Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

No PC owner can do without sound when watching videos, movies, listening to music, or playing games. Gamblers are especially concerned: they really need good and high-quality sound. They select the best speakers for the computer to enjoy music or special effects in some shooter game. An important component is the number of sound sources, the presence of a subwoofer, and many other factors with their pros and cons.

  1. Best low-cost computer speakers 2.0
  2. Oklick OK-162
  3. Logitech Z-130
  4. SVEN SPS-555
  5. Genius SP-U115
  6. Defender SPK-530
  7. Best computer acoustics 2.1
  8. Edifier S351DB
  9. Logitech Z533
  10. Microlab M-880
  11. Ginzzu GM-426
  12. SVEN MS-302
  13. Best computer acoustics 5.1
  14. Edifier S550 Encore
  15. Logitech Z906
  16. Trust GXT 658 Tytan 5.1
  17. Microlab FC 730
  18. Dialog AP-555
  19. Which computer speakers to choose

Best low-cost computer speakers 2.0

Oklick OK-162

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

This audio model is suitable for ordinary computer users. It outputs 60 DB at a frequency of 150 to 20,000 Hz. The speakers are powered by USB. You don’t need to look for an additional outlet, but you will have to allocate a USB slot. Line out – mini jack connector. The audio system is simple and fully performs its functions at a basic level.

The owners leave pleasant reviews. They are happy with the low price and corresponding quality. Oklick did a good job with the design. The sound is universal – everything plays at a good level. The speakers are massive and won’t fall off if you accidentally hit them. Despite the USB power, the speakers are powerful. If you listen closely, there is even a bass.

The wires are short, which is why you can’t carry the devices far from the computer Desk. The manufacturer lied with the wooden case, as it is made of chipboard. The volume control is a bit tight. For the budget option, in General, everything is in order.

Logitech Z-130

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

The option from Logitech is twice as expensive as the competitor. The speaker system has a power of 5 W and is powered from the mains (return the outlet). In addition to the mini jack connector, you can connect headphones. Computer speakers can be used not only for a desktop PC, but also for a laptop, for example, when watching movies (laptops often have problems with speaker volume).

Customer reviews contain more praise than criticism. The audio speaker is compact and pleasant in appearance. The volume control in tandem with the switch is practical. The power reserve is impressive, and the sound is good. Many owners sometimes dropped their devices, but they survived every time.

Please note that it is better to be careful with sound devices, as after damage, they may not work (the warranty will not save you).

When you adjust the volume, you can hear a plastic knock from the controller. There are no basses, instead of them an incomprehensible knock. There is no depth of sound. If you turn the volume up to maximum, you will hear a hiss.


Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

Sven is one of the top companies for the production of sound devices. She worked hard on the design of her speakers. Basic information:

  • total power – 6 W;
  • frequency response – 90 — 20000 Hz;
  • speakers are single – lane.

The manufacturer honestly declares the case made of MDF. Audio devices are powered by USB and have a headphone Jack and a separate microphone – not bad for gamers. For home use, a great and inexpensive option.

Of the advantages, pleases surround and clear sound. There are small basses. No wheezing sounds are heard. Appearance-above all praise. Pleases a separate output to the microphone.

There are very few disadvantages, with standard settings, the sound is a little upsetting. There would be a separate power button in the theme. After each power-up, you need to adjust the volume again.

Genius SP-U115

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

The Genius company, as in other products, was pleased with the abundance of colors of its listening devices. The SP-U115 model is the cheapest of the above. It is not designed for frequencies above 18000 Hz. It doesn’t have any headphone or microphone jacks, just a mini jack. The total power is 1.5 watts. This option is more suitable for normal PC use, when the inclusion of music or games is very rare.

The speakers are compact and almost invisible on the desktop. Their sound is pleasant, as is their design. There is a volume control (which is already good). Convenient for many users because of the USB power supply. If you have an adapter, you can connect devices even to a tablet or smartphone. For its price – excellent quality and sound.

There are no disadvantages, rather small quibbles. Every single user complains about a very bright led (funny, but true). The adjustment wheel is strongly recessed into the body, but this is an individual minus.

Defender SPK-530

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

Such devices are used in laptops or for computers where users sometimes visit the Internet and watch the weather. Their power is 4 watts, and the body material is plastic, which can be available in three colors. Main features of the device:

  • frequency – 90-20000 Hz;
  • powered by USB;
  • mini jack connector.

Simplicity and nothing more for a very low price. They probably top the ranking in terms of sales.

The speakers are small and perform their own functions. The sound is not terrible, meets all the characteristics. Convenient volume control. At maximum power, there are no wheezes or noises. Very convenient to carry with your laptop.

There is no magnetic shielding and no bass. The front membranes are not protected by anything.

Be careful, if you carry this model in a bag, any object can pierce the membrane.

Finger marks and scratches on the gloss are clearly visible. The cable could have been longer. Otherwise, with a similar cost, everything is fine.

Best computer acoustics 2.1

Edifier S351DB

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

Edifier belongs to a different caste of multimedia devices. It has two front-facing speakers and a powerful subwoofer. Included is a wireless remote control that allows you to adjust the volume of your stereo. The line input is represented as an RCA connector, in addition to it, there are the following interfaces::

  • coaxial input;
  • optical;
  • wireless connection in the form of Bluetooth.

The size of the sub and speakers is rather big. Multimedia is powered from the network. The price for such a set is decent.

The system is well combined with a gaming computer, the sound is clear, loud, special effects fully convey the atmosphere. You can also buy such a device for a home theater, but there are not many speakers and it will have a completely different effect. The stereo system is well suited for listening to music (the neighbors are crazy about it). The bass is clear and juicy.

Leaves a bad impression of the length of the wires – it is different. The right column is shorter and the left column is longer. Inconveniently implemented feature, when switching to StandBy mode and back, the volume is reset to the middle.

Logitech Z533

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

One of the most popular home speakers is the Z533. It attracts with its price, which is why many choose it. Logitech makes 80 DB of noise, producing 60 watts. The remote control is wired, which loses out to the previous version. The model has a headphone Jack – gamers will be more convenient to connect the headset to the subwoofer, rather than looking for input on the system unit. The case of the entire set is made of MDF. Both in the photo and live – it looks beautiful.

The volume control is convenient, and the sound is high-quality. Very nice price for such a set of characteristics. I am happy with the remote control (although wired), it makes life easier, especially when watching movies. The audio system is Packed very well and everything remains intact during transportation.

The remote control is not very well developed, it is very sensitive and you need to get used to using it. During downtime, the speakers hiss, the Assembly is not of the best quality. The power-off button is missing.

Microlab M-880

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

Microlab offers a good option for fans of music and video games. Acoustics are similar to the version from Logitech, but it has its own differences:

  • missing remote control;
  • number of front speaker strips – 2 (for Logitek-1);
  • adjust the timbre of the bass/treble (for a competitor – only the bass).

Power, frequency (up to 20000 Hz) is similar to its predecessor.

The main advantage of the unit is its balance. The subwoofer pumps, the equalizer works perfectly. Separate respect to the volume control. The kit is easy to transport, light and small. The design is pleasant, in the style of Hi-Tech, with beautiful lighting. It surpasses many competitors in terms of sound quality.

It is unclear how the wires are made: the one that connects to the network is long, and between the sub and the speakers is short. You can hear problems in headphones at high frequencies. There have been cases of users that the decorative panel on the case peeled off over time.

Ginzzu GM-426

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

If a person is active, likes to dance to music during household chores, then you need to choose this device. It is inexpensive and has an average power of 60 watts. The device has magnetic shielding of the subwoofer and front satellites. All controls are located on the front side. There is a wireless remote control and a built-in tuner. The unit is powered from an outlet. There is a USB Type A interface, Bluetooth and support for a memory card (SD). This set of options is offered for a price that is much lower than that of previous models.

Ginzzu has a great abundance of functionality. Convenient slot for a memory card, you can listen to music from it. Nice and informative interface on the front side. The price for such an optional device is impressive.

The device has a lot of stuff stuffed in, but not high-quality. Everything is a little bit different, but the speakers could sound better and cleaner (especially at high volume). The design is not the best. The remote control is convenient, but requires very careful handling.


Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

The device has the same functions and connectors as Ginzzu. It operates at the same frequencies – from 40 to 20,000 Hz, but with a lower power – 40 watts. There is a remote control, like a TV, very easy and intuitive to use. The system is inexpensive and is perfect for everyday use: watching movies, videos, listening to music, and playing games.

The speakers and subwoofer look good, the volume is quite enough. They are energy-intensive and, at the same time, if the Windows are open, the sound will be heard throughout the courtyard. The advantage is the magnetic shielding of satellites (there will be no interference from a phone call nearby). Reads any song from the memory card. The bass is deep. The price is affordable for everyone.

Fingerprints are very visible on the case. Due to poor-quality coating on MDF, after a year of use, it can go away. The display is dim, and you can’t see anything in the sun. After disabling it, all the equalizer settings fly off.

Best computer acoustics 5.1

Edifier S550 Encore

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

This unit is suitable for both home theater and professional gamers. The characteristics of the device are impressive:

  • 540 W of power;
  • signal-to-noise ratio-85 DB;
  • the frequency – 42-20000 Hz.

The beast is powered by a network and has a wireless and wired remote control. In addition to linear RCA, there is also a multi-channel input. The system is divided into front and rear speakers, center channel and subwoofer. All together, they are quite voluminous.

The speakers have a built-in codec that improves the sound when connected to a DVD player. The case and wires are reliable and high-quality. For games with good sound, this model is best suited. You don’t need to configure anything, as the device will do everything itself.

On the other hand, there is no sound detail. Components and Assembly are lame (despite the quality of materials), everything is glued and flimsy. Boards with amplifiers in glue and warm up to 70 degrees. It is desirable that the PC has a separate sound card.

Logitech Z906

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

The Z906 is not a portable speaker, but a powerful set of:

  • 4 front-facing speakers;
  • Central channel;
  • the subwoofer;
  • rear speakers.

With such a device, you can arrange home discos, while people will dance on the street. It is possible to mount devices on the wall. Logitech has a headphone Jack, optical and coaxial, stereo and multi-channel inputs. There is a built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoder. The total power is 500 watts.

Users praise the huge number of inputs, sound quality and power. Nice indicators on the control terminal. At 60-70% of the volume, plastic Windows in the apartment begin to ring, and at 90% – the front door rattles. The entire set is compact and easy to transport.

High frequencies are not enough due to the lack of a tweeter on satellites — a big drawback for music. There is no cutoff frequency adjustment on the sub. There are no HD audio decoders. Huge price in our country (large margin, compared to Europe).

Trust GXT 658 Tytan 5.1

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

A functional stereo system with good performance, with a power of 90 watts. The model can connect to Wii, Xbox, or PlayStation game consoles. The kit includes 6 speakers and a wooden subwoofer, which is illuminated and synchronized with the main device. The manufacturer guarantees high-quality surround sound with deep low frequencies.

A big plus is the positioning of acoustics for games. Acceptable design and good-looking quality. The coating is not glossy, which for many is an excellent advantage. At maximum settings, there is no hum and noise from the speakers. Speakers have long wires – you can go for a walk.

Of the minuses, there is no optical PDIF/s input. When choosing a model, it is difficult to navigate, as there are very few reviews about the model. There are no mounts on the side and rear speakers.

Microlab FC 730

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

This is a small six-channel stereo system with a classic design. It is suitable for movies, games, and music — the power is enough to sound the middle room. The proprietary EAirbass technology is used, which improves the sound at low frequencies, it becomes more reliable and more accurate. The use of broadband speakers from the FineCone series together with the MDF case makes the device reliable. The Microlab has a remote amplifier and remote control.

It is considered one of the best 5.1 systems in this price range. A very convenient system with two inputs and connections of several devices. The volume knob is nice. With the correct arrangement of devices in the room, the sound is very high-quality. The remote control is a great treat. A separate amplifier helps, there is no interference.

Management could have been better implemented, but there are problems at first. The wires are short, you have to get out and place the speakers not as the user wants, but as soon as the device can. On the built-in sound card, the sound leaves much to be desired.

Dialog AP-555

Best speakers for your computer, TOP 15 rating of good speakers

Very stylish design is combined with a power of 100 watts. Dialog is powered by a network connection, supports an SD memory card and has a USB interface. Hi-Fi speakers have universal characteristics for reproducing clear sound. The device works pleasantly and comfortably for auditory perception. The satellite’s front is magnetically shielded, which eliminates all interference on the screen when a PC or TV is connected.

The device’s obvious advantages are its appearance and price. It functions well and sounds nice.

During idle time, the sub hums, settings are forgotten after switching off. The wires are too short, but this is a problem with many audio systems.

Which computer speakers to choose

First of all, you need to determine their purpose. If you plan to use it only for games and music – then it is better to take high-quality options with a headphone Jack. For watching movies and videos, you can use the remote control. If you rarely use a PC, you should not break your head and take simple models. Laptop speakers, for example, are often transported, so it is better to choose compact devices. The purchase, first of all, should be affordable and pleasant to look at.

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