This is also what the professionals say. However, it is worth noting that all video cameras have a different service life, set of functions and recording quality.

In some instances, there are even additional functions that can be used to significantly expand your field of creativity. You should not rely only on the price here, as even models from the middle or budget segment can pleasantly surprise with their quality and functionality.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of video cameras::

  1. The resolution matrix. The more pixels, the higher the image quality and clarity.
  2. The maximum resolution of the video. Most models shoot video in Full HD 1080p resolution, but there are other video cameras, such as: Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon-they are capable of more. They support high-quality 4K resolution.
  3. The magnification of the zoom lens. Any zoom allows you to change the scale of the captured image, without moving the operator. But it has its own peculiarities. So, for example, digital zoom cuts and stretches the image, reduces the resolution, and, accordingly, the video quality. But optical zoom only changes the focal length, so the image quality suffers much less.
  4. Autonomy. No matter what the best quality of the video camera is, if its battery is drained in just an hour or two, its use will be problematic. Not many companies can boast of a large battery, but still they are there. Video cameras with the most capacious batteries work without recharging for up to 4-5 hours.
  5. Number of shooting modes. The more of them, the more interesting it will be to work. Experimenting with a variety of effects will appeal not only to a professional, but also to an Amateur.
  6. The number of frames per second. The more of them, the better the video will be. The image will change smoothly and evenly.
  7. Protection from moisture. Even a basic level of water resistance will allow you to continue shooting in the rain without worrying about your equipment. And thanks to the waterproof case, you can shoot videos underwater.
  8. The minimum level of light. This parameter affects the quality of video taken in the dark. The lower this indicator, the better.
  9. Support for wireless interfaces.
  10. Additional features.
  11. Weight and dimensions.

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

Which video camera to choose

You need to purchase a video camera in accordance with your needs. First of all, the choice is influenced by the conditions of use of the device, as well as the level of professionalism of the operator.

  1. For people who are engaged in professional video shooting, the ideal option is a camera that records images on a hard disk and works with AVCHD format. Such models are positioned by manufacturers as professional ones. The device must only be equipped with a 3CCD sensor. It is better to choose a combined scan, although progressive is also not a bad option. Since the lens can be changed, there are no special requirements for it. Here you just need to pay attention to the image stabilization was optical. As for additional functions, we can say that the more, the better. The video camera’s microphone requires special attention. In order for the sound to be at the highest level, you need to choose a device with a good range microphone and the ability to record on 4-5 channels.
  2. Semi-professional models will be a great option for home filmmakers or video journalists. The matrix here is a little simpler – CMOS, but its power consumption is much lower, so the battery charge will last for a long time. If you choose a device that supports the Full HD format, the image will be better, but you can limit yourself to regular HD. It is better to choose optical image stabilization. Having a memory card slot will make your work much easier. The display of video cameras with a large number of additional functions is rotatable, since the operator often has to access the OSD menu. To make this process more comfortable, it is better to choose a screen with the largest possible diagonal.
  3. Compact Amateur video cameras are only suitable for entertainment or home use. In this case, it is enough to purchase a model with a single CMOS technology matrix and the ability to write to a flash drive. The image will be much better if the camera supports HD format, but if there are financial restrictions, you can opt for SD as well. However, in this case, you will have to put up with very low image clarity. The choice of lens depends on the conditions of use of the camera. So, for example, a wide – angle lens is a great option for shooting landscapes, and a long-focus lens is a great option for recording family members.
  4. For fans of sports and extreme sports, a video camera from the category of action, which has a special mount on the helmet, is suitable. There is no need to worry about the characteristics here, since all these devices have rich modern functionality. The viewing angle in them can vary from 160 to 170 degrees, and the video is recorded in 4K or Full HD format. It is also possible to enable accelerated mode for slow motion and many other additional features. You only need to focus on the resolution of the matrix-it must be at least 8MP. The number of shooting modes and the level of water and dust protection will depend on the price category of the device. The more expensive, the better.

Best sony video cameras-honest rating

Review of the best Sony video cameras

In the rating of 2021, the Sony X3000R was designated as the best action camera with a stabilizer. Basically, this model is an improved version of the HDR-AS300. Many of their parameters and functions are similar, but the X3000R has a number of advantages that have affected its cost. This model of video camera is equipped with the famous Sony optical stabilizer – SteadyShot.

On a note! Despite the huge advantages of HyperSmooth technology from GoPro, according to the conducted comparisons, SteadyShot turned out to work much better. Even having three microphones in GoPro doesn’t provide the same sound quality as two in Sony.

There are many other strengths of this model of video camera. the X3000R can shoot images in 4K format at 30 frames per second, and in Full HD-120 FPS. The desired parameters are set on a black-and-white display. You can view the footage using an external Live-View remote control. The camera has built-in support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFS.

The case of the device is made of moisture-proof material, but you can only shoot under water in a case. This is where Sony lost out to the popular gopro model, the Hero 7. The camera lens has an optimal resolution of 8.2 MP. In 4K mode, the battery lasts for 60 minutes of continuous recording, and in Full HD-for 135 minutes.

The video camera weighs only 114 grams and has a small size-83x47x29mm.

The only significant drawback of this model is its price tag, because of which many buyers, after much thought, still prefer the model from GoPro. Although the competitor’s video camera is inferior in some parameters, it has much more features.

  • image stabilization;
  • video quality;
  • remote control.
  • the cost;
  • black and white display.

The shape of the camera is made in the traditional style for Sony. The video camera is equipped with two remote microphones, which are located very conveniently. You can’t accidentally close them, and if you need to record without sound, you can easily close the hole with your finger. With the camera, you can dive under water up to 60 m, but only in a case.

Important! You can choose a basic or advanced configuration. The first one includes a case, instructions for use and adapters, and in the extended version, the buyer additionally receives a remote control holder on the wrist and a remote control with a display.

The camera is equipped with various useful connectors. And thanks to them, the user can attach the camera to the bracket or connect an external microphone. The display is black and white. It is intended for management and configuration purposes only.

Start recording videos with this model easily and simply-you just need to click on one button. The Sony HDR-AS300 is equipped with Wi-Fi, NFC, and Blutooth. Using a remote control with a display, the operator can watch what the camera is shooting.

The model has compact dimensions-83x47x29mm and light weight-109 grams.

  • the minimum focusing distance is 0.5 m;
  • full HD 60 fps video recording;
  • optical image stabilization;
  • the lens resolution is 8.2 MP;
  • timelaps – a series of snapshots that are used to create a video after processing in the video editor;
  • burst photography – 10 fps;
  • photo image resolution – 20 MP;
  • the battery lasts for 3 hours of video shooting.

The model has an ideal price-performance ratio. There are advantages and disadvantages here. But we can say with confidence that it records video very well, and in any light and even shakes.

  • good battery life;
  • timelaps;
  • optical image stabilization;
  • you can use the remote control to view the footage you’re shooting;
  • easily start recording.
  • camera mount not included as standard;
  • lack of 4K;
  • the protection hides the microphone, so the sound volume is reduced.

This model is also from the category of compact and weighs only 215 grams. Many users do not like the lack of buttons on the camera body, but others at the same time claim that it does not bother them at all.

The panel below the screen contains connectors for storage media and a MicroHDMI video input. Control comes only from the joystick, which is located on the display frame.

From the functionality, you can select the ability to shoot in FHD format and 30x zoom.

The device supports such modern storage media as microSD, SDXC, and microSDHC. The display of the device has a diagonal of 2.7”.

The frame rate in this model ranges from 25-50fsp, which depends on the video format. The lack of a video detector greatly affects the shooting capabilities, not for the better.

The settings area is unremarkable, the usual standard for an Amateur camera.

  • 30x zoom;
  • a good stabilizer;
  • macro photography;
  • convenient location of the control buttons.
  • the video camera takes a long time to set up, which is not convenient at all under changing shooting conditions;
  • the lack of Wi-Fi;
  • the storage media slot is not trustworthy (the memory card sometimes enters obliquely).

The video camera is equipped with an intelligent automatic stabilizer, so that image shake can be minimized both when shooting with a wide-angle lens and with maximum zoom. Focusing here is automatic, and it works in fractions of seconds, so it is not difficult to capture the necessary moments.

The camera records two video files at once: professional and low-weight for transmission. They have different formats-XAVC S (AVCHD) and MP4. The device is equipped with an excellent microphone that supports surround sound, as well as suppresses noise.

  • ability to shoot in FHD 1080p and widescreen mode;
  • night shooting;
  • the solution matrix is of 2.29 MP;
  • 30x zoom.
  • no built-in memory (material is recorded only on external storage media);
  • the charging port is not located in the most convenient place.

The camera belongs to the professional category, but it is relatively small in size and weighs about 800 grams. The glass in the lens has a large diameter, so the image is always obtained at the highest level.

There are no curtains here, but instead the manufacturer supplies a convenient cover, which is made of very hard plastic.

However, almost the entire body of the product consists of this plastic and numerous steel inserts.

The video camera is equipped with infrared illumination, so that the operator can shoot video in complete darkness.

The manufacturer chose to equip the camera with a rotary-sliding viewfinder, next to which he placed a button to switch from photo to video mode and back.

Under the touch screen, there are buttons for turning on the camera, adjusting white balance, switching between shooting modes, and a memory card slot.

Sony FDR-AX 100E

  • excellent image clarity;
  • natural rich color reproduction;
  • excellent autonomy;
  • a huge number of modes;
  • the traditional menu for these models;
  • long service life.
  • weak stabilizer (the device takes a long time to focus);
  • blurry image when shooting at maximum zoom settings.

Beginners in the art of video shooting should first pay attention to devices from the budget or medium price segment. There is no point in expensive equipment without experience and skills. It is much easier to learn from non-professional models.

When the videos are getting better and there is a desire for further development – you can already look at more expensive equipment options. There is no clear answer as to which camera is the best.

Each user chooses what they like and best meets their requirements.

Best video cameras of 2021-2021: rating of models for home and travel (top 10)

In order not to miss a single bright moment in your life, a video camera will help you remember and capture important events in time. You can use it to save photos of the most memorable episodes in the family archive.

We have prepared the top 10, which includes the best video cameras of 2021 and 2021. Among them there are models for both Amateur and professional, as well as action shooting. He helped usconsultant of the Smart home store» Stepan Kupreyanov.

Due to the variety of devices presented by various manufacturers, it is not easy to decide which video camera to buy for shooting at home, at athletes ‘ performances, or for creating videos by bloggers.

Our rating shows popular and high-quality models that are suitable for different situations and requirements:

1. Panasonic HC-V770;2. Sony HDR-CX405;3. Sony FDR-AX700;4. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera;5. Insta360 Pro;6. Panasonic HC-VXF990;7. Canon LEGRIA HF G26;8. Panasonic HC-VX980;9. Canon XA11;10. JVC GY-HM180E.

Best home and travel video camera Full HD Panasonic HC-V770

  • CMOS sensor;
  • Full HD;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • 20x optical zoom; 60x hybrid zoom;
  • stabilizer bar;
  • rotary screen.

The universal model opens the rating of video cameras for shooting videos. Suitable for all levels of users. Allows you to shoot with high detail even in the dark, with dim lighting. Equipped with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor. Thanks to the stabilization function, the images are clear. Twenty-fold optical zoom and four lenses provide effective magnification, high-quality images, macro and micro photography.

There is wind protection, which is important for working in harsh weather conditions and on vacation. The interface has a Wi-Fi and NFC function. Quickly captures autofocus, produces a clear, crisp sound. Small – fits in the pocket of a jacket or jacket, while lying comfortably in your hand.

It is recommended for those who are looking for a functional, ergonomic camera with a good price-performance ratio for home and travel.


Owners of the device positively note the quality of video, sound, and image brightness. I like the interface, stabilization, shooting at night. The device copes with the tasks set. Among the disadvantages are: battery capacity, few modes and filters.


  • compact version;
  • with good zoom and stabilization;
  • easy to use;
  • Full HD;
  • cost up to 30,000 rubles.


  • quickly to sit down the battery;
  • there are few modes.

Best budget video camera with good shooting quality Sony HDR-CX405

  • Full HD 1080p;
  • x-type battery;
  • intelligent stabilizer;
  • simultaneous recording in two formats;
  • wide-angle lens.

The camera is equipped with an optical stabilizer. The device uses an Exmor R CMOS sensor. It improves clarity, reduces noise, and provides smooth background blur. The BIONZ X processor provides realistic image color reproduction and high-speed frame processing. There is a dual recording function, you can shoot video in HD format while simultaneously taking photos.

An X-type battery is used, so the camera doesn’t weigh much. The device itself is small, ergonomic, and fits easily in your hand. An inexpensive video camera with good quality is suitable for outdoor photography enthusiasts, tourists and travelers. The best budget video camera with good shooting quality and a wide-angle lens in our top list.

It is recommended for those who are looking for a model with good sound and quality, as well as with the possibility of high-speed stabilization.


Users praise the lightness, compactness, and high-quality shooting in high-light conditions. I like a good zoom, as well as stabilization. Among the disadvantages, there is no Wi-Fi, graininess when shooting at night.


  • the zoom, stabilization;
  • lightweight battery pack;
  • high-quality shooting;
  • wide-angle lens;
  • cost up to 20,000 rubles.


  • no Wi-Fi;
  • poor photo quality in low light conditions.

Best 4K video camera Sony FDR-AX700

  • wide-angle lens;
  • high-speed autofocus;
  • 4K, HD;
  • extra Fine touch display;
  • Wi-Fi.

The model opens the rating of 4K video cameras. Equipped with Zeiss optics, 29 mm wide-angle lens. Digital zoom – 12 and 24x, allows you to enlarge the image without sacrificing quality. Thanks to 4K and HD, the camera produces a rich, bright, detailed picture with realistic parameters. Allows you to shoot in slow motion and accelerated mode.

Works well in low light conditions. There is an OLED viewfinder, Wi-Fi, speaker. Equipped with a remote control. Equipped with a touch screen with a resolution of 1555,000 pixels. The frame rate when shooting 4K is 30 frames. Suitable for photographing, shooting videos for YouTube, professionals, as well as Amateurs.

It is recommended for those who are looking for a universal device for high-quality video and photo shooting.


Owners praise the stabilization, clear image, high-speed autofocus. I like high-quality shooting in 4K format, control, ergonomics. The disadvantages include long battery charging, noisy operation in low light, and Full HD quality.


  • 4K format;
  • tenacious autofocus;
  • effective stabilization;
  • a good zoom.


  • the cost;
  • it makes noise in low light conditions;
  • poor quality when shooting in Full Hd.

How to choose a video camera

To keep as many memorable moments associated with pleasant events as possible in your memory, it is important to have a reliable video camera with you. Thanks to the choice of functions, both professionals and Amateurs can make high-quality video recordings. Many cameras take high-quality photos.

Choosing such a gadget is not an easy task, requiring knowledge in this area. The following recommendations will help you choose the right device with a set of necessary functions.

The first thing to pay attention to is the brand.The rating of manufacturers that produce high-quality and reliable devices includes:

  1. Panasonic;
  2. Sony;
  3. Blackmagic;
  4. Canon;
  5. JVC;
  6. Insta.

Good video cameras for shooting should have high resolution, sensitivity, and effective stabilization. Many people are used to shooting on a smartphone.

Unfortunately, this device is not capable of providing a detailed, realistic video output.

The better it is to shoot a video, the buyer decides, it is easier for someone to buy a camera, and someone, on the contrary, prefers shooting with a video camera.

It all depends on the expected result. It is difficult to say exactly which is better: a camera with video or a video camera. If high-quality video is your priority, then choose the latter. Because the camera will not provide proper stabilization, focus and powerful optical zoom. A digital video camera is equipped with all these criteria. If the main thing is a photo, then it is better to buy a camera.

Popular manufacturers include Sony and Panasonic. They compete while regularly improving the content of devices, as well as releasing new models. Each manufacturer has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Which video camera is better: Sony or Panasonic?The first brand is distinguished by expensive models, but little staffing. Their devices are more designed for professionals. Panasonic has products of a high-quality budget segment, which is suitable for Amateurs. In the world of video technology, Panasonic cameras are in demand and popular.

Here are some other important criteria that will help you decide how to choose a video camera:

  • The size and type of the matrix. It depends on the amount of light that falls on it, the more it is, the better the image.
  • Permission. Guarantees clarity, sharpness, and detail of the image.
  • Optical and digital zoom. Allows you to zoom in and zoom in on the image.
  • Stabilization, autofocus. They are responsible for the sharpness and clarity of frames.

Additional options-the cost of the device. Budget ones have scant equipment and a choice of parameters. Premium cameras are located in the high price sector and are more suitable for advanced users.

Comparison of technical features of top-10 models

Digital Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

The model was included in the rating of digital video cameras due to the ability to create a video of an artistic image. With the help of the Blackmagic RAW codec and dynamic range, it is able to accurately transfer colors, make the picture as realistic as possible. The device takes pictures in Ultra HD (4K) format, with a frequency of 60 frames per second.

The case is small, portable, adapted to the hand. It has a full-size Super 16 sensor, as well as a bayonet mount. The matrix guarantees a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. There is an LCD display, as well as the ability to change lenses, which allows you to shoot better images.

Recommended for advanced users who want to make high-quality, professional videos.


Users like the dynamic range, sensitivity, realistic color reproduction, as well as compact and light weight. The camera can be flashed, as it regularly receives new updates. Of the minuses, note the small battery capacity.


  • realistic image;
  • Full HD;
  • compact, light weight;
  • SD card support.


Panoramic Insta360 Pro professional level

The Insta360 model opens the top of panoramic video cameras. Equipped with a stabilization module, it clearly captures dynamic shots. The 5100 mAh battery runs continuously for about two hours. All recorded footage can be recorded to an SD card. The case is spherical, equipped with six wide-angle lenses arranged in a circle.

Best video cameras shooting in UHD 4K-Rating 2021

Shooting in 4K resolution, the video camera will allow you to capture more details during holidays, on vacation, on a walk, when creating a video for a blog or Youtube channel. 4K, or UHD, is characterized by a 4x higher resolution than Full HD. Such detailed videos will be more exciting, deep, realistic and lively.

Best video cameras for shooting in 4K format

8. Panasonic HC-VXF990

A camera with a data transfer rate of up to 72 Mbit / s, which eliminates the effect of scrolling the shutter. Equipped with an electronic viewfinder and 20x optical zoom. 5-axis stabilization shows an acceptable result when shooting on the go, in quieter conditions it shows an above-average result.

The device is able to give videos cinematic effects, without resorting to post-production, for example, Dolly Zoom. This is the so-called vertigo effect: the camera moves away from the subject, but the lens brings it closer so that the content of the frame does not change in size.

This changes the depth of the background. For real filmmakers, there is a multi-camera mode: video from 1 or 2 smartphones is broadcast over the recorded material. You can use 4K mode for panning and zooming, but the output video resolution will be reduced to Full HD.

  • It is charged by Powerbank.
  • Slow-motion and fast-motion mode.
  • A lot of software features.
  • Does not read flash drives through adapters.
  • Noise in low light conditions.
  • There is no fast shooting – it takes a long time to “warm up”.

7. Panasonic HC-VXF1

A video camera with optics developed in collaboration with Leica, and an inclined electronic viewfinder. The latter easily copes with recording in bright light.

To get more informative videos that convey beauty and emotions, the multi-shot mode is used: a stream of 1 or 2 smartphones paired via Wi-Fi is superimposed on top of the main image.

It allows you to shoot a scene from different angles.

Hybrid 5-axis image stabilization that combines software and optical correction. Effectively combats blur with trembling hands, the movement and automatically corrects the tilt of the captured frames. Autofocus keeps the image sharp even when fast-moving objects and zooming appear in the frame. The double-deceleration mode is activated anywhere in the video with the virtual key.

  • High-quality viewfinder.
  • Auto-correction of the horizon.
  • 24x optical zoom.
  • Hard power cable.
  • When shooting with a 10x zoom, stabilization is powerless.
  • Weak battery.

6. Sony FDR-AX53

High-quality camera with a balanced stabilizer. It provides the operator with professional video quality even while running at medium zoom.

During electronic zoom, stabilization does not always help, especially when moving. The viewfinder will help you out when shooting in Sunny weather.

In slow motion mode with a frequency of 120 frames, you can see previously invisible details.

An ingenious lens and a sensitive sensor that captures the maximum available light, show good results in low light and artificial light.

Thanks to the high speed of writing data to memory, even when shooting saturated scenes with movement, there are no problems. Autofocus doesn’t work immediately, and a moving object caught in the frame blurs for the first few moments.

And the most up-to-date autofocus range prediction system doesn’t save you.

  • Updated stabilization system.
  • The quality of the sound.
  • Time of Autonomous work.
  • Awkward placement of controls.
  • Noise in artificial lighting.
    It is delivered without a flash drive.

5. Canon XA40

It combines a 4K sensor and superdisampled image processing technology in high resolution. The wide-angle lens captures more events, and the automatic stabilization system compensates for shake and unnecessary movement of the camera in 5 axes. A group of 3D lenses is used to provide zooming for wide-angle shooting.

The infrared light recording function allows you to shoot in almost complete darkness, and the video can also be recorded in green or white light. The combination of powerful hardware and advanced software solutions has resulted in the ability to continuously record slow-motion/accelerated videos and videos accelerated up to 1200 times. A stereo microphone writes 4-channel audio.

  • Wide-angle lens.
  • High-quality audio.
  • Two SD card slots.
  • With electronic scaling, stabilization does not work well.
  • Useless IR recording mode.

4. Sony FDR-AX700

A video camera that captures videos that are indistinguishable from a real picture using an innovative image sensor. A powerful processor guarantees high performance: instant operation of autofocus and stabilizer.

Autofocus tracks more than 270 points and responds with lightning speed to the appearance of fast traffic – cars, animals.

In conjunction with the BIONZ X data processing algorithm and advanced autofocus, it guarantees accurate image transmission without distortion, even at maximum optical zoom.

Support for HDR opens up new horizons and makes a visual revolution. Videos with HDR get brighter, richer colors and a variety of shades. the 3.5-inch display gives you a bright and rich image, and allows you to select a point for auto-focusing.

  • Fast focusing.
  • Inch matrix.
  • The exposure shift occurs during shooting (optional).
  • The quality of recording in Full HD.
  • Appearance of noise in the dark.
  • 4K is written only at 25 frames.

3. Panasonic HC-X1000

A semi-professional camera with 23 shooting modes, including 4K 50 fps. The device is equipped with optical and electronic stabilizers. The role of the latter is only noticeable when shooting with hands at maximum zoom.

When shooting in artificial lighting, it gives flaws. it is not suitable for creating night videos, although if there is a lack of lighting, amplification is activated. It depends on the amount of light captured.

Interval (time-lapse) shooting allows you to select the intervals of creation of the frames.

Pairing with your smartphone is done via Wi-Fi and requires confirmation. The Image App allows you to remotely change almost all the parameters of the device, broadcast the image to the phone display. Long-term manual configuration will help you get the best results.

  • Cost.
  • Number of recording modes.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Insufficient light output.
  • It is not intended for wide-angle indoor shooting.
  • Lots of noise in low light.

2. Sony HXR-NX80

One of the first portable professional video cameras with support for 4K resolution and HDR technology. Writes high-quality videos in all conditions. The updated hybrid autofocus delivers crisp, sharp shots from the first instant fast-moving objects appear in front of the lens. It can broadcast on the Internet and upload them to the largest platforms and social networks.

The one-inch sensitive sensor will give you a bright background blur effect and a high-quality picture when there is a lack of light or in direct sunlight. The increased area of the matrix receives even more light. Focus mode settings allow you to focus on one subject in the scene or move smoothly to others. Supports remote control via remote control.

  • Fast hybrid autofocus.
  • Record videos at 960 frames.
  • Remote management.

1. Canon XF405

Compact video camera with an inch CMOS sensor, multimedia streaming function.

The optical system is represented by a 15x optical zoom with the ability to programmatically zoom up to 30x.

It is equipped with the Pro-style option, which includes 2-pixel focusing and a pair of processors for graphics processing. The latter have a high light sensitivity, which has a positive effect on night shooting.

Writes 4K videos at up to 60 frames per second to two SD cards and can output video via HDMI and 3G-SDI interfaces. The function of remote control via the browser and the included remote control is provided. In the new firmware, data streaming is implemented, moire and rough edges are reduced.

  • Two memory card slots.
  • Image quality in all lighting conditions.
  • Excellent software shell.
  • Weight and dimensions.
  • Large battery charger.
  • Weak battery.
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