Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

Your computer or laptop may not always have a stable supply of electricity. An unexpected surge may occur, and the power supply may suddenly be cut off. This has a negative impact on the functioning of the computer, leads to breakage, and can affect data storage. To avoid this, an uninterruptible power supply (abbreviated as UPS) was invented. It provides the PC system unit and its monitor with stable power supply, and gives time for the PC to shut down correctly.

When choosing a device, you should pay attention to the following aspects::

  • Power output;
  • Device type;
  • Number of connections.

The brand of equipment, its ability to configure, and maintainability are important.

  1. How to choose an uninterruptible power supply for your computer
  2. By equipment capacity
  3. The duration of Autonomous work
  4. By other characteristics
  5. Kinds
  6. Backup
  7. Interactive
  8. With double conversion
  9. Best uninterruptible power supplies for your computer
  10. Ippon Innova G2 3000
  11. Powerman ONLINE 1000 RT
  12. UPS power 1200
  13. APC by Schneider Electric Back-UPS BX500CI
  14. Powercom RAPTOR RPT-1000A EURO
  15. SVEN RT-1000
  16. CyberPower UTC850EI
  17. 3Cott 650-CDL
  18. APC by Schneider Electric Back-UPS BK500EI

How to choose an uninterruptible power supply for your computer

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

When choosing a device, you should focus on the power of the device, the duration of its Autonomous operation. Based on these parameters, you should carefully select the appropriate UPS.

You should pay attention to the type of computer UPS. There are only three of them:

  1. Line-interactive (or interactive);
  2. With double conversion;
  3. A backup one.

They will be discussed in more detail later.

If you choose bespereboynik online, you should not make a choice based on the posted photos, they can deceive. You should watch reviews from experts, preferably video reviews.

Very important: don’t overpay for unnecessary features that you won’t need.

There are other parameters that are very important in the selection process. They will be discussed separately. Let’s tell you about the most important ones.

By equipment capacity

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

Initially, you should find out what power the uninterruptible power supply is designed for. Why buy a device that is too powerful if the estimated total value of office equipment connected to UPS (uninterruptible power supply) will be much lower? In addition, you will have to pay extra for extra kilowatts.

Very important: keep in mind that the gaming computer consumes more KW.

So before buying UPS, you should carefully analyze and calculate the total power of the connected equipment. On the other hand, if the power of the office equipment used is underestimated and a UPS with insufficient parameters is purchased, the latter will not be able to fully perform its duties.

On all devices and equipment, the consumed kilowatts (rated power) are indicated. You should check this parameter on all devices that are planned to be connected and add them up. Uninterruptible power supplies usually indicate the output power, expressed in volts-amperes (VA), you should know it beforehand. The first indicator should be converted to the second one. You can do this using the formula:

PBX = Phnom/k, where Phnom is the rated power, and k is the power factor.

The last indicator is indicated in the technical specifications, it ranges from 0.1 to 1.

The output power of all connected appliances should be 25 to 30 percent less than that of the UPS.

The UPS power factor must not be less than that of the equipment used.

The duration of Autonomous work

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

The battery life of an uninterruptible power supply depends on the capacity of the battery used in it. The larger the capacity of the device, the longer it will be able to work when disconnected from the power supply. Not the last role is played by a correct calculation of power. The higher the last indicator for UPS, the less powerful the equipment used, the longer the offline mode will remain.

Most UPS systems are designed for Autonomous operation from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, and there is enough time to properly turn off the computer. There are devices that can last up to 12 hours of battery life. With such uninterruptible power supplies, you can not worry about power outages at all — a normal shutdown is limited to several hours. But these UPS are much more expensive than their “normal” counterparts.

You should decide whether to buy a similar model. Perhaps a regular device will do.

By other characteristics

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

Power, possible battery life — the most important characteristics when choosing a UPS, but there are others that are worth paying attention to.

First, you need to see the number of connectors at UPS. Every consumer should know in advance how many and what devices (if there is a continuous video surveillance system, it is necessary to take it into account) will be connected to the device. Some UPS systems are equipped with special connectors to protect telephone and data lines from power surges, which is important when using a telephone connection to the Internet. In General, the following connectors can be used in the UPS:

  • Sockets that connect appliances to the battery;
  • Sockets that connect UPS to the stabilizer without connecting to the battery;
  • Connector for connecting an uninterruptible power supply to the power grid;
  • Connector for connecting network and telephone lines;
  • Connector for controlling the UPS from a computer;
  • Connector for diagnostics and monitoring (USB, COM).

Not only do computers need protection from power surges, but extra power outlets can also be useful.

Secondly, an important function is the way the device is displayed. Inexpensive models are equipped with conventional LEDs. Green indicates the normal state of the device, while red indicates a breakdown. Expensive UPS systems are equipped with LCD displays, which display the most important information about the operation of the UPS.

Third, not the last factor is the manufacturing company. Each industry has its own leaders who produce equipment better than their competitors. The best uninterruptible power supplies are produced by the following companies: Ippon, Luxeon, Powerman, P-Com, APC, Mustek, CyberPower, Eaton, SVEN, 3Cott, Inelt, Nashi Energiya and Bastion.

All these characteristics must be taken into account when buying, so as not to be disappointed later.

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

As mentioned above, there are three types of uninterruptible power supply: redundant, interactive, and dual-conversion. For each case, one or another type of uninterruptible power supply is suitable. We’ll tell you more about their use and functions later.


Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

This type of uninterruptible power supply will suit a consumer who rarely encounters power outages or power surges. A backup UPS is the best option for this case. Offline operation is limited to 5-10 minutes, which is enough to disconnect the computer from the network.


Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

If there are frequent power outages and power surges, you should purchase an interactive UPS. They are more expensive than backup analogues, but their choice is cheaper than repairing office equipment after exposure to such incidents.

The price is higher than that of the previous type of device, largely due to the use of a more complex circuit. It allows you not to go offline during jumps, but equalizes the voltage thanks to the built-in transformer. The battery is turned on only during emergency situations, when it is not possible to achieve a normal, stable supply of electricity.

With double conversion

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

The most expensive sources are those with double conversion. Their purchase is justified when it comes to the uninterrupted operation of servers.

Their principle of operation is much more complex than that of the previously mentioned uninterruptible power supplies. The connected devices are powered both from the mains and from the UPS battery. Mains voltage is applied to the equipment filter, interruptions are smoothed out, and high-frequency interference is suppressed. Then the current is rectified using diodes. Then the rectified electricity is fed to the inverter, where it becomes variable again, and is fed to the devices that consume it.

It is not advisable to use such a UPS with a home computer.

Best uninterruptible power supplies for your computer

Ippon Innova G2 3000

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

The IPPON Innova G2 3000 model is a powerful dual-conversion device designed mainly for protecting servers, powerful workstations, and NAS systems. It rightfully tops our rating. The batteries used allow you to save data during a long power outage, and for emergencies there is a long period of time for safe equipment shutdown.

The IPPON Innova G2 3000 uninterruptible power supply is equipped with an intelligent liquid crystal display. Here, such a device is simply necessary. The UPS power output is 3000 VA. The UPS has 6 batteries with a total capacity of 9 Ah.

UPS has 8 output receptacles type IEC320. There are interfaces:

  • USB;
  • EPO;
  • RS-232.

The display shows the following States::

  • Low battery, with a frequency of every second;
  • Overload — with a frequency of 2 signals per second;
  • Battery-operated mode – with a frequency of every 4 seconds;
  • Error — a continuous signal.

UPS IPPON Innova G2 3000 has the following features::

  • Able to estimate the remaining battery capacity;
  • Equipped with ECO mode;
  • There is a frequency Converter mode (CVCF);
  • You can control the fan speed.

Among the advantages of UPS IPPON Innova G2 3000, it is worth noting the high power, ensuring stable operation of connected devices for a long time, even in the event of a power outage, and an informative display.

The main disadvantage of the device is the high price. It is worth buying for special, previously listed cases.

Powerman ONLINE 1000 RT

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

The Powerman ONLINE 1000 RT uninterruptible power supply is another dual-conversion uninterruptible power supply. The model does not need to switch the power supply to the network-battery load. The UPS technology used allows you to apply the battery voltage less frequently. In this way, the battery life is significantly extended. The design of the Rack/Tower enclosure facilitates installation both in a telecommunications rack for equipment, and makes it possible to use the UPS as a separate device. The device is equipped with various interfaces:

  • USB;
  • RS232;
  • SNMP;
  • EPO.

Their presence allows you to integrate UPS and the network in the automated control system.

UPS POWERMAN ONLINE 1000 RT provides the highest level of protection for servers, access control, automation systems, telecommunications equipment, and security. You can connect computers for industrial and household equipment with high power requirements.

The powerman ONLINE 1000 RT uninterruptible power supply provides a sinusoidal voltage output. Includes 2 power batteries. The power factor is 0.9.

Dignities: ensuring the possibility of truly uninterrupted functioning, which means a quiet life.

The disadvantage is the same as the previous model. Although the price is noticeably lower, the number of volt-amps is also 3 times less.

UPS power 1200

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

The domestic development of Energia UPS 1200 is a classic example of a linear-interactive uninterruptible power supply. The model is ideal for a home network where there are frequent power outages. Such a device copes well with these problems, protects computer equipment from failure.

In addition to the battery, there is a built-in relay-type stabilizer. Energy is equipped with several levels of protection. The model is able to monitor the battery charge itself, and when the voltage drops to a certain level, it automatically shuts down. On the contrary, when the voltage reaches the required values, the battery is automatically connected. UPS monitors the battery charge itself. When fully charged, further charging stops. Short-circuit overloads are monitored by the device itself. When a short circuit occurs and the limit value is reached, auto-shutdown occurs.

UPS has a reliable plastic case, there are slots that help cool the parts. In front of the case there are 3 indicators in three different colors: red, yellow and green. The device switch is also located here. The output power is 1200 VA.

Among the advantages of the Energy UPS 1200:

  • Microprocessor control;
  • Multiple levels of protection;
  • Monitoring your work using indicators;
  • Automatic restart.

Among the disadvantages is the large mass, plastic housing, the use of indicators instead of a display.

APC by Schneider Electric Back-UPS BX500CI

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

Another representative of the interactive view. It provides stable operation at surges from 160 Volts to 280 Volts, frequency fluctuations from 45 Hz to 65 Hz. It will be a great helper in a home where there are problems with a stable power supply. The APC by Schneider Electric back-UPS bx500ci uninterruptible power supply copes well with emerging overloads, high-voltage pulses, and short circuits. The UPS has 3 connectors for connecting IEC 320 C13.

The battery is fully charged in 8 hours. At full load, the device is able to work offline for 4 minutes, at half load-10 minutes.

The model is equipped with protection against lightning and voltage pulses, which pose a particular danger to the equipment’s performance.

Quite a powerful model — 500 VA. It can be used in your home network and office. The model is equipped with an indicator that indicates the status of the device.

Among the advantages of UPS, we note: compact device, good protection against voltage drop, lightning protection.

Disadvantages: the device battery cannot be replaced, and there is no connection to the computer.

Powercom RAPTOR RPT-1000A EURO

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

The next model that represents the form of a linear interactive UPS is the Powercom RAPTOR RPT-1000A EURO. In addition to standard functions, the model protects the equipment connected to it from overloads, high-voltage pulses, short circuit. UPS has 3 output connectors. It is capable of absorbing a pulse with an energy of up to 460 Joules.

The model has other features:

  • Microprocessor control;
  • Cold start function;
  • Automatic battery charging when turned off;
  • A power-saving feature called Green Mode;
  • Led indication.

Battery life at full load is 20 minutes.

Dignities: able to set the desired voltage, the presence of a light indication.

Disadvantages: the material from which the case is made can give an unpleasant smell for quite a long time.

SVEN RT-1000

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

Although the Sven RT-1000 uninterruptible power supply was not originally designed to protect computers from power surges (it is intended for use in other systems), it perfectly copes with this task. Another representative interactive bespereboynik, has all the inherent properties.

UPS has 2 output connectors-Euro sockets, battery connection terminals.

Among the features of the device:

  • Protection against undervoltage and overvoltage;
  • There is a three-position current charge switch;
  • The Function Of “Autostart»;
  • Low noise level;
  • Protection against external influences with IP-20 rating.

It is distinguished by the presence of an LCD display instead of the usual led indicator. The output power of the device is 1000 VA.

Among the advantages of UPS: the ability to select batteries of different capacities, gives a good sinusoidal signal at the output, and stabilizes the voltage well.

Among the disadvantages of the device: the lack of a battery when buying (but it is planned to replace it), when the battery is powered, its fan creates excessive noise.

CyberPower UTC850EI

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

The CyberPower UTC850EI interactive uninterruptible power supply is another bright representative of this UPS family. Perfect for home and office use. Copes well with emerging issues. It is compatible with the generator. This feature provides a solution to the problem of power supply in the event of failures in the external circuit. The installed equipment allows you to perform automatic voltage regulation (AVR), which allows you not to waste battery power.

The UPS has other properties:

  • EMI and RFI filtering;
  • Tower form factor;
  • There is an led indicator;
  • Equipped with audible warnings;
  • Generates a signal in the form of a sinusoid.

Number of output connectors is equal to 4. While working in offline mode for up to 30 minutes.

The advantages are: the reliability of the device, the speed of its switching to Autonomous power, an audible alarm.

Disadvantages of the model according to reviews on the Internet: the output power of 850 VA is somewhat overestimated.

3Cott 650-CDL

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

The 3cott 650-CDL uninterruptible power supply protects devices from high-voltage pulses, interference, and network power outages. It is equipped with 6 CEE7 / 4 standard output connectors, three of them with battery support, and the other three with a power grid stabilizer. The presence of a large number of possible connections allows you to connect additional equipment. For example, a TV that is also sensitive to voltage fluctuations in the network.

The uninterruptible power supply is equipped with RJ-11 and RJ-45 ports for protecting the local network and telephone line, and an informative LCD display. It can be controlled via a USB connection to a PC.

The 3Cott 650-CDL is a linear interactive instrument with an output power of 650 volts. There are functions of cold start and Green Mode, which allows you to save energy.

The advantages of the UPS are its versatility, quality.

Disadvantages: the uninterruptible power supply takes its place quite adequately, it has no obvious shortcomings.

APC by Schneider Electric Back-UPS BK500EI

Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

Another model from APC, but already a backup type. The model has four connectors for Eurostandard sockets. The APC by Schneider Electric back-UPS bk500ei uninterruptible power supply is easy to use and will be a good option for those who want to buy entry-level equipment.

It is an excellent helper in case of blackouts, power surges, and their bursts. Power surges and surges are extinguished without the assistance of the battery, which is charged for emergencies.

The device is equipped with self-diagnostic tools, thanks to which it will notify you when it is time to change the battery. Battery life is from 4 to 6 years.

Led and audible indications are used. LEDs indicate the status of the device and its power supply. Sound signals indicate changes in operating conditions and changes in the power supply in the network.

An important detail is the presence of USB and RS-232 connectors in the APC by Schneider Electric Back-UPS BK500EI model. The first interface is used to establish communication between the UPS and the computer.

  • Almost silent;
  • Doesn’t take up much space;
  • It can work offline for a long time.

The disadvantage can be called a slightly inflated price.


Best uninterruptible power supplies, top 10 UPS rating 2021

Initially, the Teplocom-250+ was released for servicing heating boilers, but it does a good job of protecting computer equipment. Not surprisingly, it gives a pure sinusoidal signal at the output. It automatically switches to battery power when the network signal is lost. There is overload protection. UPS can be installed both horizontally (on the floor, table, computer) and vertically (on the wall).

Bespereboynik has one of the latest developments-the “reserve time extension Mode” function. It significantly extends the standby time of the connected equipment. Battery power is saved by Cycling the devices in the “Standby” mode.

The model is enclosed in a reliable metal-plastic case. View — backup.

Other UPS features worth mentioning:

  • Short circuit protection by means of a fuse;
  • Artificial neutral earthing;
  • Indication of operating modes by means of light indicators;
  • Protect the battery from deep discharge.

All of the above allows you to enroll Bastion Teplocom-250+ in the top of the best uninterruptible power supplies.

Like any device, it has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of the device: long-term Autonomous operation, compact size and weight, excellent signal output. Among the disadvantages, the price should be noted. It seems somewhat overpriced, but the device is worth it.

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