Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

  • 1. Philips 43PFT4001
  • 2. Toshiba 43U7750EV
  • 3. Samsung UE50J6240AU
  • 4. LG 49UH755V
  • 5. LG 49SJ810V
  • 6. Samsung UE55MU6100U
  • 7. Sony KDL55W808C
  • 8. Samsung UE65MU6500U
  • 9. LG OLED55C7V
  • 10. Sony KD-75XE8596

The variety of TV sets produced now is extremely wide. Manufacturers offer hundreds of models-from ultra-budget devices, to huge futuristic panels with Smart-TV and other bells and whistles, each of which has its own characteristics and disadvantages. If you don’t know which TV to buy, check out our TV rating for 2021-2022.

Philips 43PFT4001

Price: 20,000 rubles.

  • Diagonal: 43 inches;
  • Resolution: Full HD 920 x 1080px;
  • Dimensions: 970 x 564 x 74 mm.

A good TV doesn’t have to be very expensive. Philips 43PFT4001 is an ideal budget option with a good price-performance ratio. The thin LCD panel will fit into almost any interior, and the 43-inch display takes up very little space in the living room or bedroom.

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

This model uses exclusive technology from Philips Digital Crystal Clear. It provides the most accurate color reproduction on the FullHD matrix of the device. The screen has maximum viewing angles, making it easier than ever to watch your favorite movies. You can use the USB or HDMI ports to play videos from third-party media.

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Conclusion: the most inexpensive, but good option in the segment of TVs with a diagonal of 43 inches in 2021. Perfect combination of price and quality.

Toshiba 43U7750EV

Price: 23,999 rubles.

  • Diagonal: 43 inches;
  • Resolution: Ultra HD 4K 3840 x 2160 px;
  • Dimensions: 968 x 78 x 567 mm.
  • Weight: 8 kg.

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Toshiba TV with a diagonal of 108 cm is equipped with the latest solutions in the field of HD-technologies. The UltraHD display shows excellent color reproduction quality with excellent texture processing and color depth. The viewing angle is the maximum possible for such screens at 178°.

The built-in universal tuner processes both digital and satellite video streams with high accuracy.

This model supports integration with any smart TV set-top boxes, although most likely you will not need them, since it has its own smart Android 4 platform, and a large number of secondary slots make it possible to connect all kinds of peripheral equipment.

The combination of a minimalistic design with a black plastic case and thin frames will perfectly complement the interior of any room. Of the pleasant features of the TV, the rear LED backlight stands out in particular.

Conclusion: an excellent and most importantly affordable solution with a Smart TV on Board. It is characterized by good quality 4K images and deep immersion in viewing thanks to LED panels.

Price: 42,000 rubles.

  • Diagonal: 50 inches;
  • Resolution: FullHD 1920 x 1080 px;
  • Dimensions: 1104 x 652 x 51 mm.

All the entertainment in the world is closer than ever with the Smart Hub service, which is available on the UE50J6240AU out of the box. Immediately after switching on, the TV will offer you a choice of hundreds of online channels, streams, movies and popular TV shows. All this will be displayed on a 50-inch screen in FullHD resolution. Thanks to the high pixel-per-inch density, the image on your DISPLAY looks solid and lively.

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Third-party content can be accessed directly from your smartphone, just download the Samsung Smart View branded app. It lets you transfer photos, videos, and music to your TV. To connect other external devices, you do not need to untangle a long cable, Samsung UE50J6240AU supports all the necessary wireless communication standards.

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Conclusion: an inexpensive Smart TV with all the necessary features for a family TV.

LG 49UH755V

Price: 35,900 rubles.

  • Diagonal: 49 inches;
  • Resolution: Ultra HD 4K 3840 x 2160 px;
  • Dimensions: 1116.8 x 654.4 x 63.7 mm.

The 49UH755V combines a high-resolution Ultra HD 4K screen with the HDR Pro feature, which significantly improves the color reproduction and juiciness of the image in any video content.

Thanks to the wide color spectrum of ColorPrime Pro, you will be able to experience all possible shades in a new way. Wide viewing angles guarantee no distortion of the displayed video sequence.

LG 49UH755V belongs to a line of TVs that use the latest 3D color processing algorithm.

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

The excellent display quality is accompanied by an excellent sound system-3D ULTRA Surround. It simulates 7-channel audio using two speakers. LG SMART TV OS runs on the updated webOS 3.0 with support for all necessary online services.

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Conclusion: one of the best TVs with a screen diagonal of 49 inches in 2021. The thin panel of the device will fit into almost any interior.

LG 49SJ810V

Price: 46,000 rubles.

  • Diagonal: 55 inches;
  • Resolution: Ultra HD 4K 3840 x 2160 px;
  • Dimensions: 1230 x 770 x 240 mm.

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

This model from LG can hardly be called a budget, but there are several excuses for the high price. The first and most important thing is the innovative nano Cell matrix, which was recently put into wide production and has already shown its greatness to the whole world. Here everything pleases the eye, from the design to the image quality.

The monolithic screen is mounted on a platform with such thin frames that you simply stop noticing them when you look at them for a long time. In General, the TV case is made in high-tech style and is placed on a Crescent-shaped stand.

The 49SJ810V has all the features of a smart TV, is able to access the Internet, supports streaming broadcasts, and the multi-band tuner is able to decode images in both digital and satellite formats. Smart TV functions are performed by the webOS 3.5 system, created by LG specifically for this type of TV.

Any broadcast can be recorded on an external media, and the cherry on the cake was the support of Wi-Fi Miracast technology, thanks to which you can display images from your smartphone directly to your TV in Live mode without any wires.

Conclusion: an advanced option for those who do not look at the price tags and who need the most modern filling.

Price: 55,900 rubles.

  • Diagonal: 55 inches;
  • Resolution: Ultra HD 4K 3840 x 2160 px;
  • Dimensions: 1243 x 718 x 63 mm.

If you do not know which TV is best to choose, pay attention to the Samsung UE55MU6100U. This model of the Samsung TV line is considered the most balanced in terms of price/quality at the moment.

The LCD panel is made using Purcolour technology, which provides more accurate color reproduction without distortion.

It also supports HDR for a realistic display of the video sequence, and the UHD Dimming function adjusts the clarity of details in darkened areas of the screen.

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Best TV sets up to 30,000 rubles 2021-2021

A person who decides to buy any equipment counts on a certain amount, the same applies to TV devices. The market of this equipment is incredibly crowded with a wide variety of updated and already popular equipment, which makes even the most non-fastidious buyer confused.

After all, everyone wants to buy an ideal for themselves, so that everything is harmoniously combined in it at once: a comfortable diagonal, a clear realistic sound, a colorful picture like in the palm of your hand, and of course the most important thing is the price! And as you know, not everyone will be able to quickly figure out which TV is better to choose and buy.

To simplify this process, we recommend that our readers review our rating of the best TVs up to 30,000 rubles, which in 2021-2021, according to professionals and ordinary buyers, will be most in demand in the digital electronics market due to a reasonable ratio of acceptable price and quality.

Mystery MTV-5031LTA2

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Our rating opens with a cheap but not quite budget TV, it fully corresponds to its price segment in quality.

The large diagonal of the 50-inch TV with a brightness of 300 CD / m2 allows you to observe very bright colors, and the built-in digital 3D filter will display a clear image smoothed out from interference.

This is a model with an optimal “gentleman’s set” of functions provided by the following device parameters::

  • 16.7 million colors
  • Quad core processor
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • image resolution 1920 × 1080 Full HD
  • stereo sound under control (NICAM)
  • Android operating system

The model has a decent pixel response time of 8 MS and a progressive matrix scan with a good viewing angle of 176°. The device is comparable to a device that has a computer installed in it. Thanks to this, you can install additional software in it. This is a good Full HD TV in terms of characteristics, as evidenced by reviews on thematic forums.

Thomson T48D16SF-01B

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

About the device from the company Thomson users respond only positively.

While watching live channels, you get a lot of fun thanks to a good TV screen that displays the image in Full HD quality.

The manufacturer tried to make a competitive device at the most budget price. You won’t find any cool built-in features, but for its price, it’s a great option with a large, bright screen.

  • viewing angle 178 degrees
  • the size of a diagonal of 122 cm (48″)
  • display aspect ratio 16: 9
  • resolution 1920 × 1080
  • Direct LED led illumination
  • surround stereo sound

Fans of watching video clips at maximum volume will appreciate that the manufacturer has equipped the model with an acoustic stereo system with a maximum power of 20 watts.

Please note that your device has popular tuners, such as DVB-T DVB-T DVB-T2 DVB-C DVB-C DVB-S. In addition, the reliable LCD TV has a built-in interface for connecting electronic CAM modules with a decoding card.

And in order not to miss interesting moments in a movie or favorite TV show, you can record them on an external digital media.

JVC LT-43M650

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Worthily took its position in our rating manufacturer JVC released a reliable and high-quality TV for the home with many useful features.

The main advantage of this model is the presence of Smart TV, which opens up additional opportunities for users.

The 2021 novelty boasts excellent 20W surround sound and a large 43-inch panel with bright and clear image detail.

  • diagonal size 109 cm
  • image aspect ratio 16: 9
  • full HD image parameters (1920 × 1080)
  • led illumination
  • Android operating system

A good image quality TV has built-in modules for viewing digital TV channels and movies. For recording video files, the device has an internal memory of 8 GB.

The device can read from a memory card and play all the latest video formats.

Thanks to a wide viewing angle of 178° and a progressive scan, it turned out to be a popular TV for the living room or bedroom today that will fit stylishly into any interior.

Sony KDL-32WD752

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

In comparison with other Sony products, this is a relatively inexpensive TV for movies. Externally, this device has a silver front panel and a stylish modern shape.

The manufacturer has provided for mounting the device on the wall.

A convenient 32-inch TV without unnecessary bells and whistles is able to transmit a beautiful image due to the high resolution of the display – 1920 x 1080 pixels, the picture is displayed rich and bright.

  • liquid crystal screen
  • the Edge-lit LED
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • image quality 1920 × 1080
  • image refresh rate 400 Hz

Users can view video files recorded on an external storage device through the port provided on the front panel.

The innovation will be pleased with the built-in Wi-Fi module and relatively low sound level provided by two 5-watt speakers. There is a good viewing angle, a turn-off timer and protection from small children.

According to reviews about the TV, you will mostly be impressed by its slim appearance and high-quality TV signal reception.

Philips 40PFT5501

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

The deserved middle of our review is occupied by one of the best TVs from Philips. This device supports the Smart TV function, which gives you unlimited opportunities to use online content. To the segment of the coolest devices of the company, of course, it is far away, but the device has an elegant appearance that looks very stylish.

  • Philips Pixel Plus HD graphics processor
  • screen size 40 inches
  • image format 16: 9
  • the picture quality 1920×1080 Full HD
  • TFT IPS matrix
  • Android TV OS

This TV is suitable for a bedroom or other room in the house.

This device has a Micro Dimming function that improves the contrast 100 times and allows you to really enjoy an incredibly realistic picture.

The Android OS interface is perfectly optimized so that even a child can handle it. This is a reliable device that fits perfectly into our TOP TV sets worth up to 30,000 rubles.

Samsung UE32K5500AU

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

The honorable penultimate place of our rating is given to a relatively cheap TV, from the world-famous manufacturer Samsung.

It can be argued that this is an ideal option for small rooms with a diagonal of 32 inches, which allows the Full HD matrix to display a clear and detailed picture.

In order not to miss important moments of a football match, you can record it on a USB drive or rewind a missed goal in real time thanks to the TimeShift function.

  • diagonal 32 inches
  • image aspect ratio 16: 9
  • image quality Full HD
  • new in 2021
  • pre-installed Tizen OS

This is an ideal LED TV for football, the quality price of which is at a decent level, and will greatly please customers. The Assembly is high-quality and does not cause any questions.

Thanks to the 24p True Cinema technology, together with a built-in TV tuner and the ability to display picture-in-picture, watching movies or terrestrial TV channels becomes as comfortable as possible.

In addition, the manufacturer has provided Wi-fi support and a DLNA function that simplifies management, and the smart TV module will allow you to enjoy the functionality as much as possible.

LG 43UH610V

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

If you want to buy a good TV, you should take a closer look at the model from the famous LG brand. This product is equipped with a 4k Ultra HD screen, which displays a high-quality picture in rich and bright colors.

If we consider the functionality of the device, it was significantly expanded due to the Smart TV function, thanks to which the user can watch movies and TV shows simply by connecting the device to the Internet.

For a comfortable and lively picture, the HDR Pro option is provided, which allows you to view your favorite movies in more vivid colors. Undoubtedly, this is a good premium TV that can impress even the most demanding users.

  • high-quality TFT IPS screen
  • uniform Direct LED illumination
  • high image parameters 3840 by 2160
  • diagonal size 43 inches
  • managing the webOS 3.0 operating system

To save high-quality pictures of movies on a 4K TV with a good set of functions, we applied a useful extension of color processing in a 3-dimensional algorithm that allows you to get the most vivid images.

In addition to a high-quality display matrix, this device received a good sound, provided by its own speaker system, which develops a sound power of 20 watts.

The combination of these parameters made it possible to make this model a full-fledged home theater system.


Of course, you can evaluate the product based on your own preferences, for example, if you need the 3D function or curved, then most likely such a TV will cost a little more, since this feature of the screen is better perceived on a large diagonal than on a 32-inch screen.

From the rating of the best TVs presented by us up to 30,000 rubles 2021-2021, you can choose as a widely functional device but with a small diagonal, or give your preference to a TV with a large diagonal but not a rich set of fancy functions.

By the way, everyone can find something for themselves.

Rating of the best TV sets up to 30,000 rubles for 2021

Having 30 thousand rubles on hand, the user can purchase a high-quality LCD TV for home with excellent design and good characteristics. Moreover, the variety of models on the market is now so great that the buyer can choose dozens of different devices to suit their individual preferences.

In this case, some TV sets will have a huge screen, although the resolution in it will not be the most impressive. Others, in turn, are not so huge, but the picture in them is much clearer, brighter and richer.

So that you can quickly decide on your needs, we have compiled a rating of the best TVs up to 30,000 rubles for 2021, choosing only 7 winners among dozens of candidates.

Shivaki STV-55LED17

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

7th place

The Shivaki brand does not enjoy great popularity among domestic buyers, which is quite surprising, given the quality of its equipment. For example, the STV-55LED17 model will cost the buyer only 27 thousand rubles, but for this amount, a Full HD TV offers a huge 55-inch matrix, characterized by an excellent contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a good brightness margin of 350 CD / m2. The device has three digital HDMI video outputs and one analog VGA interface, which allows the user to connect to any PC. But what an inexpensive TV from Shivaki can disappoint even an undemanding buyer is just one USB port. The sound of the STV-55LED17 is at an excellent level, for which it is worth paying tribute to the stereo speakers with a total power of 20 watts. The ability to record video to an external drive, the TimeShift option, a shutdown timer, and parental control are all additional features that The shivaki model can offer with support for DVB-T2/S2 standards.

BBK 50LEM-1056/FTS2C

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

6th place

The BBK 50LEM-1056/FTS2C model continues the TOP of TVs. It is equipped with a high-quality Full HD matrix with a contrast ratio of 5000: 1, a frequency of 50 Hz and a brightness of 250 CD / m2. The new device boasts two tuners that support digital DVB-T2 and satellite DVB-S2 signals. It also has 4 video inputs (3 x HDMI and VGA), a pair of audio inputs, AV, a headphone Jack, and a component input. Of the functionality in a budget TV with a 50-inch display and two 8-watt speakers, there is only parental control and auto-off setting.

BBK 50LEX-5027/FT2C

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

5th place

The next place is occupied by another good TV from BBK. It is equipped with the same matrix and the same speakers as the device above. But there is only one tuner here, which excludes support for the DVB-S2 standard. But the 50LEX-5027 / FT2C can offer other important advantages. The main one is the presence of a Smart TV and the Android operating system, which allows you to install programs on TV (4 GB of storage is available), watch movies on the Internet, visit the site and perform other tasks on the network. The number of connectors in a smart TV set for the living room will suit every buyer: three USB and HDMI, a wireless Wi-Fi module, LAN, VGA, as well as AV and a headphone Jack. Other options for the device include TimeShift, DLNA support, and parental protection.


Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

4th place

The l43p6us model produced by TCL divides the rating of the best TVs up to 30,000 rubles for 2021 in half. This is a great solution with a reasonable price and good functionality. The device runs on Linux OS and is equipped with an excellent 4k UHD screen with a diagonal of 43 inches. Of course, there is a Smart TV. The contrast ratio and maximum brightness of the latter are 4000: 1 and 280 CD / m2, while the refresh rate and response time are 60 Hz and 8 MS, respectively. Stylish TV without unnecessary bells and whistles is equipped with two tuners, supporting digital and satellite. With 3 HDMI inputs, a pair of USB ports, an Ethernet port, and a Wi-Fi module, the user can quickly connect any device to the TLC L43P6US and access the Internet. Of course, there is the possibility of suspending the live broadcast and recording it on a flash drive. If desired, an inexpensive but good TLC TV can be combined into one network with other devices to access their files (music, videos, photos). In conclusion, we can note a good sound, which distinguishes the l43p6us model. Drivers with a total power of 16 watts are responsible for it.

Sony KDL-40WD653

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

3rd place

A wonderful 40-inch Full HD medium-priced TV from Sony took the third place in the TOP-E. The device runs on Linux, and its distinctive features include Smart TV technology, an excellent brightness margin of 350 candelas and an excellent display contrast of 3500:1.due to the fact that the device has only one tuner, there is no support for DVB-S/S2 satellite TV. The speakers in the device are also not the loudest (5 watts), but they play cleanly and do a good job with all frequencies. A reliable TV for movies supports CI+ and is equipped with a large set of ports, which include two USB and HDMI, as well as SCART, a headphone Jack, Wi-Fi and LAN. Among the useful features of the Sony KDL-40WD653, you can highlight the class-specific ability to record and pause programs, parental control, disable settings, and a light sensor.

Samsung UE43MU6100U

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

2nd place

The second place in the TOP-e TVs is occupied by a wonderful model from the giant Samsung. The ue43mu6100u has a beautiful design, a wide leg that provides excellent stability of the TV, as well as an excellent UHD screen with HDR support. The device runs the Tizen OS, developed by the Koreans themselves. The sound of a good TV for the home is not bad, which is provided by two speakers with a power of 10 watts each. There are plenty of interfaces in the TV for any user: support for CI+, 3 x HDMI, SCART, AV, 2 x USB, RJ-45, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The screen brightness is adjusted automatically due to the presence of a light sensor in the TV, and thanks to parental control, the user can block certain channels from children. Also, Samsung UE43MU6100U implements recording of TV broadcasts on a flash drive and TimeShift.

LG 49UJ630V

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

1st place

It was the turn of the best among the best, which turned out to be a premium TV from LG. The 49UJ630V model is equipped with a wonderful screen with HDR10 support and 4K resolution. It has a diagonal of 49 inches, which makes it an ideal choice for modern movies and games. Smart TV technology is powered by WebOS, and for its good sound are responsible for stereo speakers with a total power of 20 watts. LG 49UJ630V has an excellent set of ports, including three HDMI, two USB, RJ-45, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Thanks to wireless modules, the best TV in terms of image quality has support for DLNA, WiDi and Miracast. Among the useful TV options, first of all, the light sensor and parental control stand out.


Our rating of the best TVs up to 30,000 rubles for 2021 includes the most reliable, stylish and functional devices on the market.

The cost of each of them is reasoned, and the features correspond to the wishes of the average user. Models from BBK and Shivaki will be an excellent choice for fans of a large diagonal.

If, first of all, you are interested in an impeccable design, perfect Assembly and a wonderful picture, then pay attention to the top three leaders of TOP-a TVs.

Rating of the best TV sets up to 30,000 rubles for 2021

Nowadays, the demand for LCD TVs has reached high levels in the market. This type of product has always been the most popular among the population. Therefore, such devices are found in every home where they gather all family members around them at least once a day.

Each of their users prefers to see a set of different functions in such a device. For some, it is important that it is an inexpensive TV for movies.

Other viewers want to get everything at once: a high-quality screen for watching videos, the availability of appropriate functions that will allow you to use it for games, as well as for accessing the Internet with a normal browser. The characteristics of TV sets and strive to impose their own rules on the wound.

As a result of all this, choosing the right model is quite difficult, especially when manufacturers supply many different lines of this equipment to the market. A rating of the best TVs in terms of image quality up to 30,000 rubles for 2021 comes to the buyer’s aid. Make a Cup of hot coffee and delve in!

Philips 43PFT4001

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

7th place

The 7th place in the Top, according to customer reviews and users of thematic forums, goes to Philips 43PFT4001. It’s not exactly a cheap TV that’s worth it. Its 1080p Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels is quite enough for home use – it will provide excellent image detail, which will be updated at a frequency of 200 Hz. Two built – in speakers with stereo sound (16 W) only add to the experience when watching videos from any media-external drives or a built-in TV tuner. 24p True Cinema technology is responsible for the high quality of work. This LED TV allows you to save videos to a USB flash drive, so you can not be afraid to fall asleep while watching a movie or football – you can watch everything again later.

Sony KDL-32WD756

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

6th place

On the 6th place of the rating is the best TV in terms of price – quality ratio KDL-32WD756 from Sony with a screen diagonal of 32 inches. It is able to provide the most high-quality and realistic image reproduction, even during dynamic large-scale scenes. To do this, the display has an excellent refresh rate of 400 Hz, as well as proprietary technology that improves the smoothness of frame changes. Today, this is a cool TV for games that will appeal to its young owners. It also uses special technologies to increase the contrast and brightness of color reproduction, where video on a 1080p Full HD screen looks very natural. The Smart TV module provides the user with the ability to work on the network and install any applications. The quality of content from the built-in tuner is enhanced by the 24p True Cinema function. DLNA allows you to create a home entertainment network with good functionality with other modern devices. As you already understood, this is a TV without unnecessary bells and whistles, which are simply not needed in this model. Each viewer will also appreciate the ability to record video to external media and the TimeShift function, which does not allow you to miss any moment of your favorite TV series. With such a large number of functions, the device does not slow down in operation.

Samsung UE40K5510AW

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

5th place

The 5th place in the list is occupied by Samsung UE40K5510AW. According to experts, this is a new TV for the bedroom, as it has all the functions necessary for a modern user and nothing superfluous, although it’s not quite right to call this model cheap. Its 1080p Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels reproduces a clear, high-quality picture, where you can see all the small details. Videos can be saved to a USB drive or rewound in real time using TimeShift. This is a TOP-level Smart TV that gives the user access to the world wide web and an unlimited amount of online content. 24p True Cinema technology, together with a built-in tuner and picture-in-picture function, allows you to quickly find an interesting channel among a large number of supported channels. There is also a wireless Wi-fi adapter and a DLNA function for controlling the device using a smartphone and other gadgets.

LG 43LH570V

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

4th place

In 4th place is the LG 42LF620V, which has the advantage of using an IPS matrix, which is characterized by good viewing angles and increased realism of colors on the screen. This good TV for the home allows the owner to fully enjoy a clear image with a complete lack of flicker on the 42-inch screen, which has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Built-in independent digital tuner allows you to view the most popular channels in the highest quality without having to connect expensive devices. It deserves to take its place in the rating of the best TVs up to 30,000 rubles for 2021. There are a sufficient number of ports (AV, component, HDMI x2, USB, Ethernet (RJ-45), Wi-Fi 802.11 n, WiDi, Miracast), so it is quite easy to expand the functionality of the model if necessary. Interesting video review especially for you:

Sony KDL-40WD653

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

3rd place

The 3rd place in the rating is occupied by the model from the manufacturer Sony-KDL-40WD653. This relatively inexpensive, but good TV will be a worthy choice for those who want to get as many functions as possible in one device without overpaying for it. To maintain high image quality while playing dynamic scenes, the display has a good refresh rate with an index of 200 Hz. The screen size of this Full HD TV is 40 inches with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, which is quite enough for convenient viewing of any multimedia content. The built-in tuner, together with 24p True Cinema, provides support for analog and digital DVB-T2 TV broadcasting. Stylish design, thin frames and the possibility of mounting on the wall allow you to install this beautiful TV for the kitchen in any place-it will perfectly fit into the interior of each room. For entertainment lovers, there is DLNA and Smart TV support, which opens up the widest possibilities of entertainment and online content for the user. It is possible to save everything that happens on the screen and the TimeShift function. Check out the Sony KDL-40WD653 below:

Samsung UE40KU6300U

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

2nd place

The well-deserved 2nd place in our Top is occupied by Samsung products-UE40KU6300U. This is a 4k TV with a curved screen and Smart TV support, which provides its owner with almost all imaginable functions that are found in modern models of such devices. The resolution of its 4K UHD screen is 3840×2160 pixels, which is one of the highest to date. The 24p True Cinema function, together with the high refresh rate of the screen, provides a detailed realistic picture with deep colors, which makes it the best TV for football, regardless of the source of signal reception. This can be a built-in tuner, an external drive, or the Internet. The owner of this popular model has the opportunity to record everything that happens on the screen to an external USB drive. There is also support for TimeShift. This is a reliable TV of an average price category, which will easily fit into the interior of absolutely any room. For those who like to use all their gadgets to the maximum, there is support for DLNA, which connects connected devices to a single network, easily managing them using a convenient menu.

LG 43UH610V

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

1st place

The leader of the rating was the best TV up to 30,000 rubles for 2021 — LG 43UH610V. This model has a 4k Ultra HD screen with maximum image quality and high color reproduction. Its functional features are significantly expanded by Smart TV support, which opens up access to online resources on the Internet. DLNA support is available for connecting and managing external devices. Undoubtedly, this is a good premium TV that will impress even the most demanding viewer. The high-quality IPS matrix with uniform Direct LED illumination is based on UHD technology, which supports a high screen resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. The screen diagonal is 43 inches, this size in centimeters will be 109. To support high-quality images on such a large panel, HDR-pro technology is used, which supports the sharpness and brightness of the image. If you do not know which TV to choose and buy for your home, then this handsome man will certainly fit. 24p True Cinema technology is used to maintain the excellent clarity of the image obtained from the built-in independent tuner. In addition to the screen quality, this model also has a good sound, which is responsible for its own 20-watt speaker system. All this allows you to make a wonderful home theater experience out of this 4k Ultra HD TV for the living room or other part of the house. We present to your attention a short video review of the LG 43UH610V:

According to leading experts in the field of modern electronics, worthy models were selected, which were included in our rating of the best TVs up to 30,000 rubles for 2021.

Now it will be much easier for each consumer to decide on such a device and purchase it. As you may have noticed, some prices slightly exceed the threshold of 30,000 rubles.

This is due to the unstable exchange rates, on which the cost of such a product depends.

Best 43-inch TVs of 2021 for price and quality

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

If earlier TVs with a large diagonal were considered a luxury item, now, given how far technology has gone, you can buy such a device at a very reasonable price. If you have been thinking about this for a long time, but did not know which model to choose, then we suggest you take a look at our rating of 43 – inch TVs in 2021 price and quality. Here you will find exactly the right solution for you.

№10 – Polarline 43PL51TC

Price: 13,990 rubles

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

The Polarline 43PL51TC is one of the most budget-friendly options for buyers looking for a good 43-inch TV. Despite its cost, the model has a good technical equipment-the resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels is complemented by Direct LED illumination, which as a result allows the owner to enjoy a detailed picture with an even distribution of brightness.

A nice bonus will be the fact that the TV supports DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C, which eliminates the need to buy a receiver to watch digital channels. The model has a rich set of interfaces – 3x HDMI, 2x USB, which will allow you to connect a variety of devices to it, including a console.

Although, it is worth noting that this TV is not suitable for shooters, since its pixel response time is 8 MS. If you are interested in “single” adventures in exclusives, and not online battles, then you will appreciate the presence of a headphone output. By connecting the headset, you can play even at night, without fear of waking up your family.


Price: 21,370 rubles

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

The TELEFUNKEN TF-LED43S43T2S matrix with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels is configured in the best possible way. It has no problems with contrast, thanks to the corresponding value of 3000:1, and viewing angles reach 138 degrees. Adding to this excellent sound, we can conclude that the model is perfect for watching movies in the evenings with your family.

From the point of view of design, the device also causes only positive impressions – thanks to the minimal frame, it looks modern and fits perfectly into any interior.

The TV runs on Android OS and is also equipped with a Smart TV. The latter has an extremely clear interface, due to which even an inexperienced user will feel comfortable in it in half an hour. The complete remote control is ergonomic and lightweight, with buttons of standard sizes, so no one will have any problems with its operation.

If desired, you can connect a mouse and keyboard to the TV, fortunately, two USB connectors allow this. The disadvantages of the model include interruptions in Wi-Fi.

№8 – Philips 43PFS4012

Price: 23,000 rubles

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

The Philips 43PFS4012 was released in 2021, but is still popular with users. This is facilitated by the full HD resolution of the TV, which, together with Direct LED illumination, allows the image to be detailed and bright. The sensor is well calibrated – there are no problems with color reproduction and viewing angles.

There are no complaints about the build quality of the model – all materials are strong and high-quality, although some users are dissatisfied with the too large legs. However, due to them, the TV is securely fixed on the surface.

The sound of the model is excellent, which is rarely found in this price category, when connecting headphones, it does not deteriorate. The device does not have Wi-Fi support, which can be attributed to the most significant disadvantages.

№7 – LG 43UK6200

Price: 32,000 rubles

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

LG 43UK6200 with an IPS matrix, supports a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels and is equipped with HDR 10. Adding to this the perfect calibration of the matrix with natural color reproduction and maximum viewing angles, we get a great option for watching movies or gaming sessions, while connecting the console.

The model is based on the webOS and supports Smart TV. According to user reviews, the TV interface does not lag at all and is stable, even when playing content in 4K resolution. The same applies to connecting via Wi-Fi.

Surround sound is provided by two speakers with a total power of 20 watts, which will allow you to dive much deeper into the virtual space during games. However, a response time of 9 MS will significantly spoil your result in online shooters. In addition, the disadvantages of the model include small legs, due to which the TV is easy to drop.

№6 – Hitachi 43HL15W64

Price: 29,990 rubles

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Hitachi 43HL15W64 has a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels and a direct LED backlight type. Also, its advantages include a smart calibration of the matrix with decent contrast and sharpness. Of course, the perfect display of black, like the flagships of Sony and Samsung, you will not wait, but the maximum viewing angles and the price of the device offset this disadvantage.

The model is powerful enough to have no special problems when playing videos from online services in 4K resolution. It also proved to be stable when working via Wi-Fi or when running videos from external media.

The TV was assembled perfectly, only high-quality materials were chosen for the case – metal for the frames and legs, plastic for the rest of the parts. Judging by the reviews and user reviews, most of the complaints relate to the operation of Smart TV, if everything is stable during standard use,then when launching applications, the brakes start.

№5 – Samsung UE43N5500AU

Price: 33,000 rubles

16 best 4K TVs

Many modern people do not watch TV at all, but, at the same time, they still have a TV at home. This technique has become much more functional today, so the user can even go to regular sites from a regular TV and correspond with friends.

But, of course, first of all, the new 4K (UHD) TVs are not used for this at all. On models with this resolution, it is convenient to enjoy games and movies, especially when the device supports the played content and the HDR technology itself.

We have compiled a rating of the best TVs with 4K resolution, where you can find the perfect solution for your home at a reasonable price!

Best 4K TVs up to 43 inches in 2021

Mass production of TVs with UHD resolution began relatively recently. Until then, users had to be content with the usual Full HD matrices, with which close placement of the screen to the viewer became impossible.

In the new models, the pixel density is higher, which reduces the distance required to get a comfortable image. So, in 43-inch TVs, a high-quality picture is obtained from just one meter, so they are ideal even for Studio-type apartments.

This diagonal is an excellent choice for bedrooms in apartments or spacious kitchens in private homes.

1. Samsung UE43NU7090U

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

Opens the rating of one of the cheapest 4K TVs. The price tag of Samsung UE43NU7090U starts at 23 thousand rubles. However, such an attractive price does not mean poor quality and modest functionality. As befits a modern model, the UE43NU7090U offers users a Smart TV, a light sensor, child protection and a good interface kit. You can connect an inexpensive 4K UHD Samsung TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi with support for the 802.11 ac standard, or Ethernet. There is also a CI+ card slot for viewing pay-per-view TV channels. The model under review works with the IPv6 Protocol, which has recently been legally supported by ISPs in Belarus. You can also enjoy HDR10 and HDR10+ content on your TV.


  • hdr10+support;
  • cute design;
  • good color reproduction;
  • great picture;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • it sounds good.


2. LG 43UM7600

Best TVs up to 30,000 rubles: rating, top 10, review 2021-Gadget

One of the most popular 4K TVs in LG’s product range. The device is equipped with an IPS panel with Direct LED illumination. The 43UM7600 is powered by the webOS system, and comes with a proprietary Magic Remote control. This TV can be integrated into the smart home system and is suitable for hotels.

The LG 43UM7600 features 360 VR, which provides a virtual reality experience on your TV. This option is suitable for content captured with suitable video cameras, as well as panoramic photos.

The monitored TV not only allows you to watch 4K video, but is also suitable for games. The device is equipped with 4 HDMI outputs at once. For connecting peripherals and hard drives on the 43UM7600 case, a USB pair is provided. The universal LG multi-brand remote allows you to control the TV not only with buttons, but also with your voice.


  • convenient remote control;
  • fast 4-core processor;
  • clear menu;
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