Best tents for tourism, top-9 rating of tourist tents

Best tents for tourism, top-9 rating of tourist tents

Tourism has always been and remains to this day one of the most popular types of outdoor activities. People who like to go Hiking know that you can hardly do without a tent. However, you should choose such a design very carefully and carefully, since there are no small things in this matter – size, capacity, weight, material-all these factors somehow affect the choice of a product. Therefore, before starting to consider individual models of tourist tents, we decided to indicate the main points, based on which you can choose the most optimal design.

  1. Rules for choosing a tourist tent
  2. Best camping tents
  3. 3. TREK PLANET Montana 4
  4. 2. Canadian Camper GRAND CANYON 4
  5. 1. Alexika Indiana 4
  6. The best trekking tents
  7. 3. Alaska Trek 2
  8. 2. Greenell Kerry 2
  9. 1. Canadian Camper KARIBU 2
  10. The best tents for extreme recreation
  11. 3. Tramp ROCK 3
  12. 2. Alexika Storm 2
  13. 1. NOVA TOUR AI Petri 2 V2
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Rules for choosing a tourist tent

Best tents for tourism, top-9 rating of tourist tents

It is very important to consider the type of rest. For example, if a person prefers special tent camps equipped with car Parking, then it makes sense to purchase the so-called camping model. This is a fairly roomy structure, designed for several people, can also be used for family holidays, often equipped with a vestibule and Windows. In it, even a tall person can stand at full height.

For Hiking or Cycling trips, the most suitable model is a trekking tent. It is characterized by insignificant overall dimensions, weighs a little. This design is designed for the plains, if you plan to stop for a rest along tourist trails. The tent weighs a little and takes up little space – it can easily be carried on your back all day, regardless of the method of movement. Unfortunately, this design will not help against strong wind or rain.

For mountaineering trips, the so-called assault design has been developed. It is characterized by minimal weight and high reliability, it can withstand even squally or hurricane-force winds well, and it can be assembled or installed in a matter of minutes.

They also pay attention to the seasonality of the model. According to this parameter, all structures are divided into two types: summer, three – season, or all-season. The first ones are designed for fairly hot weather and are equipped with natural ventilation, but they can get wet in heavy rain. Three-season products are designed for spring, summer and autumn. They are made from a denser fabric, so they can withstand even heavy downpours. All-season structures are designed for harsh climatic conditions, are stable and are not afraid of rain.

We took all these points into account when developing our rating of the best tourist tents in 2021. In addition, we took into account user reviews, including experienced tourists, as well as the price-quality ratio of the model. We hope that the information we collect will be enough for you to buy the most optimal tent that will fully meet the requirements that you set for it.

Best camping tents

3. TREK PLANET Montana 4

Best tents for tourism, top-9 rating of tourist tents

Our review opens with a model that is characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio. It is equipped with a large vestibule, very roomy, it can comfortably accommodate 4-5 people. The rooms are large, the awning is impregnated with special materials that will not allow rainwater to enter the tent. The size of the interior space is 240x240x150 cm, and the awning is much larger-250x470x190 cm. The weight of the structure is not too large – only about 10.5 kg, so it can even be carried in the hands or on the back. It is worth noting that when folded, it takes up almost no space – 26x26x65 cm. Such a tent can be taken not only in the car, but also in Cycling and even on foot.

The tent is divided into two compartments by means of a semi-transparent grid. The tent will be very comfortable even in extreme heat, largely due to the natural three-position ventilation system. The tent material is impregnated with special compounds, so it will not get wet, strong gusts of wind of this design are also not terrible. The arches are made of lightweight fiberglass, the bottom is made of moisture-resistant reinforced polyethylene. The structure is allowed to be installed even on wet ground and not be afraid that it will flood even in heavy rain.

  • Very spacious tent;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Low weight;
  • Multiple ventilation Windows;
  • The doors can be used as awnings.
  • The pegs are too weak, so it’s better to buy a more powerful set right away.

2. Canadian Camper GRAND CANYON 4

Best tents for tourism, top-9 rating of tourist tents

This tent is perfect for small businesses. The manufacturer claims that it is designed for four people, but in fact it can fit much more people. The material from which it is made will perfectly protect you from strong wind, rain or bright sun. This model is one of the most popular among camping enthusiasts. This structure withstands hurricane-force winds well, is equipped with a spacious vestibule and a large compartment for sleeping. Users note that it is comfortable to stay in it even in extreme heat due to the presence of several ventilation Windows, thanks to which fresh air will enter the tent. Insects will not get into it, because all the outlets and vents are equipped with anti-mosquito nets, and there is a special skirt around the perimeter. The corners of the tent have additional stiffeners, which will prevent the product from falling over in stormy weather and protect the interior space from leaking. Sleeping in this tent is very convenient and comfortable.

The model is characterized by increased strength due to the lightweight fiberglass frame, which can easily withstand significant dynamic loads. The material used here is breathable but waterproof polyester. It is additionally impregnated with refractory compounds, so you can even use tiles for cooking inside it. When folded, the product does not take up too much space-24x24x66 cm with a weight of 11 kg, so it can be used even for Cycling or Hiking trips. It can easily be carried away by one person. The ceiling is quite high, inside you can safely stand at full height. If there is no need, then you can not install a sleeping compartment. On a windy day, the structure will stand securely in place without attracting additional stretch marks, which, by the way, are supplied in the kit. You can install the product alone, the material practically does not wear out during operation.

  • Very easy to use;
  • Withstands wind and heavy rain;
  • It looks beautiful in the bosom of nature;
  • The material has a fire-resistant impregnation.
  • Locks should be handled very carefully, as they are too weak.

1. Alexika Indiana 4

Best tents for tourism, top-9 rating of tourist tents

This is one of the most popular models in the compact camping series. This tent has as many as two bedrooms, which are connected to each other by a vestibule, the height of which is 180 cm. The design is quite original – the interior space can be used in different ways due to the fact that both bedrooms are independently suspended from the inside. The second room can be used as a dining room or warehouse, or it can not be installed at all, stretching only the external awning. The tent does not weigh too much, it is simple and convenient to assemble – one person is enough to put it correctly. As recommended by the manufacturer, this model can accommodate up to four people, but in fact it will comfortably sleep about 6 people.

This design can be installed even if there is a strong wind or rain outside. First, the frame is installed and covered with an external awning, and then proceed to the placement of bedrooms that remain dry. When folded, the design is quite compact. It is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable camping home. All entrances are covered with an anti-mosquito net, filtration and ventilation systems are provided, pockets for various small items, and so on. All seams are taped with a high level of tightness, due to which not a drop of water gets inside. In addition, this model is wind-resistant, and you can also find a removable floor for the vestibule in the kit.

  • Very convenient for large companies or families with children;
  • Zippers are provided;
  • A beautiful color that doesn’t catch your eye too much in an open space;
  • Sophisticated ventilation system.

The best trekking tents

3. Alaska Trek 2

Best tents for tourism, top-9 rating of tourist tents

This model is the undisputed leader of our review of the best tourist tents in terms of weight – it weighs only 2.08 kg. You can wear it safely on your back all day and not even feel its weight. There will be plenty of room for one person in it, but it may become a little cramped for two. The tent is made taking into account a number of features of tourist travel, due to which the stay in it becomes very comfortable – in this design it is convenient not only to sleep, but also just to spend time, for example, to wait out a heavy rain. The pegs here are lightweight, which makes the weight of the structure even less. The tent is made of polyester with an impregnation that reliably protects the tent from moisture penetration, it is also additionally treated with refractory compounds. The structure is double-layered, so it can be installed even in the rain, without fear that it will get wet inside.

There is reliable protection from insects and a large ventilation window, so it will not be hot even on the hottest day. There are a number of additional points-there are pockets for various small things and fasteners for a flashlight. The entrance is closed with a strong and reliable zipper, which can be fixed if necessary. All seams between the canvases are well sealed and taped. Inside, the tent has a height of 110 cm – for a tracking structure, this is a fairly good indicator.

  • The frame is made of fiberglass, and the arcs will be connected to each other using a metal capsule – this gives the model additional wind resistance.;
  • Low weight;
  • The model is equipped with a double-layer awning;
  • There is only one entrance, but it is closed with a zipper with a lock;
  • A mosquito net will protect you from insects.
  • The material from which the bottom is made should be handled carefully, as it can be damaged.

2. Greenell Kerry 2

Best tents for tourism, top-9 rating of tourist tents

This is a fairly simple structure that can withstand significant dynamic loads. It has been on the market for several years, but it is still very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. The awning has a light color, almost does not heat up in direct sunlight. In addition, it is impregnated with special compounds that reliably protect it from sparks and ultraviolet rays. The structure has one entrance and a small vestibule equipped with a visor. It also has two transparent Windows that close with curtains. If necessary, the canopy can be rolled up and fixed directly above the entrance to the tent.

The installation is quite simple, the model has a tent structure based on two intersecting arcs made of fiberglass. After the external awning is stretched, they start fixing the bedroom, which allows you to install this model even in rainy weather. It is designed for two people, when folded it is very compact-63x18x18 cm with a weight of 4.6 kg, it is very comfortable to carry or transport on a Bicycle. The seams are carefully taped with heat-shrinkable tape. The outdoor awning does not reach the ground a little, so you can not be afraid that it will get dirty during the rain. The floor in the tent is made of terpauling, which does not allow moisture to pass through at all, the structure can even be put in a puddle.

  • All seams are well sealed;
  • The model is double-layered, can be installed even in the rain;
  • Low weight and compact dimensions when folded;
  • The material is reliably protected from UV rays;
  • There is a small vestibule.
  • Rather heavy pegs, without them or with their lightweight version, the tent weighs much less.

1. Canadian Camper KARIBU 2

Best tents for tourism, top-9 rating of tourist tents

This is a model designed for two people, but there is enough space for a third person. When assembled, it takes up a minimum of space and weighs 3.8 kg. This structure is made on the basis of fiberglass arcs, which perfectly resist even sufficiently strong riding and side loads, are able to withstand hurricane-force winds and a real tropical downpour. Inside, the tent is quite high – a person of average height can fit in it standing up. The product is well suited for small trips on flat areas, but it is not suitable for mountaineering.

The tent is equipped with two entrances, there are also decent ventilation holes, in hot weather it will not be uncomfortable, as there will always be fresh air coming in. The classic shape for a trekking tent is a hemisphere. The awning and bottom are made of breathable but waterproof polyester, and there is an insect net at all entrances. The design also includes a vestibule, which has enough space to store two large backpacks with a volume of 100 liters each. Inside there are several convenient pockets, outside there is an opportunity to fix the flashlight. The tent is made of very high quality material.

  • Easy;
  • Quite high;
  • Reliable and durable.
  • On the awning it would be possible to make the skirt.
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