Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

Especially popular in the construction and improvement of the house territory, due to the low cost and good characteristics, is a flat slate made of asbestos cement. Its application does not require special skills and the presence of a specific installation tool.

A grinder, a drill-screwdriver, fasteners and the material itself allow you to cover the roof of almost any building and use slate as a consumable material for a wide variety of household needs. Many people are interested in the size and price per sheet for flat sheet slate-these are fundamental indicators when choosing such a material.

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

The dimensions of the flat slate and the price is per sheet

Let’s take a closer look at the main sheet sizes. Length-3 m, 2 m and 1.5 m; width-1.5 m, 1 m and 90 cm. Agricultural strips with a width of 30 cm to 70 cm and a length of 1.5 meters are considered a separate class. Slate is made in two versions – pressed, which has increased strength and durability. Unpressed – used as a raw material for various construction works and as a consumable material.

Several standard sizes of building material are in demand:unpressed slate3000x1500x10 with a sheet thickness of 8-10 mm and weighing under 70 kg, and a lighter version weighing up to 23 kg-1000x1500x8 with the same thickness. Its directpresseda fellow with the same size has a weight of 95-96 kg and 26 kg, respectively.

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

The price of 3−meter samples is approximately1000 rubles, one and a half meters about500-600 rublesper sheet. The size and price of flat slate per sheet will satisfy the most demanding customer. The thinnest and cheapest option is 6 mm slate. Its cost is determined by its size and thickness.


High strength and long service life significantly expand the possibility of using flat slate. In addition to the usual use for covering the roof, there are other areas where it is an indispensable assistant. It is better to take colored slate immediately − the factory paint is better and more durable.

When covering the roof, remember that the minimum slope of the sheet should be at least 15 degrees. Otherwise, in case of rain and strong crosswind, water will fall under the roof slope.

Flat slate for garden beds

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

In addition to its main purpose, as a building material, slate is successfully used on household land plots for beautiful design and arrangement of beds. Special one-and-a-half-meter narrow strips are produced. Flat slate for beds allows you to protect the root system from pests, but due to the additional heating from the leaf, the land requires more water.

The shuttering of flat slate

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

A good and inexpensive alternative to wooden or metal formwork is the construction of unpressed slate. When constructing the Foundation formwork, the asbestos cement sheets can not be dismantled − this will allow you to additionally waterproofing and insulate the Foundation of the house. If you still decide to remove them, before installation, you must treat the inner surface of the sheet with a specialized solution.

Interior finishing with sheet slate

In a private house, you can cover the walls and ceiling with flat slate. This is especially true for country houses, where the owners live in the warm period, and during the rainy and cold weather the house is not heated and gets damp. Also, this option is great for the base. Unlike drywall sheets, slate is not subject to rot and does not absorb moisture, this allows you to keep the interior clean and avoid the unpleasant smell of dampness. To increase the water-repellent properties, it is recommended to paint.

A fence made of slate

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

The ease of installation, low price, the possibility of painting in any color make it possible to use asbestos-cement sheets as fencing of houses and adjacent territories. Such a fence is not subject to rot and corrosion. In addition, it is desirable to strengthen the ends of the sheets with metal corners − to increase the strength of the entire structure.

Facade finishing

Pressed slate can be used as a replacement for sandwich panels. A layer of insulation is laid under it and sheets are installed. The material’s immunity to sudden temperature changes, ease of processing and finishing with your own hands make it an inexpensive and alternative option.

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

Leafy slate on the floor

On the floor, flat sheets can be laid as a base for tiling. Their laying will provide a smooth surface, waterproofing and additional insulation of the base. Unlike DSP, slate can be laid in the bathroom and other areas with high humidity.

Video: the practice of using a sheet of slate

Let’s look at various applications of this building material in the video.

Classification according to GOST

Production and dimensions of flat slate are fully spelled out in GOST 18124-2012. The shape of the product is rectangular, the deviation from the size is allowed no more than 5 millimeters. The deviation in the horizontal plane is not more than 4 mm for a pressed product, designated LPP, and 8 mm for a non-pressed product-LDL.

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

After the letter marking, there is a digital designation of dimensions. the length and width are indicated in meters, and the last digit, thickness, in millimeters. GOST also regulates the area of use of the material, starting from the roofs of residential buildings and garages, and ending with agricultural use. The percentage of asbestos in the initial solution is determined by the value of 18 %.

Physical characteristics

During production, asbestos threads are distributed throughout the entire composition, reinforcing the future sheet and significantly increasing the already strong cement mortar. An important feature of any sheets is their resistance to various temperature changes. Application is possible in all regions of our country with different climatic conditions.

Frost resistance allows you to withstand up to 25 freezing cycles for non − pressed samples and up to 50-for pressed ones. Good thermal insulation of building materials is due to high density: LPP − 1800 kg / cubic meter; LDL – 1600 kg / cubic meter. the Indicator responsible for the resistance of the material to shock loads – impact strength-up to 2.5 Kj/sq. m. Withstand bending force: pressed plates – 24mpa, unpressed-19mpa.

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

Pros and cons

Consider the positive and negative aspects of building material :

  • Long service life of flat slate.
  • Fire resistance − the material is based on a cement base, and cement mortars do not burn.
  • Comfortable price − relatively low Prime cost allows you to keep an acceptable price for building materials.
  • Good noise absorption-due to the high density and viscosity of the material.
  • Easy to process.
  • Easy installation that doesn’t require any special skills.
  • Strength.
  • High frost resistance, allowing it to be used in different climatic zones.
  • Presence of asbestos in the composition. During processing and sawing, dust is formed that is harmful to health.
  • The large weight of the sheet does not allow you to install it alone.
  • It bursts under the influence of fire.

How to cut and drill flat slate

Drilling of slate must be carried out using a drill bit on concrete with a pobeditovy tip. When drilling holes, it is necessary to reduce the possible vibration of the material by placing it on the ground or on a special substrate. Without a drill, you can make a hole and attach the building material with slate nails. They do not leave cracks when clogged. You can also use roofing screws that have a special drill at the end.

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

You can cut the required piece to size using a grinder with a disc on stone or concrete. Please note that if you are performing the operation alone, you must wear glasses and a respirator to protect yourself from asbestos dust. If with a partner – you need to water the cut line with a jet of water-then there will be no dust and less chance of chips.

If the grinder is not at hand, then you can try to make a cut with a regular hacksaw or a sharp construction knife – draw a line and use a ruler or guide with the point of the knife to draw it several times. If the surface is deep enough, the slate will break along the incision line.

Production facilities

The technology of slate production is quite simple and does not require large material and technical costs. To get a high-quality product, you must comply with the norms and technical regulations.

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

Special mixers are used to mix the components of the asbestos-cement mixture with the addition of chemical components, glass fiber and water. Then molding and pressing under pressure takes place, the remaining water is pumped out by a vacuum pump. Then the material is dried and cut to the specified dimensions.

Flat slate or DSP: which is better

With a similar manufacturing technology and external similarity, DSP and slate have the main difference in the components included in the material. The composition of the cement−chipboard includes wood filler-against asbestos and composite materials in slate. Having great environmental friendliness, it is advisable to use DSP in interior decoration.

The presence of wood fibers causes greater moisture permeability of the plate. Therefore, it is not suitable for rooms with high humidity, roofs and exterior wall decoration of buildings. You can not use chipboard as a fence material and agricultural machinery.

Flat slate: price per sheet, dimensions, application

After only 20 cycles of freezing/defrosting, it loses 50% of its strength, this is not taking into account that it can be exposed to moisture all year round. So the range of application of slate sheets is wider. Asbestos cement sheet is more versatile, although it is harmful to health if used improperly.

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