Best TV sets, top 9 rating of good TV sets 2021

Best TV sets, top 9 rating of good TV sets 2021

Many people, when planning to buy a TV, take into account a large number of parameters, but not every buyer is able to more or less clearly explain which model they are going to buy. Most users strive to purchase reliable products that will delight with all their useful functions for a long time and at the same time remain morally up-to-date.

  1. What points should I pay attention to when choosing a TV?
  2. Top of the best Full HD TV models
  3. 3. Samsung UE49M6500AU
  4. 2. Sony KDL-49WE755
  5. 1. LG 55EG9A7V
  6. List of the best LCD TVs
  7. 3. Samsung QE65Q9FAM
  8. 2. LG 55SJ850V
  9. 1. Philips 42PFT4001
  10. Best 4K LED TVs
  11. 3. Panasonic TX-50EXR700
  12. 2. LG 49UJ750V
  13. 1. Sony KD-49XE7096
  14. In conclusion, interesting videos

What points should I pay attention to when choosing a TV?

Best TV sets, top 9 rating of good TV sets 2021

There are quite a lot of types of TVs available for sale, so many buyers are beginning to get lost because of the variety of products. The development of technologies is in full swing, the most modern designs work on the basis of LCD-displays that operate on the basis of liquid crystals, you can also find LED-TVs, where, in addition to liquid crystals, there are also special LEDs. Plasma TVs use the latest gas-discharge components in the process of their operation. Each of these varieties has its own positive and negative qualities.

Flat-panel TVs use LCD and LED technologies, and they take up a minimum amount of space and allow you to provide the highest picture quality, largely due to this moment they are preferred by many users. In addition, they are economical in terms of electricity consumption. Even better images are produced by plasma TVs, which allow you to get a fairly bright and contrasting picture. However, they are characterized by significant power consumption, and many pixels that are at the heart of such a display can simply burn out over time.

Before you buy a TV, you need to find out which diagonal is most suitable for a particular room. There are certain rules that are based on the distance from the viewer’s screen. For example, at a distance of 1.2 meters, a TV with a diagonal of 32 inches will look very good, 1.6 meters-40 inches, 1.8 meters-46 inches, 2.1 meters-52 inches, and so on.

When developing our rating of the best TV models of 2021, we took into account not only all these points, but also the price-quality ratio of products. Feedback from users and specialists was also taken into account. We hope that our review will be as useful as possible for you and will help you choose the most suitable model.

Top of the best Full HD TV models

3. Samsung UE49M6500AU

Best TV sets, top 9 rating of good TV sets 2021

This is one of the newest models that has a large curved wide-angle display, its diagonal is as much as 49 inches, and the largest image resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The frequency of changing the image is 60 Hz, and the design provides for progressive scanning. The TV has all the standard connectors for it-USB 2.0, HDMI, there is a built-in Wi-Fi module and a number of other features.

The image is formed thanks to the latest Ultra clean view technology, so that the clarity of the image is at a high level, it is practically not distorted during display on the screen. In addition, another latest development is applied – the technology of increasing the spatial depth of Auti Depth Enhancer, which allows you to get a sense of perspective. All details and shades of the image are transmitted with maximum accuracy thanks to the micro Dimmjing Pro local dimming technique. Using it, the screen is divided into a number of fragments, where the image is automatically analyzed and the transfer of details in shadows and lights is corrected. All the colors are very natural, as close as possible to real ones.

  • Beautiful appearance, high-quality Assembly, no backlash;
  • There are aluminum legs;
  • Large screen size;
  • Excellent image quality;
  • A simple menu that anyone can understand.
  • The buttons on the remote control sometimes get stuck;
  • The audio output is optical only.

2. Sony KDL-49WE755

Best TV sets, top 9 rating of good TV sets 2021

One of the newest models of TVs with support for Full HD technology, which appeared on General sale only towards the end of last year. The diagonal of the product is 49 inches, so it is perfect for spacious rooms. This model, in addition to all standard connectors, has a socket for connecting an Ethernet cable, the software allows you to connect the model with a smartphone. It is possible to connect USB drives – two connectors at once, there is also a function of writing to a hard disk. The maximum display resolution of this TV is 1920 x 1080 pixels, and 3D technology is not supported.

Image clarity is at a high level due to the use of the latest X-Reality Pro technology. in addition, there are a number of standard modes in the settings – sports, custom (you can edit it), bright, standard, movie and some others. Color reproduction is carried out due to the dynamic illumination system and Live color technology. The speakers are not very powerful – 5 watts each, but they perfectly transmit all sounds, providing surround sound. It is worth noting that the TV runs on the Linux operating platform, there is also an Internet browser orega, the interface supports a large number of languages.

  • A beautiful picture that has a good color transfer;
  • Beautiful device appearance;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Included is a bracket for hanging the TV.
  • The connectors are not very convenient;
  • The USB interface is quite slow, recording is a little late;
  • Not compatible with some types of cables.

1. LG 55EG9A7V

Best TV sets, top 9 rating of good TV sets 2021

This is one of the most affordable models of TVs with Full HD support. Such a TV does not look very original, but it is quite decent, the case has a small thickness, the stand is translucent. There is no manufacturer’s logo on the front panel, and the margins around the screen are 9 mm wide on each side. The TV works on the basis of OLED panels, which ensures its not significant thickness, since it does not need special illumination. The support is one, located in the center. The design together with the stand does not weigh too much – only about 20 kilograms, without it the weight is reduced to 16 kg. The image quality is quite decent, especially if you consider the reasonable price of this device.

The resolution is standard for Full HD-1920 x 1080 pixels, at a distance of about three meters from the screen surface, they will be completely invisible. The brightness is slightly higher than average, which is more than enough for home use. The color range is also quite wide, supporting both warm and cold colors, although the color transfer is not always natural.

  • A decent appearance;
  • The image is quite natural, the pixels are invisible, and so on;
  • Low price;
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • The sound is not too loud, but there is an audio output that quickly solves this problem.
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